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How To Take The Stress Out Of Your Next Move

Although you may find some people that enjoy cleaning, it’s very rare to find anyone who enjoys moving. The process of packing up your entire life and then unpacking it can be very stressful. If you’re planning to move, then the goal should be to pull it off without hassle. Here’s how to take the stress out of your next move:


Before The Move

A little planning will go a long way to help you take the stress out of your next move. Set a schedule for yourself on the first day that you give notice. This should also be the day that you’re booking your movers. The closer you get to the end of the month the more you’ll find that they are booked up and maybe charging exorbitant rates.

You want to make a schedule of appointments to turn off your electricity, gas, water, cable and Internet. Don’t turn that all off on the day that you’re moving. You don’t want to get stuck cleaning the house in the dark. The gas company will need to turn on the stove and the cable company might need to do rerouting. These are definitely appointments you want to make well in advance. If you can get them to show up on the day of your move, then all the better.

You also have to let the post service know that you’re moving. They recommend giving notice 6 to 8 weeks prior to a move but sometimes that’s not always feasible. The minute you know your new address is when you should start making the switch. Make another list of all the magazines, credit cards and other regular mail you get. And yes, you also have to let the IRS know.

On The Day Of the Move

On the day of the move if you have pets or kids it would be a good idea to keep them occupied for the day. If they can both go stay with a friend all the better. At the very least, get your dog or cat groomed the day so that they show up clean in your clean house.

As you move in, you might meet some of the neighbors. It’s always nice to make new friends. You’ll probably want to ask them for recommendation for take out food because you deftly will be cooking that first night!

Don’t Bring Your Old Clutter

As you pack up everything that you are moving, you’re sure to find that there are a lot of things that don’t need to be coming with you. These should be all the old furniture, appliances and other items you’ve already replaced. Plus there could be lots of outfits from the closet that you never going to wear again. This is where Junk King Denver comes into play. You can set up a junk removal session with these professional junk haulers and get rid of all that clutter. It will not be going to waste. Instead, it will be dropped off at charities or recycling centers. Junk King Denver makes fast work of getting rid of all your clutter. That’s just what you need for your next move.

Keep Your Home Clutter Free With Junk King

“Oh wow! That big flower vase looks beautiful! But we already have a vase like that at home. Don’t worry honey, we can keep that old one in backyard”. So casually we fill up our backyards with junk as we keep buying new things. The solution to all that junk piling up this is easy now. Junk King is now in your city. We offer junk hauling in Denver, Colorado at convenient rates.
Customers simply have to make a phone call and ask us to clean their backyard. We do it with professional equipment, which ensures the junk is cleared safely. All of this is done by trained workers who come to your doorstep. Our junk haulers have ample experience to clean up heavy and sharp objects as well as bulky items.

Our rates are the best in the market because we value your money. So we estimate the cost before we begin working. Only once you approve the cost do we go ahead with the cleaning. Keep your home free of junk and trash with the assistance of Junk King. Customers hire us on a regular basis to ensure that their home is clutter free at all times.

Exceed expectations with junk king Denver for junk hauling services

Removing unwanted stuff, trash and not in use items from your home or office can be a tedious task. Junk King not only saves you from the effort of removing junk, but also the possible chances of self-injury or damage to the home or office from trying to handle these items yourself.

Working with us is as easy as it can be and provide best junk hauling services. We accommodate our schedule to yours and are sensitive to your requirements and financial constraints. With our professional team and expertise, removing those unwanted items from your property in Denver is a walk in the park.

We also assure proper clean up after removing your debris, so you won’t be left with a mess. Our junk hauling teams are well trained and respect the location where you live or work. We make sure that we leave the site better than we found it.
Our goal is to exceed your expectations and we work hard to assure 100% customer satisfaction, providing:

• Competitive rates
• Scheduling visit as per your convenience
• All day service as well as weekend service
• We donate or recycle over 50% of the items we remove.

Contact the Junk King Denver CO today and our junk haulers will be on the way in no time!

Don’t Hesitate to Holler for a Hauler In Denver

The cleanup effort from last month’s flooding continues. Since the city services have been overwhelmed it has fallen to groups of local volunteers to pitch for the debris clearing. Recently around 150 volunteers gave up their Saturday morning to help clean up a park that has been closed since the storms. Not only was this good for the environment, it was also a wonderful experience for many families. Spending time helping neighbors with a cleanup effort and giving back to the community is the perfect teaching lesson that we can all embrace.

