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3 Summer Cleaning Tips from the Experts

Tired of looking at scores of junk you’ve accumulated over time? Got lots of unwanted stuff to declutter or items you need to throw out? Junk King East Houston removal services can get you decluttered and summer-ready! 


Junk King East Houston


Let us bring you the magic of summertime by clearing out your nonessential items. Point us in the right direction, and we will make your junk disappear.

While summer cleaning and eco-friendly junk removal is an excellent way to tidy up your space, it can also be rewarding to the environment. But you have to do it right. Not sure how full-service junk removal can help you get your home ready for summer? Read on to find out how we can bring the breeze into your summer junk removal plans!


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1. Start Small & Clear the Surfaces


It’s more manageable when you single out areas of interest rather than start with expansive or overwhelming spaces. For instance, instead of decluttering entire rooms at once, isolate dated and bulky items in these spaces such as discarded fridges, washing machines, furniture, and cookers. Then, call in junk removal experts to help you take away these items.

It’s wise to clear your drawers of clutter and dust them down before organizing the spaces. Clutter on tables, floors, drawers/shelves, or other surfaces can build up before you know it. It’s when you clear these surfaces of junk that you truly realize the amount of space you have in your home. Also, tossing discarded items away is a great way to get your space back.


2. Find a Spot for Each Item


Avoid the frustration of having completed a deep clean of your space, only for the clutter to creep back in soon afterward. So, how do you ensure your home stays clean and immaculately organized for an extended period? First, make sure everything you own has a designated “spot” where the item belongs. 

Apart from shelves and drawers, bins are other organizing storage units that are key to you keeping everything organized. Next, be sure to organize items logically by reflecting on the frequency you use each item.

3. Adhere to a Schedule


Perhaps it’d be best to clean your bedroom today, work on your living room the next day, and spend the remaining part of your week on other areas like your kitchen, garage, or storage room.

Based on what works best for you, it’s always reasonable to plot out exactly which specific rooms you intend to start with inside your home. This strategy makes it possible to plan what you need to accomplish and when you expect to finish your summer cleaning.

Remember, when in doubt, toss it out. Eliminating items you don’t need is an intelligent strategy during your summer cleaning project. Have you used an item recently? Do you have plans to use it shortly? It might be best to move it along.

Discarding items doesn’t always mean throwing them out into the trash. Organize your unwanted items. Whereas you might need to throw out some things, others can be donated. Reaching out to our full-service junk removal experts can help with item donations. Besides, our team can provide you with the means to give your items a new lease of life by recycling salvageable items.

Let the summer cleaning begin—Call in Reinforcements

Are you prepped to go full-scale with your summer cleaning? Junk King can be your perfect junk removal teammate. Our no-contact junk removal team specializes in removing all kinds of junk, including electronics, refrigerators, hot tubs, old mattresses, and more. Let us help you get your space back and keep your home in order. Pick a date, and we will be there to help you clear up the mess.

Make your summer cleaning a breeze. For all your full-service junk removal and free on-site estimates in East Houston and many of the surrounding counties, call Junk King at (407) 542-2497 today!

Bigger Trucks

The Junk Removal Glossary: Free On Site Estimate in East Houston

Free On Site Estimatenoun – an approximate calculation of the junk removal fee delivered after an in person assessment for no additional charge.

A lot can happen between the time you call for your Junk King junk removal appointment and when the crew shows up. Usually, what will happen is that you’ll decide you’ve got a lot more to get rid of. Most folks call Junk King to get rid of a few bulky items. Then the more they think about it, the more they realize Junk King can get rid of everything that is taking up space. This includes stuff from inside and outside the house. This is why the free on site estimate is so important to Junk King. You’ll be getting a fair price and they’ll be getting a true understanding of just how much you want to throw out.


When the Junk King crew arrives, you’ll take them on a tour of all the items you want removed. Hopefully, you haven’t moved anything and instead left it for Junk King to deal with. That’s what you’re hiring them for, right? After they’ve seen everything, they’ll present you with that free on site estimate. This will be a flat fee based on how much space your junk is going to occupy on the back of the truck. It’s all about volume with Junk King and not weight. That’s very important especially if you’re getting rid of things like construction waste, concrete or bricks.

If the price looks good (and it will!) then the crew can start the work. Along with the labor and transportation costs, the low fee also includes all the recycling effort. Junk King might be making several additional drop offs to various recycling centers or charities. The goal is to keep as much of what they collect out of a local landfill. So far, Junk King has been maintaining a 60% diversion rate. That translates into literally tons of junk that isn’t going to waste.

