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Cool Camping Hacks To Use In Your Next Outdoor Trip

Camping is a great vacation for the whole family to enjoy. As with any type of vacation, you need to do little prep work before heading out to make sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. With camping, you are often left to your own devices. These cool camping hacks can definitely improve your next outdoor trip. camping-987707_1280 Use Shower Curtain As A Tarp An old shower curtain makes a great tarp. Instead of throwing your old one away, rinse it off and then bundle it up for your next trip. You should have a couple of tarps for under your tent, over your cooler and on top of any other items that you want to keep dry throughout the trip. Turn a Toilet Paper Roll into a Fire Starter A couple weeks before heading out on your camping vacation, you will want to start saving those empty toilet paper rolls. By stuffing them with lint from your dryer or other kindling, you can create a terrific fire starter. Just place the tube under your campfire would and watch how quickly your fire springs to life. Use Tea Tree Oil as Bug Repellent If you haven't heard of it before, then you need to familiarize yourself with tea tree oil. Applied directly, it can be a great antiseptic to prevent infections when treating poison ivy or bug bites. Mix 40 drops of tea tree oil in 16 ounces of water and you create a powerful spray to keep away ticks and mosquitoes. Best of all, it's 100% natural. Use Shade Whether you are camping out in a tent or an RV, you want to utilize whatever shade you can. By parking your RV or pitching your tent under shade you can reduce the heat by about 10°. You will have plenty of opportunity to watch amazing sunsets and sunrises. But it's much better to stay cool the rest of the time. Watch the Way the Wind Blows Before you pitch your tent get a sense of which way the wind is blowing. Ideally, you want to be upwind of your campfire. This is especially true if you're at a campground with multiple campfire sites. Being downwind means everything you wear will smell like smoke. Inspect Your Gear Part of your camping preparation should be inspecting your gear. You don't want to get outdoors and find that your tent has a hole in it or your portable stove is no longer working. If you find your camping gear is faulty, then hire Junk King Fort Worth for fast disposal. Getting rid of all that bulky gear is going to make a big difference in your garage. You can also use Junk King Fort Worth to get rid of all the other unwanted clutter in the same session. Perfect way to start the summer!
Cool Camping Hacks To Use In Your Next Outdoor Trip


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