Steps For Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

How would you rate your sleep? Are you the type of person who can drop off and get eight hours without tossing and turning or is sleep a struggle? For most folks, sleep can be a battle. We all have those occasional nights when we can’t dose off but if there are more of those nights than restful ones, it is time to change things up. Here are some steps you can take to help get a good night’s sleep.


Watch Light Exposure

Everyone has their own internal time clock that is based on something called the circadian rhythm. Essentially this means we’re wired to sleep at night and be awake during the day. To that end, it helps getting sleep if you get plenty of exposure to light during the day. That can include sunlight and/or bright lights in your home. As the sun winds down, so too should the lights. Some of the worse lights you can expose yourself to at night at blue lights. That would be all the lights from your phone, computers and pads. If you are using those electronics, then adapt your settings for nighttime display. They all have those functions to soften the light.

Cut Off Caffeine

A jolt of caffeine can get your revved up in the morning and help keep you going throughout the day. However, the affects of caffeine can stick around in your system for several hours. That makes sleeping a challenge. The recommendation is to cut off all caffeine around 4:00 p.m.

Eliminate Long Naps

Short power naps of 20 to 30 minutes have proven to be very effective way to “reboot” in the middle of the day. However, when you start napping longer then that you could be setting yourself up for sleep failure. It is much better to push through during the day as opposed to taking a several hour nap. Of course, if you have to stay up late, then that long nap can help but just don’t make a habit of it.

Set A Schedule

Your body embraces consistency with regard to sleep. That is why it is important to go to bed and get up at the same time every day. That includes your days off. You want to establish a strong sleep pattern.

Get the Right Mattress

Where you sleep is as important as when you sleep. Your mattress needs to be comfortable. The level of firmness depends on the owner but over time, all mattresses will lose their firmness. If you’re swapping out your old mattress, then call on Junk King Denver for fast removal. Not only can they haul away the mattress but they can also clear away a lot of unwanted clutter in the same trip. Let Junk King Denver help you get a good night’s sleep by clearing up the old mattress and junk from your home today.

How To Develop Better Time Management Skills

Are you exhausted at the end of the day but still feel like you’ve got a lot to do? Many folks wish for extra hours in the day even if those extra hours would just be used for relaxing. If you’re constantly playing “catch up,” then it might be time to sharpen your time management skills. Here’s how to get that accomplished:


Get Organized

A large portion of our day gets taken up looking for things. Even the hunt for something simple as a pen can cost you valuable minutes. Add them up over the course of a day, and you might find that you spend up to an hour just looking for things. That is why it is important to get organized so you know where everything is. That includes files on your computer and clothes in your closet.

Utilize Your Most Productive Time

Our days can be broken up into “time zones.” There are times for sleep, eating, getting ready, relaxing, working and taking care of the family. When you apply those “zones” to a clock, you’ll find that there are some times when you’re more productive than at other times. Maybe you work better early in the morning before the family wakes up or late at night after that go to bed. You could hit your stride late in the morning and hit your peak by midafternoon. Whatever zone is your most productive is where you need to focus your priority tasks.

Make “To Do” Lists

“To do” lists are a great way to help you stay focused on your goals. These lists can be daily, weekly and monthly. You should review the list the night before so you know what you day is going to look like. That way you can make adjustments if an assignment might need extra time. You shouldn’t ever be surprised by a task deadline.


How often do you say, “If you want something done right, then you have to do it yourself?” There is some truth in that adage but it shouldn’t come at the expense of you losing time. There are many tasks you could delegate that can save you time. Consider getting rid of junk from around your house. This might be a chore on your “to do” list but instead of handling it on your own, your can hire Junk King Denver. One call to these junk hauling pros is all it will take to clear out all the rubbish from your home and yards. When you hire Junk King Denver to haul away your junk, you’re going to save a lot of time. What will you do with all those extra hours?

