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Category Archives: Fort Worth Junk Removal

Bulk Trash Pickup: And How It Is Changing Junk Removal In Fort Worth

Bulk Trash Pick Up

Gone are the days of making an unplanned trip to the nearest waste transfer station or landfill with bags and bags of excess trash and garbage you couldn’t fit into your residential trash container.

And you can forget about stuffing your trash bin with extra bags of trash each week until you get rid of all the “overflow” garbage you created after the holidays or from the big BBQ get-together you had last month.

With the option of professional, reliable, and affordable bulk trash pick up from Junk King Fort Worth , junk removal in the Fort Worth area is changing.

What is Fort Worth Bulk Trash Pickup?

For many of those living in or around Fort Worth, bulk trash can mean many things.

Typically, it simply involves excess or overflow trash or garbage that can’t fit into standard residential waste bins. For others, however, bulk trash is anything that needs to be gotten rid of that you normally wouldn’t try to put in the household trash bin.

Things like old fencing, tractor parts, stacks of broken down cardboard boxes… and on and on.

At Junk King Fort Worth TX, we just think of it all as “junk removal” but we understand that there is a common perception of trash versus junk.

The good news is that there is no distinction when it comes to removing it, loading it, and hauling it away for you.

Junk King Fort Worth’s residential bulk trash pick up services are an “on-demand” trash pickup solution for bulk garbage. And we know that household or residential garbage and trash removal is not always simple.

For starters, not everything that we label as “garbage” should be landfilled. However, not everything in our bulk trash is reusable or recyclable, either. Of course, some household trash is biodegradable and earth-friendly. But some of our garbage items are inherently toxic, hazardous, and can stay around in landfills for decades.

All of which is why you need a reliable, professional, and affordable bulk trash pickup service.

Say Goodbye to Bulk Trash with Junk King Fort Worth!

Are you tired of seeing piles of yard waste, bulk items, and bulky items cluttering up your space in Fort Worth, TX? Well, it’s time to say hello to Junk King Fort Worth – your one-stop-shop for bulk trash removal! Our team of professionals is like a pack of superheroes, ready to swoop in and save the day by removing all your unwanted junk. So, sit back, relax, and let us handle the heavy lifting!

Yard Waste? No Problem!

Let’s face it – yard waste can be a real pain in the…yard. But don’t worry, Junk King Fort Worth has got you covered! From leaves and branches to grass clippings and tree stumps, our team can handle any type of yard waste. And because we’re environmentally conscious, we’ll make sure that all your yard waste is disposed of in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Bulky Items – No Sweat!

Got bulk items or bulky items taking up valuable real estate in your home or office? Well, it’s time to say goodbye! Junk King Fort Worth specializes in the removal of bulk items such as furniture, appliances, and electronics, as well as bulky items like mattresses, couches, and hot tubs. Our team of bulk & bulky item removal specialists will come to your location, remove the items you no longer need, and dispose of them properly. It’s like magic – except it’s not. It’s just us doing what we do best!

Recycling – Going Green Has Never Been Easier!

Junk King Fort Worth is also a leading provider of commercial recycling services in the Fort Worth, TX area. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, we can help you dispose of your recyclable items in an environmentally friendly manner. With our commercial recycling services, you’ll not only be helping the environment, but you’ll also be doing your part to reduce waste. So, let’s all do our part and go green!

What are the Benefits of Fort Worth Bulk Trash Pickup?

Junk removal Fort worth

When it comes to hiring a professional service for garbage pickup and garbage removal, Fort Worth TX residents may feel that it’s a bit much just for excess trash.

But the alternative to professional bulk trash pickup isn’t so appealing, to be quite honest.

If you think about it, when you need bulk trash pickup along with other junk removal tasks, perhaps, there are only three options really:

  1. You can do it all yourself.
  2. Try to get a friend or family member to do it for you.
  3. Or you can just hire a professional firm.

Thinking about the first option for a moment, if you don’t own a pickup truck – although many Fort Worthians do –  or you own one, but you can no longer safely load and unload heavy or bulky junk items, this really isn’t an option for you.

And let’s say, for argument’s sake, that you do have a truck and you are able to toss trash bags around like a rodeo bull tossing riders, is this really how you want to spend your time and money on a weekend?

Now, the next option can be even more unlikely for many people. While almost everyone has kinfolk and buddies with trucks, trying to recruit them for some bulk trash hauling may not be the best way to keep those relationships!


New call-to-action

So, that just leaves Option Three.

And, while we may be biased, we truly do believe that the far better alternative to a DIY approach to trash pickup is hiring professionals for your Fort Worth area trash pickup needs. In fact, the primary benefit of bulk trash pickup is that you don’t have to do it yourself! 

