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What's In Your East Houston Garage?

Are you prepared to take an inventory of your garage? If this area has become the home's official storage unit, then the last thing you might find in there is your car. Instead, they could be plenty of car parts and a tire or two. There could also be a workbench that is so overrun with clutter that you can't get any work done there. So far, you've got a garage without a car and workbench without work! garage-301010-m Along the walls, you could have placed shelves to hold boxes. There could be a few boxes labeled "Halloween" or "Christmas." Obviously, you want to hold onto those but what about the rest of the boxes. Sometimes things go into storage like winter clothes that stay so long in storage they go out of style. The might be boxes left over from your last move. Maybe there are gifts that you never intend on using or re-gifting. Bottom line, those shelves could be full of useless junk. If all of this sounds like your garage, then the next call you make should be to Junk King. Before the Junk King crew shows up, you might want to take that inventory and set aside all the things you know you want to hold onto. As for everything else, just tell the Junk King crew to take it all away. They'll back up their truck and all that junk is as good as gone. Once that stuff has been removed you can rethink that space. Sure, you can start parking your car in there once again but maybe this is where you'll set up a home gym or arts and craft corner. With a little extra work, you could even turn this space into a spare bedroom or home office. All it takes is a little drywall, some carpeting and sealing up the garage door. Easy work for a DIY project! Along with your garage cleanup, Junk King can go anywhere else in your home to remove your clutter. That also includes your front and backyard. If you plan on putting up some of those holiday decorations, then you want to make sure all the eyesores have been removed first. Junk King can help get your garage and home cleaned from top to bottom. Call today to set up your junk removal appointment.
What's In Your East Houston Garage?


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