Document Shredding and Disposal — You Have Options

If you live in Fairfax County, you can take advantage of free document shredding at one of the following events:

  • July 19: Mt Vernon High School, 8515 Mt. Vernon Rd, Alexandria 22309
  • Aug. 16: Cooper Middle School, 977 Balls Hill Rd., McLean 22101
  • Sept. 20: Braddock District Governmental Center, 9002 Burke Lake Rd., Burke 22015
  • Oct. 18: Mason District Governmental Center, 6507 Columbia Pike, Annandale 22003
  • Oct. 25: Springfield Governmental Center, 6140 Rolling Rd., Springfield 22152

The events are for residents, not businesses.  You do need to be aware of some restrictions.   You cannot have:

  1. BINDERS of any type (3-ring, plastic, spiral, metal)
  2. Plastic document covers
  3. Wet or moist paper
  4. Hanging file folders with metal support bars
  5. Metal binder clips
  6. Electronic media including computer disks and diskettes or CDs
  7. Books, either hardback or paperback
  8. Credit cards
  9. Magazines, catalogs and newspapers (unless just the page with the address) 
  10. Film or photographs

Also, you will not get any certificate of destruction. Free is definitely a good price.  A regular paper shredding service can be rather pricey, but you get the certificates of destruction and the on-site destruction.  About the best you can do for price is $40 to get them to come to your site, and then you pay $10 to $25 per banker’s box. A banker’s box is roughly a cubic foot of space, so a cubic yard of files would cost you, best case, $40 plus 27 x $10 or $310.


Let’s say you have an office with a lot of paper to get rid of — 18 cubic yards (the capacity of our Junk King truck).  If you call a shredder, you’ll pay, best case, $4,900.  Junk King could haul that same paper straight to the Covanta plant where they burn it at 1,800 degrees to make electricity. We would haul that amount for $600.  Also, you don’t have spend hours pulling the files out of plastic folders and three-ring binders and such.  You can save days of your labor.

True, you don’t get a certificate, but you save days of your labor and $4,300!  For that kind of savings, you could follow our truck to Covanta to watch the paper burn.  Just saying . . .