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Monthly Archives: July 2022

Move Out Your Unwanted Rubbish Today

Are you getting ready for a move to a new home? You no doubt have a long checklist to keep things on track. You need to coordinate switching over utilities, changing your mailing address and all kinds of other tasks to get everyone in the family ready for the move. Obviously, the big task is packing up everything. This is where you need to think ahead to your new living space.

Do you want that area cluttered with unwanted rubbish? Of course not! That is why when you are packing up your stuff you need to set aside all the things you know you have no intention of using again. That can include everything from unwanted clothing to furniture you plan on replacing. Those are the kinds of things that need to stay off of your moving truck. Instead they should be loaded onto the back of the Junk King Denver truck. That is the best approach for getting rid of your unwanted rubbish before your next move.

More Room On The Truck

When you get rid of your rubbish before your moving day, then you will have more room on the truck. That will make your move go a lot smoother. There will also be plenty of room on the Junk King truck for whatever you want to get rid of. That stuff will be put onto the truck by the two men Junk King crew who will be assigned to the session.

The Junk King team is licensed and insured. There also experience with lifting, loading and packing. The packing skills will come in handy when it is time to determine what your final cost will be. Junk King has a flat rate price policy that is always determined by volume you will never be charge by the pound when you are getting rid of unwanted stuff with Junk King.

Before you move out make sure Junk King Denver moves out all of your rubbish. Book your session today.

Utilize Junk King For Old Dryer Pickup

An old dryer that is no longer working is not something you want to keep around the house. This is especially true if you have kids in that home. It is too tempting a place for them to play hide and seek in. That is just too dangerous. But you also don’t want to keep an old dryer around just because it will take up too much space. The minute the dryer breaks and you replace it, it has become obsolete and should be picked up and disposed of. That is a job that the team from Junk King Denver can handle from start to finish.

A Few Minutes

From the time that the Junk King crew arrives to the moment that old dryer is loaded onto the truck it will only take a few minutes. That means you will not be using all of your day for this task. In fact, Junk King only asked that you set aside a two-hour window for their appointment. Most of the two-hour time is taken up in traffic from one customer to the next one. The Junk King crew will always keep you informed about their estimated arrival time.

Even though getting rid of an old dryer might be your primary reason for calling in Junk King it doesn’t have to be the only reason. You can put that two-man crew and huge truck to work getting rid of all your unwanted stuff in a single session. This is your chance to really make a difference by clearing out all the unwanted furniture from down your basement or the boxes of rubbish out in the garage.

Hiring Junk King Denver to remove your old dryer in the rest of your unwanted rubbish will make a big difference around your home. Set up that session today.

junk-pick-up-to- the-junk-hauling

Junk Removal Brighton Co


Junk removal services are not just preserved for hoarders. Whether you’re remodeling your home, undergoing a big move, carrying out a rental cleanout, or simply purging excess junk in your property, a professional junk removal service can lighten your load. Junk King North Denver proudly serves residents of Brighton, CO, and surrounding communities. Our workers will haul away those big, bulky items that your regular garbage pick-up service provider won’t touch for a small fee.


Our junk removal team works to eliminate your unwanted items quickly and efficiently. Working with Junk King will undoubtedly make things easier for you while clearing your space and removing your burden to haul away and dispose of those unwanted belongings. When you choose our truck hauling service, our junk removal crew will arrive at your place with a large red truck fitted with a dumpster in the back. We then haul your junk into the dumpster and drive it away as soon as possible, leaving your property clean for your next project. 


full service junk removal

What Is Junk Removal?


Junk removal services remove old furniture and other items from your house for eco-friendly disposal. Our junk haulers will haul away bulky bags of junk, old clothes, appliances, and other things. If you have a lot of junk to get rid of but don’t have a vehicle that can take it away from your home, or if you just don’t have the time to haul it away, consider hiring our junk removal service. We’ll send a professional to come out and evaluate what needs to be removed, give you a quote, and schedule an appointment to have it removed. Depending on the quantity of your junk, we can even do this process in a single day. 


How Junk King’s Junk Removal Works


Junk King Denver North works by having a team member come to your home, evaluate your junk, and offer you a fair price. We’ll then schedule someone to come and remove the junk from your house. Sometimes we’ll pick up the junk the same day. We call you approximately 15 to 30 minutes before arriving at your location to confirm that we’re on our way to haul your junk away. When we arrive, all you have to do is show us the junk that needs to be disposed of, and we’ll start work right away.


Our professionals are all properly trained, licensed, and insured. They show up in the appropriate protective clothing and are ready to work. We take all precautions necessary to safeguard your home and belongings as we load our truck with junk. From the beginning to the end, you can trust that the team that we assign will be real professionals removing your junk.


Our Approach to Residential Junk Removal Services


Junk King’s junk removal services make it easy to eliminate clutter and haul away all your junk. We help homeowners and renters find a fast and easy solution for getting rid of unwanted junk. Our crew will show up on time and remove junk efficiently. We’re not like the cable company, we show up promptly and get the job done quickly.


You can be sure that Junk King team members are very professional and will do the job quickly and neatly. We recycle more than our competitors, which means you can expect our junk removal services to be more eco-friendly. People praise Junk King for providing the highest level of professionalism and great customer service. Moreover, we offer a no-obligation junk removal service cost estimate – if you say yes to our quote, we’ll remove all the junk and clean up the area.



Our Approach to Commercial Junk Removal Services


Businesses generate a lot of junk. Even if you are not a manufacturer, being in business for a long time causes you to accumulate a lot of junk. It may be that old office furniture and equipment you no longer use or simply large amounts of junk accumulated during your business’s existence. It all has to be disposed of.


