Reliable Junk Hauling Service in Northville

How much will it cost to demolish the old Northville Psychiatric Hospital? Around $5.9 million. That is the size of the demolition contract awarded to the Adamo Group last November. This isn’t just as simple as placing some TNT around the structure and blowing it up. First, careful consideration is given to asbestos cleanup. After all, the building was opened in 1952 and only closed in 2003. This demolition comes on the heals of the complex’s power plant, which was brought down in 2013. The hope is by the fall of 2018, the land will be clean and ready for development. That development could result in a boost to the Northville economy as more jobs and businesses are added to the community.


A construction cleanup job like this one is going to take careful planning and a lot of hard work. On a much smaller scale, you might have your own need for construction cleanup. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend millions to get a company to clean up debris from a remodeling or roofing project. Instead, call on Junk King Detroit for a fast and affordable junk removal session.

Junk King has a pricing policy that is based on how much truck space your rubbish will fill up. This isn’t something you need to guess at. The Junk King crews have a lot of experience with packing up the truck. They’ll make sure to cram your stuff into as little space as possible. They want to do this because it means they can make another pickup. They also want to do this so you pay the low end of the price scale. It’s a very fair deal.

With regard to being fast, Junk King likes to provide a rapid response to every request for junk removal. If you’re ready to have your stuff picked up, then you might be able to score a same day removal. Most sessions are handled within a day. Of course, if the weekend works better for your schedule, then it can work for Junk King, too. Junk removal doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. Not when you give the job to Junk King Detroit.

Put A Junk Removal Plan Into Action

Every day starts with a plan. Most of that plan involves figuring out what you’re going to eat. After all, you already know if you have to go to work or run errands. Those meals are always the “unknown” variable. Whenever a new situation presents itself around the house in the form of a problem, then you have to come up with a new plan. This will be the way of solving that problem. Consider junk removal. If you’ve reached the point where you’re fed up with some of the clutter you have around the house, then you need a junk removal plan. That is easily taken care of by Junk King Detroit.


Junk King Detroit has the basics of your junk removal plan already worked out. They know they’ll be sending over a team of expert movers who are capable of lifting and loading just about anything you want to get rid of. Their plan also involves a big truck capable of holding all those unwanted items. To make this plan work, you have to pick the best day of the week. Junk King might have suggestions but it really comes down to what works best for your schedule. Once you lock onto a date, the plan swings into action.

When the crew arrives at your home, they’re going to want to take a look at all the things you want to get rid of. Two reasons for this. The first is they want to see which things can be recycled or donated. Those types of drop offs are part of Junk King’s removal plan. The second reason for looking everything over is to estimate how they’re going to pack it up on the truck. That is going to determine the cost for these services. The crews have a lot of experience with packing a lot of things into a little space. That will translate into you paying the low end of the price scale. That’s a good plan.

Once the fee is agreed to, the crew will get busy. In no time at all, you’ll have all your unwanted furniture, electronics, clothing and other clutter gone from your home. The best junk removal plan you could put into action today starts with a call to Junk King Detroit.

The Detroit Metro Step-by-Step Guide to rolloff dumpster rentals

Residents of Detroit know the importance of hard work, whether you’re a homeowner with a property to manage or a working professional who isn’t afraid to get down and dirty to produce superior results. You put your back into everything you do because you’re proud of yourself and the city in which you live. However, dedicated work can also require a dedicated cleanup effort, and some Detroiters struggle to identify their options when it comes time to remove waste in the aftermath of a project. Fortunately, there are plenty of effective ways for contractors, homeowners, event planners, and others to deal with their junk. Rolloff dumpster rentals are one of the most valuable and efficient strategies for waste management available in the Detroit area, and our step-by-step guide can help you acquire them for your purposes without wasted time or stress.

The team at Junk King has extensive experience helping people with waste removal for all kinds of projects. In our long and storied history as a company, we’ve seen a wide variety of different situations where rolloff dumpster rentals make life easier for their renters. Read on to discover the simplest and easiest way to rent rolloff dumpsters in the Detroit Metro area, so that you can make cleaning up after your next project easy and straightforward.

