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Monthly Archives: April 2021

Junk King Can Help With A Garage Cleanup

The weekends are often considered “garage time.” That is when many folks like to head out to the garage and “tinker” on projects. Those projects can be anything from car repairs to arts and crafts. It is not uncommon to go through a neighborhood and see garage doors open up and down the street on a Saturday morning. Of course, there are some garages that have to be kept close just because of the amount of clutter and rubbish that is occupying the space. If your garage has become overrun with rubbish, then it might be time to spend one of those Saturday mornings sorting through all your stuff. When the sorting is done, you will want to bring in the crew from Junk King Fort Worth to clear out all the things you have designated as unwanted.

So Much Space

You have probably forgotten what your garage looked like when it was empty. There is a lot of space there especially if it is a two or three car garage! To get that space back you need to get rid of the clutter. Junk King is going to assign you a team of movers and a big truck for that goal. This is all you really need to get rid of any amount of unwanted items regardless of size or weight. The only thing that the Junk King crew is prohibited from transporting are things that would be deemed hazardous materials like paints, pesticides and solvents. Those things need to be dropped off at a hazardous material site. The Junk King crew can help you find the nearest site for the drop off. As for everything else, there is a spot waiting for on the back of the Junk King truck!

Getting your garage cleared out only takes some sorting time and a single session with Junk King Fort Worth. Set up your removal session today.

Shed Teardown 101: Everything You Need to Know

Are you finally ready to remove that old, raggedy shed in your backyard? Frankly, it can be frustrating to have an old rotting structure taking up space in your yard. What might have started with a few hardware tools and equipment can sometimes lead to a shed that’s overrun with junk. Besides, sheds also tend to outlive their usefulness and become eyesores. With its leaky roof, rust-covered panels, and sagging doors, it’s time for that dilapidated shed to go!

While demolishing a shed seems like an easy, straightforward job, it’s a messy one that leaves you often asking, ‘How do I clean up the huge mess of leftover demolition debris?’

That’s where Junk King Fort Worth can help. We are the go-to professionals for fast, efficient shed teardowns. Here’s everything you need to know about how to dismantle and dispose of your old garden shed.


Shed Teardown




Are you looking for a Shed Cleanout or A Total Teardown? 


When we arrive to give you a free on-site estimate, we will determine if you are looking for a shed cleanout or a total shed teardown. If your shed is falling apart or starting to rot, we inspect to determine how to remove it safely.

First, we determineif your shed has a base or a foundation. If your shed lacks a base and has direct contact with the ground, we find that these structures often absorb much more moisture, leading to premature rotting and decay, not to mention leaking and pest infestations.

After assessing the overall condition of your shed, we will remove any apparent hazards before you start decluttering and demolishing.


Pro Tip: If electricity or other utilities run through your shed, you’ll need to contact the utility companies to shut them off. A licensed contractor should be able to assist you in shutting off and taking out electricity before demolition.

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Junk King Fort Worth’s Step-by-Step Approach To Shed Teardowns

First things first, if your shed is newer and has salvageable materials, then deconstruction is approached with recycling and repurposing in mind. We do this by sorting metals from debris throughout the deconstruction process. 

Keep in mind that depending on your shed and your needs, this is a straightforward process that takes our junk hauling professionals no time to complete. Learn more here. 

Here is how Junk King Fort Worth will tear down your shed, step by step: 


Step 1: Shed Cleanout

We have the professionals and the truck size to make sure all items are removed from the interior and exterior of the demolition zone rather quickly.

Step 2: Detach The Windows And Doors

Use a screwdriver to detach the door hinges and a pry bar to remove the windows. If in good condition, we can salvage these parts by donating or repurposing them.


Step 3: Total Tear Down

We always take the proper safety precautions but can get a shed torn down quickly. Though it’s challenging work, the reward comes from seeing you, the owner, be able to regain and reclaim your new open space. 


Step 5: Dispose of the Debris

Shed tear downs generate a lot of waste, but our trucks are larger than the competitors and can handle hauling away the debris that comes with a total teardown.


Working With Junk King Fort Worth

Let us pick up and haul away your unwanted shed. At Junk King, we’re junk removal experts. We’ll handle all the heavy lifting and guarantee safe, efficient shed removal and cleaning. Our goal is to ensure you never get overwhelmed with junk. Whether it’s for shed teardowns or to clear out anything else you no longer need, give us a call today, and we’ll take care of it!


Bigger Trucks


Three Things To Remember About Storage Unit Cleanouts in Fort Worth


In 2015, HuffPost published that there were more storage facilities than McDonald’s in America. Texas tops the list of states with the highest number of storage facilities in the U.S.; in 2020, it had 5,234. The more there are, the higher the chances of headaches storage facility managers have to put up with when tenants can’t keep up with the payments.

