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Tag Archives: clutter

Don’t Make These Mistakes For Your Home Business

A home business can actually turn into a lucrative enterprise. Just ask anyone who has made a deal on Shark Tank. If you’re going to being a home business in 2018, then you’ll want to make sure to avoid making these mistakes:


Starting the Day Without a Plan

As the boss of your own company, you’re in charge of things. That includes how the day plays out. You no longer have a supervisor to tell you what’s next. That’s entirely up to you. It will probably help to end your day by planning out the following day. Make a list. Check it twice and then you can hit the ground running in the morning.

Letting Employees Take Over Your Home

Just because you’re working at home doesn’t mean you hire employees. This is especially true if you are making something in your garage or kitchen for sale. If you have ground rules for your family, then your employees should follow the same rules like no shoes in the house. If you want areas off limits, then make sure they know that from the start. Remember, those folks are there to work and not “hang out.”

Not Staying Organized

It is easy to let the clutter pile up as the job gets busy. You don’t want to let your organization slide. Make sure everything has a place and everything gets put in that place. Don’t fall back on a “system” of being unorganized. Stay on top of things.

Not Creating a Separate Work Space

It is vital that that your home business has a separate work space. You can’t work out of the kitchen counter. There would be too much distraction and you would constantly be moving things to accommodate for your family. Even if you set up a corner in your bedroom, you still need to establish boundaries with the rest of the family. They wouldn’t just walk in on your office at an outside job, would they? The best way to make room for your office space is to get rid of all the unused furniture, appliances or TVs that might be crowding up the space. That is where Junk King Detroit comes into play. It will only take one session with Junk King Detroit to clear out a space for your home business. Make it happen today.

Time To Toss Your Winter Clutter

Are you someone who keeps their winter clothes in storage for the summer? It’s a smart idea to maximize your storage. If you haven’t already, you’re sure to be pulling out those winter clothes. It would be long before everyone is talking about the wind chill factor and whether there is snow in the air. Pulling out the heavy coats and sweaters might also have you stumbling through a lot of other winter clutter that is taking up space. The big question now becomes is it time to toss our your winter clutter?


Let’s assume that you’re on Santa’s “nice list.” That could mean a few new winter clothing items coming into the house. Will you have room in your dressers and closets? It might be worth taking time to go through all your outfits and decide what you would wear again and what you wouldn’t. You just might find yourself freeing up a lot of storage space.

Of course, winter clutter doesn’t just have to be clothing. It can also be a lot of other items like sleds, snow boots, snow blowers and snow shovels that have seen better days. All of that winter clutter is usually kept in your garage. Is there so much rubbish out there that you can’t even park your car inside? That’s not a good option for winter.

After assessing the amount of winter clutter you have to get rid of it will be time to call in Junk King Detroit. These are the junk removal pros that can quickly clear out all that unwanted stuff in a single session. Junk King will provide you with your own moving crew who you’ll supervise for the duration of the session. You don’t have to bring anything down from upstairs or up from the basement. All the stuff you want to get rid of can stay right where it is at. The Junk King team will pick it up right from that spot and load it all onto the back of their truck.

A lot of that winter clutter might still be usable. Junk King will strive to get those items dropped off at a local charity that can put them in the hands of people in need. Perfect idea for this time of the year. If you’re ready to toss out your winter clutter, then put Junk King Detroit on the job. You’ll be glad you did.

How To Improve Your Hotel Business

In the world of business, there’s always room for improvement. That is especially true if you are running a hotel or bed-and-breakfast inn. You’ll learn a lot from your customers and their opinions, which you should be hearing on a regular basis. Before they have a chance to voice their opinion, there are some proactive measures you can take to boost your business. Here’s how you can improve your hotel:


Invest In Good HVAC

With hotels, one temperature definitely does not fit all. The guests that are happy in a room with the AC cranking in the middle of winter are different from the ones that want it as hot as a sauna in the summer. You’ll find that up to 50% of your operational budget goes to air conditioning and heat. An inefficient system is going to waste a lot of that money. This is a serious investment that could yield significant returns once it is operational. Won’t it be great not to have complaints about the AC or the heat?

