Make Your Guestroom Junk Free For The Holidays

The way you know that you’ve had a successful holiday season is when you’re able to see more people in the span of just a few weeks then you have all year long. You can accomplish this task by accepting every party invitation and hosting your own open house. The ultimate way to enjoy your holidays is to welcome out-of-town guests. Given that your living in sunny Fort Lauderdale it is a safe bet you could probably find a lot of folks who would be happy to come visit you for Christmas. That will mean getting the guestroom ready by clearing out all the junk and rubbish. This is a task that is best turned over to Junk King Fort Lauderdale. They’ll make sure that guestroom is junk free in plenty of time to celebrate the holidays.


How many things are in your guestroom right now that need to be taking out? More importantly how many of those items can you permanently removed from your home? The only things to keep in storage are those items that you use at least once a year like holiday decorations. If you put something in the guest room just to get it out of the way, then it makes sense to get it out of the way for good. Of course, having the intention to do something that without the means can be a challenge. Junk King will provide the moving crew and the truck needed to clear out any type of junk item you’ve kept in the guestroom.

This is a very friendly crew who has been licensed and insured. There also very good at their job. they have a lot of experience moving heavy objects down multiple flights of stairs. They’re also equally adept at taking things apart in order to fit it out the door. Yes, you won’t have to carry anything out of your house as long as you hire Junk King. They’ll bring it all down to the truck in a single session.

Once all the rubbish has been cleared from the guestroom you can set about to decorated and make it feel as cozy as possible. The sooner you bring in the junk hauling team from Junk King Fort Lauderdale, the sooner you can get your guestroom ready for the holidays.

Help Someone This Holiday With The Gift Of Junk King

Behind every great holiday gift is the desire to make someone’s life a little bit better. A nice sweater keeps them warmer. A book keeps them entertained. And even a fruitcake can fill their tummies! Not every gift that you give during the holiday has to be something you can hold in your hand. It can be a gift that is truly something needed by the person on the receiving end. Consider a junk removal session with Junk King Fort Lauderdale as a great holiday gift. You might not associate Christmas with rubbish but it will certainly be appreciated if the rubbish in someone’s home can be cleared away in a matter of minutes.


Giving the gift of a Junk King junk removal session to someone in your life is a way of saying, “here’s the help you need to get your home organized.” Everyone has something to get rid of from their home whether that’s a big piece of furniture or few boxes of clothing from the closet. The problem with getting rid of some of those things is that there isn’t moving help or truck to load them onto. This is exactly what Junk King provides. Every junk removal session will be staffed by two movers who do an exceptional job lifting and loading all kinds of heavy and oversized objects. This is a crew is not afraid to climb stairs or get their hands dirty if that’s what it takes to haul out rubbish from a home.

You will also appreciate how fast Junk King operates. Obviously, if you’re giving this as a gift, then you will need time to coordinate the appointment. Junk King requests that you pick a date and a two-hour window for the service. Those two hours are for the crew to get from one location to the next.  Once they arrive, they won’t take long loading up all the stuff that you want to get rid of. in fact, most sessions are completed in under 30 minutes. Junk King spends more time making drop-offs of all the stuff they collect than actually collecting but that’s nothing you have to worry about. The gift of a junk removal session with Junk King Fort Lauderdale can really make a difference in someone’s life is holiday season. Book that gift today.

Don’t Let Junk Pile Up Around Your Home

The hope was that the recent Hurricane Michael would have knocked out the red tide menace that had been plaguing the Florida coastline. Unfortunately, it didn’t help and the Karenia brevis algae is still infecting the waters and beaches around Fort Lauderdale. City officials are asking for $3 million to help with the cleanup efforts. Even with the funds it will still be a massive undertaking that could involve hundreds of cleanup crews.

Speaking of cleanup efforts, do you have some issues around your home that would require outside help? It might not be something as destructive as the red tide but having junk piled up around your property is never fun especially with the holidays coming up. If you’re finally ready to get rid of that stuff, then you’re ready to hire Junk King Fort Lauderdale. This is the fastest and most efficient way to make your home a junk-free zone.