Junk King is the leading commercial junk removal company in North America for several reasons. We are extremely reliable and have affordable options tailored to your needs. Some of the ways we make commercial junk removal seamless include:


  • Top-Rated Service: We always promise on-time, reliable junk removal services that give you exceptional value for your money.
  • Insured: All our crews are fully insured to ensure that you and our staff are protected when we’re performing junk hauling services.
  • Flexible Payment Plans: Junk King ensures that all business accounts benefit from easy payment plans.


As a commercial property owner or manager, you probably have experienced the frustration that comes with finding out that your regular waste pick-up company cannot haul away any of your junk and other waste items. Some waste disposal companies will arrange for a special pick-up that will cost you more. If you only need to haul away the junk once a year or so, that may work for you. But if that is not an option, or if you have lots of junk that needs to be hauled away frequently, you will need to find another way to get it done.


It also takes time for your employees to unload the junk they have loaded onto a truck, then transport it to a landfill or other suitable facility to be disposed of. Once they arrive, they need to unload everything, and then they need to get back to work. It can cost you more because employees who haul and dispose of junk are not doing the work that you pay them to do. Instead, you’re losing money by paying them to do extra work.


Let Junk King handle all your junk removal and disposal so you and your employees can focus on your core business. We haul away just about anything from commercial facilities, including:


  • Office Furniture Removal 
  • Property Management Clean Out
  • Commercial Equipment Removal
  • Commercial Scrap Pick Up 
  • Storage Facility Clean Out
  • Foreclosure Clean Out
  • Construction Debris Removal


book junk removal appointment now

How Junk Removal Makes Junk Removal Hassle-free


We’re the best-rated junk removal company in North America because of our courteous and professional service. We believe in providing good old-fashioned customer service to every client. Moreover, we take great care to deliver top-quality services and provide a pleasant experience for every customer.


Junk King is the company you want to work for you. We have honest, good people who work hard to provide great service. Junk Kings are fully licensed and insured and have vehicles specifically designed to do the job. You’ll appreciate the difference having a friendly and experienced crew members makes.


Whenever you need to get rid of large items from your home or office, you will benefit most from hiring Junk King Denver junk removal company. We haul away all heavy items that are hard to haul, including furniture, mattresses, appliances, hot tubs, swing sets, and lawnmowers. We make removing junk easy.


Here is a quick overview of how Junk King makes junk removal hassle-free in Brighton, CO and other surrounding areas:


Excellent Customer Service


You can easily find reviews online for Junk King to make a more informed decision. Many of our customers rely on the customer service that our junk removal company provides more than any other aspect of our business. With Junk King in your corner, you don’t have to worry about hauling away all your old junk. We will remove all your junk from your property. It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3. You can arrange a time that works for you by booking online or by calling 1-888-888-JUNK (5865), and our licensed and insured junk removal team will show up at your home or office. 


We will call you 15 minutes before arriving and issue you a free estimate based on the space your junk takes up in our junk removal trucks. Once you agree to our estimate, we will gather up all the junk you want to get rid of, and then we’ll haul it away in one of our fully-loaded trucks. There are no hidden charges or surprises.


Fair and Transparent Pricing


While price is a major deciding factor, never choose a junk removal company solely on the basis of offering the cheapest rates. Although you want to find a company that offers reasonable pricing, it is possible that if a company is a bit cheaper than others, you might receive less for your money. Avoid junk removal companies that offer the cheapest rates. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Junk King offers very competitive prices but offers real value for your money.


Professional, Insured, and Bonded


When thinking about hiring a junk removal company to remove your recyclable waste, always verify their experience and professionalism. Are they bonded and insured? You will be safer and more comfortable working with an insured professional. Are they using the right equipment? Are they easy to work with? Take into account all these factors before making a decision. When you work with a company with good experience, like Junk King North Denver, you can rest assured we will do an excellent job in the shortest amount of time.


Eco-Friendly and Green Practices


You don’t want to dispose of junk that could be recycled, so select a junk removal company that has certified processes for recycling waste in Denver North. Some junk removal and hauling companies waste a lot of time and are not eco-friendly. Junk King is one of those companies with the experience and know-how to safely and efficiently dispose of your junk. You want to hire a company that will try to recycle as much as possible and employs only clean disposal methods.


We always try to dispose of your junk in the most eco-friendly way possible. That means donating and recycling some things and taking only unusable junk to landfills. If you’re concerned about how your junk is being disposed of, consider working with Junk King Denver. We have transparent policies and practices that you can trust.


Contact Junk King for Eco-friendly Junk Removal in Denver, Brighton and surrounding areas


Junk King was founded in 2005 as the first truck-based junk removal business in the U.S. Our trucks pick up all kinds of junk and recycle it, and our staff clean up after themselves. Junk King junk removal services operate out of a central location or recycling hub. We are North America’s greenest junk removal company that works hard to recycle everything we pick up. We sort metals, plastics, paper, household goods, textiles, furniture, and appliances that we remove. Going green means that we repurpose and donate as much as possible from everything we pick up, from clothes and toys to baby equipment and office supplies.


Are you ready for residential or commercial junk removal services? Simply point to the items you wish to dispose of, and we haul them away. You can schedule a Junk King junk removal appointment online by clicking the link above or by calling 1.888.888.JUNK (5865). Our professional and insured junk removal team will call you 15 minutes before we arrive at your home, shop, or office to give you a free estimate. You point, and we load up the items you want to get rid of, and there are no hidden costs for your junk removal services.


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