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Fort Lauderdale – Storage Cleanout Suggestions

The Fort Lauderdale – Storage Cleanout services we offer are second to none. Here at Junk King, we have the experience that you’re looking for when you’ve stored a lot of stuff and need it hauled away. Making sure that you pick the right storage unit at the beginning of the process is important. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips to make this part seamless.

The first thing that you need to do is make a list of everything that you plan on putting in the unit. Of course, this will dictate the size of the spatial need, but there’s more to it than that. Depending on what you’re going to put inside, you’ll want to be sure the unit has adequate ventilation.

It’s also important to make sure that you’re going to be able to pack things in such a way that you can get to them. This generally means leaving a walkway down the middle and arranging all of the things you want to store in such a way you can access them.

Fort Lauderdale – Storage Cleanout and Walkways

Generally, you’ll want to put the things that you think you might want first closer to the storage unit’s door. When it comes to the actual size of the unit that you are thinking about, rough measurements should give you a ballpark idea.

We understand that Fort Lauderdale – Storage Cleanout can be a daunting experience. In fact, we’ve seen many cases where it can become overwhelming for people who’ve lost a relative or friend who rented the unit. That’s why we’ve tried to think of everything here at Junk King. For example, one of the options we like to tell people about is donating some of the furniture they find in one of the storage units.

There’s always a non-profit and shelter in the municipality that can use a helping hand and that old extra sofa will go to good use. One of the other options that we like to promote through our Fort Lauderdale – Storage Cleanout services is recycling. It’s always a good idea to help lessen your carbon footprint when you’re cleaning your storage unit. We are always more than happy to help.

Getting in touch with our Junk King Fort Lauderdale – Storage Cleanout services is easy.

Hiring Junk King Frees Up More Time To Spend Having Fun In Fort Lauderdale

Just because you live in Fort Lauderdale doesn’t automatically mean you know how to surf, fish or water ski. It is good to know that those fun activities are always waiting for you. You just need to dedicate some time to the effort. That’s often more easily said than done especially if you have a busy work schedule. Too often your day off is dedicated to catching up to all the things you have to do around the house. That leaves very little time for fun in the sun. That can change with one call to Junk King Fort Lauderdale. When it comes to junk hauling these are the experts and they can clear your house up all kinds of clutter in no time at all.


If you ever tried to move a sofa on your own, then you know it’s a very challenging task. This is why you need the two-man crew from Junk King Fort Lauderdale. They can easy lift that sofa regardless of how cumbersome it might be. The same goes for any type of kitchen appliance, exercise equipment or other bulky items you want to get rid of. Junk King Fort Lauderdale can also clear out a bunch of little items like bags of clothing or electronic gear. It might not take two men to lift those kinds of things but you’ll still get that two-man crew regardless. It just makes things move a lot quicker.

Junk King Fort Lauderdale is also dedicated to an eco-friendly way of getting rid of junk. That certainly is good news for the environment. Junk King Fort Lauderdale knows where all the recycling centers are in the surrounding area. There also for me with the charitable organizations that take care of furniture and household goods. Junk King Fort Lauderdale has no problems making drop-offs to these organizations. It’s all included in the flat fee you’ll be paying for your services.

The work the Junk King Fort Lauderdale does is it limited to the inside of your house. They can also sweep through your backyard picking up yard waste, lumber, rocks, concrete and patio furniture. Add it all up and it’s clear you could easily fill the truck! If you want to enjoy all that the city has to offer, then turn your junk hauling needs over to Junk King Fort Lauderdale.

Clean construction waste with right junk removal services

Construction waste is a huge form of nuisance today. There is a massive development happening all over South FT. Lauderdale Florida that is resulting in accumulation of huge debris. It does not matter if you are a real estate player or an individual happening to be in the construction business. There is always a tedious process involved with the junk removal of the unused or the left over that needs an efficient haul away service.

Construction waste can be of varied types like concrete, tiles or left over wooden articles that need proper cleaning of the site. Junk King is a veteran player in this segment and offers you a plethora of services that will help you take care of junk hauling priorities. We are specialized and deeply synchronized in our teamwork offering you a complete set of services for removing for addressing your take my junk needs.

Our junk hauling method will involve an intuitive detailing of your site, we will them start the process of accumulation of your waste before giving you an estimation of our cost of services. You can be rest assured that we will take care of every intricate detail and will clear the entire site of yours with complete adherence to time.

Get the lowest written estimate with junk hauling services.

Looking for affordable, efficient and convenient junk hauler services in South Ft. Lauderdale? We are here for you. All you have to do is make a booking for our junk removal services and we will contact you soon. You can expect the team of professionals within fifteen minutes of our call. All the estimates are free of costs so that the customer doesn’t face any obligation after estimating the prices for our junk hauling services.

We totally understand that it is not possible for you to carry junks on the backseat of your car and take them to various disposal units. Our huge junk hauling trucks are very much capable of accommodating all the junks that are cluttering your house. No matter how much junk have piled up in your house and in the yard there is always enough space in the trucks to carry them away.

Let us know the volume of your yard waste, the type of waste and your desired pickup time and we will provide you with an estimate within minutes. You can easily compare the prices and make an informed choice. The team of two junk haulers who will arrive at your place are equipped with rakes, shovels, and even a trolley. Call us today!

Don’t Hurt Your Back – Hire a Ft. Lauderdale Hauling Professional

Moving heavy objects out of your Fort Lauderdale home or apartment is often not taken seriously, but it can lead to a serious lifetime of back pain and problems.  Although it is ‘possible’ to haul your old furniture or junk out on your own, it’s probably not worth the risk. Experienced and professional junk haulers like Junk King know the proper way to move large and heavy items.  Junk King Ft. Lauderdale employs trained professionals that will make sure to take care in not damaging any of your property while hauling the items out.  Although you will need to spend money for this professional service, it will be well worth the while- imagine the cost of doctors’ visits for the next several years due to a pinched nerve or rotated disk.

Junk King Fort Lauderdale Blog

Hauling Ft. LauderdaleWelcome to the Junk King Fort Lauderdale official blog! This blog will be one of our primary lines of communication to our customers, friends, fans and anyone else who is interested in our Ft. Lauderdale Junk Removal services. We will be open for business starting now, in June 2014, and we are servicing the Ft. Lauderdale area. Be sure to check in for frequent updates and news about our affordable, efficient and eco-friendly junk hauling services.