Make Your Holiday Visitors Feel Welcome In A Guestroom Without Clutter

One of the best gifts that you can give over the holidays is to open up your home to out of town visitor. This might be a family member or friend that you haven’t seen for years. It will be special to reconnect with them and bring them up-to-date on all the things that are happening with your family. In order to make them feel welcome, you want to get that the guestroom is ready. It is not just about putting some warm blankets and fluffed up pillows on the bed. You should also make sure all the rubbish and clutter are gone from that guest room. Nobody wants to sleep surrounded by boxes an old furniture! To make that rubbish disappear you just need to give Junk King Detroit call.


Most of the clutter that ends up in the guestroom is the stuff that you aren’t using. It can also be things that are broken but are too big throw out in the trash. That guestroom bed can be covered with boxes of old clothing and electronic gear. In a matter of minutes, the team from Junk King can have everything cleared out of that room. All you have to do is point to the stuff you want taken away and then watch it fly out the door.

Along with getting the guestroom clear of clutter, the Junk King team can clear out rubbish throughout the rest of the house. This is your chance bring that old sofa up from the basement or the dresser down from a bedroom. And if you need to make room in your closets, then spend the time sorting through all that stuff and create a pile. When the team from Junk King shows up, they will pick up the pile right from the spot and it will be gone along with everything outs.

Before your holiday visitors arrive, let Junk King work their rubbish removal magic in your guestroom and the rest of the house.

Give The Gift Of Junk Clearing This Year

A lot of Christmas gifts are centered around the home. These come in the form of appliances and gadgets that are meant to make life a little bit easier for the recipient. Usually, it’s also something that has been requested. Yes, they will be a lot of crockpots and vacuum cleaners under the Christmas tree this year. However, there are some gifts for the home that can’t be wrapped up in paper. Consider the gift of a junk clearing session from Junk King Detroit. This would be a special present that can be given to your partner or a family member who needs help getting rid of rubbish from around the house. Best of all, this work will be done by the junk King crew without you putting your back at risk.


The two things that are needed for a Junk King session is the time and the list of what you want to get rid of. If you are giving a session as a gift, then you’ll want to make sure to coordinate with the person who is on the receiving end of this gift. It is easy to a session with Junk King all you need to do is pick the day and a two-hour window that works best. This can be early in the morning, late in the afternoon or on the weekend.

Once you lockdown the date, you’ll want to lockdown exactly what is getting tossed out. A Junk King appointment will always be staffed by two capable movers. This is the team that’s going to carry out all the things that you want hauled away. You don’t have to factor in the size, weight or location of an item. The Junk King crews have plenty of experience bringing sofas down from upstairs or old washers up from the basement. They work in split-level homes and apartment  walk ups. There is nothing you could present to them to get rid of that they haven’t already hauled away for someone else.

This is the kind gift that can really transform and make a huge difference for someone you care about. This holiday let a junk removal session from Junk King Detroit be the ultimate gift for the home of someone special.

Cleanup Your Home With Help From Junk King

Recently over 900 Detroit residents participated in CleanUp Detroit. The volunteers fanned out across the city and helped remove tons of trash from parks, vacant lots, alleys and schools. By the end of the day, so much of Detroit looked a lot better but there is still a way to go. Seeing this kind of effort by your neighbors should inspire you to cleanup your property. For some, that is “easier said than done.” That because they don’t have the means to move heavy objects from their yards or home. And they certainly don’t have a truck to haul it all away. Thankfully, there is a company that can provide that: Junk King Detroit and they’re standing by to lend a hand or two.


How much could you get rid of if you had some help? Junk King will provide a team of movers to take care of all kinds of rubbish removal. As for what is rubbish, that is something only you can decide. You can call an old bedframe or bookshelf rubbish. You can decide that outfits from your closet are rubbish. The old computers, televisions and printers would be e-waste rubbish. All of this can stuff can be turned over to Junk King in a single session. That moving crew is going to make fast work of getting that stuff loaded onto their truck. Before you know it, everything you want removed from your house is going to be gone. Just think what kind of difference that can make around the home front!

