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Denver Debris Removal

In our homes, we are constantly reminded to keep our plumbing pipes clear. Actually, we’re reminded of that fact whenever those pipes become clogged! Typically, most homeowners don’t do a lot of maintenance on their plumbing until it is too late. Then it’s an emergency call to the plumber and a huge bill. A little preventive upkeep can go a long way towards avoiding those nasty backups. That’s why the city of Denver has been sending cameras down into the sewers. They are attempting to inspect every inch of the massive sewer system and the best way to do that is with a snaking robot camera. As it turns out, this was a good call because recently those cameras stumbled upon two exceptionally large blockages that were on the verge of jamming up sewage and dumping it out into the Sand Creek greenway.

When you consider that the wastewater produced by 1.7 million metro Denver residents has reached 130 million gallons a day that flow through 3,500 miles of tunnels then you can see the need to keep those sewer lines free of debris. Truth be told, that concept of a “debris free” existence is something we should all embrace. What kind of debris do you have around your home and property? Is it time to finally get rid of it all? If the answers are “a lot” and “yes” then your next call should be to Junk King Denver.

Ever since Junk King set up shop in Denver they’ve been helping residents and business owners clear out the clutter in their lives. How can they help you? Think about all those items in your home that are too bulky to throw out in the weekly garbage. Or what about all that e-waste that you know needs to be properly disposed of? Those are the kinds of junk removal projects that Junk King Denver has excelled at. Their crews will arrive at your home on the designated pickup day with a truck big enough to haul off whatever you’ve got to get rid of. Those crews will climb down the basement or go up to the attic to remove junk items. If you’ve got stuff out in the backyard like yard waste they’ll be happy to cart all of that off as well. Basically, if you want something tossed out Junk King Denver is your best friend.

The way Junk King works is simple: You’ll call for an appointment with a supervisor to assess the amount of trash you want taken away. This is important because you’re going to be charged by the amount of space your trash takes up on the truck. There will be no extra dumping fees, labor costs or “heavy item” charges. It’s all direct and to the point. Once you agree on that price the removal day will be scheduled. You’ll be amazed at how quickly Junk King can carry out all that clutter. Before you know you’ll be free of debris with plenty of open space all thanks to Junk King Denver.