Amazing Ideas For Your Garage That Don’t Involve A Car

As with anything to do with real estate, the possibilities of converting your garage depend on location and size. If you have a decent driveway, then parking on that might be the perfect alternative to street parking. That leaves you with a garage that’s a perfect space to be utilized for all sorts of alternatives. Here’s what you might consider for your garage conversion:


Home Office

It’s nice to have a desk in a room where you can take care of the bills and keep important records. However, if your job allows for you to work at home, then you will want a dedicated space you can call in office. Your garage could be that home office. Remember, there are dozens of ways you can adapt the garage door so you won’t feel as though you’re locked in a box. You can make it a new wall with doors and windows or convert the existing door to glass sliding doors.

Home Theater

What you need to set up your garage as a home theater are some decent acoustic walls, thick carpeting and cozy seats. Setting up your surround system will be very easy in that open space. This is actually where not having any windows is a benefit. Add a popcorn machine and reclining theater seats and you will create the most popular room in your house.

Arts and Craft Studio

If you’re someone who enjoys arts and crafts, then why not give yourself a big space to create your projects? You can set up your garage with a central worktable and line the walls with storage shelving for all your crafting materials. This can also become a fun zone for the kids to do their own creative projects.


Speaking of the kids, if you’re tired of them leaving toys scattered throughout the entire house, then why not let them use the garage as their own playroom. First rule to establish: every toy stays in the playroom!

Converting your garage into one of these alternatives can become a fun DIY project. Before you get started, you may want to bring in the pros from Junk King Denver. These are the junk removal experts who will help you clear out that space of all your unwanted clutter. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting rid of just a few dozen boxes or some major heavy objects like a treadmill or car engine. Junk King Denver will quickly and efficiently load up all the stuff you want to get rid of. Converting your garage starts with a call to Junk King Denver for a total rubbish removal.

Tips For Organizing Your Garage

How much of a struggle is it in your garage to get from your car to the door of your house? Perhaps your garage has become so overrun with clutter that you can’t even park your car in there. If you reach a crisis in your garage with regard to clutter, then it’s time to get serious about organizing. That begins with literally removing every item from your garage out to the driveway. This will allow you to take stock of what you are going to keep and what you’re going to get rid of. Once you’ve made those decisions these organizing tips are going to help improve your garage a great deal.


Use Your Wall Space

Storage space is always at a premium in the garage. You might not have room to put in shelving units along the walls but that doesn’t mean you can’t use those walls for storage. Putting up sheets of pegboard allows you to hang all kinds of hooks where your tools can go. If you don’t want to use pegboard, then hang hooks in the studs behind the drywall. Just about anything you are keeping in storage can be hung on the wall with the right size hook.

Bring In Storage Cabinets

For storage cabinets at a hardware store that are specifically designed for a garage. Typically, these cabinets will have shelving units inside that can hold a lot of stuff. These cabinets are great to tuck in the corner. By using these cabinets, you don’t have to see all the stuff you’re keeping in storage. It makes things look a lot neater.

Use Metal Shelving for Pantry Items

Metal shelving in a garage works great for your pantry items. This is where the overflow of drinks, paper towels, dog food and other kitchen items can go. You definitely want to be able to glance at these items and know what your stock is like. Try to keep the same things on the same shelf as you replace them.

Use Shoe Racks

Your garage might be your home’s “mudroom.” This is where all the boots and dirty shoes go as opposed to coming in the house. To keep them organized, shoe racks can be lined up along the wall. The only trick with this is getting your family into the habit of actually putting their shoes on the racks!

Get Rid Of the Clutter

Once you’ve reorganized using these tips, you might be left over with a lot of clutter to get rid of such as old ski equipment, clothing, auto parts, rusty tools and debris. All of that can be quickly removed with one phone call to Junk King Denver. They’ll dispatch a team of movers and a big truck that will roll right onto your driveway for fast removal.

The time you spend organizing your garage will be time well spent. Let Junk King Denver lend a hand or two.

