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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Pasadena Texas Mattress Disposal

There have been millions of dollars spent on studies to figure out why some folks can’t get a good night sleep. What is ironic is that the very nature of those studies could be preventing people from falling to sleep. Could you nod off if you were in a laboratory and wired with electrodes? Still the studies have yielded some results which have brought us closer to understanding what happens when we sleep and why it is so important for our bodies.

If you’re having trouble sleeping you might want to try sleeping more as in napping during that day. That might seem like an unconventional approach but napping during the day has shown to improve your chances for dropping off at night. There are some guidelines to follow. You should only take a 20 minute “power nap.” This is all the time you need to feel refreshed and alert for the rest of the day. If you can squeeze in those 20 minutes, try to do it at the same time every day. This will be help your body “reset” its own sleeping clock. The best time to grab one of these naps is early in the afternoon.

In the morning, the first thing you want to do when you wake up is get under some sunlight. That might not always be practical but even throwing up the blinds and letting the sunshine in will help tell your body it’s time to get up. Conversely, when its dark in your room, your body should know its “time for sleep.” Often when we try to drift off to slumber land we’re kept awake with worries. Here is where you can retrain your thinking. Try spending 15 minutes going over all the things that are stressing you out earlier in the night. Then flip that mental switch before you get into bed.

Some folks think that taking a hot bath before bedtime is the perfect way to relax your body. Actually, they would be wrong. Your body needs to cool down in order to fall asleep. Not only should you be keeping your bedroom cool but your body temperature as well. If you do prefer to bath at night, do so at least two hours before bedtime.

Even by following those simple tips, you still might have trouble drifting off especially if your mattress isn’t providing you with proper support and comfort. If you’re ready to plunk down some cash for a new mattress, you definitely want to go for a higher end product. This is one area where you shouldn’t be scrimping. After all, your mattress is going to last you for the next five years. What is a good night’s sleep worth to you?

When you’re ready to make the switch, make sure to schedule an appointment with Junk King East Houston for a little “out with the old and in with the new” routine. They won’t have a problem pulling out your old mattress and loading it up on their truck. The same can be said for any other bulky item you want to toss out. Junk King East Houston can help clear the way for a good night’s rest.

Pasadena Texas Hot Tub Disposal

What did you “inherit” when you moved into your current home? Sometimes it’s a color of paint on the wall that makes your eyes go blurry. It could also be some wallpaper that would feel more at home at the Bates Motel. There could also have been all manner of carpets, drapes and other accents which might not have been your taste. Those are all cosmetic things that can easily be fixed. What you don’t have a lot of control over are the structures that are left behind by a previous owner like an 80s era hot tub sitting in the backyard. If that tub has seen better days or you want to make room to expand your patio then your only choice is to get rid of that monstrosity. Clearly, you’re going to need help and the perfect help for this type of job can be found with the Junk King East Houston.

Unless you were around when the hot tub was installed you might not appreciate how much effort it took to put that structure together. All the pieces had to be delivered in a truck. This isn’t something you could load on the back of your SUV. Those pieces then had to be assembled in the right spot then hooked up to a water and electric source. That’s a lot of work and just as much work to disassemble that thing and haul it away. A Junk King East Houston crew knows all about these types of projects. They’ll have no problem taking apart your hot tub and loading it up on your truck. All you have to do is stand by and watch.

If you decide to bring in a new hot tub you’ll be getting a lot of benefits. Aside from the overall relaxation that will occur every time you slip into the warm waters, you’ll also be improving your circulation with can help with blood pressure, arthritis and diabetes. That’s a lot of good things from one tub!

When you hire Junk King East Houston for a hot tub removal project, they aren’t limited to just that. After they got the tub squared away on their truck there will be plenty of room for the rest of your junk. Now you can finally get rid of those kitchen appliances you’re not longer using, the furniture you’re keeping in the garage and all the yard waste that has built up in the last couple of months. Basically, you have an empty truck to fill up. What you fill it up with is entirely up to you! Call Junk King today and find out how that can clean out your home and yard.

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