More Positive Reviews For Junk King Denver

Opening nights for restaurants are very important for the business because that is usually when the food critics show up. This is why most restaurants have “soft openings.” Those are services a few days before the official opening. This gives the staff a chance to work out the kinks. Of course, positive reviews are also important for an established business. It’s a way for new customers to know what type of company they’re hiring. Based on the reviews for Junk King Denver, this is clearly a company that you can trust for all your junk hauling needs. Here’s what some recent customers had to say:


“Great service! Fast pick up, workers were very thorough and even swept up my concrete pad after loading everything in the truck. Would definitely use them again and recommend them to a friend.” – C.B., Denver

“Your representatives were punctual, courteous, and friendly. For a very fair price they got rid of the rusted shed in my backyard within an hour and hauled away the associated debris as well. They checked the area for nails, screws and fragments, mindful of the fact that I have kids and dogs that use the backyard. They were great and I will definitely use Junk King for any future needs.” – Michelle Ray, Denver

As these two comments prove, Junk King likes to leave a place better than when they found it. It will already be an improvement without the junk but sweeping up makes it ready for whatever else needs to go in that space even if it remains empty.

“Communication: called 15 minutes before they arrived and were there on time. Good team work; each stayed on task. Professional: knew that other people’s junk was another’s treasure. Sensitive to elderly people and their having to discard part of their lives.” – Joan Kilcoyne, Littleton

Junk King knows how hard it is for some folks to let go of things. Once you’ve made that decision, they’ll provide you with all the support you need to get the job done.

“The guys who showed up were incredibly professional, nice, thorough and helpful. They had my junk out of my garage, and even swept the garage for me, in less than 15 minutes. Great service!” – B.C., Denver

It might have taken you years to collect all that stuff but it won’t take Junk King Denver any time at all to get rid of it. Put them to work today.

Get Junk Cleared Fast From Your Holly Hills Home

Batter up! Baseball season has started and the History Colorado Center is getting into the spirit of America’s favorite pastime with Play Ball! a new exhibit that is described as “One of the greatest sets of baseball artifacts ever assembled outside the Hall of Fame.” There are more than 160 one-of-a-kind objects in the collection that has been put on display at the 3,000-square-foot temporary exhibition center. Visitors will be able to relive the past with uniforms, programs, and schedules from the Denver Bears, the MBL team that was in Colorado before the Rockies. It is a great exhibit for fans of the game, young and old.


Do you have any baseball memorabilia in your home? Maybe you have other collectibles tucked away in a box or up in the attic. It’s a good time to go on an expedition in your home to see what keepsakes are being hidden away. It’s time to bring them out. Of course, that kind of searching might also remind you of all the things you want to get rid of. These could be pieces of furniture that isn’t being used or electronics that have been replaced. There could also be large kitchen appliances that were put in the garage after a remodel. It’s amazing at how quickly junk can add up and that’s where Junk King Denver comes into play. If you want to get rid of rubbish, then these are the professional junk haulers to hire.

Junk King has already helped a lot of your Holly Hills neighbors and you might not have noticed. That’s because Junk King likes to get in and out as quickly as possible. Once on the site, the teams move fast. Regardless of how heavy something is or how it has to be twisted and turned to fit out the door, the Junk King teams have the experience to get the job done.

Everything that is collected by Junk King will have a shot at getting repurposed either through a charity or a recycling center. That should make you feel good about getting rid of your rubbish. Bring Junk King Denver to your Holly Hills home and watch how fast they can clear out the junk.

Fun Spring Break Things To Do In Denver

Can you believe it is already spring? Weren’t we all just making New Year’s resolutions? With the coming of spring also comes a break. That is primarily for schools and it means your kids will be home looking for something to do. Thankfully, there is no shortage of fun things to do in Denver on spring break. Here are a few:


Denver Museum of Nature & Science

The best way to see bugs is in a museum. At this facility, not only can you check out bugs about also all kinds of creatures great and small. Right now there is a special exhibit about bioluminescence in nature. Fascinating.

Denver Zoo

How long would it take your family to wander around 80 acres of animal habitats? You can find out by spending a day at the Denver Zoo. The latest additions are some baby sloths that move just as slow as their parents. Don’t miss the live Elephant Passage demonstration.

Denver Firefighters Museum

If your little ones are obsessed with firetrucks, then this is the place to take them for an afternoon of history and hands-on activities. And, yes, there were be plenty of firetrucks to climb on.

