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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Alternatives to East Houston Dumpster Rentals

dumpster rental alternative HoustonThere is good news for a puppy abandoned in a dumpster outside a U-Haul franchise in Houston. After being trapped in the dumpster for several hours, the pup was rescued, cleaned up and adopted. Obviously, he’s in a much better place. As for the suspects, they were all caught on security cameras and thanks to the local news spreading the story it won’t be long before they are brought to justice. This is an extreme case of what can go wrong with a dumpster rental on your property. Unless you put a lock on the dumpster or have it secure behind a fence there is no telling what someone could dump in there. Do you want to be responsible for somebody else’s throwaway items? That is why you need to hire Junk King East Houston to get rid of all your extra trash.

There are plenty of reasons why you think it might be a good idea to rent a dumpster. You might have an ongoing remodeling project at your home which is generating a lot of construction waste. You might be looking to clean out your garage or basement of all the junk you’ve been holding onto for years. Obviously, all of that stuff would fit nicely into a dumpster. But then you have the bad trade off to consider. Namely, a dumpster is really a magnet for everyone’s trash. Your neighbor wouldn’t think twice of adding to the dumpster. After all, it’s just trash? Before you know it, the container you’re paying for is full up before you can dump any of your trash!

On the other hand, if you hire Junk King you’re guaranteed that just your junk will be loaded onto the back of their truck. That holds true for all that same construction waste or unwanted stuff you want to toss out. Best of all, when Junk King does the job all that trash is gone for good. You won’t be stuck for the weekend with a dumpster load of trash that attracts all kinds of undesirable elements.

Often you’ll be able to schedule Junk King for a same day appointment. This means sorting out what you want thrown away in the morning and having it picked up by lunchtime. Keep in mind that with the Junk King E. Houston crew on board you won’t have to do any of the lifting. Flipping a heavy object like an old toilet into a dumpster can cause serious injury. Let the expert junk haulers handle the hard work. Forget the dumpster and go for the Junk King.

East Houston Junk Removal Prices

A recent article in the Houston Chronicle detailed the plight of Kagoshima, a town in Southern Japan, that sits in the shadow of the Sakurajima volcano. Recently, that volcano rumbled awake and spewed plumes of ash all over the city. By some accounts the ash cloud was three miles high. Residents were left with the tough chore of washing ash off their homes, sidewalks and street of all that ash. That wasn’t an easy cleanup job. Fortunately, we don’t have any volcanoes threatening us here in Houston but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our own cleanup projects. Sometimes those cleanup jobs go beyond the weekly wiping and moping. When you’ve got some serious junk to remove from your home it’s time to bring in the big guns at Junk King East houston. These are the junk removal experts who will have your clutter gone in a blink of the eye.

When is the right time to get rid of junk? If you’re stubbed your toe more than once on a piece of furniture that is taking up space then it might time to call Junk King. If you want to reclaim a spare room from all that unwanted stuff you’re keeping in there then it might be time to call Junk King. If you’re afraid to go into your garage because of all the debris that falls out every time you open the door then it might be time to call Junk King. In other words, when all your junk hasn’t gotten out of hand, you know who to call.

When Junk King comes out to your place they’ll be showing up in a truck big enough to haul away whatever you’re throwing out. Don’t worry about dragging any of that stuff out to the curb. This isn’t the city working for you! The Junk King East Houston crew is happy to go wherever you’re keeping your junk stashed. It doesn’t matter how many stairs they have to climb, they’ll get to that junk sure enough.

In terms of pricing, Junk King simply can’t be beat. They’re going to charge you a fee based on the amount of space your junk will take up on their truck. That’s a single fee that covers all labor, driving and dumping costs. If you added up what it would cost to do all the work yourself of hiring a crew, renting a truck and giving up your work hours you’ll see how affordable Junk King really is. If it turns out that your stuff fills up more space on the truck then what was estimated you’re not going to pay any extra. Can you beat that deal? Not a chance and that’s why you need to call Junk King to get rid of your junk today!

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