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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Junk King Makes Cardboard and Rubbish Removal Easy

The idea behind any piece of technology is to make our lives easier. Just think of any device in your home from the lightbulb to the Smartphone and how it has improved the way we live. Even though technology continues to help improve our lives, there are still some tasks that need the “human touch.” That is certainly true with getting rid of rubbish. There isn’t any tech that can “zap” it out of your home. Instead, you have to rely on a company like Junk King Fort Lauderdale to help. Fortunately, they make rubbish removal very easy.


One of the most common items in a rubbish pile would be cardboard. This can be cardboard from empty boxes that has piled so high no trashcan can hold it. It can also be cardboard boxes filled with all kinds of unwanted stuff. All of that can be gathered up by the Junk King team. In an instant, your garage can go from “crammed with clutter” to a totally empty space. Think of what a change that can make but Junk King doesn’t have to stop there.

Along with hauling out any piece of furniture or busted appliance, the Junk King crew can also do some amazing work around the outside of the house. Any kind of yard debris or construction waste can be easily loaded onto the truck by the crew. You’ll be supervising all of this work. That means simply pointing to the stuff you want taken away and letting the team from Junk King do the rest.

What is getting rid of all your rubbish going to cost? It will come down to how the truck gets packed by the crew. The Junk King price scale is based on volume and not weight. Even the heaviest object that takes up a little bit of space will still cost you the low end of the price scale. You’ll be presented with an estimate once the crew has had a chance to look over all the things you’ll be getting rid of. Once everything is agreed to, the crew will jump into action. It won’t take Junk King Fort Lauderdale long to clear out all your cardboard and rubbish. Let them make it happen today.

Making Inventory Management Work For Any Size Company

The big leader in shipping inventory has to be Amazon. They’ve literally reinvented how inventory management works and other companies, big and small, look to their model to see how improvements can be made. Inventory management isn’t complicated when you have the ability to look at the “big picture” of your sales goals. Here are some helping tips to making inventory management work for any size company:


Categorize by Sales

Within a storage facility, you can have a diverse array of inventory but not all of them will be selling at the same pace. You’ll know by sales history which items are high-value but with a low frequency of sales and which ones are low-value but sell fast. Then there are all the moderate performers. You can label these groups accordingly and find proper placement with regard to shipping. Obviously, the fast selling objects should be moved “up front.” This might mean rotating product but that is what inventory management is all about.

Accurate Forecasting

Every successful business needs to be good at predicting the future. That is a huge part of managing inventory. How do you achieve that? You have to pay close attention to trends in the market along with tracking last year’s sales during the same time period. If subscriptions are part of your business, then those numbers can accurately predict some level of needed inventory. Seasonal items might be the big “wild card.” You want to have enough on hand to sell of new product but not so much as you’ll be stuck with it at the first of the year.

Easy Access

Inventory management can only work if your employees have easy access to what they’re shipping and selling. If clutter and rubbish stand between them and the products that they need, then everything is going to slow down. This is where Junk King Fort Lauderdale can be of assistance. These junk hauling pros can help you clear out your warehouse and storage rooms of all that unwanted inventory. Consider how much space you’ll be getting back that way. Let Junk King Fort Lauderdale help with your inventory management by clearing out the rubbish and watch how everything flows better at your business.

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