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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Fort Lauderdale Bike Disposal & Recycling – Get Rid of Your Bicycle the Green Way

Let’s face it, Fort Lauderdale is a biking kind of town. How can you tell beyond seeing someone on a bike at least once a day? According to Map My Ride, there are approximately 4656 different bike routes you can take throughout the city and around the beaches. If you were to start a consistent bike riding routine this weekend, by the end of summer you would be in amazing shape. Of course, you’ll need the right bike for the paths. It might be that the bike you’ve currently go in storage is no longer a good fit. Before you bring in your new ride, you’ll want to take care of your old bike disposal. That is easily handled with a single call to Junk King.


As the leading junk removal service in all of Fort Lauderdale, Junk King has been called upon to remove clutter both large and small. You could absolutely just hire them to take away your bike. But as long as you’re going to have two hardworking crewmembers and a big truck, why stop at just your bike? This is your shot to finally get all the unwanted stuff out of your home.

When was the last time you took a good look in your closet? We’re not just talking about what you can see when you open the door but all the stuff stacked up on the shelves or crammed onto the floor. Are you ever going to wear or use any of that again? If not, give it to Junk King. The same can be said for a lot of stuff out in your garage or down in the basement. If it is not being used or it’s broken, then don’t hold onto it any longer.

Keep in mind, that when you hire Junk King for your junk removal, that stuff isn’t going to automatically go to waste in a landfill. Far from it! Instead, Junk King will do whatever they can do to recycle and/or donate as much of what they collect as possible. So far that has meant upwards of 60% of everything they collect being kept out of a dump. That’s great news for anyone who cares about the environment, which means everyone! For efficient bike disposal and total junk removal, you can depend on Junk King.

Fort Lauderdale Shed Removal And Breakdown

Is there something in your backyard that is about to fall down? It could be that tool shed that has been standing in the corner for who knows how long. Whether that shed was made of wood, metal or fiberglass, it wasn’t designed to last forever. After years of unrelenting assault from the sun, wind and rain, it might be time to consider shed removal. You might even want to free up more yard space by having that shed taken away. This is a job that was tailor-made for Junk King.


When you call to set up your junk removal appointment with Junk King, you’ll be asked what you want taken away. In the case of a shed removal, you’ll still benefit from the two-man team and huge truck provided by Junk King. However, it might take a bit longer to safely dismantle that shed. This work will still be done around your schedule, but Junk King will need to schedule out the rest of the day accordingly.

After the Junk King crew has carefully handled your shed removal, you can also tap them to help remove all the other unwanted items from your property. That includes any clutter from inside your garage or down in your basement. Seize this opportunity to haul away all the old furniture and other heavy items from your home. Remember, if it took two people to bring something in, it is going to take two people to bring something out.

As everything is loaded onto the truck, the Junk King crew will be keeping an eye out for any objects that could be tagged for recycling. This actually covers a wide array of stuff from sofas to mattresses to lumber and even dirt. All the recyclables will be dropped off at the appropriate center or charity at a later date. Don’t worry about any extra costs. All the recycling is included in the flat fee you’ll be paying. That is a fee based strictly on how much space your junk will take up on the back of the truck. It all comes down to volume with Junk King. They won’t be charging you by the pound and that will make a huge difference to the final cost. Is it finally time to take care of your shed removal and junk hauling? Then it’s time to call Junk King.

What’s In Your Fort Lauderdale Garage? Get Rid Of The Clutter!

Perhaps the question shouldn’t be, “What’s in your garage?” but “What can you get rid of in your garage?” Remember when you first moved into your home and the garage was a big empty space? How long did it take to fill that up? All it took was a couple of shelves, a workbench and tool rack and before you know it you’ve got a full garage. Many homeowners also find themselves in the habit of turning their garages into storage lockers. This is where all the unwanted computer equipment, appliances and sporting goods end up. As the junk piles up, it becomes harder to park the car in there. Is this what you really planned for your garage? If you are ready to get rid of the clutter, then Junk King is ready for you!


Junk King is the company who specializes in providing professional junk hauling services. Yes, you can be a professional junk hauler. In fact, that is what you should insist upon when you need this type of service. What makes Junk King professional? It starts with hiring the right team members. Everyone who works for Junk King has been licensed, bonded and insured. They also have a very positive attitude. You’ll always hear comments like “friendly,” “respectful” and “courteous” when customers refer to the Junk King teams.

The crew who will be assigned to your junk removal project will be doing all the actual work. You won’t have to lift a single box or stick of furniture. That will probably make a huge difference when you decide what you want to get rid of. After all, if you’ve got two movers at your disposal, then pretty much anything goes.

If all you’re doing is clearing out your garage, then the Junk King crew can back up the truck and do a fast lode out. However, as long as they’re at your home, you can put them to work everything. That includes getting help clearing out your backyard. Junk King crews have often been called on to remove things like children’s swing sets, sheds and even the occasional hot tub. No piece of junk is too big or too small for Junk King to handle. It won’t be hard to get rid of the clutter when Junk King is on the job!

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