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Monthly Archives:

How To Motivate Your Family To Help Clean

How many times do you need to make a request for a task before it gets done? It’s amazing how the amount of times you ask really doesn’t seem to be impacted by age. You could ask a toddler and a teen to make their bed the same amount of times and it still becomes a showdown. Maybe it is time to change your approach and to find a better way to motivate your family to help clean. Here’s what you can do:


Set Realistic Cleaning Goals

We all like things a certain way. For some, that “certain way” is spotless. Others take a more relaxed approach to clutter. To motivate you family, you have to meet them somewhere in the middle. Yes, you can have a standard for cleanliness but it doesn’t have to be “hospital clean” all the time. It also helps to match the task with the appropriate age and skill level. The older the kid, the more challenges they can take on. That’s realistic.

Get Everyone On Board

No one should escape cleaning duties. It might be hard to set aside a time and day when everyone is able to dedicate time to the tasks at hand, but everyone needs to pitch in. You already know that with siblings, if one isn’t pulling their weight, then the others will revolt. It might help to have a kitchen chart set up where the family can “check off” when an assignment is done. That way everyone can see each other’s progress and know that everyone is working towards the common goal of keeping the house clean.

Be Flexible

When it comes to motivating your family to clean, you have to pick your battles. There are times when your kids will come home from school and will be genuinely exhausted. Allow them some decompression time. If they’ve been assigned a cleanup duty and they haven’t completed it, then you can give them options to when it gets down. This doesn’t mean you put up with procrastination or laziness. Just be flexible. If they need a break, then let them have it knowing they’ll make it up at a later, agreed upon time.

Start Junk Free

It also helps to start out in a junk free home. That can become your standard and it’s when you might want to bring in Junk King Fort Lauderdale. Your family can do a lot of cleaning but might not be able to remove old furniture or get electronics recycled. Those are perfect tasks for Junk King. Once Junk King Fort Lauderdale has cleared your home of rubbish, your family will have an easier time cleaning up.

Get Your Garden Ready For Growing

The reason so many people move to Florida each year is that they never want to experience a harsh winter again. Can you blame them? That is not to say that Fort Lauderdale doesn’t experience the occasional bout of cold weather. But those cold snaps are a far cry from blizzards. We also follow the seasons when it comes to gardening. Now everyone is prepping for spring. Are you getting read to grow? You can when you put these plans into action:


Get Your Seeds

Gardening starts with the seeds. Do you have an idea of what you’ll be planting this year? There are plenty of gardening magazines that can offer inspiration. So, could a trip to a botanical garden. You can probably find all the seeds you’re looking for at a nursery or hardware store. If not, then you can certainly get them online. Once you’ve got all the seeds, spread out the packets on your table to see what colors/flowers will look good together. That is how you can map out your garden.

Set Up a Compost Area

Are you composting? Once you get started, you’ll wonder what took you so long. Composting is a way to recycle your organic food scraps. It all goes into a pile or bin box along with some worms and dirt. The worms enjoy the buffet and what they leave behind becomes the compost that you can use for your garden. Very nutrient rich.

Examine your Tools

There is a right tool for every job and that is certainly true with gardening. Did you winterize your tools in the fall? If not, then you’ll want to inspect them to make sure now rust has developed. If sharpening is required, then take them to a pro to get it down. Of course, you might just consider replacing the whole batch of tools and starting fresh.

Starting fresh also applies to the entire garden area. What kind of shape is your backyard in with regard to debris and rubbish? If you need to do some general clearing, then count on Junk King Fort Lauderdale to help you get it done. Just as they do with their furniture removal appointments, Junk King will send over two strong movers to help with the yard waste removal. Anything and everything can go regardless of size, weight or grime! You’re going to like how fast the team from Junk King Fort Lauderdale can help get your garden ready for spring.

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