If you were to price out all these services on your own, you could end up spending double or triple the amount that Junk King would ever charge you. When you’re ready to toss out your junk, start with a free on site estimate provided by Junk King. It’s truly the best bet in East Houston.

Getting Ready For Your Pasadena TX Guests – Clear the Clutter

There are many folks who pride themselves on getting all of their Christmas shopping done weeks before the big day. In some cases, it is even months. Then there are those folks who put their holiday shopping off until the last minute. You’ll find these shoppers scrambling through the mall on Christmas Eve in a desperate search for the perfect present. Naturally, there are things that we all occasionally put off to the last minute. For instance, a good cleaning of the house usually occurs within hours of guests showing up for a dinner or visit. With those whirlwind decluttering sessions, the object is to simply get all the clutter out of one room and into another. Instead of getting stuck with all that unwanted stuff, why not hire Junk King to clear the clutter long before the guests show up?


When you schedule a junk removal appointment with Junk King, you’re actually scheduling time with a two-man moving crew. That is the minimum amount of workers that Junk King will dispatch to your property. For the big hoarder type of cleanouts, you could find yourself working with several teams from Junk King. Actually, you won’t be working with them as much as you will be supervising. That’s because the Junk King crew is going to do all the work. All you have to do is show them what you want gone then sit back and watch it fly out the door!

What is on your clutter list? We’re not just talking about things like junk mail and your kid’s sporting equipment. Instead, you want to use Junk King to get rid of all those things you know you’re never going to use again. This could be a worn out piece of furniture or a bag of clothes. It could be toys nobody plays with or an outdated desktop computer. Anything that is taking up space and is unwanted should be handed over to Junk King.

Around this time of year, most charities kick into high gear. They will be on the receiving end of a lot of gifts. Junk King has been making donations to local Pasadena charities all year long. They would rather turn over some item that can be fixed up to a charity then chuck it into a landfill. This makes Junk King your best clear the clutter option for the holidays.

East Houston Shed Removal

Even though something might say, “water proof” or “weather resistant” there is no guarantee it will stay that way. This is especially true for anything you keep outside. Things like patio decks and furniture, grills, fences and sheds will automatically take a beating from sun, rain, wind and cold temperatures. Sooner or later, those things are going to degrade. When that happens, it time to bring in the crews from Junk King. They can handle something like an old shed removal without giving it a second thought.


You might need shed removal when you first notice that structure beings to lean. This tells you the foundation is rotting. It wouldn’t take much effort to topple that shed. You certainly don’t want that happening during your next backyard BBQ or when the kids are playing out back. At the first signs of distress, you should have the Junk King crew respond. Even if the shed is still standing, the crew will be able to take it apart. They’ll have the tools and the muscle to get this job down. Once the shed has been broken up, it can be loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck for its final trip to a recycling center or certified landfill.

As long as you’re hiring Junk King to take care of your shed removal, why not put them to work clearing out the rest of your backyard clutter. Junk King won’t mow the lawn but they will have no problem clearing brush, vines or weeds that have taken over your yard. They can’t cut down a tree but they can certainly remove anything that has broken off from that tree or has been cut down. Are you getting to see how big a help Junk King can be with your yard waste removal?

Next, send Junk King over to your garage to remove all the rubbish you’re holding onto there. They’ll have that space cleared out in no time. After one decluttering session with Junk King, you’ll find it is a lot easier to move around in your garage and locate the things you need like holiday decorations or tools.

The Junk King crew can also help with cleanup after a remodeling job. All of that construction waste needs to be taken away to prevent an accident and keep your workspace clear. You can arrange for a daily or weekly pick up for remodeling jobs that will be ongoing. Start with an old shed removal and finish with a junk free home. That’s the Junk King way.

What’s In Your East Houston Garage?

Are you prepared to take an inventory of your garage? If this area has become the home’s official storage unit, then the last thing you might find in there is your car. Instead, they could be plenty of car parts and a tire or two. There could also be a workbench that is so overrun with clutter that you can’t get any work done there. So far, you’ve got a garage without a car and workbench without work!


Along the walls, you could have placed shelves to hold boxes. There could be a few boxes labeled “Halloween” or “Christmas.” Obviously, you want to hold onto those but what about the rest of the boxes. Sometimes things go into storage like winter clothes that stay so long in storage they go out of style. The might be boxes left over from your last move. Maybe there are gifts that you never intend on using or re-gifting. Bottom line, those shelves could be full of useless junk. If all of this sounds like your garage, then the next call you make should be to Junk King.

