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Junk King Helps Make Your Rental Property Market Ready

There are many prospective renters who are very decisive. They can walk through a rental property and know right away that it is the ideal living environment for them. The savvy renters will always come with a check ready to provide a deposit. They will also have all the pertinent information they need for filling out the rental application. Great apartments and rental properties don’t stay on the market long. That’s why it is important to make that property market-ready as quickly as possible. Depending on the situation, that might mean new paint and carpets are required. Before that can happen, whatever rubbish that his been left behind has to be cleared away. That is a perfect job for Junk King Detroit.

One Call

If a renter tells you they are going to leave the keys behind in the apartment, then they might also be leaving something else behind. Unless you have an actual walk-through with that renter, there’s no telling what they could leave in place. Even a few old chairs that seem easy to move are going to be an inconvenience for you. You don’t have time in your day to haul those items down flights of stairs and find a way to dispose of them. You certainly don’t want to put a bunch of junk out on the curb; that’s not going to be very attractive to prospective tenants.

The minute you gain access to the rental property and see rubbish left behind is when you want to call Junk King. It may be that Junk King has a same-day appointment available to pick up all of that rubbish. It really depends upon how much space they have on the truck and what you’re getting rid of. The best-case scenario would be to have Junk King scheduled for the following day. They could make an appointment for first thing in the morning and get everything cleared out so you can bring in other contractors to get the place ready.

Junk King Detroit can help make your rental property ready for market again. Let us do the work of clearing out the rubbish today.

Junk King Detroit Helps Keep Your Renovation Site Clean

When you take on a renovation project it is almost like your home will be “invaded.”  The good news is that these will be friendly “invaders” in the form of a work crew that has the task of remodeling your kitchen, bathroom or entire home. This crew will probably be around at a minimum for a few days and at the maximum for a few weeks. You will probably get to know them very well and have an opportunity to even pitch in and help with the project if you want to “get your hands dirty.”

One of the most important aspects of the workday is to make sure that the renovation site is kept clean. Most contractors know that the crews should stop work half an hour before the end of the day to devote that time to cleaning up the site. That way they’ll be able to come back in the morning ready to dive back into the project. A smart approach for this type of cleanup would be to hire Junk King Detroit as the independent contractor in charge of keeping your renovation site clean. That’s a smart move that will make everyone more productive.

The Dumpster Option

Junk King Detroit has a dumpster option that you can activate for your renovation project. This would mean having an empty dumpster dropped off at your property for the duration of the remodeling. It will be very easy for the work crew to fill up that dumpster throughout the day. If the dumpster reaches capacity, then junk King can swap it out for an empty bin. This is a smart approach for keeping ahead of any debris that is generated throughout the project. It also means that you can use that dumpster to get rid of any other unwanted clutter that might be piled up in your garage, closets or basement.

The cost for Junk King’s dumpster rentals is the same for the junk hauling. It’s a flat fee based on volume and not the weight. That will certainly make a big difference when you’re getting rid of heavy demolition debris.

To keep your renovation site clean Junk King Detroit is the company to hire. They are standing by to help today.

Junk King Provides The Right Help For Your Estate Cleanup

Should you sell the home or keep it in the family? That is the big questioned face by anyone who has been named executor of an estate that involves property. Unless there is a need in the family to keep that house, the vast majorities of estates sell off the home and split the proceeds among the family. Before that can happen an estate cleanup needs to occur and that has three phases. The first phase is for you to remove all the items from the property that you want to keep in the family. There will no doubt be plenty of mementos and objects that are meant to stay within a family. The second phase could have you selling off other property that the family has no use for. Finally, there is the estate cleanup that is the last phase. This is where everything that is leftover is cleared out. For that phase, the smart move is to hire Junk King Detroit.

Big Help

Junk King will provide the kind of big help that will make an estate cleanup possible. That help will be coming from the team of movers who will be assigned to the task. The standard is two movers but often Junk King will dispatch a third or fourth mover on the really big job. This insures that the cleanout can happen in a single session. You don’t have to do any prep work for Junk King. If the order is to, “take out everything,” then that is just what they will do regardless of where those items might be situated. The Junk King squad will climb stairs up to the attic and down to the basement.