Build Your Brandhotel

As with every other type of service business, your hotel is not going to be the only “game” in town. That’s why you have to find ways to differentiate yourself from your competition. It might be offering a better price or free HBO or a late check out. You’ll have to stay on top of what your competitors are doing and make adjustments accordingly.

Keep Your Staff Happy

You’re not going to be able to have personal interaction with every guest that checks into your hotel. That is why you need to depend upon a staff that is centered on creating a positive customer experience. Although a guest’s request can sometimes be unreasonable, your hotel staff should never respond in kind. When they go out of their way to make a guest happy, then you should acknowledge their efforts. Listen to their concerns and respond to them. Always make them feel like they’re part of the team.

Remove All the Clutter

Every room in your hotel is valuable. It is a source of revenue. It would be a waste to use one of your rooms as a storage locker for old mattresses or furniture. Instead of hanging onto that kind of rubbish, why not give it all to Junk King Detroit today? Junk King Detroit of the professional junk haulers who can easily load up all the things you want to get rid of in a single session. The team they’ll assign to your task will do all the work for you. That is going to be a huge stress relief. One call to Junk King Detroit make sure your hotel stays clear of rubbish and junk.

Smart Ways To Improve Your Business

The minute that you first opened your business was the same minute you should have started to look for ways to improve your business. That’s not to say you aren’t doing a good job but the only way to stay competitive is to constantly bring in new customers and look for ways to expand. The following are some smart ways to improve your business:


Talk With Your Customer Base

You’ve already built a relationship with your current clients. They trust you and you should put your trust into them. Keep the lines of communication open with them and find out exactly what you’re doing right and what areas you can work on to improve. You may also want to incentivize their business by offering discounts for referrals.

Bundle Your Services or Products

The best way for a restaurant to make money is to up sell things like wine, drinks and dessert. You could do the same thing in your business no matter what you’re selling or offering. Bundling together your products is a good way to offer savings to your customers. You just have to be flexible and not try and force a service on to a client that they don’t want.

Have A Limited Sale

Everyone knows that around the holidays the majority of businesses offer a special discounts. The idea is that more people are paying attention when they have a day off. Although that might be true, there’s no reason why you can’t have a limited sale or special promotion in between those holidays. This is a good way to attract new customers. It helps to have specific start and end dates for a sale. Of course, you need to let your customers know about your limited sale through texts, email blasts and other social media postings.

Put Social Media To Work

Speaking of social media, you should be putting that to work almost every day. It’s not just about sending out tweets or posts but also about bringing in new customers. That happens when you expand your circle by “liking” other related businesses and pages. That way those viewers can be introduced to your business.

Keep Things Clean

The number one complaint that many customers have about a business is its lack of cleanliness. This is something that is so easy to rectify. Your employees should always be cleaning if they’re not serving customers. Sometimes that cleaning requires bringing in additional help to remove bigger items like outdated promotional materials, display cases or packing materials. When you need to get rid of the big stuff, you want to bring in the big help from Junk King Detroit. One session with Junk King Detroit will have your business clean from top to bottom.

Get Your Home Ready For Painting With Help From Junk King Detroit

Will painting be on your home improvement agenda this summer? This is actually a perfect DIY job that can add value to your home without costing you a lot. Once you agree to the paint color, everything is downhill from there! It’s all about the prep. Most of that prep involves putting down paint tape but before that can start you need to clear out the space that you’re painting. The ideal situation is to have a room empty of all furniture. But that’s not always practical. It could help to at least remove all the unwanted furniture that you’re not going to ever use again. This is usually the case in a room that is being used for storage and is now being converted into something else. It’s like moving with junk. Why bring rubbish to a new home? If you want to finally remove the unwanted furniture and clutter from your house that one call to Junk King Detroit can make it happen.


All the crews that work for Junk King Detroit have been licensed and insured. This makes them totally trustworthy and professional. They will take great care maneuvering your heavy items out of the front door. They don’t want to see a scratched floor any more than you do. Even if you are painting the walls, the Junk King Detroit team still isn’t going to bang into them with your stuff. You can count on them to remove any heavy object. If it becomes too bulky to get downstairs, then they’ll taken apart piece by piece. Junk King Detroit is a great with solving problems like that.

