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Category Archives: Fort Lauderdale Yard Waste Removal

How To Get Rid Of Heavy Yard Debris

How do you define heavy? Is it something you absolutely cannot lift? Do you have a limit to your lifting capabilities? This is probably the reason why most people don’t get rid of heavy yard debris. It might be easy to move a couple of feet but lifting and loading it onto a truck is out of the question without help. Of course, you also need the truck! If you need to get rid of heavy yard debris, then the best approach is to hire Junk King Fort Lauderdale.


Heavy yard debris can come in many forms. The most common here in Florida would be fallen palm fronds. Actually, they’re not heavy as much as they are hard to maneuver around without breaking them into pieces. They could also be some items that weren’t dropped in due to a storm. Patio furniture, lawnmowers, grills and planters are all things that would certainly qualify as heavy and needing help to get rid of. Junk King Fort Lauderdale provides the help in the form of a pair of very capable movers. This is a team that has a lot of experience lifting heavy objects. They know how to avoid back strain. You should never feel guilty about asking them to remove anything even something as big as a backyard hot tub.

Once all the heavy yard debris is loaded onto the Junk King truck, they can set their attention to getting rid of all the stuff from the inside of your house. You might have a heavy futon, bedroom set or baby crib that you want to remove to make room. That can all be cleared in the same exact session.

A lot of the heavy yard debris collected by Junk King Fort Lauderdale might actually be able to be recycled. Even things like chunks of concrete or bricks can be ground up and made into new materials. Junk King does do the actual recycling work but they can make sure that those items find their way to the right facility. Your back will never be at risk removing heavy yard debris when you’ve got Junk King Fort Lauderdale on the job.

Hello! Please Take my Junk Away and Save my Home

Your stunning house is dampening and piles of junk are seen all over the house. Old broken furniture, appliances are mounded in diverse corners of your property. There is no one to whom you can give away those and now you need someone, who can help you to clean your house. Junk King maintains the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) for any service business in North America, a clear indication of the importance the company places on customer satisfaction.

Well, then you have come to the right place. Our skilled troops at Junk King Ft. Lauderdale efficiently carry out the trash leaving your house spotless. Be it electrical waste or fixtures or any other home squander, we will come to your place and pick it all. Just call us and say take my junk in Ft. Lauderdale and we will be there to help you.
For junk removal services, we only charge you for items that are removed and nothing extra. We have budget friendly packages to get rid of that piece of junk taking over your living area. We reprocess wastes so that it is used somewhere else also. Our employees are trained in such a way that they complete the process of cleaning, discarding or recycling without bothering you at all. To know more about our adeptness in this field, give us a call or take a sneak peek of our website.

Yard Waste Removal Services Ft.Lauderdale – Junk king at its Best !

Its time! Seasons are here and unlike any other country people of Fort.Lauderdale hardly notices any change in the weather. But neglecting your backyard is not a good idea and prolonged cleaning can give you cleaning blues. So what do you do? Well, in that case if you want to give your garden a makeover then hiring a yard waste removal company is a great idea.

Junk King at Ft.Lauderdale offer you adept services to get rid of that trash loitering your yard. Since it involves a lot of trimming and pulling out of shrubs, removing garden waste requires expertise and tough hands.

Our boys at Junk King handle this area efficiently making sure your property look beautiful. All you need is be in charge of the Junk King team and tell them things wiped from your yard. Things like filthy birdbath, tarnished furnishings and out-of- order lawnmowers are list of things to get away with.

We, at Junk king believe in the ‘Go Green’ motto with the help of certified recycling centre. Just give us a call and we will at your door with a plan and budget friendly services to give your house a fresh look. What are waiting for? Call us and fall in love with your all over again.

Fort Lauderdale Yard Waste Removal

It is time for the seasons to turn once again. Unlike the rest of the county, here in Fort Lauderdale you hardly notice the change of seasons. That’s because the weather is pretty much perfect all year round. However, that doesn’t mean you can neglect your backyard. If you want to spruce up your patio or give your garden a boost, then it’s time for a little outdoor makeover. That could involve digging up grass, pulling out shrubs and trimming trees. To make sure all that can be handled the right way, you’ll want to call in Junk King. These are the junk hauling pros that are great at yard waste removal.


If you’ve decided that there is something on your property that you no longer want to keep, then that item has officially become junk. Out in the yard, that can include all those natural debris items plus all the stuff you’ve brought in. Things like dirty birdbaths, rusty patio furniture, broken lawnmowers and crusty BBQ grills could be on your list of things to get rid of. They’re all the perfect time of items to turn over to Junk King.

At lot of what is mentioned in this post are heavy objects. We haven’t even talked about removing stones or chunks of concrete. You shouldn’t have to strain your back when you’ve got a perfectly capable team from Junk King willing to do all the work for you. You’ll be in charge of the Junk King crew for the duration of the cleanup. All you have to do is tell them what you want removed and they’ll handle the rest.

Along with the yard waste removal, the Junk King crew can help you haul off those things you’re keeping in storage in your basement, garage or closets. Perhaps storage is the wrong word. That implies you want to keep that stuff. Instead of holding onto boxes of clothes you’ll never wear or furniture you’ll never use, give it over to Junk King.

All of that yard waste and other household junk will be destined for a certified recycling center. If Junk King can keep it out of a landfill, they will. That’s good news for Fort Lauderdale and for reducing your carbon footprint. A Junk King yard waste removal appointment can lead to a home that is completely free of clutter.

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