Yard Work, Too

In addition to the big help provided by Junk King with clearing out the inside of the house, they can do yard work, too. There might be a lot of accumulate debris out in the yard that needs to be removed before landscapers can come in and boost the curb appeal. Again, all you’ll be doing is pointing to the things that you want removed and Junk King will do the rest.

To find the right help needed for your estate cleanup, you only need to call Junk King Detroit. The crews are standing by to help today.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed With Rubbish

It is easy to put things off around the house. Unless it is an emergency like a leaky pipe or faulty water heater, most minor repairs can wait until you have free time. When it comes to getting rid of bulky items like old furniture then time usually isn’t a factor. The real problem is not having the extra manpower to lift and carry out something like a sofa or a mattress. This also the need for a big truck to hold things like that. This is why your home can often become overwhelmed with rubbish simply because you don’t have the right help required to get rid of it. That all changed when Junk King Detroit set up operation in the city. Now, it only takes one phone call for you to get rid of all that rubbish once and for all. Are you ready to make that call today?

Where the Junk Is

Junk King is going to send over a team of license and in short movers to take care of your rubbish task. You will be this team’s direct supervisor for the duration of the appointment. That supervising literally comes down to point you to all the things you want to get rid of. The Junk King squad will go wherever the junk is in your home. That includes climbing up into the attic or going down into the basement. How long has the furniture item that you want to get rid of been “stuck” in one of those areas? Now it can finally be cleared out in no time at all.

Finding New Uses

Part of Junk King’s complete junk hauling service is to find new uses for some of the things that you are getting rid of. That can come from either recycling or donating. You don’t have to separate your items into our recyclable pile. The Junk King crew will do the sorting for you. They might also pull out things that you wouldn’t expect could be recycled. This is one of the many benefits of hiring Junk King to get rid of all of your unwanted rubbish.

The best way to make sure that you are never overwhelmed by rubbish is to set up regular junk removal sessions with Junk King Detroit. Book that first one today.

Kids Need A Safe Backyard. Junk King Can Help With That Goal

Do you have fond memories of your summers off from school? There are always plenty of “adventures” for kids to have even if they are just staying in their backyard. Summer is the perfect time to pitch a tent in the backyard and camp out overnight. You can also get an above ground swimming pool installed which is sure to make your home the most popular on the block! This can definitely be a fun summer of water balloon battles, arts and crafts, backyard grilling and nights of catching fireflies.

In order to have all that fun happen in a safe environment you might want to bring in the team from Junk King Detroit. This is the professional junk hauling crew that can sweep through your entire backyard and remove all those potentially hazardous items. Safety is always a priority with Junk King.

Rust and Grime

The longer something stays out in your backyard the more likely it will become grimy or rusty. That is certainly true for any pile of left-over construction debris from a renovation project. It is also true for scattered auto parts and spare tires. Those are definitely not the kinds of things you want your kids playing around. You might also have some patio furniture that has seen better days. If they are starting to splinter or rusting, then they need to be hauled away as well. All of that can be easily handled by the crew from Junk King. These are expert junk haulers who have a lot of experience removing all kinds of backyard rubbish regardless of the rust or grime. You shouldn’t hesitate to ask Junk King to remove anything even if it’s something that you could never lift. This is exactly what you’re hiring for!

Set the Price

Before the Junk King crew starts to load anything from your backyard, they first need to set the price with the. That price will be based upon how they intend to pack up the truck. You might think that you are getting rid of a lot of things but actually all that stuff can be packed tightly into just a portion of the truck. That will mean that you will only be paying the low end of the price scale. Junk King is noted for its fair and affordable pricing policies.

A safe backyard begins with rubbish clearing provided by Junk King Detroit. Set up your session today and get the summer fun started right!