Downtown Aquarium

What does it take to hold 500 species of marine life? Around a million gallons of water. That’s what you’ll find at the Aquarium Adventure Exhibit. Spend the day here and then the night watching “Finding Nemo.”

Boondocks Fun Center

This is an indoor/outdoor amusement center that will tucker your kids out for sure. There’s bumper boats, laser tag and batting cages. Only trouble you’ll have is convincing the kids it is time to go home.

Jungle Quest

For something a big more adventurous, you might consider a trip to Jungle Quest. Here your family can zip down ziplines, climb rock walls and explore jungle caves. Sounds like a blast.

All of these spring break activities are going to be a lot more fun if you don’t have guilt about leaving the home in a mess. You’ll certainly be able to motivate the family to clean with a promise of one of these trips. But don’t just pick up the clutter. Bring in Junk King Denver to get rid of all your unwanted items once and for all. Put the Junk King team to work removing old couches, chairs, mattresses and appliances. The perfect way to kick off spring break is to start with a junk free home. Junk King Denver gets it done.

Will Your Garden Be Ready For Spring?

Do you think it takes you a long time to get out of the house in the morning? A good approach is to prep as much the night before. Get you outfit picked out and set up your coffee station. The less you have to do in the morning, the more you can relax and prepare for your day. The same prepping principle should apply to getting your garden ready for spring. Here’s what you should do to make that happen:



It’s time to go through the entire garden with a sharp pair of pruning scissors. You want to prune back spring-blooming shrubs and trees. You should also thin out any summer blooming plants you might have. Pay special attention to any dried branches. Those have to go to make room for new growth.


A garden and lawn are left alone in the winter. Before spring arrives, it’s time to bring those areas back to life and that starts with weeding. This is vital for any garden or vegetable bed. The more weeds you can pull out at the root now, the less chance you have of them coming back later in the growing season.


Compost is a process that turns your organic waste into nutrient rich fertilizer but it doesn’t happen overnight. What can go into compost? Good brown sources include garden trimmings, dry leaves, pine needles, straw, wood chips, shredded paper products and sawdust. Green sources can be found in grass clippings, green leaves and plant material, animal hair and manures, as well as kitchen wastes. Once that mix is all together, it will break down with the help of some carefully placed worms. Their digestion of the materials will become that rich source of nutrients. If you start composting this season, you’ll be in great shape for the fall and beyond.

Clear Debris

Along with the weeds and pruning scraps, you’ll also want to get rid of the bigger eyesore items that might be scattered throughout your yard. This can be anything from a children’s playground set to a withered gazebo. Those big structures and the rest of your yard debris can be quickly cleared by Junk King Denver. You’re going to like the work performed by the Junk King crew. You’ll be one track with your garden ready prep work with a yard clearing assist from Junk King Denver.

The Denver Post – Out with the Old: Junk King Denver’s “Dump Truck” Helps the Heartbroken Say Farewell to Exes

A battle cry for the brokenhearted, Junk King of Denver—the region’s leading junk removal company—rallied men and women across the city on Valentine’s Day to toss any leftover relationships and heal their heartache once and for all.

Read the article at

Reliable Junk Removal In Englewood

Last summer, residents of nearby Globeville were dealing with a serious dumping problem. For some reason, people were coming into the neighborhood at night and dumping their trash in random vacant lots.


“It’s just crazy. I wouldn’t go in their neighborhood and throw my junk,” local resident David Acosta told an online news outlet. “Mattresses, trash, old trash bags, tires … there might be food in the bags still or whatever is rotting,” Acosta said.

Although Denver Police Department posted warning against illegal dumping, the trash continues to grow. Once Denver Public Works were made aware of the situation, they dispatched inspectors and cleanup crews.

Often illegal dumping like this happens with a single item. Some careless person will dump a sofa or chair into a lot and it becomes a signal to anyone other irresponsible person to do the same thing. Have you ever seen any of this type of illegal dumping in Englewood? It’s a shame when it happens in your neighborhood especially when there is a solution: Junk King Denver.