If you’re still shoveling out from the floods, you could turn to Junk King Denver for help with the final cleanup push. When you hire Junk King you’ll actually be hiring two very capable workers who are skilled at moving all kinds of junk and debris. If this crew can lift and load an old sofa they certainly won’t have any trouble with some fallen tree limbs. That same Junk King crew can also assist with pulling up any water soaked carpeting. If you had to pull away some dry wall to prevent mold, then that debris can find its way onto the back of the Junk King truck. One phone call to Junk King is all it will take to make every storm damaged item disappear from your home.

Outside of the emergency cleanup, Junk King is also standing by throughout the year to assist with any junk removal project. With the holidays quickly approaching, you might find the need to clear out that spare room for out of town guests to stay over. Maybe you need to make room in the attic for some “present hiding.” The Junk King crew will be happy to climb those stairs and go wherever you’ve got junk.

When everything is loaded up on the back of the JK Denver truck, it will be headed out to the nearest recycling center. Junk King prides itself on the fact that they manage to divert away from landfills up to 60% of everything they collect. That is another thing that we can all embrace. As for pricing policies, Junk King simply can’t be beat. They will present you with a flat fee based on an estimate of how much space your junk will take up on the truck. You’ll get the opportunity to agree to that fee before any work is done. In other words, there won’t be any surprises when it comes time to pay the bill. Call Junk King today to find out how that can help make your junk “vanish.”


Back to School Junk Removal in Denver

Back to SchoolDue to the horrendous recent floods, going back to school has been a challenge for many Denver area students. Beyond the actual closing of the campuses during the height of the flooding, many of the schools were tapped for use as makeshift shelters. It’s hard to kick out families with nowhere else to go. Of course, like the many snow days we experience here in the Mile High City, you won’t find many kids who are complaining about a school closing. Although they might not like this idea, being stuck inside is a perfect excuse to do some good cleaning. We’re not just talking about wiping down furniture and sweeping the floors but going deep and pulling out junk to be tossed.

If you were spared flood damage and just have to be indoors then why not take advantage of the time for cleaning out rooms, basements and attics. What will you do with all that junk? That’s easy: put Junk King Denver on alert for a pickup. First, you’ve got to figure out just what you want thrown away.

Depending on the age of your kid, this could have been a summer of “transition from pre-teen to full teen.” There’s no telling how many kiddie bedroom sets were tossed out along with old toys, posters, clothes and everything else that your kid outgrew. Once the kids’ rooms have been de-cluttered, you can get them to help with the rest of the house. Take advantage of your “work crew” by having them designate the bulky stuff that can be hauled away like old furniture, sports equipment nobody uses and anything else that is taking up space.

Now that you know everything you want to get rid of, make your call to Junk King. They’ll be sending over a crew and a truck to handle the assignment. That crew will be happy to come through your home to remove whatever you’re throwing out. No need to make a pile in the driveway when the Junk King Denver crew is happy to do all the lifting and the loading. Before they get started, you’ll be presented with an estimate based on how much space your stuff will take up on the back of the truck. This is how Junk King charges its customers. You’re not paying separate charges for dump fees, travel time or labor costs. Everything is included in one single price.

Soon the kids will settle into their school routines. Won’t it be nice to have a clean home for them to do their class assignments? At least it should stay clean until the holidays!

Got Junk Items In Denver?

Not all recycling programs go according to plan. That’s what was discovered recently when a defunct recycling company left behind a mountain of e-waste when the business went belly up. How big is this mountain? Try 6 million pounds or enough to fill a 72,000-square-foot warehouse. In the rubble are old televisions, computer monitors and other office equipment. This is not what to do if you’ve got junk.

“We’ve not seen that amount of e-waste abandoned in Colorado,” said state environmental protection specialist Derek Boer to a local news channel. He is the lead investigator in the case and has charged the company with a hefty fine. Apparently, that’s not enough to motivate them into action. The question remains as to who is going to clean up the mess. On many levels, this sounds like a job for Junk King Denver. “Got junk to the tune of six million pounds of e-waste?” Shouldn’t be a problem for a Junk King crew!

If called upon by the state, Junk King would be happy to pitch in but they typically work on a much smaller scale if you consider cleaning out homes a smaller scale. It’s not unheard of for Junk King for be called in by real estate speculators to clean up foreclosed properties. All the trash and rubbish left behind by previous occupants have to be cleared out before the house can be put onto the market. A hard working Junk King Denver crew can sweep through a home and have it cleared out in no time. They can certainly do the same work on your property.