As for pricing, the Junk King crew, the truck, the loading and the disposal is all covered in a flat fee. That fee will be based on how your stuff gets packed onto the truck. Since the Junk Kings crews like to make several stops, you can count on your stuff getting tightly packed. That will translate into the low end of the price scale every time.

Getting cleanup help with the big stuff from your home is easy: Just put Junk King Detroit on the task from the start.

Make Room In Your Basement

The basement is the perfect playroom for kids. Once it has been “child-proof,” they can spend hours down there playing. It can also become the one “zone” in the home where all their toys can live. As the kids grow up, the basements still can be their playroom. They just wouldn’t call it that. This can be where homework gets down or provide a safe place to hang out on the weekends. If your basement has become more of a storage unit than playroom, then it might be time to bring in Junk King Detroit. One session will these junk hauling experts and you’ll rediscover just how much room you have down in the basement!


Often the basement is where old furniture “lands.” It stays there even if it gets broken from use. Getting that furniture out of the basement won’t be a challenge for the Junk King squad. You’ll be assigned two movers who have a lot of experience navigating up and down basement stairs with all kinds of objects. The Junk King crews have brought up sofas, recliners, washing machines, dryers, refrigerators and water heaters. There isn’t much they haven’t brought up from the basement! What do you want to get rid of?

Clearing out the basement might be the main objective but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to just that for your Junk King session. The crew will be arriving in a truck big enough to haul away up to six pickup trucks worth of rubbish. You don’t have to gather any of that up. You only have to show the team what you want gone and they’ll handle the rest.

Part of the junk removal service also involves disposing of the things your getting rid of in a responsible manner. Detroit has seen way too many vacant lots turned into a dumping ground for trash. Junk King isn’t going to let that happen. They will drop off your items to a recycling center or charity. In fact, they spend more time with the disposal than they do with the actually collecting!

When you’re ready to make room in your basement, let Junk King Detroit haul away all the rubbish in a single session.

Hire Junk King To Haul Away Old Carpets

There are two tasks that can instantly transform any room: New paint and new carpets. Whether you’re going to get the same colors and textures or make a bold upgrade, you could get away with making those improvements and not needing to replace the furniture. It can still look like a new room. The painting could be a DIY project for you and the family. As for the new carpets, you’ll probably want a professional installer to handle. However, they might not be able to take away the old carpets. That is a job that is best suited for Junk King Detroit.


Junk King has a standard for each job and that would be two capable movers assigned to the task. Each of these moving crews have been licensed and insured. They also know the proper way to lift bulk and heavy objects just like rolled up wall-to-wall carpeting. If you tried to lift just one end of that carpet roll, then you would know how heavy it is. It is definitely a two-person operation but that help doesn’t have to stop with the old carpets. Just think of how much more you can get rid of in your home with two dedicated movers on the job. And those movers won’t have a problem climbing stairs, either!

The Junk King crews are also great packers. This is important because how tightly they’ll pack up the truck with all your stuff is going to determine how much your final fee will be. The crews will provide this estimate before they start the work and it is all about the volume and never about the weight.

Included in that flat fee will be the disposal of your stuff. You might expect everything to be dumped into a landfill. The truth is that Junk King likes to make every effort to avoid those landfills. They would much rather make drop offs are a charity or recycling center. That is a much better approach to improving the environment around Detroit.

When you hire Junk King Detroit to haul away your old carpets and the rest of your clutter, then you can count on the job getting done right every time.

Stuck With An Old AC? Junk King Can Help

How much have you changed in your home since moving in? It is amazing how something as simple as repainting rooms can transform a living space. You might have even renovated a bathroom or remodeled a kitchen. There is nothing wrong with a home that is a “work in progress.” What is wrong is being stuck with things that you’re official done with. Whether that is furniture or an old AC that you’ve replaced there is no reason to be stuck with that kind of stuff. And with Junk King Detroit just a phone call away, you won’t be stuck.