Trampoline Safety Tips For The Whole Family

A backyard trampoline can bring hours of fun for the whole family this summer. But unlike toys in the sandbox, a trampoline is not something that can just be “played with.” This has to be fun time that is supervised especially when young children are having fun with the bouncing. Here are some trampoline safety tips the whole family should embrace:


Age Restrictions

No children under five should be allowed to go on an adult trampoline. If this causes problems, then you might want to consider getting a mini trampoline for your toddlers. These are small trampolines close to the ground that allow them to have just as much bouncing fun as the big kids.


The time that your kids spend on the trampoline should be supervised just as much as you would with a swimming pool. Although you might think they are just having fun, kids like to experiment. That means getting into all kinds of gymnastic stunts that they’re not ready for. Even if you establish the rule of no wild antics, you really can’t turn your back on them.

Padding and Net

You can make your backyard trampoline safer with the addition of perimeter padding. These specially designed pads will go around the rim of the trampoline covering the springs. A trampoline net can also be erected around the entire unit, which can prevent jumpers from flying off the side.

No Gymnastics

As mentioned, your family shouldn’t engage in gymnastics especially if they don’t know what they’re doing. Bouncing somersaults might look easy but they take a lot of skill and practice to master. If this is something your kids want to get involved in, then you might want to look into certified instruction. Along those same lines, you should not allow more than one jumper at a time. It’s too easy for them to fly into each other.

Inspect the Trampoline before Each Use

Before anyone climbs onto the trampoline, you want to make sure that it is totally dry. It will also help to take a quick look at all the springs to make sure they are connected. If it looks like the springs are rusty or the trampoline is becoming frayed, then it might be time to replace the entire unit. Obviously, this is something that you can’t merely toss out in the trash. Instead, call on Junk King Denver for reliable removal of your old trampoline. The two-man team assigned to this task from Junk King will also be able to haul away any other unwanted items you want to get rid of from your yard or inside of the house. It’s a great way to get rid of clutter.

Use these tips to keep everyone safe and happy on your backyard trampoline this summer.

Junk Removal Denver – The Useless Junk We Haul Away

Between summer hiking and winter skiing, the beer festivals and concerts at Red Rock, Denver folks spend most of our free time outdoors. Most people think of Denver as just snow-covered mountains, but we know that it’s more about sunshine. In fact, there’s a good chance that your garage has gotten cluttered with old rock climbing gear and mountain bikes. Perhaps you’ve even been thinking about tiny house living and you want to throw everything away. With junk removal Denver folks have an ideal way to go minimal and get uncluttered.

Eco-friendly practices are important to Denver. Junk King feels the same way. We were founded as a green junk hauling service, and we’re the greenest junk removal Denver has today. We recycle more than half of everything. That’s less in the landfill, fewer chemicals leaching into the soil and water bodies. With our junk removal Denver can help protect the natural beauty that makes Colorado so great.

Junk Removal DenverTrash and Recycling in Denver

Denver might recycle more than a lot of other cities, but the Denver Post recently found that we only recycle 18% of our trash. Most cities are setting goals to recycle more than 80% of all garbage in the next few decades. In 2015, Denver produced more than 7.5 million tons of landfill trash, taking up 25 million cubic yards of space (according to CDPHE).

From composting food waste to avoiding plastic grocery bags, there’s a lot we can do better. But what about bulk trash like office furniture, exercise equipment, and old appliances? Those items can be recycled if they are broken down and separated by a recycling facility.

Our junk removal Denver service knows firsthand that people’s useless junk often gets discarded even though the items could be donated or the materials can be recycled.

The Useless Junk Hauled Away by Our Junk Removal Denver Company

Often we get requests for junk removal Denver folks need to simply clear out useless junk from an attic or basement. If you have too much junk to put in the household trash, our trucks can take care of it quickly and efficiently.

Many times, people call Junk King because they have items that are too big to carry, or too big to even fit in your own car.

