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Monthly Archives: April 2018

What Are Junk King Detroit Customers Saying?

The moment a new product hits the market shelves, the makers of that product wait for the reviews. There was a time when there were only a handful of professional critics who weighed in on these types of things. Now everyone gets to be a critic and express their own views. That’s a good thing because it brings in more opinions. Junk King Detroit customers have opinions to share about this professional junk hauling service. Here’s some of what they’re saying:


“The entire experience was great. Anthony arrived on time to give me the estimate and explained all my options. Both crews were hard working and quick to problem solve. I would highly recommend Junk King. I will be calling you again.” – K.P., Troy

Junk King starts off every session with an estimate. That estimate isn’t based on how many workers you need or how long the job will take. Instead, it is based on how your stuff will fit onto the truck. One flat fee covers everything.

“All staff were pleasant and answered all of my questions. The movers were very careful not to damage any property. They worked quickly and were very cordial. Pricing was fair and would use this service again.” – K.A. , Ann Arbor

“I liked the on line scheduling. The truck arrived on time. The two gentlemen who came to take away my old entertainment center were very courteous, efficient and respectful of my home when removing the furniture. Very positive experience.” – T.P., Plymouth

Yes, you can go write from reading this post to setting up your appointment online no matter what time it is. You’ll get a confirmation and the junk hauling plan will be set in motion.

“The old television that I had removed was SO big. I didn’t think I could ever get rid of it. Not only did they get it out, but it was fast. They made it look easy (even though I know it wasn’t). The cost was just fine to get rid of the headache of that couch and television. Money very well spent. I will use your services again.” – M.Y., Detroit

“This was a much more pleasant experience than I had expected. My sofa was out of my apartment in less than 20 minutes. They were polite and I would gladly call them again, if I needed something big taken away.” – K.C., Auburn Hills

After seeing how easy and affordable it is to hire Junk King Detroit to clear away your rubbish, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to make that call!

Smart Approach To Heavy Trash Pickup In Detroit

The first rule of picking up something heavy is “lift with your legs and not your back.” That makes a lot of sense but it is something that many folks either forget about or aren’t sure what it means. If you do squats in the gym, then you understand the concept of lifting with the legs. Even if you do have proper lifting techniques, you might still need extra help to get something removed from your home. That is where Junk King Detroit can be of assistance. They’re the perfect company to call for a heavy trash pickup.


The typical junk removal session from Junk King will be staffed with at least two very capable movers. This is team that has a lot of experience with heavy objects. Junk King crews have been called on to take away pianos, pool tables and treadmills. They’re also great with living room furniture and kitchen appliances. If you want something gone, this is the team to get rid of it.

The removal work provided by Junk King Detroit extends to your yard as well. You can ask them to remove anything from an old lawnmower to a rusty grill. Just think of how much yard clearing you can get done if you have a team of movers pulling out all the things you point to. You’ll be able to transform your yard in no time at all.

Getting rid of heavy junk requires a truck and Junk King will provide that, too. What they won’t be bringing is a scale. That’s because Junk King never charges by the pound. That could get very expensive! Instead, they base their prices on volume. It comes down to how they’re going to pack up the truck with your stuff. The crews are terrific and conforming a lot of things into a little space.

If you’re ready to get rid of your heavy junk items, then you can schedule your appointment with Junk King today. You might even be able to get rid of it on the same day you call Junk King. The smart way to get rid of heavy trash is to turn that job over to Junk King Detroit.

How to Rent a Dumpster in Detroit Metro

Are you buying a house in the Metro Detroit area with plans to gut the interior and renovate it completely? Alternatively, is your business moving from one Detroit location to the next? Either way, it’s a good idea to rent a dumpster for any junk you may need to dispose of along the way—be it construction debris or pieces of furniture you don’t want to bother moving to your new location. This blog will walk you through the basics of how to rent a dumpster in Metro Detroit, whether your project involves a renovation, a move, or a good old-fashioned spring cleanout.

Step 1: Figure out What You Need

how to rent a dumpsterBefore you rent your dumpster—and before you even start researching potential dumpster rental companies—you should try to figure out what you need. Dumpsters come in different sizes and designs, and some companies even rent out different types of bins depending on what kind of junk you have. Knowing upfront what you need will help you avoid confusion, stress, or overspending later in the process.


Here are a few fundamental questions you should try to answer:

  • How big is your project? A full-house renovation is going to produce more junk than a one-floor renovation. A cleanout of the entire house will create more waste than a basement cleanout. Moving out of an office or retail space your business has occupied for 20 years is going to produce more junk than moving from a space you’ve only been in for a year. Try to figure out the basic scope of your project, because knowing that information will help you out when you need to choose a dumpster size. Determining the general scope of your project will also give you a better idea of how long you might need the dumpster rental to last.

  • Where are you going to put the dumpster? A rental dumpster won’t do you much good if you can’t get it anywhere near your home or office. Ideally, you’ll be able to clear a spot in the driveway, parking lot, or street that is conveniently accessible from your building. You want to limit the number of steps you need to take to get your refuse into the bin—especially when it comes to larger, more cumbersome items such as couches or mattresses. If you have a space in mind, measure it to figure out what kind of dumpster dimensions it could accommodate.