Setting up your removal session with Junk King can happen over the phone or online. With either approach, you can count on a fast turnaround. Junk King understands how busy our lives can become and they don’t want to waste a minute of your time. If you took it upon yourself to get rid of an old AC or other junk, then you would end up sacrificing a big portion of your day off. Don’t you have better things to do than renting a truck and looking for day laborers to help load it? With Junk King on the job, the removal of all the things you want to get rid of can take as long as your first cup of coffee in the morning. Yes, Junk King likes to work fast.

Junk King also likes to recycle. That’s important with something like an old AC. You can’t just dump that into a landfill and hope it won’t cause harm to the environment. Studies have proven it will. Instead, you’ll want to have those things dropped off at a certified recycling center and that is what Junk King strives to do. But it’s not just with an old AC. Junk King sorts through everything they collect to find all the things that can either be recycled or donated to a charity. Nothing has to go to waste when Junk King is hauling it away.

Don’t get stuck with an old AC and any other junk items for one more day. Give it all to Junk King Denver. You’ll be glad you did.

Where To Find Fast Removal For Cardboard And Rubbish

Have you looked closely at a cardboard box lately? In the rush to open up and get to the stuff inside, you might be overlooking whether that box has been made from recycled material. If it has, then you should see the small recycling symbol somewhere on the box. Cardboard is one of the materials like plastic or newspaper that gets recycled over and over again. Maybe the box you just got this week was actually a box you got six months ago. Recycling cardboard is easy when you get into the regular habit of putting things into the recycling bin for pickup. It is only when you’re dealing with a massive amount of cardboard boxes that there is a problem. For a quick fix to that challenge, you want to call Junk King Detroit.


It might seem like a lot of effort to bring out two movers and a big truck just to get rid of some cardboard boxes. However, there are a lot of businesses around Detroit that have regular appointments with Junk King just for cardboard box removal. They know that when they turn their cardboard over to Junk King it will end up at one of those recycling centers. That allows them to keep promoting their business as “green” but without a lot of effort. Win/win all around!

What if all your cardboard boxes are full of stuff? Perhaps it is time to start sorting through those boxes to see what’s worth keeping. You might discover that you’ve got a lot of rubbish that can be hauled away. Junk King can take care of that, too. While you’re at it, you might as well turn to Junk King to help get rid of the really big things in your home that are taking up space like old sofas, recliners and appliances. But why stop there? That same Junk King crew can go through your entire backyard and cart off all the debris and rubbish that is piled up out there. When you put Junk King Detroit to work hauling away your cardboard boxes and rubbish, you’re going to be left with a lot of empty space. That’s a good thing!

Be Proactive With Your Company’s Inventory Management

A long time ago, the mail order business was made popular by Sears. They had catalogues where customers could write down orders, send in the request with a payment and the order would be fulfilled. Later, when phones became popular, orders were taken that way. The standard return time was to allow 4 to 6 weeks delivery. Can you imagine any customer today waiting for over a month for something to be delivered? Amazon is making customers get used to instant access and in order for your company to compete, you have to get as close to that as possible. This is where strong inventory management can make a huge difference. Thankfully, technology has kept up with the demand for better inventory management. Here are some of the ways you can use technology to improve your operation:


Workflow Alerts

Every item that comes in to a warehouse or stock room should be scanned in. And when it leaves it should be scanned out. These scans can provide up to the minute accounting of all inventory but it’s not just counting that matters. You’ll also want to set up workflow alerts that trigger at certain thresholds. This is important to keep fast selling items in stock. A supply chain needs to be established so that managers can reorder when necessary and have enough time to get that item in before it is sold out.

Inventory Forecasting 

An inventory forecasting program can use sales date for suggested purchasing. This can be a big benefit especially if your business is driven by seasonal sales and promotions. These programs can be programmed to factor in the turnaround time for receiving inventory and tracking when reorders should occur. They are also flexible enough to enter in new products that are added to the inventory. Suggested purchasing can also help identify the slow selling objects that you might want to reduce the price point of.


