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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Fort Worth Patio Furniture Disposal

Now that Halloween is officially just around the corner, are you asking yourself, “Whatever happened to the summer?” Hopefully, you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy summer with vacation and backyard fun. Spending all that time out back might have also made you take notice of some things that aren’t what they used to be. For instance, what kind of shape is your patio furniture in? If it has seen better days than maybe you should get rid of it before the weather turns. For a job like patio furniture disposal, you’ll want to bring in the pros from Junk King.

The last time you moved your patio furniture could be when it was delivered. Sure, it might be easy to slide the chairs around but when it comes to moving that heavy wrought iron table or chaise lounge, you definitely need two people. That is exactly what Junk King is going to provide. That crew will also be rolling up in a truck that is big enough to hold whatever you’re tossing out.

Aside from having the crew do all the heavy lifting, the best thing about Junk King is their pricing policy. Junk King doesn’t charge by the pound. That will make a huge difference deciding what you want to get rid of. Instead, Junk King charges a flat rate based on an estimate of how much space your junk is going to take up on the back of the truck. Keep in mind that the Junk King crews are expert truck loaders. They want to make as many pickup stops as possible in a day. That means your junk is going to be packed in extra tight. You’ll benefit from the low end of the price scale every time.

Included in that affordable fee will be all the potential recycling drop offs that Junk King can make. They would much rather give your stuff to a charity or recycling center than dump it into a landfill. It is also a lot cheaper that way and Junk King is happy to pass those savings onto you. Best of all you won’t have to sort your stuff into recycling piles. Junk King is going to handle that automatically. Get your patio furniture disposal and junk removal handled the right way by hiring Junk King from the start!

Fort Worth Attic Cleanout

It takes a lot of effort to put something up in the attic. That is why whenever anything lands up there, it usually stays until you move out again. The question then becomes is that the best use of that space? Some attics have only limited space and much of that is taken up with insulation. However, if your attic has standing room but is crowded with clutter, you might consider calling in Junk King for a total attic cleanout.

Junk King provides every appointment with at least two capable movers. The bigger the job, the more crewmembers you can have dispatched to your home. On a recent foreclosure cleanout, Junk King has six crewmembers and three trucks handling the cleanup and it still got done in a day! For your attic cleanout, the two Junk King workers might be all you need. They won’t have a problem climbing up and down those stairs as many times as it takes to remove all your unwanted items.

After the team is done clearing out the attic, you can turn them loose throughout the rest of your home. This is a perfect opportunity to remove all kinds of furniture, appliances, clothing and other household goods. But don’t stop there! The team from Junk King can also work around your yard clearing out whatever debris you might have gathered down there. Simply put; if you want it gone, just show it to Junk King.

More good news can be found with Junk King’s rates. They are extremely affordable and based strictly on volume. Before the work begins, the Junk King crew will provide you with an estimate of how much space your junk might take up on the back of the truck. This is a price that covers all the labor, transportation and dumping. It’s also a fee that isn’t going to change. Suppose your junk takes up the whole truck instead of just half? You’ll still only pay the lower fee. That is how Junk King rolls!

Finally, Junk King provides recycling services for all your stuff. You don’t have to worry about sorting out items. The crews have all be trained to handle that task. Start with an attic cleanout and end with a home that is totally decluttered. Let Junk King show you how easy that is to accomplish.

How To Give Your Basement A Makeover In Fort Worth, TX

How much time do you spend down in your basement? If you devoted the energy and investment in making it a finished basement, then hopefully you’re getting a lot of use out of that. Of course, even a finished basement can end up becoming a storage locker. It starts with a carefully placed shelf loaded with boxes. Soon all the other things that can’t be thrown out in the trash end up in the basement. That includes stuff like old furniture, appliances and clothes. Are you ready to give your basement a makeover? That can start with the removal of all that rubbish and that can happen when you call Junk King.


Setting up a junk removal appointment with Junk King is easy. One five-minute call is all it is going to take. Before you make that call, you should have a general idea of what you want to throw out. This doesn’t have to be the final list but just an indication so Junk King will know how many crewmembers to send to your home. For instance, if you tell Junk King, “Just a few things” then they will probably dispatch their standard two-man team. If you should mention the word, “hoarder” then that becomes an entirely different situation. On one recent cleanup, Junk King sent over six workers and three trucks to get the job done.

While you’re waiting for the crew to arrive, you can finalize your removal list. Once they show up, you can take them on a quick tour of all your junk. Remember, you don’t have to move anything to the curb when Junk King is on the job. After they’ve seen all your stuff, the Junk King crew will present you with an estimate based on how much space your junk will need on the back of the truck.

One price covers everything from start to finish. That includes all the extra drops offs to charities and recycling centers. Because Junk King avoids going to landfills, they also avoid being charged with dumping fees. That’s right; it cost money to get rid of trash at a dump. Without those charges, Junk King is able to pass the savings onto you. Plus, it’s great for the environment. You don’t have to live with junk in your basement as long as Junk King is just a phone call away!


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