  • What kind of junk are you dealing with? Ideally, you will be able to find a dumpster rental company in Detroit that lets you deposit anything in your bin—be it construction debris, furniture, old clothing, or what have you. Some companies, though, have limitations. They may designate containers for certain types of waste—e.g. construction debris or yard waste—and then prohibit you from throwing any other items in those dumpsters. They might even ban specific items entirely, such as appliances or electronic waste. Before you start researching dumpster rental companies, ask yourself what kind of waste you are planning on putting in the dumpster. That way, you can steer clear of companies with restrictions that would cause problems for your project.


the do you really need it checklist

Answering these questions right now will help guide your research, inform the questions you ask potential dumpster rental companies, and decide which business is best equipped to serve your needs.

Step 2: Researching the Providers

Every big city has a least a few companies that offer dumpsters for rent. Detroit is no exception. If you do a Google search, you will find that you have a healthy number of different businesses from which to choose. Browse their websites, read about their services, and take notes. If you can find any customer reviews on each company, read those too. The more you can learn, the easier time you will have narrowing down the field and selecting one or two finalists.

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Here are a few details you should keep an eye out for as you do your homework on how to rent a dumpster:

  • Location: Where is the dumpster rental company? This point might not seem like it matters much if the business in question serves the Metro Detroit area. However, some companies might be in the city itself, while others might be commuting from outside of town. Dumpster rental companies generally charge you a delivery fee, which will vary depending on how far the delivery driver needs to travel to drop off or pick up your bin. Longer distances mean higher delivery fees, so it’s usually in your best interest to choose a dumpster rental company close to where you live or work.

  • Sizing Options: Dumpster companies vary in how they handle sizing. Some offer five or six different bin sizes, while others skew toward a one-size-fits-all model. Unless you have a lot of experience renting dumpsters, you will likely find that it’s not always easy to decide if you need a 10-cubic yard model or a 20-cubic yard bin. Choosing the one-size-fits-all business will free you from having to pick a size—and might even save you the money you would have wasted by choosing a bin that was too big.

  • Pricing and Fees: Of course, you will want to compare pricing and fee structures from one rental company to the next. Again, the price you pay will likely vary, depending on your location and the size of dumpster you choose (if there are various sizing options). However, each company should at least be willing to give you a basic estimate on pricing. Reading customer reviews, meanwhile, will help you figure out if you are dealing with a company with a habit of hitting customers with hidden fees or unfair extra charges. For the best deal, look for a dumpster rental company that will only charge you for how much dumpster space you use. If you rent a 12-cubic yard bin and end up having only six cubic yards of junk, you want a company that will charge you a lower rate than you’d pay for a full dumpster.

  • Recycling and Sustainability: Perhaps your business has a green initiative, or maybe you just like doing your part to protect the environment. Either way, it’s definitely worth noting that some dumpster rental businesses are greener than others. Some companies will even sort through your bins to pull out items that can be recycled, repurposed, or reused. This kind of service saves you the trouble of having to do the sorting yourself but also makes sure that recyclables or potentially dangerous items (such as electronic waste) aren’t going to the landfill.

  • Customer Service: How focused on customer service does each dumpster rental company seem? You want a business that is going to give you a courtesy call before your dumpster gets dropped off and again before it gets picked up. You want a company that is willing to answer any questions you might have, that is happy to share pricing information, and that is always easy to reach if you need assistance or guidance. To get an idea of a company’s customer service, just call their business number and see what kind of response you get to your inquiries.

the complete summer cleaning guide

Step 3: Make the Choice!

Once you’ve done your homework, it’s not so hard to know how to rent a dumpster. Going through the questions and bullet points laid out above should help you narrow down your field and pick the right dumpster rental company for the job. From there, it’s time to pick up the phone, arrange a dumpster drop off, and get to work on your big project. Good luck with the next steps!

In addition to our self-service dumpster rental offerings, we also offer a service where we handle the junk removal for you. If you are interested in either of these services and want to learn more, you can always give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK. You can also book a rental via our homepage.

Smart Spring Cleaning Tips To Put Into Action

It might not feel like it outside but spring is here. Winter wants one last surge but it will only be a few more weeks when the windows are open and the short sleeve shirts come out. This is the time of year to get your house in order. The goal of spring cleaning is to go deeper than a normal weekly “touch up” cleaning. Here are some smart spring cleaning tips to put into action around your house:


Start Early

Suppose your spring cleaning is going to take six hours. Sounds like a lot of time just for cleaning but it will insure everything gets done. The trick would be to start early. If you wake up at 5:30 (yes, crazy!) and start cleaning at 6, then you can be done by noon. Clean house and the rest of the weekend to relax. It’s all about time management.

Divide and Conquer

Cleaning your house on Saturday morning can totally happen. Cleaning your house and garage in the same day might be pushing too hard. You don’t want to feel pressure and start cutting corners. So, do the house this weekend and the garage next weekend. Within the house, you should also divide the zones from first floor, second floor, etc. Complete one section at a time and move on. Don’t vacuum the whole house and then circle back.

Carry Your Supplies

You should carry all your cleaning supplies in a spare bucket. As you go into a room, everything you need to clean that room should come with you so you’re not going back and forth. That slows things down and wears you out.

Toss the Rubbish

As you clean, you’re going to find a lot of stuff you can get rid of. We’re not just talking about the old magazines and newspapers you can toss in the trash but the big stuff that takes up space. Things like a futon, couch, recliner or dresser that you’re not using can all be hauled away by Junk King Detroit. These are the junk removal experts that never met a pile of rubbish they couldn’t pick up. When you hire Junk King Detroit to help with your rubbish removal, your spring cleaning will be totally done.

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