Junk King Fort Worth: your “done-for-you” or DFY trash pickup solution.

How to Schedule a Fort Worth Bulk Trash Pickup

One of the great things about doing business with Junk King is how simple and easy it is to schedule a bulk trash pickup.

In fact, a bulk trash pickup with Junk King requires nothing more than one phone call or a simple transaction on our website. 

Here’s how simple it is to schedule bulk trash pickup with Junk King:

  1. Step One is to contact us to schedule a bulk trash pickup session.

Give us a call and let us know what you need disposed of and hauled away. And remember that it doesn’t just have to be trash or garbage – we’ll take that old mattress, appliance, or you’re your old hot tub. And you can also text us if you prefer. Just send us an image or two of the junk you want removed, and we’ll get it done. Finally, you can simply book an appointment with us online.

Once you have a date for us to come out, we’ll provide you with all our available two-hour slots for that day. You simply choose the time, we book the appointment, and we’re good to go!

  1. Step Two: Be ready for our professional bulk trash pickup team to arrive.

Our two-person junk removal (and bulk trash pickup) team will call you 15 to 30 minutes before they arrive to confirm your appointment and to let you know they are on their way. Once they arrive, our friendly team will provide you with a free estimate based on how much space your trash and junk will take up in our truck.

And, by the way, there is no need to pile up your debris items or haul them out to your driveway.

  1. Step Three involves you pointing while we do all the heavy lifting.

If you like our estimate, then our team will proceed to remove all your piles of bulk trash and garbage along with any other junk items and materials that you point out to us. Aside from what is known as Household Hazardous Waste (HHW), we can take just about anything and everything, including large furniture, old swing sets, and even used mattresses.

And not only do we take care of all the lifting, we also do it without any hidden fees or added charges.

Want a bit more in the way of tips and helps when it comes to bulk garbage removal? Check out our handy “Simple Steps” guide:

Fort Worth Garbage Removal

Get Rid of Your Garbage with Our Dumpster Rental Service in Fort Worth Area

Are you ready to experience the convenience of dumpster rental service? Fort Worth area residents can take advantage of a perfectly-sized, user-friendly, and driveway-safe, roll-off dumpster rental for all their home and small business bulk garbage disposal needs. 

It’s quite possible that you’re engaged in a cleaning project that is going to take a few days and the trash and garbage will be piling up day after day. 

So, instead of creating a massive pile or two of garbage just waiting to be loaded up in a truck and hauled off, a dumpster rental service allows you to “stage” all that garbage and other junk in one, handy, easy-to-load debris bin that holds up to 12-cubic yards of material. 

Does a rental dumpster sound like the better garbage disposal and pickup option for you? Then just give us a call today!

Free Junk Removal Price Estimator

What to Expect When Using Junk King’s Service

When it comes to choosing the best service for your trash pickup here in the Fort Worth area, Junk King is really your only choice.

With just one call to Junk King Fort Worth, you can easily and quickly have us show up at your home or place of business and haul away your excess trash and other unwanted junk and waste. In addition, we offer a wide variety of other professional junk removal and hauling services for the entire Fort Worth and Mid-Cities area including locations such as Colleyville, North Richland Hills, Keene, and, of course, Fort Worth.

Best of all, our expert junk removal services are both green and affordable because we do junk removal better than anyone!

Make the call to Junk King Fort Worth for your garbage and trash recycling needs today. When you call, tell us about the old furniture and other junk items you want to have hauled away from your home, office, or workplace.

So, let’s schedule a time that works for you and your busy schedule.

You can be assured that our professional and insured junk removal team will be there on time, as promised, and we’ll call about 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive on site. Once we’re on site and can see what you have and how much room it will take in our truck, you’ll get an estimate from us in writing that is guaranteed to beat any other written estimates. 


Green Junk Hauling in Fort Worth: The Best Way to Deal with your Junk


Junk King Fortworth


What do you get when you combine extremely fast population growth and higher standards of living? You generally get a healthier economy, more financial opportunities…and more trash. Here in Fort Worth, Texas, we had an estimated population of 854,000 in 2016. At that time, we were the 16th largest city in the United States. However, we are also today the fastest growing large city in America. Over the past 20 years, Fort Worth has grown by approximately 50 percent, and in the coming years we may move into the top 10 largest cities in the country. 


Though all of this is certainly good news for business owners in Fort Worth, the population explosion has also led to several impending waste management crises. Below we´ll take a look at the looming landfill scarcity crisis that may come to affect our city in the coming years. We then explain why hiring Junk King of Fort Worth for all your junk removal needs is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly ways to deal with your waste streams. 