If you are a property manager of storage units, we empathize with you and want to make your work easier by offering these three things to consider: 


Reduce Delinquencies With Creative Solutions 


After notifying your tenants of the rent due and they keep ignoring your messages and mail, it is time to take matters into your hands. After all, you are in business and need to rent out the facility to another tenant. However, before you let anger get the best of you and seek out auctioning services, it is important to remember that resorting to auctioning off abandoned items hardly ever covers the loss of rent but will always reflect badly on the storage facility’s reputation, not to mention negatively impact your working capital. 

Remember that some tenants simply wanted to rent your storage facility for a short while as they take on a brief decluttering project at home, but possibly got in over their heads. Others, likely need more space and once their junk was out of sight out of mind, so was the dedication to secure storage for it. Still, regardless of the reason that causes a person to stop paying rent on their storage unit, getting creative to reduce delinquencies is a must know skill that storage facility managers will need to employ more often than not. Some managers offer to waive late fees if they pay back rent in cash, while others offer short term reduced payments in order to help tenants pay down back rent.


Junk King Fort Worth servicemen at work loading wooden items to back of a red Junk King truck

Decrease Your Tenant Turnaround Time  


Once you’ve tried to work with a delinquent storage unit tenant to no avail, it’s time to take action quickly. The next step is to assess if the property inside the unit is worth selling. Part of that assessment is to factor in the time and cost it takes to auction off the property. Ask yourself, at the end of it all will I recoup my expenses and rent?  As much as you require a new tenant moving in so you can get back to making some income, be thorough in assessing the costs to go with auctioning services.

Also consider that competing storage facilities offer free first-month promotions for new customers. With such stiff competition, your storage units have to stand out, and one way of gaining a competitive advantage is making sure you have available units that are clean, without damage and ready to rent quickly. 

Since storage unit cleanouts and cleanup can take a while, especially if you have multiple storage facilities to clean out, we advise renting a dumpster. That way, you can clean out at your pace and only pay for the period you will rent and the amount of space your junk takes up in the dumpster. Besides, it comes in handy when you don’t have a truck to transport your waste or save you the time required to make several trips to the waste management facility.


Rent Your Junk King MINI Today!


Partner With The Storage Unit Cleanout Pros in Fort Worth


As a property manager, you already have so much to do to keep your storage units in good condition, so having to deal with hauling unwanted junk will take up valuable time. We recommend getting assistance because the faster you can get the abandoned items out of the storage facility, the faster you can get another tenant to rent it. While asking friends to help with your storage facility cleanout looks like a great alternative, they are not professionals. They don’t know how to sort e-waste and haul heavy stuff, so if they injure themselves, you will have to pay their medical expenses.

At Junk King Fort Worth, our team is insured, so you don’t have to worry about digging deeper into pockets. We make storage unit cleanouts in Fort Worth hassle-free in every aspect. Besides providing you with a standard two-man moving team, we do everything possible to keep the charge at a minimum. Our red trucks are big enough to haul as many storage boxes you want to be taken away as possible. We charge depending on the space your junk takes up, so we stuck them up high to keep the fees minimal.

Since we want you back in business at the earliest convenience, we have a two-hour appointment window; sometimes, we only take 15 minutes to haul your junk away. At Junk King, we offer you the choice between self-service or full-service because customer satisfaction is paramount to us. Contact us today for the best storage facility cleanout in Fort Worth.



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Junk King Fort Worth Customers Post More Positive Reviews

What was the last business you researched? It could’ve been a restaurant that you want to order takeout from but hadn’t tried before. It could’ve been a plumber that you needed for a fast fix. Whatever the reason, the ability to research a company online provide you with confidence in hiring that company.  One of the most important things you can research are reviews for the company. That will tell you in an instant just how the majority of customers feel about that company’s services. That would even apply when you need to have junk remove from your home.

Junk King Fort Worth is a professional junk hauling service that has been providing rubbish in junk removal for residents all across the area. If you were to research reviews for Junk King Fort Worth, then you would likely come across a few like these:

“Great fast friendly service! Communication was great, price was reasonable. Have use the service before and highly recommend!” – Ed, Azle

“On time delivery and pick up. Dumpster was in good condition. It was just what we needed to clean up after we had a few home projects completed.” – Katherine, Arlington

Yes, Junk King even rents dumpsters for extended cleanups. All you have to do is load up the dumpster and Junk King will handle the rest.

“On time, polite, efficient, responsive.” – Wayne, Arlington

These reviews are typical of how junk King customers feel about working with this company. When you set up an appointment, junk King will ask which day of the week works best for your schedule. You only need to pick a two-hour window within that day to handle the removal session. It probably will take the junk King crew less than 20 minutes to get rid of all of the things that you want to clear out. That seems to be the average amount of time. The rest of that to our is taken up with traffic! Junk King could also provide a same day pickup.

You won’t have to wait long to get rid of your junk with Junk King Fort Worth on the job. Book your session today.

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