Before the Junk King crew shows up, you might want to take that inventory and set aside all the things you know you want to hold onto. As for everything else, just tell the Junk King crew to take it all away. They’ll back up their truck and all that junk is as good as gone. Once that stuff has been removed you can rethink that space. Sure, you can start parking your car in there once again but maybe this is where you’ll set up a home gym or arts and craft corner. With a little extra work, you could even turn this space into a spare bedroom or home office. All it takes is a little drywall, some carpeting and sealing up the garage door. Easy work for a DIY project!

Along with your garage cleanup, Junk King can go anywhere else in your home to remove your clutter. That also includes your front and backyard. If you plan on putting up some of those holiday decorations, then you want to make sure all the eyesores have been removed first. Junk King can help get your garage and home cleaned from top to bottom. Call today to set up your junk removal appointment.

Pasadena TX Junk Removal Services – Back To School 2014

With the kids established in their new back to school routines, you’ve got the opportunity to take stock of the house. A lot could have happened over the summer in terms of the kids growing up and out of their clothes. Usually around the time that hit the pre-teen years their bedroom starts to evolve from a toddler playground to a teen cave. If you’re in the middle of that type of transition then you’ll be swapping out furniture. It’s time to get rid of the bunk beds and bring in a desk. This is also the perfect opportunity to clear out all the clutter from your kid’s room with a little help from Junk King.


Junk King is a professional junk removal service that will provide you with a two-man moving crew to haul away all your unwanted items. This means all you kid has to do is decide what they can live without and then leave it for Junk King. Won’t they be happy that they don’t have to do any of the actual heavy lifting! While the kids are going through their room sorting out the clutter, you can do the same thing in the rest of the house. Not only will you have that two-member Junk King crew but you’ll also have a huge truck to fill up with as much junk as you want. This is the time to get rid of all the musty furniture in the basement and boxes of rubbish out in the garage.

The cleanout doesn’t have to stop at the inside of your house. Junk King can also go around your yard to take away other items your kids have outgrown. This could be taking apart a swing set, tree fort or sand box. The Junk King crew will have the tools and the skills to handle any type of dismantling job.

Everything that you’ll be tossing out will be sorted by the Junk King crew. They’re going to pick out the items that can be donated or recycled. This is part of their aggressive green business philosophy. If Junk King can keep something out of a local landfill, they will! This means all that toddler furniture and toys will find its way to a charity where it can help another family. If you want junk removal done right, then you need to hire Junk King.

Don’t Turn Your Pasadena TX Home Into A Storage Unit

When your home has been turned into a kind of storage unit, you might think the best option is for a yard sale. Although you could earn some cash for your castoffs, you’re also setting yourself up for a lot of work. First of all, you’ll need to haul out all the stuff you want to sell in the day of the event. This could mean getting up several hours early on your day off. Not fun for anyone! Before that, you’ll want to post some signs in your neighborhood alerting folks to the upcoming sale. Hopefully, you’re near a busy street and can point folks in the direction of your yard otherwise you’re not going to get any customers.


At the end of the day, you could still be left with a lot of unwanted junk. Your option is to drag it all back into your home and create that storage unit all over again or leave it on your curb in the hopes that someone will pick it up. The problem with that is you could be sited for illegal dumping even if it is in front of your house. A better option would be to get rid of all your storage unit junk in a single appointment with Junk King.

When it comes to hauling rubbish, Junk King is the expert. Let’s face it, if you were willing to sell something for a few dollars then you’re willing to toss it out. The end result will be an empty garage or basement. You’ll be able to get more work done in that garage if the clutter is gone. You could even end up turning your basement into a home theatre. There is a lot that can be accomplished in an empty space!

Other items you might have in “storage” could be left over construction materials from a roofing job or remodeling project. If you’re holding onto this trash in your backyard, then let Junk King take it away. You’ll feel a lot better knowing those things are finally off your property. The Junk King crew will also help you take apart big objects like a kid’s play set, fencing or a hot tub. If you want something gone from your home storage unit then turn it over to Junk King.

Labor Day Preparation Junk Pickup In East Houston

It looks like rain is in the forecast for the Labor Day weekend here in Houston. Does that mean your weekend will be completely ruined? Absolutely not! No matter what is happening outdoors, you have the added bonus of being able to sleep in on Monday. You’ve also got the whole day to kick back. Rain outside means it’s a perfect time to binge watch your favorite TV show. Just don’t let those nagging chores get in the way. Just because you’ve been putting off removing the mounds of clutter from your home doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a break. You can take care of both when you hire Junk King. They’ll pick up your junk and get you back to your long weekend in no time!


Junk King is part of a national franchise of junk removal specialists who have literally removed tons of debris from homes and businesses all around the East Houston area. Many apartment managers have Junk King on speed dial. They know when a tenant moves out, there is always the chance of them leaving behind furniture, rugs, drapes and other household goods. All of that can be picked up by Junk King in a single appointment.