Here in Englewood, Junk King Denver crews are always on patrol. You’ll find them helping apartment managers clear out storage units or assisting businesses owners with freeing up space in file rooms. As an Englewood homeowner, you can get all your unwanted furniture, appliances or electronics picked up by Junk King usually within 24 hours of that first call.

There isn’t a limit to what you want to get rid of with Junk King. Unlike other so-called professional junk haulers, Junk King doesn’t charge by the pound. How could they weigh you junk? Instead, their pricing policy is based on how your stuff will fit into the back of the truck. The less room, the less you pay. The crews are all experts at packing up that truck so you’ll know the estimate before the work begins. It’s a very fair price.

As part of the pickup, Junk King will also handle the disposal. That could include dropping your stuff off at a charity. That counts as recycling and it’s a terrific way to make sure nothing gets wasted. For reliable junk hauling in Englewood, call on Junk King Denver every time.

Home Improvement Projects That Are Good Investments

How many more years do you think you’ll be living in your home? Five? Ten? Longer? There is certainly nothing wrong with putting down roots. There also isn’t anything wrong with making improvements that can increase your home’s value. That can have a positive impact if you want to refinance your mortgage. Which home improvement projects are good investments? For the record, any improvements you make to a kitchen or bathroom are always a good return on your investments. If you’ve already gone down that road, then consider the following:


Replacing A Garage Door

This might seem like a small detail but your garage door sets the style tone for your entire house. It becomes the anchor of your curb appeal. Obviously, if you have problems with your garage door it needs to be replaced but upgrading to a more stylish door than what is currently in place can boost your curb appeal, which in turn can boost your home appraisal.

Finishing the Basement

Moving into a home with an unfinished basement presents all kinds of possibilities but you have to finish it. A basement can be become a family room, home theatre or bedroom. A good approach would be to wall off the laundry room and add a bathroom. That will certainly up your home’s value.

Backyard Deck

A backyard is an extension of your living space. In Denver, a backyard deck might not get a lot of action in the winter but it is certainly a wonderful feature to have in the warmer months. The idea deck would be one that is spacious and offers shade. It could also become a screened in area for even more comfort in the summer. Adding a cook station as opposed to a freestanding grill can also enhance any backyard deck area.

One of the best home improvement projects you can take on that doesn’t require a lot of planning is getting rid of all rubbish you have in storage around your home. What kinds of things could you toss out from the garage, attic or your closets? Those are all the items that can go on the back of the Junk King Denver truck. Don’t worry; you won’t have to load that truck. Leave that job to the Junk King crew. They’ll be doing all the heavy lifting for you. Yes, weight isn’t an issue with Junk King. Start you next home improvement project with a junk removal session from Junk King Denver. Always a good investment.

Junk Removal Done Right

What is the one machine in your home that you couldn’t do without? There are so many amazing devices like a microwave or Blu-Ray player that improves our standard of living. Even the ability to do a load of laundry while you’re cooking is a major convenience. There is pretty much a machine for any need except for one: Junk removal. You can’t just push a button and have an old sofa taken out of your home or make a mattress disappear. That would be nice but until that happens, you can always count on Junk King Denver for fast and efficient junk removal.


Junk King operates under a simple premise: They do all the work. That is kind of like a machine. You load a dishwasher, push a button and it does all the work of cleaning those dishes. With Junk King, you only have to point to the things you want removed from your home and they do all the work, too. The crew sent over by Junk King will be fully bonded and insured. They also have a lot of experience when it comes to lifting heavy objects. You should hesitate for a minute with asking them to move the big stuff like a sofa, pool table, treadmill or old water heater. Those are the types of things that Junk King removes on a daily basis.

The only “machine” that Junk King deploys is their big truck. How that truck gets packed will also determine your final cost. The crews have a lot of packing experience. They can look at any amount of discard stuff and know exactly how much space it will take up on the truck. Once they figure that out, they can provide you with an estimate. This is a price that is locked down. The only time it changes is if your stuff ends up taking up less room. In that case, you get a refund. If it takes up more room, then you’re still pay the original price. You can’t beat Junk King for pricing or for fairness. When you need quality junk removal count on Junk King Denver every time.

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