Full Service Junk Removal


The Coming Landfill Scarcity Crisis in Fort Worth


According to the City of Fort Worth, residents, homeowners, and businesses across the city generate approximately 784,008 tons of municipal solid waste annually. The vast majority of that 2,562 tons of trash per day are being sent directly to Fort Worth’s Southeast Landfill. This landfill, which is located on Salt Road off Interstate 20, was originally expected to service the Fort Worth and surrounding communities for at least the next five decades. However, our growing population, increased consumer spending, and a relatively paltry recycling rate have forced city planners to change their assessment. Today, with the available landfill space decreasing at a faster rate than desired, most experts believe that the landfill will only last half that time. 


Robert Smouse, the Assistant Director of Code Compliance for the City of Fort Worth, recently shared that an estimated 240,000 20-pound bags of trash arrive at the landfill on a daily basis. At the same time, only about 24 percent of the city had diverted waste from the Southeast Landfill by opting to utilize recycling. Fort Worth´s residential diversion rate, defined as the amount of waste that is recycled as opposed to put into the garbage, stands at about 21 percent. This is significantly lower than other major metropolitan areas across the country. 


With major challenges to the recycling industry expected in coming years, and no apparent end to Fort Worth´s fast population growth, the area´s main landfill may even fill up faster than what many experts expect. When this occurs, the City will be forced to spend even more resources on transporting increasing amounts of trash further distances to distant landfills. In the worst case scenario, residents and business owners may even experience delays and suspensions in regular trash removal service. 


Bigger Trucks


How Junk King of Fort Worth Can Help with All of your Junk Hauling Needs

Junk King Junk hauling

So what exactly can be done to ensure that large amounts of our trash and junk items are not simply send to the quickly-filling-up landfill just outside our city? Might there be a way to dispose of our waste in and simple and efficient, yet also environmentally friendly manner? 


Enter Junk King of Fort Worth. For several years now, we have been the region´s top-rated junk hauling company, and for good reason! Besides offering the most affordable prices, the absolute best customer service, and the most efficient junk removal service, we are also one of the few junk haulers that has an environmental ethic at the foundation of our business practice. 


Our junk removal teams take the extra time to sort through the junk items that we pick up. If the items are in decent shape, we make sure to send those items to thrift stores, donation centers, charities, and others who can help to get used furniture, appliances, and other household items into the hands of people who need them in our community. If the items are simply beyond repair, we also sort through them to ensure that every recyclable item is recycled. We put an extra emphasis on recycling all types of electronic waste (e-waste), to ensure that these potentially toxic waste elements do not contaminate our local environment. 


Today, we are proud to say that up to 60 percent of the junk items we pick up either get recycled, donated, or otherwise repurposed. That percentage is almost three times higher than the City´s current waste diversion rate!


Junk King of Fort Worth offers its services to both residential and commercial services throughout the city. We are proud to provide the region’s top-rated, most efficient, and most environmentally friendly junk removal services to the Fort Worth area, including the communities of Alvarado, Arlington, Azle, Bedford, Cleburne, Colleyville, Coppell, Euless, Flower Mound, Fort Worth, Grapevine, Haltom City, Haslet, Hurst, Keller, North Richland Hills, and Weatherford. 


The size of the job doesn’t matter to our junk removal professional. For jobs big and small, Junk King of Fort Worth takes it all! Examples of some the junk we can help you haul away include:


  • Furniture Removal
  • Television Disposal & Recycling
  • Yard Waste Removal
  • Foreclosure Clean Outs
  • Appliance Removal
  • Hot Tub Disposal
  • E-Waste Disposal
  • Trash Removal
  • Mattress Disposal
  • Refrigerator Disposal & Recycling
  • Construction Waste Removal
  • Garbage Removal


As long as your junk is not classified as hazardous waste, we can help you get rid of those items to free up space in your home. We also offer self-service junk removal through our MINI dumpster rentals.  These dumpster are ideal for DIY projects, and are a great asset when decluttering during a move or other life transition.


How to Contact Junk King of Fort Worth? 