Everything you turn over the Junk King Detroit could end up in someone else’s house. Junk King Detroit doesn’t make deliveries but instead drop-offs to charities. Those charities will often reupholster a repair a damaged piece of furniture and make sure he gets to those in need. You don’t have to decide if something is worthy of repair. Leave that for Junk King to make that call.

In addition to clearing all the clutter from the inside of your home, Junk King Detroit can do some terrific yard cleanup as well. Before you start painting, get your clutter cleared with help from Junk King Detroit.

Toss Out All The Clutter From Your Business With Help From Junk King Detroit

Every time you run a promotion at your business, you have probably generated all kinds of promotional materials. This could be flyers, postcards, placards and banners. Once that promotion is over those items really aren’t that useful. If you’ve made changes in your business decor, then you could have piles of lamps, tables, chairs, sofas and desks taking up valuable space in a storeroom. Now you have to ask yourself, are any of these things ever going to be used again or are they all junk? If the answer is “junk,” that is time to call in the junk removal experts. That would be junk King Detroit.


Junk King Detroit operates with a very simple business philosophy: they do all the work. It doesn’t matter if all the stuff you want to get rid of is exceptionally heavy or needs to be taken apart. The two-man crew assigned to your task by Junk King Detroit will handle that load up with a positive attitude. This friendly crew is also licensed and insured. That makes them totally trustworthy around your business.

Scheduling is always a factor when you bringing workers in from the outside. Junk King Detroit can be very accommodating. If it works better for the crew to show up before your business opens or just when it closes, then Junk King Detroit can make that happen. They know it’s important not to disrupt your business.

Although having a crew move out all your unwanted clutter is going to be a huge benefit, there’s the other side of Junk King Detroit that is equally beneficial. That’s what happens after Junk King has loaded up the truck and drives off. This is the company is dedicated to responsible disposal. As a major junk hauler for Detroit it falls to Junk King to be as eco-friendly as possible. Nowhere the country is protecting the environment more important than here in Detroit. That’s why Junk King Detroit keeps as much stuff of what they collect out of local landfills as possible. They would rather go the extra mile to recycle or donate an item and see it decompose in a dump. When you put it all together, it makes perfect business sense to hire Junk King Detroit to get rid of all your rubbish.

Call On Junk King Detroit To Remove All Your Holiday Clutter

There are some people that are so into Christmas they keep a room decorated with ornaments and lights in their home all year long. You may even stumble upon a Christmas store that sells all things holiday related throughout the year. In a way, it’s nice to keep the Christmas spirit going even in July! Did you procrastinate with taking down your decorations? There is nothing wrong with that. We all fall into that trap occasionally. A good way to get motivated with clearing out your holiday clutter would be to set up a session with Junk King Detroit. You don’t need to give them your lights and ornaments but you could certainly turn over all the other holiday clutter that has accumulated since Christmas.


One of the biggest clutter culprits from Christmas could be old toys. With every new toy, an old toy is often abandoned. Kids simply outgrow their playthings as much as they outgrow their shoes. There may be one or two of these toys that you want to hold onto for sentimental reasons. But there is no reason to take up space with toys that are never to be played with again. That doesn’t mean you have to trash them. When you turn them over to Junk King Detroit you can rest assure that those stories will probably find their way into a reputable charities hand.

Junk King Detroit makes it their mission to keep as much stuff out of landfills as possible. Why should something be left to rot when it can be repurposed? That’s how Junk King approaches every piece they load onto the truck. The crews know what to look for and it’s not just toys but books, clothing, furniture and other household goods. There are all kinds of great organizations that can put that stuff into the hands of families in need. It’s much better than having it sit in your closet!

Junk King Detroit can also help you get rid of bigger things like a sofa, recliner, desk or dining room table. Those items will also be dropped off at a charity so that they can be repurposed. Think of this as the cycle of junk! Take care of getting rid of last year’s clutter once and for all with a call to Junk King Detroit.

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