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Disposing Latex Paint

Latex paint is not a hazardous material; it is a ceramic. Oil based paint is indeed hazardous waste.

If you need to get rid old latex paint, follow these simple steps:
1. Remove the lid and place can in a safe, well-ventilated area.
2. Allow a few days to let the latex dry to ceramic form.
3. Put lids and cans of dried latex into a plastic trash bag along with your regular household trash.

For a faster drying—as fast as 30 minutes–you can use waste paint hardener is available at paint stores and most area hardware stores. Mulch, kitty litter, or shredded paper may also be used as a drying agent.

Some counties limit the number of cans you may dispose for each pick-up. Most counties request that you put the trash bags in rigid trashcans. Contact your county or trash hauler for more details.

Usually, the paint can you put into your trash gets recycled. The can is incinerated where the dried paint burns off of the metal can. The facility recovers the remaining steel from the ash and collects the steel for recycling.

Also, county residents can take paint to their county disposal sites:

Alexandria: 3224 Colvin Street, Alexandria, VA

Arlington: 3155 South Fern Street Arlington, VA‎  22202

Fairfax: 4618 West Ox Road, Fairfax, VA 22030

If you have oil-based paints or lots of latex paint, call us at Junk King and we’ll put you in touch with our partner Yuk Old Paint, who will help you properly dispose of the paint.

Those old refrigerators are expensive!

That old refrigerator in the basement isn’t free. These old machines were built to last, but they also use used a lot more energy–5 times more than today’s equivalent refrigerators! For example, an old 19.0 cubic feet (average size), side-by-side refrigerator uses $243.20 of energy each year. (The equivalent new Energy Star machines use only $58 per year to run.)

Run your own calculation to see how much you can save.

Then call Junk King today to get rid of your old energy hog and start saving.

Being Green Can Be Economical

When people see the word ‘green’ advertised for a service, they often think it is going to cost them more than a service that is not eco-friendly.

They know that some businesses charge a premium for ‘green.’ From organic food markets to eco-friendly products, brand prices are often marked up because they are ‘green.’

Junk King is different. We provide the greenest junk removal service at prices 30% below our major competitors. We are 100% landfill free because we have a warehouse where we sort materials for proper disposal and we have a network of end-users of everything we haul. Even the trash we collect goes to an incinerator that uses the biomass to generate electricity to power 75,000 homes in Fairfax.

The great majority of junk haulers do not have a place to sort debris so they pay the $50 to $80 per ton at the dumps. By using our warehouse and labor to sort, donate, repurpose, and recycle, we save more on the dumping fees than we pay the labor to sort.

By working smarter, we can give our customers in Northern Virginia the best of both worlds – affordable and green services.