Fort Lauderdale Bike Disposal & Recycling – Get Rid of Your Bicycle the Green Way

Let’s face it, Fort Lauderdale is a biking kind of town. How can you tell beyond seeing someone on a bike at least once a day? According to Map My Ride, there are approximately 4656 different bike routes you can take throughout the city and around the beaches. If you were to start a consistent bike riding routine this weekend, by the end of summer you would be in amazing shape. Of course, you’ll need the right bike for the paths. It might be that the bike you’ve currently go in storage is no longer a good fit. Before you bring in your new ride, you’ll want to take care of your old bike disposal. That is easily handled with a single call to Junk King.


As the leading junk removal service in all of Fort Lauderdale, Junk King has been called upon to remove clutter both large and small. You could absolutely just hire them to take away your bike. But as long as you’re going to have two hardworking crewmembers and a big truck, why stop at just your bike? This is your shot to finally get all the unwanted stuff out of your home.

When was the last time you took a good look in your closet? We’re not just talking about what you can see when you open the door but all the stuff stacked up on the shelves or crammed onto the floor. Are you ever going to wear or use any of that again? If not, give it to Junk King. The same can be said for a lot of stuff out in your garage or down in the basement. If it is not being used or it’s broken, then don’t hold onto it any longer.

Keep in mind, that when you hire Junk King for your junk removal, that stuff isn’t going to automatically go to waste in a landfill. Far from it! Instead, Junk King will do whatever they can do to recycle and/or donate as much of what they collect as possible. So far that has meant upwards of 60% of everything they collect being kept out of a dump. That’s great news for anyone who cares about the environment, which means everyone! For efficient bike disposal and total junk removal, you can depend on Junk King.