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East Houston Junk Hauling

Could bottle recycling be coming to East Houston? If a group of local businessman and fellow concerned citizens have their way then yes! The goal of the newly proposed bottle bill is to "create jobs, save taxpayers money and clean up Texas’ bayous." That's what Houston businessman Mike Garver hopes and why he is promoting the Texas Bottle Bill for proposal during the 83rd legislative session. “It does not cost the taxpayers anything,” Garver recently told a local newspaper. “It does cost you extra, but if you save those bottles and take them to a redemption center, you’ll get your money back.” If the bill passes there would be a 5-cent surcharge added to any plastic, glass or aluminum containers. The stores selling those items would pay the nickel deposit for each container they buy from distributors. They would then charge that nickel back to the customers. But those same customers can turn around and redeem the bottle at redemption centers that would be set up at stores all around the area. “These will be mom and pop businesses. A single operator can set up in parking lots, taking up maybe four or five spaces at a retail store. Redemption centers will buy the bottles back, primarily by the pound,” said Garver. Where the money could come back to the state is through the revenue generated by the bottles that aren't redeemed. That could mean an extra $200 in the public coffers each year. This is a cleanup project that many folks are eager to support. Best of all it takes very little effort. The same could be said for your own home cleanup project especially if you hire Junk King East Houston. There is very little effort when a Junk King crew shows up at your home for the removal appointment. By then you would have decided on what oversized items you want tossed out. That crew will then heft up those objects onto the back of their truck. What work have you done? Just a lot of pointing to stuff. What could be easier than that? You'll also be saving time. When Junk King East Houston is on the assignment you won't be wasting your valuable weekend renting a truck or driving across Houston to find a reliable dumpsite. As long as it takes for the Junk King crew to load up their truck is as long as the job takes. Once the job is complete you'll be able to put all that space back to use. How much space depends on how much you want to throw out. With Junk King there is no limit to the amount of junk you can get rid of!
East Houston Junk Hauling


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