Providing our customers with “fair and transparent” pricing is one of the hallmarks of our company and we even offer your four different ways to get a free estimate:


  1. On-Site Pricing Estimate: On-site pricing is the best and most accurate way for us to assess the job and offer you the lowest price. Unlike other companies, our on-site pricing estimates are completely free, and come with no-obligation on your part. Our junk removal professionals will inspect the junk you need hauled away and offer you an upfront price. If a price agreed upon, we will often be able to get rid of your junk on the same day. 
  2. Call to Talk with a Trained Customer Service Representative: If you´d prefer to talk with someone before making a decision, you can call us toll-free at l 888-888-JUNK or at (706) 705-5320. Our customer service representatives can help you plan the logistics for any large-scale junk removal. 
  3. Text us a Photo: For smaller jobs, you can simply take a photo of your items, text us at 737-888-5865, and we will text you back an estimate. Once you accept the estimate, all you have to do is wait for the Junk King truck to arrive.
  4. Online pricing estimator: Lastly, Junk King of Fort Worth also offers an easy-to-use online pricing estimator. Simply enter your zip code to ensure that you are in the right service area and provide a few more pieces of information regarding the junk you need removed. Our pricing estimator allows you to receive a transparent cost estimate based on either the actual items you need hauled away, or the anticipated volume in the Junk King truck you plan on taking up. The online pricing estimator is convenient, reliable, and time saving for those on a tight schedule. 


No matter what option you choose, as soon as a price is agreed upon, you choose a date and two-hour service window that works for your schedule. Our junk removal professionals will call you 15-30 minutes before we show up to promptly take your junk! 


When you’re in need of a junk hauling team, and want to choose the greenest junk removal company in the industry, contact us or give us a call 1-888-888-JUNK (5865).


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Planning A Cleanup? Check Out These Summer Cleaning Tips From Junk King!

If a cleaning spree has been on your mind, read the summer cleaning guide from Junk King
and make the process simpler.


Summer cleaning is an important part of moving on from the past and getting the next fun part of the year started. This is much easier when you are not weighed down with seasonal junk or the cluttered home that usually comes along with it. Using Junk King to help is the first big tip in your summer cleaning guide.

What is Summer Cleaning?


A lot of people know that spring cleaning has always been a trend, as the long winter months and staying inside causes a buildup of dust that has to be removed when the weather finally gets warmer. This is like when people used to cover the floor in rugs, and beat those rugs to get the dust out of there. Those days are long gone.  Vacuuming regularly is a thing and society has moved on to a new kind of annual cleaning.

During the fall and winter, fast fashion piles up clothes that will be good for one season, possibly two at the most. Then it has to go somewhere and that somewhere is usually either a basement, an attic, a garage, or a storage unit away from home. Even though we tell ourselves every year that “this time it’s different,” this is almost never what we actually end up doing when it comes time to buy and discard our wardrobe.

Summer cleaning is your chance to let go of the old memories, the old image you presented to the world, and to the summer sun toys that were not as fun or used as often as they should have been. Realistically, most of us simply do not have the time to organize, catalog, and resell our items, even if we could get back a sizable portion of what we originally spent on them.

Summer fun is great, but it loses some of the lusters when you have a bunch of junk mentally weighing you down. It’s like when you know you have a chore to do, but you put it off, and it nags at the back of your mind while you are trying to have a good time. The good news is that you do not have to do your summer cleaning for yourself. Everything from old damaged pots and pans from the kitchen to your old broken water heater could be sitting in there, and that is a lot to remove on your own.

What You No Longer Need

Almost anything can qualify as junk, just because you no longer need it. How many of the long- and short-sleeved shirts in your bedrooms do you still actually wear? Have you checked to see if your herbs and spices have reached their expiration date? How long has it been since you have cleaned out all of your cabinets, fridge and freezer? The garage is often the place where almost-wanted items go when it isn’t quite acceptable to get rid of them just yet.

Old tools and holiday decorations are very space-inefficient, both when you are storing them and when you try to get rid of them. For the most part, these are difficult to resell and will stay until you toss them. Of course, they also take up as much space in a trash tote as they do in the garage. Throwing away what you no longer need is a good idea, both to reduce your stress and to make your home a more welcoming place.

Throwing away bulky and irregular items is easier said than done. You could spend a few months putting out a bag or two of trash at a time; however, that could take a long time to get rid of everything. Some items though, like construction debris and old concrete, will not get picked up by your regular trash collectors.

Where Does Junk King Fort Worth Service?


Junk King Fort Worth is happy to service the communities we love. If you live in or near Fort Worth, or the surrounding areas, we can help with your bulk waste removal! Service areas include:

  • Aledo
  • Alvarado
  • Arlington
  • Azle
  • Burleson
  • Cleburne
  • Crowley
  • Fort Worth
  • Haltom City
  • Haslet
  • Hurst
  • Joshua
  • Keene
  • Kennedale
  • Mansfield
  • Naval Air Station/JRB
  • Richland Hills
  • Weatherford
  • And more! Call to find out if we service your Fort Worth community! 


