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A Fast Approach For A Property Cleanup

Beyond owning your own home, there are many opportunities for investments in real estate that can generate consistent revenue. Even of vacant lot can be developed as a rental property with the right house. Before any of that revenue can be created those investments need to be cleaned up. Not every property is “turnkey ready.” If you are investing in a property that needs a significant cleanup, then you can count on the team from Junk King Fort Worth to handle that task from start to finish.

No Challenges

It might seem like an overwhelming challenge to clear out all the rubbish and trash from an abandoned property. Actually, it would be a challenge if you had to do that on your own. It would require hiring a crew that you can trust, renting a truck, devoting time to the cleanup and then taking care of all the disposal. That is a lot of work to take care of especially if you are working at another full-time job. Instead, that cleanup can be turned over to Junk King. Junk King provides at least two movers with every appointment.  Those movers operate out of a truck big enough to hold the equivalent of six pickup trucks worth of rubbish. This is really all you need to take care of any level of property cleanup.

The first thing that the Junk King crew will do is assess the amount of stuff that needs to be cleared away. This is how they will determine what the final price for the service will be. Nothing is going to be put on a scale. It all comes down to how the truck will be packed up. The less space that your stuff fills up, the less you will pay.

Don’t be overwhelmed with a property cleanup. Just call in the team from Junk King Fort Worth to take care of it all.

Planning A Cleanup? Check Out These Summer Cleaning Tips From Junk King!

If a cleaning spree has been on your mind, read the summer cleaning guide from Junk King
and make the process simpler.


Summer cleaning is an important part of moving on from the past and getting the next fun part of the year started. This is much easier when you are not weighed down with seasonal junk or the cluttered home that usually comes along with it. Using Junk King to help is the first big tip in your summer cleaning guide.

What is Summer Cleaning?


A lot of people know that spring cleaning has always been a trend, as the long winter months and staying inside causes a buildup of dust that has to be removed when the weather finally gets warmer. This is like when people used to cover the floor in rugs, and beat those rugs to get the dust out of there. Those days are long gone.  Vacuuming regularly is a thing and society has moved on to a new kind of annual cleaning.

During the fall and winter, fast fashion piles up clothes that will be good for one season, possibly two at the most. Then it has to go somewhere and that somewhere is usually either a basement, an attic, a garage, or a storage unit away from home. Even though we tell ourselves every year that “this time it’s different,” this is almost never what we actually end up doing when it comes time to buy and discard our wardrobe.

Summer cleaning is your chance to let go of the old memories, the old image you presented to the world, and to the summer sun toys that were not as fun or used as often as they should have been. Realistically, most of us simply do not have the time to organize, catalog, and resell our items, even if we could get back a sizable portion of what we originally spent on them.

Summer fun is great, but it loses some of the lusters when you have a bunch of junk mentally weighing you down. It’s like when you know you have a chore to do, but you put it off, and it nags at the back of your mind while you are trying to have a good time. The good news is that you do not have to do your summer cleaning for yourself. Everything from old damaged pots and pans from the kitchen to your old broken water heater could be sitting in there, and that is a lot to remove on your own.

What You No Longer Need

Almost anything can qualify as junk, just because you no longer need it. How many of the long- and short-sleeved shirts in your bedrooms do you still actually wear? Have you checked to see if your herbs and spices have reached their expiration date? How long has it been since you have cleaned out all of your cabinets, fridge and freezer? The garage is often the place where almost-wanted items go when it isn’t quite acceptable to get rid of them just yet.

Old tools and holiday decorations are very space-inefficient, both when you are storing them and when you try to get rid of them. For the most part, these are difficult to resell and will stay until you toss them. Of course, they also take up as much space in a trash tote as they do in the garage. Throwing away what you no longer need is a good idea, both to reduce your stress and to make your home a more welcoming place.

Throwing away bulky and irregular items is easier said than done. You could spend a few months putting out a bag or two of trash at a time; however, that could take a long time to get rid of everything. Some items though, like construction debris and old concrete, will not get picked up by your regular trash collectors.

Where Does Junk King Fort Worth Service?


Junk King Fort Worth is happy to service the communities we love. If you live in or near Fort Worth, or the surrounding areas, we can help with your bulk waste removal! Service areas include:

  • Aledo
  • Alvarado
  • Arlington
  • Azle
  • Burleson
  • Cleburne
  • Crowley
  • Fort Worth
  • Haltom City
  • Haslet
  • Hurst
  • Joshua
  • Keene
  • Kennedale
  • Mansfield
  • Naval Air Station/JRB
  • Richland Hills
  • Weatherford
  • And more! Call to find out if we service your Fort Worth community! 


Junk King Makes it Easy


Outsourcing is great for a lot of things in life and this would be a bad end-of-summer cleaning guide not to mention that having Junk King haul away your old items is a great decision. You get to save your time, save your back, and just make the stuff go away once and for all — at least until the next time you have more than you want to think about. So give Junk King a call today, and get your old garbage out of your life for good.

Bigger Trucks

Clear Out Your Old Washing Machine With Help From Junk King

When you need to replace your washing machine the first step is always to clear that appliance out of the laundry. It might be that you are just moving it out of the way temporarily so that the new washing machine can be delivered and hooked up. Unfortunately, once an old washing machine is put on the back porch or out in the garage it tends to linger there. That is because it is not easy to dispose of that kind of bulky item. The best way to clear out an old washing is to bring in outside help. That help should come from Junk King Fort Worth.

Heavy Isn’t A Problem

A washing machine is a very heavy appliance. That requires experience when it comes to removing that appliance without causing any damage to your walls and floors. Every two-man moving crew from Junk King will have that level of experience. The weight of that washing machine won’t be a problem when it comes to determining what the cost is. That is because Junk King never charges by the pound. Instead, Junk King offers a flat rate that covers all the labor, transportation and disposal. That flat rate is always based on how everything fits on to the back of the junking truck. If all you were getting rid of was a single washing machine, then you would pay the low end of the price scale. But this is an opportunity to get rid of a lot more unwanted items from your home and yard.

The Junk King team can clear out all kinds of yard debris. That includes taking apart structures like an old swing set or even a backyard fence. It will all be covered in that flat fee.

Getting rid of an old washing machine is easy. Just give the job to Junk King Fort Worth today.

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