Five of the most common items that people have for junk removal Denver include:

  1. Major appliances (dishwasher, refrigerator, laundry, HVAC equipment)

  2. Furniture (including beds, mattresses, sofas, tables)

  3. Electronics (old tube televisions, computer monitors, peripherals)

  4. Yard waste and construction project waste

  5. Indoor or outdoor hot tub removal and disposal

Places to Recycle in Denver

If you want your unwanted items to go to those in need or to get recycled, you have many options. With our green junk removal Denver can say goodbye to useless junk without sending it all to a landfill. For the smaller items you want to drop off yourself, here are a few charities and organizations in the Denver area:

Why Choose Junk King for Junk Removal Denver?

Low, upfront prices and the highest quality of service have made Junk King the best junk removal service in the country. In fact, we guarantee a lower price than any written estimate from a competitor, and we guarantee the best service.

Just like most things in Denver, Junk King does things a little differently and a lot better:

  • Greenest junk removal Denver service, up to 60% gets recycled

  • Green business model, including many biodiesel vehicles

  • Licensed, bonded, and insured junk hauling crews

  • Larger trucks for better efficiency

  • On-time appointments with short time windows

  • We also offer mini dumpster rental to help with construction and ongoing projects

Get a Free Junk Removal Denver Price Estimate

It’s never been easier to get junk removal Denver cost estimates! We have a simple online form that adds up your useless junk and gives you a quote. Nobody else in the industry has an online feature like this!

Click here for the online price estimator to get your free personalized estimate.

Book Online or Call Today for an Appointment

Whether you want to declutter your home, or you need help cleaning out an entire storage unit, home, or office, we are ready to help. Our junk removal Denver team will do the heavy lifting and recycle as much as we can.

Junk King gives you a 2-hour appointment window and the crew will give call you 15 minutes before arrival to re-confirm. We provide the stress-free junk removal Denver customers want.

Go ahead and call 888.888.JUNK (5865) or book online now!

Junk King Denver Helps With Old Swing Set Removal

When was the last time anyone swing on the swing set in the backyard? Has it been over five years? The only purpose for that swing set now might be measuring how deep the snowfalls. You probably could put better use to that space even if it just allowing grass to grow there once again. Of course, it was easy to get rid of a swing set you probably would’ve done it by now. Thanks to Junk King Denver, you can get help taking down that old swing set and clearing away the rest of your unwanted clutter from around the house and yards.


Do you remember when the swing set was installed? They were probably several dozen pieces that all had to be put together. There is also the anchoring in the ground. Did you just bury the swing set or go for a cement post? All of that can be taken apart by the two-man team that Junk King Denver will send over. This is a crew that has a lot of experience dismantling structures in the backyard. Compared to a hot tub, taking down an old swing set is a piece of cake!

Once the pieces of a swing set is loaded onto the truck the Junk King Denver team can turn their attention to removing the rest of your unwanted items. What do you have in your garage that you would love to get rid of? Are there auto parts from tinkering? Is there leftover lumber from a remodeling job? That could even be an old stove or refrigerator that’s no longer being used. Imagine how much space you can reclaim in the garage once all that clutter is cleared out. You might even be able to park the car in there once again!

When you hire Junk King Denver, you’re also hiring someone who is an eco-friendly partner. They have been dedicated to keeping as much junk out of landfills as possible. It will be easy to recycle your old swing set at a scrap yard. Other items like furniture, clothing, books, toys and kitchenware can be donated to a charity. It’s all part of the total junk removal package offered by junk King Denver. Start with taking down your old swing set and end with a home that’s totally clutter free all thanks to Junk King Denver.

Take A Break From Junk This Spring Break With Help From Junk King Denver

Not every college kid goes away for spring break. Many students return home to spend time with the family and that means one thing: time to put them to work! Yes, they might have earned a small break from their studies but that doesn’t mean they can’t help around the house once again. You should take advantage of your spring break by clearing out all the junk from your home once and for all. Your kid won’t have to do all the work if you hire Junk King Denver. All they will have to do is help you decide what is going to be taken away. The rest will be handled by the Junk King Denver team.


