Dirt, Asphalt, Concrete Hauling

Junk King is one of the few full-service haulers that will take take care of your dirt, gravel, concrete, or asphalt removal. We cheerfully do this necessary and difficult work as part of commitment to being full service. Depending on the project, we can also provide demolitions.

We want you to get the most economical solution to your dirt haul-away problem. We are always happy to discuss your project and help get you the best solution. We are happy to give referrals when we are not the best fit. Different haulers have different niche’s and cost structures. The difference in cost estimates usually reflects those cost structures. Here are some tips.

Before you begin looking for a hauler you need to ask yourself these five questions:
1. What kind of dirt (or debris) do you need hauled away?
2. How big is the job in terms of weight and cubic yards?
3. How critical is the schedule?
4. How big of a truck can you get to the pile?
5. Can you use a skid steer to load the trucks?

What kind of dirt (or debris) do you need hauled away?

The kind of dirt or debris determines the method of disposal, and these methods have significantly different costs. Clean fill dirt is free of organic materials and rocks and is usually the cheapest to dispose. Top soil or dirt with organic materials is less desirable; contractors cannot use it because it does not compact well. Mixed dirt is also harder to dispose. Concrete and asphalt also comes as clean or mixed with re-bar and dirt. Clean concrete and asphalt are easy to recycle. The difference in the disposal costs can be upward of $50 per ton, which is typically a straight pass-through to the customer.

How big is the job in terms of weight and cubic yards?

Here’s a little on-line calculator to help you estimate the volume of a pile.

Here is a chart that shows the weight of different materials. For example, if you have 3 cubic yards of the typical loose, moist dirt, you need hauling capaicty for ~ 6300 pounds. We can haul that much in one Junk King truck. If you have 3 cubic yards of asphalt, you need capacity for 11,745. We need two truck loads to safely haul that amount.

Here is a chart of weights for typical materials we haul.

Material Density
(lb/ft3) lb/y3
Dirt, loose dry               76          2,052
Dirt, loose moist               78          2,106
Loam               80          2,160
Clay, dry             100          2,700
Clay, wet             110          2,970
Mud, steady             115          3,105
Sand, dry               97          2,619
Sand, wet             119          3,213
Gravel, dry             105          2,835
Gravel, Wet             125          3,375
Rock Clean             155          4,185
Limestone             160          4,320
Concrete             133          3,591
Asphalt             145          3,915

For large dirt jobs, you want to hire a 20-ton dump truck with a skid steer. A 20-ton dump truck can carry 10 times the amount that our 18,500 GVW trucks can carry. (We carry about 6 to 8 times the amount that a large pickup truck can carry.) Fewer trips means less labor expense. At Junk King, we partner with companies that have the 20-ton trucks and the loading equipment.

Typically. the 20-ton tuck charges $450 to show up and about $150 for the skid steer. They also charge about $50 per ton to dispose of the dirt. Assuming easy access to the dirt pile, a full 20 tons of dirt moved would cost about $1,100. We at Junk King would usually refer a job that big, unless customer has special needs due to job site access or scheduling.

For smaller jobs, the 18,500 GVW Junk King truck is often the best fit. If all you have is 3 cubic yards of dirt, the Junk King rate is typically $615 before discounts. For a 3 cubic yard job, the 20-ton truck with skid steer is overkill and would cost more than $720.

Typically, dumpsters are not suitable because of weight restrictions. If you fill a 20-yard dumpster with dry loose dirt, you will exceed their weight limit by 16 tons or more. They may refuse to pick up the dumpster because their truck can’t handle the weight, and if they do take the load, they will charge you “weight overage” up to $75 per ton. If you add the rental of a skid steer, you quickly get to a cost of $1,750, which is significantly more than the 20-ton dump truck.

How critical is the schedule?

Junk King often provides same day service. We arrive in a convenient two-hour window. We can accommodate last-minute requirement.

The 20-ton trucks are often committed to large excavation projects. Usually, you need to plan ahead and book often weeks in advance to get the big trucks–especially in the summer months.

How big of a truck can you get to the pile?

Sometimes, you just can’t get a big truck to the job site. Home Owner Association and Counties have restrictions. Even large trash haulers are restricted to truck size because of bridges or narrow roads on their trash routes. Sometimes terrain and other structures limit access. Arlington County and Old Town Alexandria have many areas unsuitable for large trucks. Many jurisdictions refuse to give permits for dumpsters.

Junk King’s smaller trucks can go almost everywhere–from the compact neighborhoods in Arlington to the smaller bridges and narrow roads in Loudon County.

Can you use a skid steer to load the trucks?

If you cannot load the dirt with a skid steer, the alternative is the old fashioned shovel and wheelbarrow method—labor. (We have even emptied dirt from a basement excavation using 5-gallon buckets!) A wheelbarrow with a strong Junk King man can move 300 to 350 pounds per carry. (The distance and slope from the pile to the truck is a factor, too.) Recall from the chart above that a cubic foot of dirt weighs about 78 pounds. Therefore, our guys can move between 4 and 5 cubic feet of dirt with each wheelbarrow trip—or about 6 round-trips to load one cubic yard into the truck.



For large jobs, manpower and wheelbarrows costs more than a skid steer. For jobs smaller than 8 yards of dirt, manpower and wheelbarrows is less expensive than a skid steer.

If you have have dirt to move, call Junk King at (703) 455-3861. We’ll discuss your needs, and the options. We want to help you solve your problems and make you happy.