This isn’t so much a program to download as it is a habit to get into. Your inventory storage area can only function if it has been properly cleared of clutter. That includes any item that would never be sold again because of damage. Once you’ve written off the loss it is time to get rid of those items and Junk King Detroit can be a big help with that. One call to these professional junk haulers and your storage area will be clear of all the unwanted inventory and other rubbish items. By hiring Junk King for this task, your workers can stay focused on the job at hand. Regular sessions with Junk King Detroit can improve your inventory management systems by making more room. That’s always a smart business move.

We’re Detroit Metro’s Apartment Cleanout Professionals

If you’re looking for Detroit Metro Apartment cleanout services, we have you covered with professional standards and expert teams. Junk King has been in business since 2005. Since then, we’ve been supplying echo friendly junk removal services that include recycling and quick efficient disposals.

We can look after your needs whether you’re a landlord or tenant when you’re looking to get these types of jobs done. As well as our outstanding services for folks living in apartments, we have a business department that’s great if you own the building.

Here’s just a few of the things that service covers.

You’re in business and we get that. You want to get paid on time and you want the rent to come in on a regular schedule so that you can pay the other people who make your apartment complex work. When you have items that have been left in the unit after a tenant leaves, you’re losing money.
That’s why we pride ourselves on fast, efficient and reliable timetables when it comes to Detroit Metro Apartment cleanout services. We take great pride in arriving on time every time and getting the job done right the first time.

One of the other advantages that you get when you use our services for apartment cleanout is flexibility. Our business accounts are renowned for a variety of different options that you can choose from. Everything we do is designed to make us a valuable partner for business too. Where landlords are concerned, cleaning out a space and being able to turn it around so it can be rented out again as quickly as possible is a priority.
Of course, it’s not just landlords who can benefit from our apartment cleanout services. Contractors who going to do specific kinds of work in a new building can benefit from the quick turnaround times our junk removal provides.

Because all of our staff members are fully insured, we’ve gained credibility in the industry over the years for being safe and reliable. Of course, with these kinds of attributes, our junk removal services for business can cater to a variety of different industries.
We even get calls from storage facilities in the Detroit area who favor using our cleanout services. If you’re looking to increase your bottom line, consider using us. We understand how fast and efficient Detroit Metro apartment cleanout can make a difference.

Getting Your Home Ready For Vacation

A lot of hotels like to advertise that they are your “home away from home.” That is a nice sentiment but a bit misplaced. You’re going on vacation so you can take a break from your home. Not many homes have cleaning services that come in while you’re gone and clean the place from top to bottom leaving a mint on your pillow. And try as you might, it’s hard to order up a snack in your home and have it delivered in bed. Vacations are all about the escape and that’s a good thing. Before you go on your next great escape, you’ll want to take some precautions to keep your home safe. Even if you’re just going for a long weekend, you’ll want to consider some of these safety measures:


Tell Your Closet Neighbor

Hopefully you live on a block where the neighbors look out for each other. This means you should let your closet neighbor know you’re headed out of town. Make sure they have your cell phone in case something goes awry. And if you’re having a housesitting staying over or stopping by, then be sure to introduce them to your neighbor as well so there is no confusion.

Stop Mail and Newspapers

You should put a hold on your mail and newspapers for the duration of your trip. Even if the mail slides directly into the house, it should still be stopped otherwise packages and magazines can pile up on the porch indicating that no one is home.

Put Lights on Timers

You don’t want a dark house for a week. It will help to put a few lights on timers. Just practice with them before you go so you know they’re working properly.

Get Rid of Rubbish

It will also help to get rid of your rubbish. This isn’t so much about making your home safe as it is to make it nice for your return. If you’ve put off getting rid of big things like old furniture or appliances, then you’ll appreciate coming back from your vacation and having them gone for good. Junk King Detroit can help with that. It will only take one junk removal session with Junk King Detroit to give you a junk free home. That will be nice to come back to from your vacation.