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Monthly Archives: July 2019

Bring In Junk King Fort Lauderdale For Your Estate Cleanup

When you have been made the executor of an estate, you will suddenly find yourself working with a lot of new people. That starts with the lawyer who has been handling the estate who will provide you with all the necessary paperwork needed for the transfer of property. You’ll then probably need to set up a home inspection and appraisal. Although their jobs sometimes overlap, they each have different responsibilities. The inspector can point out the repairs needed on the property and the appraiser will provide the value.

You then have the decision to make whether you want to put that property on the market. That could involve a real estate broker, contractors and more lawyers. Of course, before any of that work around the property can begin you first have to arrange for an estate cleanup. That is where you’ll be hiring a company that will provide the fastest service without any complications. That would be Junk King Fort Lauderdale, the perfect estate cleanup partners.

Sell Off

Before you set up your estate cleanup session with Junk King, you will probably want to consider the possessions in the house that have value. Some antiques or other furniture pieces and appliances could be sold off at an auction or with a consignment house. Those places can make all the arrangements to remove those items from the property for sale. What are left behind will be all the things that Junk King can clear out.

When Junk King gets to work, the crews will literally go through each from in the house to cart off anything that is left behind. It doesn’t matter if that room is on a second floor or in a basement. Junk King’s mission is to get rid of everything and that is what they’ll be focused on. Sometimes that means breaking items up on order to get them loaded onto the truck. Demolition is never an issue for Junk King!

You’ll never be overwhelmed with the prospect of an estate cleanup when you’ve got Junk King Fort Lauderdale on your side.

Rubbish Clears Out Fast With Junk King On The Job

When you first moved into your home did you have an idea of how long you would like to stay there? For many folks, moving into your home means staying put for anywhere between 30 to 50 years. Sometimes, a new job forces a move. Other times a move is required when the family outgrows the home they are living in. The longer you stay in your home more likely you will accumulate a lot of stuff that you ultimately do not need. If you reach the point where you feel overwhelmed by rubbish, then you need to bring in the crew from Junk King Fort Lauderdale. They can help you clear out rubbish fast.

One or More

You might find it will take more than one session to get clear of all the rubbish in your home. That has less to do with Junk King’s ability than it does with your schedule. It will be easy to get rid of the big items that are taking up space like patio furniture, futons and major kitchen appliances that you have stored in the garage and other areas of your home. What takes time is sorting through other storage areas like your closets and all the boxes out in the garage. This is why you might want to consider hiring Junk King first for all the big stuff and then bringing them back again after you completed your sorting. That way your home can be totally cleared of unwanted rubbish without you feeling pressured to get it all done in a single session.

The Fair Fee

Whether you hire Junk King once, twice or for regular appointments you will always be charge the same fair fee. That fee is based on how the truck is packed up all the stuff that you want to get rid of. The less space you use for your junk, the less you will be paying. Shop around in your sure to see that Junk King’s pricing policy is extremely fair and affordable.

Getting rid of rubbish from your home with the help of Junk King Fort Lauderdale is all about making it work around your schedule. Set up your first session today.

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