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Call On Junk King Fort Worth For Old Swing Set Removal And Professional Junk Hauling

How old is the swing set you have in the backyard? The answer is reflected in the age of your children. A swing set has a good run of about 10 years before it becomes too small for growing team to play on. Once those kids have gone off to college, then you’re looking at a swing set that is close to 20 years old. Although there are certainly a lot of positive memories attached to the swing set, you could probably put that patch of yard to better use. When you’re ready to get rid of your old swing set, Junk King Fort Worth will be standing by to help.


The majority of junk removal sessions completed by Junk King Fort Worth involve lifting and loading of things like old furniture, boxes and appliances. However, there are those jobs that require dismantling. Getting rid of an old swing set would certainly fall into that category. The crew from Junk King Fort Worth have a lot of experience with these types of removal projects. They’ll come equipped tools and the know-how to get the job done in a very timely fashion.

Speaking of time, you won’t have to worry about labor costs for this type of work. No matter how long the crew takes to tear down the swing set you’ll only be paying a flat fee that is based upon volume. It all comes down to how much space though use to pack up all your stuff onto the truck. That is all they are focused on. In these crews like to pack up that truck very tightly. That will result in a good price for you. It’s a price you’ll know before the work begins just so that everyone’s on the same page. Even if your junk takes up more room on the truck, you’ll still be paying that original estimate.

Once the crew is finished taken apart the old swing set you can ask them to remove the items you have in your garage, basement and closets that you want to get rid of. Having two movers in a truck can make a huge difference when it comes to getting rid of all your unwanted stuff. Take care of old swing set removal and junk hauling the right way by turning that job over to Junk King Fort Worth today.

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