Don’t Be Stuck With Old Office Equipment

Homes and offices share one thing in common: they both tend to accumulate a lot of unwanted items. Around the house, a lot of those items can end up in the garage or closet where they aren’t always seen. At the office, unwanted items could be in a storeroom but they can also be forced to be kept out in plain sight simply because there isn’t enough space in the store. You shouldn’t have to be stuck with old office equipment that is never going to be used again or repaired. Instead, give it all to Junk King Fort Lauderdale.

Office E-waste

Businesses need to stay competitive. That means the equipment they used to service their clients also has to be cutting-edge. Keeping data on floppy disks just won’t cut it! Unfortunately, when you upgrade office equipment it’s very likely that the old items simply have no more value. They also can be tossed into a dumpster. Old computers, fax machines, copiers, printers and monitors are all considered e-waste. Those items should all be dropped off at a certified recycling center where they can be properly dismantled and discarded. Junk King will strive to make sure all the e-waste they collect from your office can be dropped off at one of those centers. This is part of their dedication to environmentally friendly disposal policy that has been in effect ever since they began collecting rubbish. Best of all, it happens automatically.

Fast and Affordable

Junk King also likes to work fast. They want to be able to get into your office and remove the unwanted equipment without causing any disruption. You can schedule them for session early in the morning or after the office closes for the day. Junk King also provides an affordable price scale. These are fees that are based on how the truck backed up. It’s a flat rate that covers all the cost. You’ll know what the price is when the junk and crew has a chance to look over all the items and can estimate how it will fit onto the truck. They’re really good with their packing and estimation skills. If your items and up taking up more room then what was estimated, then you still pay that original price. That’s a very fair and affordable way of doing business.

You don’t have to be stuck with your old office equipment as long as Junk King Fort Lauderdale is just a phone call away.