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Beach Safety Tips For A Better Summer

Living in Fort Lauderdale means that sooner or later you're going to the beach. Whether you go alone, with friends or family or with out-of-town guests, you want to be sure your time at the beach is safe and fun. Incorporating these beach safety tips into your trips will go a long way towards that goal. Keep An Eye Out For Warning Flags Not many people who use the beach understand what warning flags are all about. This is something you should familiarize yourself with. Red flags mean strong surf. In some cases it could also be that the beach is closed. Yellow flags indicate moderate surf. Green flags are used when the ocean is calm. Blue or purple flags are a sign of potentially dangerous aquatic life like jellyfish or sharks. There should be a sign outside of your beach that designate which flags are for what warning. beach-chairs-1548375_1280 Watch the Weather At home, you know to keep electrical devices away from your bathtub or sink. The same principle applies with lightning and large bodies of water. You might think that is thrilling to go out to the beach in a storm but you are increasing the risk for injury. If there is a thunderstorm, then you should wait until at least 30 minutes after the last boom to go back to the sand. Learn How to Swim This might seem obvious but not everyone who goes to the beach knows how to swim. Unfortunately, that doesn't keep them out of the water. You especially have to be cautious with children at the beach who haven't been taught how to swim. Once in the water, the ocean floor can shift. That means unexpected drop-offs. At the very least you should learn how to doggy paddle just in case or stay out of the ocean altogether. Swim Near Lifeguards Lifeguards are there for a reason. They are keeping a watch on all the swimmers especially in sections of the ocean where riptide currents are known to swell up. There's no reason why you need to be swimming in an area that's without lifeguards. You'll have just as much fun being watched by a lifeguard and you'll be a lot safer. Check Your Beach Gear You want to make sure your beach gear is secure when placed in the sand. There are some terrific clips attached to stakes that you can use for your blanket. Your umbrella should be positioned in the sand at least 1 foot deep. Don't just poke it in the sand but instead leverage back and forth to wedge it in. Before heading out to the beach you might need to inspect all your beach gear to make sure it is safe and still ready to use. If your umbrellas are torn or your beach chairs are ripped, then it's time to replace them. Getting rid of old beach gear is easy when you turn the task over to a company like Junk King Fort Lauderdale. One session with these professional junk haulers will have all your old beach gear gone along with the rest of your unwanted clutter. It's a terrific way to start the summer.
Beach Safety Tips For A Better Summer


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