The team that Junk King Denver will send over will consist of two capable movers. This is a pair of workers that will be under your direct supervision for the entire duration of the junk removal session. When they show up, the first thing they will want to do is look over all the things you want to get rid of. This doesn’t mean you have to put them in a pile on the driveway. Instead, you can literally take them through every room the house showing them the things you want hauled away. Doesn’t matter if there upstairs or downstairs just leave the right where they are for pickup from Junk King Denver.

After they’ve seen everything, they’ll be able to size up how much space that stuff will fill on the back of the truck. This is how they determine your final price. Their goal is always to use the least amount of space for the most amount of stuff. That translates into a terrific price every time.

Included in the flat fee is the drop-off of all your stuff. If you care about the environment, then Junk King Denver is the perfect junk hauling partner to work with. This is a company that’s been dedicated to an eco-from the way of doing things since he began collecting junk over 10 years ago. Everything that you turn over to them will have the possibility of being repurposed either at a recycling facility or through a charity. They want to keep as much out of a landfill as possible and that doing a very good job of that. This spring break make a difference around your house with a junk removal session from Junk King Denver.

Junk King Denver Helps Get Your Backyard Ready For Spring

By now all the snow boots, skis, snowboards and other winter wear have probably been packed up and put into storage. Spring is sprung it is time to turn your attention to the great outdoors; namely your backyard. What a big project you have planned for out there this spring? Are you going to be planting new flowers? Will you be putting in a vegetable garden? Perhaps this is the spring you finally install your dream swimming pool. Those are all great projects to take on and would all be helped with a call to Junk King Denver.


Junk King Denver is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers. This is a company that is dedicated clearing away any kind of rubbish or clutter from your home. That includes anything you want to get rid of from the backyard. They can be all kinds of “hiding spots” for rubbish in your yard. Usually these are areas behind the garage or shed or under a patio deck. That’s where things like old pieces of lumber, metal piping, shingles, fencing and other project materials end up. The thought is those things should go to waste but after spending several seasons in the sun, rain and snow there pretty much gone for good. All that can be turned over to Junk King Denver.

Junk King Denver is going to send you a pair of capable movers to make all your backyard debris vanish. This is a crew that’s not afraid to get their hands dirty when it comes to lifting and loading objects from the backyard. Junk King crews have been called on to pull out weed overgrowth, yank up fence posts and even takedown above ground swimming pools. They’ve also been known to dismantle swing sets and tree forts. And if you’ve got an old hot tub that is seen better days, then let Junk King Denver take that away and clear valuable land in your yard.

As with clearing all the clutter from inside your house, the price for your backyard junk removal will be based on how much space that stuff will fill on the back of the truck. This is an estimate that will be determined by the crew once they’ve had a chance to look over everything you want to get rid of. Are you ready to get your backyard ready for spring? Then you’re ready to give Junk King Denver call today.

Keep Your Antiques And Turn Your Junk Over To Junk King Denver

You could be sitting on a treasure and not even know it. There are plenty of folks who have antiques in their home that were passed down to them from family members. They don’t really give them a second thought until they watch a show like “Antiques Roadshow.” Then when they realize they could have something valuable they decide to get it appraised. Antique furniture doesn’t fetch as hefty a price as artwork or ceramics but it could still be a lot more than what you would expect. At the other end of the scale would be the furniture that is best classified as junk. This is no reflection on your taste but instead a matter of practicality. If there were a sofa, recliner or loveseat in your home that is worn out, then you would classified as junk. There’s no reason to hold onto something like that and you don’t have to as long as Junk King Denver is just a phone call away.


To be a true antique an item needs to be rare and old. It also has to be in good condition. The opposite holds true for something that is junk. Junk King Denver is going to send over a pair of movers to take away any junk item you want hauled away from your home. If it took two movers to bring something into the house, then it’s good to take two movers to bring it out.

