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Neighborhood Cleanup Day

Many homeowner associations (HOAs) sponsor neighborhood cleanup days each year. They encourage neighbors to part with all their junk: old appliances, furniture, and other debris. Sometimes they sponsor the event after a neighborhood yard sale.

Because of the neighborhood volume, the HOA can arrange junk removal much cheaper than individual homeowners can. HOAs have two main options: dumpsters and a junk hauling service like Junk King.

The Dumpster Option
The HOA estimates the amount of volume of debris and rents 20 or 30-yard dumpsters. These dumpsters rent for about $18 to $25 per cubic yard. However, beware of other fees: fuel surcharges, transport fees, and fees for overweight dumpsters that run about $60 per ton or fraction. Nevertheless, dumpsters are much cheaper than homeowners calling for individual service. For example, Waste Management’s Bagsters or AAA’s special pick-ups run about $50 to $60 per cubic yard.

Dumpsters are static. Typically, the HOA places the dumpsters at a common site such as the community pool. The homeowners drag or drive their junk to the dumpster. If they have the strength, they lift their junk over the five-foot dumpster wall or they leave it on the ground.

Dumpsters are “mixed” debris. Homeowners toss all their junk into the same dumpster: steel, paper, wood, plastic—everything. All this mixed debris must go to a landfill, making dumpsters the least green option.

Dumpsters have restrictions. The County typically charges extra fees for mattresses ($10), tires ($7), old TVs ($10-$20), and e-waste ($5). Therefore, dumpsters usually restrict what you can put in them, and they can charge a hefty fee if you dump restricted items.

The Junk King Option
The HOA doesn’t need to worry about estimating volume. Junk King’s crew and 18-cubic yard trucks can take care of jobs as small as two cubic yards or as large as hundreds of cubic yards. In addition to reducing the risk of estimates, our absolute costs are less than dumpsters. We charge a fixed price per volume; we never tack on extra fees.

Our trucks are big and nimble. Our three-man crews are cheerful. The homeowner takes the junk to the curb. Then, our crew does all the labor of getting the junk into the trucks.

Our crew separates the debris. One truck picks up steel, another paper, yard debris, and so on. We collect used furniture for donation to Habitat for Humanity or the HOA’s designated charity.

We have only one restriction: hazardous waste such as asbestos or chemicals. We take everything else, including tires, e-waste, TVs, and mattresses. As a service to the HOA, we absorb the extra disposal fees.

Consequently, Junk King recycles 95.5% of everything we haul. We are the greenest option for a neighborhood cleanup.

Junk King will work with the HOA Board and the property manager to ensure that the neighborhood cleanup day is a great success.