Step One: Identify Your Cleanup Needs

rolloff dumpster rentalsNot all projects are the same, and that’s also true for rental dumpsters. Depending on your situation, you may find yourself in need of a certain amount of space or a container designed to accommodate specific materials. Below are a few situations in which renting a dumpster can be useful:

Seasonal Cleaning: many people allow debris to accumulate in their homes for the majority of a given year and choose a season to address the buildup. For many Detroit homeowners, the time to ride themselves of unwanted items is in early spring, once the temperature outside rises and the ice and snow from winter begin to thaw. However, rental dumpsters can be extremely useful no matter when you decide to clean junk out of your house. Rental dumpsters are ideal for handling items made from non-biodegradable materials such as plastic and metal and offer a convenient way to organize those items without keeping them inside your house.

Renovations: dumpster rental is not only for cleaning up the clutter that has accumulated in a home over time. It can also be an excellent way to rid yourself of leftover materials after finishing a handyman or home renovation project. Many people purchase property in Detroit as an investment, then upgrade and “flip” their properties to make a profit. If this is the case, you will probably want to make sure that you modernize high-use areas of your property such as the kitchen and bathroom. Kitchen and bathroom renovations have the potential to raise the value of your property and attract higher-profile buyers. However, these are large jobs that will almost certainly produce a lot of old plaster, piping, or tiling as byproducts. For best results, organize these materials and collect them in a rental dumpster from a company whose employees will know how to recycle them properly.

Family Planning: there’s more than one reason to repurpose a room in your home. It isn’t always because you’re about to sell the house for a profit. Sometimes, you need to change the function of one or more rooms in a home because you’re trying to make room for a new family member. Couples who are expecting frequently rent dumpsters when they are turning spare rooms or utility spaces into nurseries, playrooms, or other “baby-friendly” areas.

Whether you are a homeowner who takes a DIY approach to these tasks or a contractor who is performing them on behalf of a residential client, rolloff dumpster rentals will provide you with a safe, convenient and accessible way to collect material over the course of your work. Once you have identified your need for a dumpster and the type of materials that you plan on placing in your container, it’s time to consider the logistics of the rental itself.

Step Two: Choose Your Container Size

Dumpsters come in assorted sizes, depending on the company from which you rent them. It is not uncommon to find rental options ranging from 10 to 40 cubic yards. Many people assume that large dumpsters will naturally be better since they have the potential to hold more. They reason that it’s better to have extra space and not need it than to need extra space and not have it.

In reality, renting a large dumpster can cause more problems than it solves. Containers that offer a significant amount of volume also take up a great deal of space. They also tend to be heavier than small dumpsters or debris boxes, which can cause several problems. The first issue caused by heavy dumpsters is that they may damage surfaces such as driveways and lawns. Large dumpsters have the potential to leave lasting marks on driveways and can totally ruin landscaped turf when left on top of a lawn or in a garden. The second problem that comes with larger dumpsters is their potential cost. If you rent from a company that charges you based on the weight of your filled container, you may end up paying a hefty fee just for the weight of the dumpster itself.

Step Three: Plan Your Rental and Arrange Permits (If Necessary)

The next thing you will need to do before renting a dumpster in Detroit is to figure out where to place the container during your rental. Dumpster placement is critically important because a dumpster that has not been properly placed can cause problems for the people who rent it. As stated above, large dumpsters can be disastrous for lawns and landscapes. Smaller dumpsters can normally fit on driveways without causing damage or preventing vehicle access, but large containers may be too big to fit on a driveway entirely. As such, the only place for a large rental dumpster may be on the street outside your home.

However, anyone wishing to place a dumpster on the street or sidewalk near their house will require a permit from Detroit’s City Engineering Division, a branch of the Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department. This office is open between 8:30 and 4 PM on weekdays and can be reached by phone at (313) 224-2733. You must get a permit if rental equipment blocks a public right of way. Right of way areas include all streets, sidewalks, pathways and public areas through which pedestrians could reasonably be expected to walk. To avoid paying a $25/day permit fee, many renters simply choose smaller dumpsters or debris boxes they can keep in their own driveways.