Real estate brokers also depend on Junk King to help with foreclosure cleanouts. One call to Junk King and a home full of trash can be cleared out to make room for contractors. Junk King can also clear away a lot of rubbish and brush from the yards, which will go a long way towards improving curb appeal.

How can you put Junk King to work in your home? First, you need to decide what you want to throw out. That could be the perfect rainy day activity that won’t take up too much time. Just go from room to room and make a list of what you want gone. Complete the list by taking a tour of your garage, basement and attic. When the Junk King crews shows up for your junk pickup, hand them the list and watch them go to work. Your home will be clutter free in a blink of the eye.

When Junk King is finished loading up your stuff, they’ll be off to the stop and you can go back to relaxing. Bring your summer to a perfect close with a junk pickup session from Junk King.

Junk Removal FAQs In Pasadena Texas

If you’re ready to get rid of your junk, the only call you need to make is to Junk King.

How does Junk King work?

First, decide what you want to throw out. This doesn’t have to be a final list but a general idea you can tell the Junk King rep you’ll speak to when setting up your junk removal appointment. When the two-man Junk King crew arrives for the session, you’ll show them what you want taken away. They’ll then provide you with an estimate based on how much space your junk will occupy on the back of the truck. When you agree to that price, the job can begin. The crew will remove what you want taken away and sweep up when the job is done.


Is Junk King insured?

Junk King is a national company of franchise operations. The standards set by the parent company includes every branch to be licensed, bonded and insured. This means you can depend on the Junk King crews to treat you with the utmost professionalism.

What kind of items can Junk King remove?

If you want it gone, Junk King can take it away. The Junk King crew is going to be doing all the lifting and loading. This means you can finally toss out those bulky and oversized items you’ve been handing onto. This means all the furniture, exercise equipment, appliances and boxes of unused stuff can finally be gone. Additionally, the Junk King crew can work wonders in your backyard removing any type of landscaping waste, construction debris, auto parts, tires, patio furniture, grills and lawnmowers. Everything can be gone with one Junk King junk removal appointment.

Can you handle bigger jobs?

Junk King can take care of massive cleanup jobs for foreclosures, estate sales and even hoarder cleanouts. As with your regular junk removal session, you only have to tell the crew what you want removed and it will be hauled away. You can even say, “Take everything” and it will be handled. Junk King can also show up after a storm to remove any debris or water damaged items.

Why shouldn’t I rent a dumpster instead of Junk King?

Although it seems like a dumpster can hold everything you’re throwing out, you can only fill up the dumpster to just below the rim. This means if you have extra junk, you’ll have to rent a second container. With Junk King, you’ll be able to get rid of all your junk in a single appointment. You also won’t have to do any of the work.

For hassle free, professional junk removal service, Junk King is the only way to go.

What To Avoid In A Pasadena TX Junk Removal Company

Dependable and trustworthy. Those are the two primary qualities you should look for in any type of service company that you invite onto your property. It is one of the reasons why we depend on positive word of mouth. If your friend has already found that a company can be counted on to deliver on what they promise, then you are more inclined to hire that company. You certainly aren’t going to hire a company that your neighbor has said to avoid at all costs! When it comes to professional junk removal, there is a company in Texas that has already earned a solid reputation. That would be Junk King.


Any company that has been in business for a long time could be deemed trustworthy. It means they must be doing something right. Junk King started operations back in 2005. As they come up on their ten-year anniversary, you’ll find that this national chain has a lot to be proud of. Their customers constantly give them high marks for services and reliability. Junk removal can be a competitive business. Too often, a company will quickly make an appointment with you knowing full well they are overbooked. That means you could be waiting for most of your day to get the job done. Junk King usually schedules appointments with a two-hour window. That means you should only be kept waiting from 9 to 11 or 12 to 2, etc. You’ll also be given a call updating you on the ETA. That’s something you’re not going to get with other companies.

The Junk King crews have all been trained in the proper moving techniques. They know how to lift heavy objects to avoid personal injury. More importantly, they know how to carry those heavy objects out of your home without damaging your floors or walls. In the unlikely event that something would happen, Junk King is fully insured. Try to get that from a day laborer you pick up from Home Depot!

Junk King is also very responsible with regard to disposing of your junk. Everyone who works for Junk King, lives in the area. They have a vested interest in making sure the environment isn’t harmed. That’s why they would rather drop something off at a recycling center or charity as opposed to a landfill. Check around and you’ll find that when it comes to expert junk removal, Junk King is really the only game in town.

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