What exactly do you want to get rid of that you can’t toss out into the trash? Is it an old futon? Some busted wicker furniture? Maybe it is time to sort through your closets and pull out all the things you know you’re never going to wear again. If you have kids living under the roof, then you’re sure to find plenty of things in their closets that can be tossed out. All of that stuff can be picked up by the Junk King crew. This crew is going to consist of at least two capable movers. Some times a third crewmember will be part of the team for that day. This is the squad that is going to show up with a positive attitude and solve all your junk removal needs.

The cleanup effort offered by Junk King also extends to the yards around your property. Do you have any junk piles behind the garage or under a porch or in a tool shed that you’d like to get rid of? You point to the stuff and Junk King picks it up. It really is that simple.

Set up your junk pile removal session with Junk King Fort Lauderdale today and watch what a difference it can make around the house.

Open Up Attic Space By Getting Rubbish Hauled Out

The vast majorities of attics become the storage locker for a home. This is where all the discarded stuff ends up to be sorted out or repaired at a later date. If your attic was only designed for storage, then making use of this space in that way is a good idea. However, if the attic can be adapted into another room, then it is just being wasted as storage. In either scenario, there is probably a lot of rubbish that could be hauled out in order to open up the space. That is a job that Junk King Fort Lauderdale would be perfect for.


It can be a bit precarious climbing up a pull-down ladder to get into an attic but a lot of Florida homes have this exact type of entry point. Fortunately, the crew from Junk King will show up at your home with a lot of experience with this type of attic clearing. All you have to do is make sure you know what you want removed. That will be requiring some “pointing” on your part but that is all the effort you’ll be exerting for the removal. Everything else will be handled by the Junk King crew.

In addition to all the things that the Junk King team can bring down from the attic, you can set them to work removing the clutter throughout the rest of your home. What might be stuffed in your closet that could be taken away? What about the clutter in the garage or under beds. Once you start, there is no end to the things you can get rid of!

This can kind of junk clearing session can really have a positive impact on your home. If you can convert that attic into an additional room, then it would be a perfect bedroom for guests or one of the kids. With the addition of a few skylights, it can also be transformed into an art studio or home office. Transforming your attic into a viable space in your home starts with a call to Junk King Fort Lauderdale. Get rid of that junk today.

Junk King Can Haul Away Old Carpets Fast

Wall-to-wall carpeting is a very popular option in many homes around Fort Lauderdale. With proper care, those carpets can last a long time and be extremely comfortable. The big problem is when they get flooded. You can certainly dry out a carpet after dropping a drink on it. But when the entire carpet gets flooded, then you’re dealing with a problem that might only be solved by removing that carpet and drying out the floor underneath. The draw back with wall-to-wall carpeting is that once it is pulled up, it can’t be put back into place. To clear out those old carpets fast, you’ll want to put Junk King Fort Lauderdale on the job.


Junk King provide the two most important “items” for this type of work: A pair of strong movers. This is the team who is going to do all the heavy lifting for you. Rolled up carpets are heavy enough but if they’ve become water-logged, then you’ll really need that muscle power.

Of course, you don’t have to wait until your home is flooded to replace your carpets. You might decide it is time for a room makeover. Along with the old carpets, the Junk King crews can just as easily carry off any furniture pieces you’re also replacing. As long as you’ve got the crew and their truck, why stop at just old carpets and furniture? Take full advantage of these services to clear out your garage and closet of all the unwanted clutter that has accumulated over the years. Imagine how much better things will be around your home when you’ve got rid of all that stuff.

Setting up your session with Junk King can be handled with one phone call or a few minutes online. Do you have a day and time that works better for you during the week? Junk King has an excellent track record when it comes to accommodating customers schedules. That includes providing for same day pickups when available. Having old carpets and rubbish hauled away from your home won’t be a challenge thanks to Junk King Fort Lauderdale being on the job.