Call On Junk King Detroit To Help Bring Down Your Fence

Most homeowners know when their home was built. That doesn’t mean everything around the property is the same age. You might have replaced the original roof already. The same could be said for a porch or a backyard deck. If a home was built several decades ago, then it is likely that it has also had several different types of fences. If you have reached the point where your latest fence requires replacement, then you want to start with getting that old fence torn down and hauled away. That is something that Junk King Detroit can be a big help with.

Dependable Work Crew

Junk King is can provide a dependable work crew for this task. This is the team that already has taken down dozens of fences throughout homes all across Detroit. It doesn’t matter to them what the fence was made of the only matters to them that they find a fast and safe way to get those materials loaded onto the back of the truck. This can sometimes be a very cumbersome task but it is one that the Junk King crew does with great efficiency.

How It Gets Packed

The price for your fence removal service that is offered by Junk King will depend upon how all that stuff will be packed on the truck. Again, this is where the experience of the junk King crew comes into play. They are able to size up any amount of debris and materials to determine exactly how it will fit onto the truck. They’ll know if it takes one third, one half whole truck. Once they’ve figure that out, they’ll be able to provide you with a written estimate which will consist of a flat fee that covers all the labor. That means you will never be charge with any overtime or by the pound.

When you’re ready to put this plan into action, you can set up your appointment with Junk King online or over the phone. Getting rid of your old fence is the perfect job to turn over to Junk King Detroit.

Junk King Detroit Earns More Rave Reviews

“I just used Junk King to take away a bunch of heavy contractor trash bags from a big yard clean-up project as well as a few other items. Ben & Wil were on time, courteous and took it all away quickly for a reasonable price. Definitely recommend and will use them again if needed.” – David S.

That is one of the many rave reviews posted by Junk King Detroit customers. This is the best way to judge how any company operates. For professional junk hauling, it is clear Junk King Detroit is taking care of business.

“Had these guys out today to get rid of a ton of junk to prepare for a move. They did a great job! They worked hard from the time they got there and the process was simple. I reserved my slot online, they called about 20 min before they arrived and all I had to do was walk them around the house and show them what was junk. I would def recommend them and use them again. All together it took about 4 hours (had tons of stuff). But all in all it was cool. I think the price was good but I don’t have anything else to compare it to.” – Britt M.

Most Junk King jobs can be completed is less than 30 minutes. Others involve more clearing. Whether it takes a little time or a lot, Junk King will still charge a flat rate that covers all the labor. That rate will always be determined by how much space your junk will fill up on the truck. The crews have plenty of experience with loading their truck and that means they can size up any amount of stuff and provide a decent and fair estimate.

“The two men were polite, professional, got right to task and were in and out in no time.” – Trish A.

Junk King appreciates that most of their sessions happen during your day off. That is why they want to move fast in order for you to get back to your day as soon as possible. When you need to get rubbish and junk cleared from your property, you need to put Junk King Detroit to work. They’re standing by to make your junk disappear.

Begin Your Staycation By Clearing The Rubbish From Your Home

When you go on vacation do you put your work on notice that you won’t be accepting any calls? That is what a true vacation should be all about. The good news is that you can apply that same rule to a staycation. Just because you decided to stay home and enjoy all the things that Detroit has to offer in the summertime doesn’t mean you have to keep checking in with work. A staycation is also a chance to try all the things you been wanting to explore around the city including all those great restaurants you’ve been hearing a lot about. It might help to start your staycation by clearing all the rubbish from your home. After all, you want to have a comfortable environment for your time off from work. To help with that rubbish clearing sure you can bring in the pros from Junk King Detroit to get it done.

Anything Goes’s

When you hire Junk King to clear the rubbish from your home literally anything can go. Start with all the unwanted items you have around your house. How many pieces of furniture would you like to get cleared out? How many boxes of rubbish could you empty from your closet and garage? How many outdated computers, gaming consoles and televisions can you get rid of? All of that stuff can be given to Junk King for quick disposal in a single session.