Whether you’ve got junk upstairs or down, the Junk King crew is happy to climb the stairs to get it removed. This is what hiring Junk King is all about: They do the work from start to finish. Not only does this include all the lifting and loading but also dropping off your junk to the proper facilities. If something is going to be recycled, Junk King Denver will make sure the recycling centers are certified by the state. Other opportunities for junk drop-off are at local charities who refurbish furniture and make it available to families in need. Imagine if you had to make several stops to get rid of all your junk? There goes your day off! With Junk King they’ll make sure your rubbish is properly disposed of whether it’s one stop or a dozen. Don’t worry; you’re not going to be charged for extra drops offs. You’ll only be charged by the amount of space your junk will take up on the back of the JK truck. You just can’t beat that deal for junk removal!

Denver Large Item Pickup

Ask anybody who’s been to Denver and they’ll tell you it’s a town with a big heart. Best of all, that “heart” isn’t limited to the Denver area. Recently a bunch of Denver residents packed up their gear and traveled to Oklahoma City to volunteer for tornado cleanup. It seems like not a week goes by without a severe storm ripping through some part of the country. These storms can leave a lot of destruction in their wake and the need for volunteer cleaners is great.

For this last clean up mission, the Denver volunteers were housed at the City Rescue Mission. This was the place set aside to house volunteers from all over the country and provide them with showers, meals and a bed to sleep in. Even though the Denver group only stayed for a week, their efforts when a long way towards showing the victims of this latest storm that they weren’t alone.

The aftermath of a storm isn’t the only time when there is the need for a big cleanup. Your home might just be overrun with junk forcing you to declare, “Enough is enough!” Instead of packing up that junk on your own you can hire Junk King Denver to get the job done right.

Junk King of Denver takes all the hassle out of cleaning up your property. That’s because they’re going to be providing you with a capable crew and truck for all the hauling. That crew has not only been professionally trained in the fine art of moving and hauling but they’re also experts in providing you with superior customer service.

You only have to show the Junk King crew what you want removed and they’ll handle the rest. If they have to climb down basement stairs or up into the attic you won’t hear a word of complaint. What you will hear is, “What else have you got to throw out?” That could be a very long list indeed especially when it comes to large items.

When it comes to getting rid of things like old sofas, mattresses or appliances Junk King is really the safest option. Not only will they load up their truck but they’re also going to make every effort to see that what you’re throwing away is recycled. In many cases that might mean dropping those items off at a charity that does refurbishing. Either way, they want to avoid the local area landfills at all cost and they’re doing a pretty good job at that goal. Whether you have a little or a lot, Junk King Denver is standing by to help turn your home into a clutter free zone. Reach out to them today and see how fast you can get a clean up!

Summer Decluttering in Denver

If you’ve never been to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival you’ve got to treat yourself this summer. This is a 3-day event that is chock full of artists, musicians and gourmet chefs all eager to share their talents. We’re not just talking about local artisans but folks from around the world show up at Cherry Creek this time of year. There are also plenty of fun “artivities” for the whole family to get into. That’s just one of the many festivals happening around Denver this summer. If you want you can also get your Irish on at the Irish festival, take in the underground music scene at the UMS showcase and cap off the summer with the Dragon Boat Festival at Sloan’s Lake Park. Don’t be surprised if you start hearing from out-of-state friends and family. Everybody wants to enjoy Denver in the summer. The question is can you put them up or is your house too cluttered? If it is then it’s time to give Junk King Denver a call.

Junk King are the de-cluttering specialists in the Denver area. Their teams of junk haulers can assist you with getting rid of any oversized or bulky item you need to remove from your home. That means furniture, appliances, sporting equipment and even pianos can all be gone. When the Junk King crew shows up you only have to show them the stuff you want removed and they’ll take it from there. Don’t worry about stairs to climb; the JK crew will get the job done.

Part of the Junk King removal service is also a huge benefit to Denver. That’s because Junk King is a totally green kind of company. That make sure that is something you’re throwing out can be recycled it will. If it can be refurbished and used again they’ll see to it that it gets dropped off at the right charity.