Junk King Takes Care Of Old AC Removal

The city of Fort Lauderdale provides a lot of great services for its residents and most of that service happens automatically. The lights come on, the water comes out of the tap and the trash gets picked up. No special requests are needed for any of those services unless something goes wrong. As for any other needs you might have, you’ll want to bring in some outside help. Consider the task of old AC removal. Air conditioners are running all the time in Fort Lauderdale at various temperature settings. With that kind of constant use, it is understandable that they might wear down and need to be replaced but you can’t put an AC out with the trash. You might not even be able to lift it! That’s when a call to Junk King Fort Lauderdale can make a big difference.


Junk King provides the exact thing you need to get rid of an old AC: A team of movers. This a crew who has a lot of experience lifting all kinds of heavy objects. As cumbersome as an old AC unit might be it doesn’t compare to loading up a piano or a pool table; both of which Junk King has done numerous times! Still, this is a job that you don’t want to risk throwing out your back with and it won’t with the Junk King team on the job.

The main reason for bringing Junk King out to your home might be that old AC removal but it doesn’t have to be the only reason. After putting the AC on the truck, the Junk King crew will have plenty of space leftover for all kinds of other items you might want to make disappear from your home. Won’t that be nice?

When Junk King picks up an old AC, it makes sure it ends up in the right place for disposal. The same can be said for most of what they collect. They would rather make a drop off at landfill or a charity instead of a landfill. Everyone feels that way!

Taking care of an old AC removal and junk clearing is easy when Junk King Fort Lauderdale is on the job.

Junk King Makes Cardboard and Rubbish Removal Easy

The idea behind any piece of technology is to make our lives easier. Just think of any device in your home from the lightbulb to the Smartphone and how it has improved the way we live. Even though technology continues to help improve our lives, there are still some tasks that need the “human touch.” That is certainly true with getting rid of rubbish. There isn’t any tech that can “zap” it out of your home. Instead, you have to rely on a company like Junk King Fort Lauderdale to help. Fortunately, they make rubbish removal very easy.


One of the most common items in a rubbish pile would be cardboard. This can be cardboard from empty boxes that has piled so high no trashcan can hold it. It can also be cardboard boxes filled with all kinds of unwanted stuff. All of that can be gathered up by the Junk King team. In an instant, your garage can go from “crammed with clutter” to a totally empty space. Think of what a change that can make but Junk King doesn’t have to stop there.

Along with hauling out any piece of furniture or busted appliance, the Junk King crew can also do some amazing work around the outside of the house. Any kind of yard debris or construction waste can be easily loaded onto the truck by the crew. You’ll be supervising all of this work. That means simply pointing to the stuff you want taken away and letting the team from Junk King do the rest.

What is getting rid of all your rubbish going to cost? It will come down to how the truck gets packed by the crew. The Junk King price scale is based on volume and not weight. Even the heaviest object that takes up a little bit of space will still cost you the low end of the price scale. You’ll be presented with an estimate once the crew has had a chance to look over all the things you’ll be getting rid of. Once everything is agreed to, the crew will jump into action. It won’t take Junk King Fort Lauderdale long to clear out all your cardboard and rubbish. Let them make it happen today.

Making Inventory Management Work For Any Size Company

The big leader in shipping inventory has to be Amazon. They’ve literally reinvented how inventory management works and other companies, big and small, look to their model to see how improvements can be made. Inventory management isn’t complicated when you have the ability to look at the “big picture” of your sales goals. Here are some helping tips to making inventory management work for any size company:


Categorize by Sales

Within a storage facility, you can have a diverse array of inventory but not all of them will be selling at the same pace. You’ll know by sales history which items are high-value but with a low frequency of sales and which ones are low-value but sell fast. Then there are all the moderate performers. You can label these groups accordingly and find proper placement with regard to shipping. Obviously, the fast selling objects should be moved “up front.” This might mean rotating product but that is what inventory management is all about.

Accurate Forecasting

Every successful business needs to be good at predicting the future. That is a huge part of managing inventory. How do you achieve that? You have to pay close attention to trends in the market along with tracking last year’s sales during the same time period. If subscriptions are part of your business, then those numbers can accurately predict some level of needed inventory. Seasonal items might be the big “wild card.” You want to have enough on hand to sell of new product but not so much as you’ll be stuck with it at the first of the year.