Step Four: Choose an Eco-Friendly Dumpster Rental Company

Once you have identified your cleaning needs, chosen a suitably-sized container and determined where on your property it will live during your rental, it’s time to choose a company that can provide you with the container you need. When doing so, it is highly advisable to look for a company whose policies reflect a commitment to the environment. Doing so allows contractors to advertise themselves as environmentally-friendly service providers, and provides homeowners with peace of mind knowing that their materials will be processed responsibly.

Some people worry that eco-friendly companies will be more expensive, but many of them use pricing models that help consumers save money. For example, some rental companies charge by the amount of space their customers use instead of weight or other, more arbitrary factors. Doing so provides customers with an incentive to gather and pack their materials efficiently, making them easier to sort and dispose of in the correct manner.

Renting a dumpster in Detroit is an excellent way to clean up after completing a wide variety of projects. Follow our guide closely next time you have unwanted material to deal with and make rolloff dumpster rentals work for you!

How To Make The Switch To A Toddler Bed

From the moment your child is born, you’ll be keeping track of their major milestones. Their first words. Their first steps. Their first day of school. Those are all great moments. At some point, you’ll be dealing with the major milestone of switching from a crib to a toddler bed. This might make sleeping easier for you and your child but it is something that has to be handled with care so as not to disrupt the sleeping routines. Here’s how to make the switch to a toddler bed.


Pick the Right Bed

In terms of size, a toddler bed is close to a twin bed but there are some important distinctions you should be aware of. A toddler bed can have safety rails to prevent accidental rolling. Even though a toddle bed is traditionally lower to the ground than a normal twin, you still don’t want a fall to happen. The toddler bed you pick also needs to be sturdy. Expect a lot of jumping on that bed!

It should also have a simple design. Yes, you can spend a lot of money on a race car bed but if you know how fast your kid outgrows clothing then you’ll also know how fast they’ll outgrow that bed. It is better to get a basic bed with a simple headboard. The finish should be smooth and they shouldn’t be any wild ornamentation or protrusions that could cause injury.

Find the Right Spot

The toddler bed needs to be placed in the right spot, too. That means away from windows, blind cords, draperies, radiators, heat registers and wall or floor lamps. You can put some pillows or a soft sleeping bag around the floor of the bed to cushion any fall. Make sure also the headboard is pushed tight against the wall to keep your young one from squeezing in between.

Making room for the toddler bed might require getting rid of some of the baby furniture like a changing table and the crib. Those items can easily be picked up by Junk King Detroit. When you hire Junk King, you’re also hiring a company that fully supports local charities. Your old baby furniture can be dropped off at those organizations to be reused once again. Get your kid ready for the switch to a toddler by with a furniture clearing call to Junk King Detroit.

Get Your Backyard Shed Clear of Rubbish Today

It might be a couple of months before you’ll make it out to the backyard. Sure, you’ll look out the window to see how high the snow is piling up. The kids might brave the cold to build a snowman but when it comes to gardening or relaxing on the deck, that’s not going to happen. But just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t take care of one outdoor chore: clearing your backyard shed of rubbish. Thankfully, you won’t have to do the actual work. That is a job for Junk King Detroit.


A lot of what you have in storage in your shed might never be used again. There could be a busted snow blower, rusty lawnmower or worn out spare tire. All things that once were put to work but now can’t be tossed out in the trash. That is why you need to hire Junk King Detroit. One session with these junk haulers is all it will take to clear out your shed today.

Why is clearing your shed important? It will help with your storage needs. The more you clear out, the more space you’ll have for the things that matter. It is also a safety issue. The less clutter you have in a shed, the better off you’ll be in terms of reducing hazards especially from curious kids. Plus, when spring does arrive, you’ll be ready to tackle your yard work without battling clutter in the shed.

How can all this come together? Just set up your appointment with Junk King. They’ll ask you to pick a day and two-hour window that works best for your schedule. It won’t matter how cold it is outside. If you want your stuff gone, then you can count on Junk King to make it happen.

As for price, you’ll be presented with an estimate for the job before the work begins. That estimate will be based on how much space your junk will fill on the truck. Simple and fair. Hiring Junk King to clear out your backyard shed clutter is one less thing to take care of in the New Year.