Junk King is also the perfect “go-to” hauler to get rid of your e-waste. This where a lot of clutter occurs. Your old desktop computers, fax machines, printers and TVs most certainly can’t be thrown out which is probably why you still have them. All you need to do is turn all your e-waste over to Junk King and they’ll handle the proper disposal of those items. That’s good for you and good for Denver.

That same Junk King Denver crew can help you whip your lawn into shape after a landscaping job. In the past, Junk King crews have hauled away sod, dirt, fallen tree limbs and the occasional tumbleweed. They can certainly get your yards looking like new. Start the summer off free of clutter and enjoy all that Denver has to offer.

Denver Junk Removal Reviews

“What do you like about our services?” That’s a simple question that every business should be asking of their customers. When a business is afraid to find out what their customers think of their services then there is something wrong. You won’t find that attitude with Junk King of Denver. They are happy to hear what their growing list of happy customers have to say. Take a look at these recent posts to the Denver Junk King Facebook page:

“I really like the convenience; I didn’t have to worry about anything. And Chris and his colleague were very nice and respectable.”

That’s a recurring review with Junk King Denver. Too often we hang onto our junk because it is just too complicated to get rid of it. You have to rent a truck. Get some friends to help you load up the stuff. Then drive for hours to the nearest landfill. It’s easier to just leave the stuff in your garage, right? Actually, as these folks have found it’s easier to simply call up Junk King and let them handle all sides of the job.

“Professional, friendly, reasonable. Responded promptly to request for estimate. Estimate was the most reasonable I received. Arrived on time. The crew had a good sense of humor and made quick work of a tough job. Met my expectations and more. No complaints.”

When a customer is happy with the Junk King fees that is really saying something. Every Junk King jobs comes with a two-man crew and truck but you’re not paying for labor or rentals. You’re also not paying for dumping fees. Your cost will be based on how much space your junk takes up on the truck. That holds true whether you’re just tossing out an old television set or an entire home of furniture. How do the Junk King customers rate that?

“The whole process from my first call to you until the truck pulled away was outstanding.”

“It was convenient to book, the guys that came out were communicative, friendly and they worked quickly! Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. Great pricing too!”

Are you convinced about Junk King Denver now? If you’ve got some junk you’re finally ready to toss out you really have nothing to lose by calling for an estimate. There is no pressure or hard sales. Maybe that’s because Junk King knows they’ll still be busy even if you’re not ready to schedule an appointment. The Junk King customer base grows every day. When you’re ready to join that list give them a call. As you wave good-bye to your junk you’ll wonder why you didn’t call Junk King sooner!

Spring Cleaning Tips in Denver

Denver’s Big Blue Bear got slimed. This is the 40-foot-tall piece of sculpture that sits outside of the Colorado Convention Center. Apparently, some numbskull decided that Blue Bear should be green and dumped paint all over it. Not funny. Now it’s going to take around $11,000 to clean up the artwork and make sure it’s not further damaged in the process. Denver’s Silo Workshop is in charge of the cleanup which will include a low-pressure power wash and repainting of any part of the bear’s original coat.

Clearly, this is one spring cleaning project that will take a crew to complete. You might feel the need to hire your own crew for spring-cleaning around home. If that’s the case, then the only crew for you is the one from Junk King Denver. These are the junk removal experts who have been helping Denver residents will all kinds of cleanup projects.

Every Junk King appointment comes complete with at least a two-man removal team and a large truck. By large we mean big enough to hold an entire home’s worth of furnishings. Naturally, you won’t be throwing out that much junk but you can rest assured that the junk you will be tossing out will fit on the back of the truck!

That Junk King Denver crew can help your spring-cleaning by clearing out the clutter in your home and yards. This clutter can come in many forms from old furniture to kitchen appliances to clothes to boxes of magazines. With Junk King on the job, all of that stuff can be whisked away in a blink of the eye. No kidding. These guys are fast. They’re also insured and licensed to do work in Denver. That makes them the perfect workers to invite into your home.

Before you set up an appointment with Junk King you’ll want to agree to the price. This will happen when a Junk King supervisor pays a visit to your home to determine how much space your junk will take up on their truck. That’s how you’ll be charged, by 1/2, 1/3. 1/4, 2/5… whatever the amount it’s a locked in estimate. There won’t be any other hidden fees or surprise charges. If for some reason you stuff takes up more space then what was estimated, you’ll still be paying your locked in fee. What could be better than that?

To really get all those corners in your home that need cleaning, you’ve first got to get rid of the junk. Give Junk King Denver a call today and you can have your home shining in no time!