Easy Access

Inventory management can only work if your employees have easy access to what they’re shipping and selling. If clutter and rubbish stand between them and the products that they need, then everything is going to slow down. This is where Junk King Fort Lauderdale can be of assistance. These junk hauling pros can help you clear out your warehouse and storage rooms of all that unwanted inventory. Consider how much space you’ll be getting back that way. Let Junk King Fort Lauderdale help with your inventory management by clearing out the rubbish and watch how everything flows better at your business.

Smart Care For Old Antiques

An antique that has been passed down through the generations is one of those prized possessions that usually comes with a story. It might have been the first piece of furniture bought by distant relatives upon a marriage. It might have been carried over from Europe. Or it can simple be a nice piece that nobody ever wanted to get rid of. Whatever origin story is behind your antiques, you want to make sure they’re well taken care of so that you can pass them down. Here’s what you need to do:


Polish Annually, Dust Weekly

If you were to follow the instructions as seen on television, then you might think that a lemon scented dusting spray is the best way to take care of your antiques. Actually, it would be the opposite. Those sprays can lead to a major build up of residue that over time can harm the furniture. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wax or dust. The dusting can happen once a week but it’s just that: dusting. You only need a soft, lint free cloth to get the job done. As for waxing, this should be an annual task wherein you use high grade beeswax or other furniture polish. Apply a thin coat and let it stay on the piece overnight. The next morning, buff it off and watch how it will shine.

Avoid Sunlight

Natural sunlight is great for any room but it is the enemy of antiques. The UV light from the sun can cause furniture to fade in color. It can also be uneven. Any window treatment that blocks out UV light can help. Otherwise just position the pieces away from the windows and close the drapes when the room isn’t in use.

Avoid Heat

Antiques shouldn’t be place over heating vents. That warm air will dry out the piece and could even cause the old glue to fracture. It also helps to keep the humidity in a room at an even level.

With proper care, antiques can last a long time. The question then becomes, do you have room for them? A session with Junk King Fort Lauderdale can help with that issue. If you’ve got furniture, appliances and other household goods that would never be considered antiques, then turn them all over to Junk King. Make your home ready for the arrival of antiques by having Junk King Fort Lauderdale clear out your unwanted items today.

Where To Find Fast Junk Movers In Fort Lauderdale

Most major purchases for a home happen after a little planning. Whether you’re replacing a refrigerator or sofa, you’re going to do research online to find a good deal. You might visit a showroom to see the actual item in person to make sure it lives up to your expectations. After making the purchase, you’ll have to arrange for the delivery. This whole process can take a few days but once the delivery has been set up, the clock is ticking and the priority becomes getting rid of the item that you’re replacing. That’s where Junk King Fort Lauderdale comes into play. These are professional junk movers who can spring into action with a single phone call.


The average turn around for a junk removal session with Junk King is 24 hours. If you call today, then there’s a good chance your junk can be removed by tomorrow. There is an equal chance they Junk King might also have a same day pickup available. These are on a first come, first serve basis. You can also request a same day pickup in case there are any cancellations. Bottom line: Junk King likes to move fast.

Not only will the appointment happen in a timely manner but the actual work will go quick, too. You might have noticed when you move that your movers seemed to take a little time to load up but a long time to unload. This is because they charge by the hour. The longer they stay on the job, the more they get paid. Junk King doesn’t charge by the hour. They charge by the volume of what goes on the truck. If it takes a few minutes for a fast removal or a few hours for a big hoarder kind of cleanup, you’ll still only pay based on how the truck gets packed up. You’ll also know that fee before the work begins.

Of course, you don’t have to wait to hire the Junk King junk movers when you’re replacing something in your home. You can put them to work at any time to help clear out clutter from your garage, closets and spare rooms. Fast and reliable junk movers are ready to work for you with one call to Junk King Fort Lauderdale.