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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Junk King Can Haul Away Old Carpets Fast

Wall-to-wall carpeting is a very popular option in many homes around Fort Lauderdale. With proper care, those carpets can last a long time and be extremely comfortable. The big problem is when they get flooded. You can certainly dry out a carpet after dropping a drink on it. But when the entire carpet gets flooded, then you’re dealing with a problem that might only be solved by removing that carpet and drying out the floor underneath. The draw back with wall-to-wall carpeting is that once it is pulled up, it can’t be put back into place. To clear out those old carpets fast, you’ll want to put Junk King Fort Lauderdale on the job.


Junk King provide the two most important “items” for this type of work: A pair of strong movers. This is the team who is going to do all the heavy lifting for you. Rolled up carpets are heavy enough but if they’ve become water-logged, then you’ll really need that muscle power.

Of course, you don’t have to wait until your home is flooded to replace your carpets. You might decide it is time for a room makeover. Along with the old carpets, the Junk King crews can just as easily carry off any furniture pieces you’re also replacing. As long as you’ve got the crew and their truck, why stop at just old carpets and furniture? Take full advantage of these services to clear out your garage and closet of all the unwanted clutter that has accumulated over the years. Imagine how much better things will be around your home when you’ve got rid of all that stuff.

Setting up your session with Junk King can be handled with one phone call or a few minutes online. Do you have a day and time that works better for you during the week? Junk King has an excellent track record when it comes to accommodating customers schedules. That includes providing for same day pickups when available. Having old carpets and rubbish hauled away from your home won’t be a challenge thanks to Junk King Fort Lauderdale being on the job.

Junk King Takes Care Of Old AC Removal

The city of Fort Lauderdale provides a lot of great services for its residents and most of that service happens automatically. The lights come on, the water comes out of the tap and the trash gets picked up. No special requests are needed for any of those services unless something goes wrong. As for any other needs you might have, you’ll want to bring in some outside help. Consider the task of old AC removal. Air conditioners are running all the time in Fort Lauderdale at various temperature settings. With that kind of constant use, it is understandable that they might wear down and need to be replaced but you can’t put an AC out with the trash. You might not even be able to lift it! That’s when a call to Junk King Fort Lauderdale can make a big difference.


Junk King provides the exact thing you need to get rid of an old AC: A team of movers. This a crew who has a lot of experience lifting all kinds of heavy objects. As cumbersome as an old AC unit might be it doesn’t compare to loading up a piano or a pool table; both of which Junk King has done numerous times! Still, this is a job that you don’t want to risk throwing out your back with and it won’t with the Junk King team on the job.

The main reason for bringing Junk King out to your home might be that old AC removal but it doesn’t have to be the only reason. After putting the AC on the truck, the Junk King crew will have plenty of space leftover for all kinds of other items you might want to make disappear from your home. Won’t that be nice?

When Junk King picks up an old AC, it makes sure it ends up in the right place for disposal. The same can be said for most of what they collect. They would rather make a drop off at landfill or a charity instead of a landfill. Everyone feels that way!

Taking care of an old AC removal and junk clearing is easy when Junk King Fort Lauderdale is on the job.

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