Don’t Make These Mistakes For Your Home Business

A home business can actually turn into a lucrative enterprise. Just ask anyone who has made a deal on Shark Tank. If you’re going to being a home business in 2018, then you’ll want to make sure to avoid making these mistakes:


Starting the Day Without a Plan

As the boss of your own company, you’re in charge of things. That includes how the day plays out. You no longer have a supervisor to tell you what’s next. That’s entirely up to you. It will probably help to end your day by planning out the following day. Make a list. Check it twice and then you can hit the ground running in the morning.

Letting Employees Take Over Your Home

Just because you’re working at home doesn’t mean you hire employees. This is especially true if you are making something in your garage or kitchen for sale. If you have ground rules for your family, then your employees should follow the same rules like no shoes in the house. If you want areas off limits, then make sure they know that from the start. Remember, those folks are there to work and not “hang out.”

Not Staying Organized

It is easy to let the clutter pile up as the job gets busy. You don’t want to let your organization slide. Make sure everything has a place and everything gets put in that place. Don’t fall back on a “system” of being unorganized. Stay on top of things.

Not Creating a Separate Work Space

It is vital that that your home business has a separate work space. You can’t work out of the kitchen counter. There would be too much distraction and you would constantly be moving things to accommodate for your family. Even if you set up a corner in your bedroom, you still need to establish boundaries with the rest of the family. They wouldn’t just walk in on your office at an outside job, would they? The best way to make room for your office space is to get rid of all the unused furniture, appliances or TVs that might be crowding up the space. That is where Junk King Detroit comes into play. It will only take one session with Junk King Detroit to clear out a space for your home business. Make it happen today.

Get Smart About Recycling

What does recycling a single glass bottle get you? You could power a 100-watt light bulb for up to 4 hours. You would also power a television for 20 minutes. Now imagine if everyone in the country recycled a glass bottle today? That would be an amazing amount of energy saved. Swapping out recycled glass for half the amount of glass made from raw materials can reduce pollution by up to 80%.


Where else can you recycle? Candy. That foil wrapper that Hershey’s Kisses comes in is totally recyclable. Most of the other candy wrappers can also be recycled. Check those labels. They might be using recycled packaging already. What about newspapers? Recycling one run of a newspaper can save 75,000 trees. If everyone recycled all their newspapers, then we could probably save up to 250,000,000 trees each year.

Not a lot of effort to drop your newspapers into a recycle bin, right? But why stop there? You can also recycled flyers, junk mail, letters, bills, and packaging from food items are all everyday paper-made things you could be recycling instead of throwing in the garbage. That will all have a huge impact on the environment.

Where else could you be recycling? What about all the junk you want to get rid of from around your house? The moment something becomes broken or you’re simply done with it, then it has become junk. Are you looking to get rid of things like an old couch or mattress? What about a busted washer or fridge you’re keeping in storage in the garage? All of that can be recycled if you hire the right junk hauling company. That would be Junk King Detroit.

Junk King Detroit is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers who have been in this line of work since 2005. Since their inception, Junk King has been dedicated to an eco-friendly way of getting rid of the junk they collect. The crews are all trained to spot those items that can be recycled or donated. It might mean an extra drop off but that is a trip Junk King is happy to make. Step up your recycling game by hiring Junk King Detroit to haul away your rubbish today.

Time To Toss Your Winter Clutter

Are you someone who keeps their winter clothes in storage for the summer? It’s a smart idea to maximize your storage. If you haven’t already, you’re sure to be pulling out those winter clothes. It would be long before everyone is talking about the wind chill factor and whether there is snow in the air. Pulling out the heavy coats and sweaters might also have you stumbling through a lot of other winter clutter that is taking up space. The big question now becomes is it time to toss our your winter clutter?


Let’s assume that you’re on Santa’s “nice list.” That could mean a few new winter clothing items coming into the house. Will you have room in your dressers and closets? It might be worth taking time to go through all your outfits and decide what you would wear again and what you wouldn’t. You just might find yourself freeing up a lot of storage space.

