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Toss Out Shed Clutter Today

A backyard shed is a great additional storage unit for your home. Not everything that goes into a shed has to be about gardening. You can keep pool toys and sporting equipment out there. In the winter, it’s a good place to store your grill and bikes. With enough space, you can even set up a workbench for some fixit projects. The best way to make all that happen is to make sure you’re not storing any clutter in that shed. Just like your garage, attic or closet, you could put things in the shed and forget about it. That’s not going to help you get any benefits from that space. Instead, take the time to sort through every item in there and when you come up with a pile of junk that needs to be carted away, give Junk King Denver a call.


Junk King Denver is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers who take the hassle of clearing clutter. You’ll be assigned your own persona moving crew who is going to do all the lifting and loading. It doesn’t matter to this crew if what you’re tossing out is rusty or full of spider webs. All they care about is getting it onto the truck.

You can also take full advantage of this crew to remove any unwanted items you have from inside your home. Think about how much space you can take back when all the clothes you’re not wearing or the furniture you’re not using can be gotten rid of.

How the crew will pack up the truck is going to matter when it comes to the final price. Once they’ve looked over all the things you want to get rid of, they’ll be able to provide you with an estimate of how they’re going to pack the truck. The less space, the less you’ll pay. Not complicated at all.

Booking your junk removal session isn’t complicated either. Most sessions are handled within 24-hours. But if you have done all your sorting and your junk is ready to go, then ask for a same-day pickup. Many are available early in the week.

Take care of clearing out the rubbish from your home and shed with a call to Junk King Denver.