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Storm Debris Removal–Washington Mero Area

First, if your tree is still hanging over your house or powerlines, call a preofessional tree removal company. You most likely need the crane or the men “roping” down limbs. These guys are specialists, and we know some great tree services that we are happy to refer.

However, sometimes Mother Nature drops the tree or big limbs. The damage is done. The tree debris is lying on the ground and is not a threat to persons or property. Now the main concern is disposing the debris – not felling the tree. You don’t need the arborist that costs $125 hour or the aerial speicalists that cost $60 an hour. You just want some strong guys with big trucks, chain saws, and rakes who can clean up the mess at the least cost to you. And you’d like the job done quickly.

Junk King is usually the best value for debris hauling. Our trucks are bigger than the stakebody trucks the tree services use. Our crews cost less than the arborists and aerialists that come with tree services. You can expect to save about 20% from the cost of the tree service hauling debris. They are tree experts; we are debris experts.
Another advantage to Junk King is that we haul you debris right away. After a big storm, the proefessional tree services are over-booked taking trees off rooftops and powerlines. They have long-term commitments to property managers, utility companies, and insurance companies. You do not need to wait in line to get your mess cleared from your property. Junk King can haul your debris while the tree experts take care of the more diffecult and expensive jobs.

Storm Debris Removal
By the way, after every storm, you get a lot of small operators cruising the area for some pick-up work. They might not be insured. Plus their tiny pick-up tucks make debris hauling uneconimical. I guarentee you that Junk King (or any full-service tree company) will charge less and provide better and safer service.