Of course, winter clutter doesn’t just have to be clothing. It can also be a lot of other items like sleds, snow boots, snow blowers and snow shovels that have seen better days. All of that winter clutter is usually kept in your garage. Is there so much rubbish out there that you can’t even park your car inside? That’s not a good option for winter.

After assessing the amount of winter clutter you have to get rid of it will be time to call in Junk King Detroit. These are the junk removal pros that can quickly clear out all that unwanted stuff in a single session. Junk King will provide you with your own moving crew who you’ll supervise for the duration of the session. You don’t have to bring anything down from upstairs or up from the basement. All the stuff you want to get rid of can stay right where it is at. The Junk King team will pick it up right from that spot and load it all onto the back of their truck.

A lot of that winter clutter might still be usable. Junk King will strive to get those items dropped off at a local charity that can put them in the hands of people in need. Perfect idea for this time of the year. If you’re ready to toss out your winter clutter, then put Junk King Detroit on the job. You’ll be glad you did.

The Best Approach For Big Appliance Recycling

This is the time of year when all your kitchen appliances go into overdrive. The oven will certainly get a workout baking turkeys, cookies and pies. A lot more food will be going into the fridge, especially all those delicious leftovers. Plus, there will be more dishes to wash after parties. All of this means that your kitchen appliances can’t break down. If they do, then you need to replace those appliances right away. That means getting the big appliances taken away on the same day as the new appliances arrive. That can be taken care of with a call to Junk King Detroit.


The first thing you have to know about hiring Junk King Detroit is that they make scheduling easy. It is all about the perfect time for you. You pick the day and the two-hour window that works best. With an appliance swap, you might opt for an early morning pick up by Junk King and an afternoon drop off from your dealer. That way you won’t miss a beat in your kitchen.

Not only will Junk King remove that big appliance but they’ll also strive to get it recycled, too. Junk King Detroit has been recycling what it collects ever since they began picking up junk. An old stove or dishwasher is a perfect candidate for recycling and Junk King can make sure it gets to the right facility.

You can certainly hire Junk King Detroit just to handle your big appliance recycling but why stop there? As long as you have the crew and the truck at your disposal, you should take full advantage of that. Think about how your home can be transformed if you can finally get rid of the old furniture down in the basement or all those clothes you’re not going to wear again taking up space in your closet. You’ll free up a lot of storage space. You might even be able to reclaim an entire room. That would be amazing.

Big appliance recycling and junk hauling isn’t a challenge when you turn that task over to Junk King Detroit.

How To Get Ready For Your Next Big Move

Moving into a new living space can be very exciting. It’s an opportunity to decorate and organize. In many ways, it’s like having a clean slate. The challenge is to make sure that you are ready for that big move. That begins with ensuring that you don’t bring any old junk with you. This is where hiring Junk King Detroit comes into play.

moving-day1-300x211As you go through your house packing up all the stuff you are going to take with you, you will no doubt find a lot of things that you no longer need or are being replaced. This can be anything from a bedroom set to a television. Often, when people feel rushed during the move the inclination is to just pack everything up and sorted on the other side. However, that can increase the cost of your move and also cause problems on the truck. If you’re loading of a sofa you know you want to get rid of, then they may not be room for the stuff you want to keep. All of this means that you should get rid of your unwanted stuff before your movers show up. Junk King Detroit can make that happen very quickly.

Just because you getting rid of some big things that is mean you have to move them. The team from Junk King Detroit will happily climb any amount of stairs to get to the stuff you want to have hauled away. All you need to do is tell them what is going. You could even slap a posted on all the things you want taken away!

Before they begin the work, Junk King is going to provide you with the estimate of the cost. This will be a fee that is based upon how much room your stuff is going fill in the back of the truck. A lot of experience packing tightly. They do that they can make several pickups that the day. They also do that’s you could benefit from the low end of the price scale.

Everything that’s collected by Junk King Detroit has a chance to be donated to a charity. It doesn’t matter what condition something might begin. That’s because many charities hire folks to refurbish things like furniture and appliances. You don’t have to make the final determination that something that Junk King will take care of automatically. Before your next big move happens, hire Junk King Detroit to get rid of all your unwanted stuff.

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