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Monthly Archives: February 2023

Get Rid Of Cabinet Clutter Today

Clutter in the kitchen can slow down the preparation of a meal. Nothing can get chopped or diced if there is no space on the counters. Clearing the counters can mean putting things away in the cabinets. What happens if the cabinets are overflowing with stuff? Now you have a critical condition in the kitchen that makes for some very frustrating cooking. A better approach would be to get all that clutter out of the kitchen, starting with the cabinets. For that to happen, you will need to do some intense sorting and set up a session with Junk King Denver. This is a full-service junk removal company that can help cart away all your unwanted kitchen cabinet clutter.

Making More Room

The direct result of sorting through your kitchen cabinets and removing unwanted items is to make more room for those cabinets. When you hire Junk King to remove unwanted clutter, you hire a company that takes disposal of what they collect seriously. That means they don’t rush to a landfill. Instead, many things you turn over to Junk King could be donated to a charity. That would certainly apply to many household goods that can still be used. Junk King takes care of that automatically. You don’t have to designate any items for donation. The Junk King crews have all been trained to spot those things and will sort them out accordingly.

The cost for Junk King service is always determined by how the crew packs up the truck. So the less space your kitchen clutter will fill up, the less you will be charged for the service. And you will always know what the cost is before any of the removals happen.

Call Junk King Denver to clear out your kitchen cabinet clutter today. Then, you’ll enjoy your kitchen once again!

Move The Old Furniture Out Of Your Office

Every office has that one share nobody wants to sit on. Unfortunately, that share never seems to go away. It just gets rolled from one office area to the next. Before you know it, another chair could join the original unwanted chair. That can be followed by a desk, shelves, table, and other office furniture items that aren’t being used. Before your workspace looks like a furniture store, you should set up a session with Junk King Denver to remove the old furniture.

Freight Elevator or Front Door

Junk King will dispatch a team of movers to remove your old office furniture. This crew has a lot of experience in this type of work. When they arrive at the office, they will find the best route to clear that furniture. Whether that means going down a freight elevator, out on the loading dock, or through the front door, the Junk King crew will make it happen with the least disruption to your business operation.

Because the Junk King crew does all the work, your staff does not have to get involved. That work can also include taking things apart before they get loaded onto the Junk King truck. That means you can get rid of stuff like cubicle walls and credenzas in addition to old furniture.

The cost for Junk King service is always determined by how those items will fit onto the back of the truck. One flat rate covers all the work and disposal. And that rate will always be good for the bottom line. Shop around, and you will see that Junk King offers the best prices for this type of work. Getting rid of your old office furniture can finally happen with one call to Junk King Denver. Make that call today.

Easy Scrap Metal Removal

As with other junk items, scrap metal has a way of accumulating. A few random plumbing pipes stored behind the garage become the official “scrap metal pile.” That’s where all the other scrap metal ends up, but it is not where it should stay. No matter how big your scrap in a pile might be, this is no longer something you want to be kept on your property. That scrap metal can easily be removed with one call to Junk King Denver.

Beyond The Scrap

Scrap metal isn’t confined to just random pieces of pipes and construction waste. It could also be an old lawnmower or washer and dryer set. In addition, you could have patio furniture or a swing set made of metal that you’d also like to clear out. All that scrap metal will be loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck by the team assigned to your appointment.

The Junk King team will always consist of two experienced movers who like to work fast and efficiently. The Junk King crew needs to pack up the truck as tightly as possible with all your scrap metal. They are not concerned with how heavy that scrap metal might be. They only care about how much room it takes up on the truck. When it is packed up tight, you will pay the low end of the price they’ll. Junk King always wants to make their removal sessions fast and affordable.

In addition to getting rid of your scrap metal, Junk King can also help you eliminate the rest of your unwanted rubbish and debris in the same session. Clearing that stuff out will be a significant improvement!

Scrap metal removal is easy when you hire Junk King Denver for the job. Book your session today.