Out in the backyard, the team from Junk King can continue their clearing work just by removing things like a playground set or a broken lawnmower. If you are spending some of your staycation to rebuild a backyard deck or patio, then the crew from junk King can absolutely help with the removal of all that construction waste. Size and weight never have to be an issue when you got Junk King on the removal chore.

Truck Packing

The Junk King truck is big enough to hold close to an entire home’s worth of furnishings. You might not be getting rid of that much stuff but it will still be packed up tightly. The goal for the Junk King crew is to get as much stuff into as little space as possible. That gives them room to make other appointments in the day. It also allows you to pay a lower price scale. You would know that fee is before the work begins so they won’t be any surprises. It’s a very fair and affordable approach for this type of service.

Start your staycation off right by getting your home clear of rubbish. Bring in Junk King Detroit today to get that done.

Add To The Home’s Value By Clearing Out Rubbish

Do you know what your home is worth? You may have a general idea based on the original asking price and what other homes are selling in your neighborhood. But to get a real value will require a new appraisal. You can schedule an appraisal whether you are putting your home on the market or not. It’s a good idea for refinancing your mortgage or adjusting your homeowner’s insurance. Before the appraiser shows up there are some things you should do that can help boost the home’s value. At the top of the list should be clearing out all the rubbish. That is easily handled with one call to Junk King Detroit.

The Work Crew

Junk King is going to send over a two-man work through that will be taking care of all the rubbish removal from start to finish. If all you are focused on is getting rid of some big objects like an old washing machine, sofa or bedroom set, then it will be easy to set up your appointment. However, you might want to take full advantage of having the crew in the truck by dedicating some extra time sorting through all the storage areas in your home. When was the last time you pulled everything out of your closets to see what can be kept? Have you gone through all the boxes in the garage or up in the attic? You might actually discover there are a lot of things you can live without.

The Cost

Junk King not only does all the work for you rubbish but they also want to make it affordable. That is why they charge a flat rate that is based on how your items will be packed up on the truck. The more tightly the crew packs up everything, the less you’ll be paying. That is their goal with every job. You know what the estimate is for the work begins and there won’t be any surprise charges at the end of the job.

The more rubbish you get removed from your property, the better your home will look and that will go a long way towards increasing the home’s value. Let Junk King Detroit help with that goal.

Get Your Shed Cleaned Out With Help From Junk King

Once you’ve established a storage area in your home, it is easy to continually piles up things in that spot. It begins in the garage. A few well place shelves are the perfect place for boxes and bins. There are also all of the closets and attic, which become great storage spots for furniture and clothing. You storage needs can also extend to the backyard with a small shed. You might not put your holiday decorations or winter sweaters out there but it can become a great spot for all kinds of power tools, car parts and gardening supplies. Over the years, that shed can become overrun with junk as the other storage areas will. Is it time to get the shed cleaned out? Then it is time to hire Junk King Detroit.

Bring Everything Out

You should take the same approach to cleaning out your backyard shed as you would with your closets. That means everything has to come out. As you remove things, you’ll know right away which items belong in the “haul away” pile. If something is rusted or beyond repair, then there is no reason to hold onto it. Once everything is removed, you can sweep out the shed and organized it better as you put back the stuff that you’re keeping. The other items can stay right on the lawn until the Junk King crew comes by for the pickup.

Shed Takedown

You might also reach the conclusion that not only should everything in the shed be hauled away but also the entire shed itself. That is a task you can turn over to Junk King. They’ve taken down plenty of backyard sheds whether they’re pre-fabricated plastic, wood or metal. It might take a little extra time for the takedown but you won’t be paying extra for the work. It is all included in the flat fee offered by Junk King.

Easy Scheduling

Most of Junk King’s appointments are completed on a twenty-four hour turnaround. If it works better for you to have Junk King show up on the weekend, then they can make that happen, too. You can lock down the first appointment for Saturday morning and still have plenty of your weekend left over.

A shed cleanout isn’t a big challenge when you work with Junk King Detroit to get it done.

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