Just because you are finished with a piece of furniture doesn’t automatically mean it has to go to waste. There many charitable organizations around the Denver area that taken old furniture and refinish it. They then sell it to benefit their organization or donated directly to a family need. Junk King Denver set up partnerships with these charities and know exactly who excepts what type of junk item. You have to worry about condition, weight or size. Let Junk King Denver deal with that.

Along with removing the big stuff, the team from Junk King Denver can also handle a lot of little stuff. This is a great opportunity to clear out closets and cabinets of all kinds of unwanted clutter. Knowing that you have a crew and a truck to help with this task can make a big difference. Hold onto your valuable antiques but toss out the junk with help from Junk King Denver.

Junk King Helps You Make The Most Out Of Having Fun In Denver

As the weather gets warm in Denver the ski slopes become less populated. That is sad for the skiers the but there’s so much else to do around the mile high city that you’ll hardly miss the slopes. The Denver Botanical Gardens are coming to life and the Mount Evans scenic by way is bursting with greenery. Of course, you can’t go wrong with spending a day at the Denver Zoo. These are all great ways to reconnect with the environment. You just need the time to do it. This is where Junk King Denver can be a big help. They’re not going to act as tour guide but they can certainly be a big help when it comes to taking care of hauling away all the rubbish from around your house. That can free up a lot of time.


If you were to dedicate the time to taking care of your own junk removal you would first have to rent a truck in order to haul it all away. Then you would need to either coerce friends in to help when you move things or hire some day laborers that you’ve never met before. Once the truck is loaded you have to find a way to dispose of all the stuff. That could mean driving far out of the city if your only option is a landfill. When that task is done then you have to return the truck. This is a lot of work to get rid of an old sofa! It doesn’t have to be that way if you hire Junk King Denver.

Junk King Denver is going to supply you with a crew and a truck. Your only task is to supervise that crew when they show up at your schedule appointment. Your session will last as long as it takes for them to load up all the things you want to get rid of. If it’s just a few pieces of furniture at some boxes then that time will go by really quickly. If you’re dealing with a hoarder level type of clean up, then Junk King will send over additional crews and trucks to make sure that job still goes as quickly as possible.

The best way to get rid of your old rubbish and to still have time to enjoy the weekend is to hire Junk King Denver from the start.

Clear The Clutter From Your Business With One Call To Junk King Denver

There are a lot of things you’re keeping your business that would probably fall under the category of “things I might use again someday.” That could mean chairs, tables, materials, appliances and display cases. However, if you really were going to use those things then they would be tucked in storage or in the parking lot of your business. Even if you don’t think that you’ll ever use them again someday it could be difficult to get rid of them especially if you don’t have the truck or time to spare with any of your staff. This is where a call to Junk King Denver can make a huge difference.


Junk King Denver as part of a national franchise is been hauling clutter from homes and businesses for over 10 years. They know what a challenge it can be to get rid of something that is exceptionally heavy or bulky. In fact, that’s the very reason junk King was formed in the first place. The original owners had to get rid of stuff like that but couldn’t find anyone to do the job. Ten years later, there are Junk King franchises in over 22 nature metropolitan cities across the country. That means tons of unwanted rubbish is being picked up every single day. The question becomes, what can you get rid of at your business?

Junk King Denver works on a simple guiding principle: they do all the work. The two-man crew that will be signed your junk session will roll up a truck big enough to hold whatever you throwing out. This is a team that has a lot of experience lifting heavy objects. They also know how to take apart things if that’s what’s required to get it out the door. You shouldn’t feel guilty about asking the Junk King crew to get rid of something you’ve been sitting on for a long while.

Scheduling a Junk King Denver session is easy. You can set it up online or with a single phone call. Most of these sessions are completed within 24 hours. Junk King doesn’t want to waste your time! If you want to get serious about getting rid of your business clutter, then hiring Junk King Denver is the only call to make.

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