Junk King Makes it Easy


Outsourcing is great for a lot of things in life and this would be a bad end-of-summer cleaning guide not to mention that having Junk King haul away your old items is a great decision. You get to save your time, save your back, and just make the stuff go away once and for all — at least until the next time you have more than you want to think about. So give Junk King a call today, and get your old garbage out of your life for good.

Bigger Trucks

Fence Teardowns: 5 Easy Ways for Tearing Down an Old Fence

If your old wooden fence has deteriorated and hurts your home’s curb appeal, your best bet would be to replace it with a new vinyl or aluminum fence. However, the process of taking down an old fence and disposing of the debris can be a daunting task for any homeowner. 


Tearing Down Your Fence in Fort Worth

Fence teardown involves uprooting the unwanted fence and removing it from your property quickly and carefully. Junk King is Fort Worth’s go to professionals for quick fence and shed teardowns if you want the job completed professionally and quickly without damaging your lawn or property. Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a professional, the following quick tips will highlight the overall process. 

Related: How it Works at Junk King

5 Ways for Fence Tearing Down

Before getting the crowbar out and taking down your fence, ensure the fence is actually yours. Some fences are built on property lines partially owned by both homeowners. Check with your city planning office to confirm if there are any ownership records, or simply seek permission from your neighbor – in writing. Once that is out of the way, here are five ways to tear down a fence:


1: Reusing Your Fence Posts?

If you plan to put up another fence after removing the old one, you might want to retain your original fence posts, especially if they are still in good shape. Simply use a saw to vertically cut along the sides of the fence panels to disconnect them from the post. Do this on both sides of the post and carefully pull off the interior fencing from the posts.  

Alternatively, you can dismantle the fence board by board. You’ll need to use a hammer to hit the boards inwards toward the rail. Once the nails begin to stick out, pull them out with the backside of your hammer and carefully wiggle the board free.


2: Getting Rid of The Fence Debris.

When you push on your posts and realize you can easily move them, it’s a sign you have damage such as termites or rotting. If you don’t plan to keep the old posts, remove the fencing following the same procedure as highlighted in option one and then cut the posts off at the base using your saw. Set the old posts aside with the rest of the fencing for proper disposal.


3: Concrete Debris Removal.

Some fence posts may not be affixed in concrete blocks. If that is the case, you can simply wiggle the posts back and forth until you can pull them out of the ground. But if your fence was covered in concrete to enhance firmness, you can either leave the concrete blocks in the yard or take them out of the ground. 

If you choose to remove the concrete blocks to pave the way for a new fence, you can use a Shovel and a Crowbar. Just dig next to the block to create room so you can push the crowbar under the block and pull it from the ground. Another option is to use a sledgehammer to break up the cement block and remove the disintegrated pieces from the ground. If you’re not sure what to do with any concrete debris on a project like this, don’t hesitate to call Junk King Fort Worth. 


4: Dealing With Utilities

Buried electric cables, gas lines, and other utilities can make the process of removing and installing a fence more complex. Have a professional mark the location of your utility lines before embarking on the project, particularly if your fence is close to a utility monitor or electrical panel. 


5: Total Job Cleanup

You’ll need to dispose of all the fencing materials properly if you don’t plan on keeping them. This is where we come in! Our team of professionals can come in do a total job cleanup- leaving your yard in pristine condition. 


Make Fence Tear Down Hassle-Free with Junk King

Tearing down a fence involves heavy lifting, robust tools, and possibly a lot of sweat, maybe even some tears. If your fence appears stubborn, any technique you employ may require some maneuvering. So, if you don’t feel confident enough to take down your own fence, it’s always a smart idea to call us with the experience to handle that job for you.

At Junk King Fort Worth, we understand how stressful and time-consuming the process can be. We provide professional fence teardown and disposal services to take the burden off your shoulders and give you peace of mind. Our team is committed to a two-hour appointment window and will always bring the right tools for the job to ensure it’s done right the first time! Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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Fort Worth Junk Removal Prices

One of the first things everyone wants to know about storm cleanups is how much it is going to cost. This past weekend, a few thunderstorms rolled through Fort Worth but didn’t really cause much damage. It’s when those super storms crop up does the damage start to add up. Major storms can put a strain on homeowners and the city to the tune of several million dollars. That is not money anyone has laying around but it still has to be spent. On a much smaller scale, you could be looking into professional junk removal services to help clear out the clutter around your property. If you pick a company like Junk King, then you’re going to be guaranteed a fair and affordable price.


If you were to take on the junk removal job yourself, then there would be several factors to consider. First, you might need to hire a crew to do some of the moving. You’ll need this extra help if the stuff you want to get rid of is exceptionally heavy. The hold all that junk, you’re going to have to rent a truck. If it is just a few boxes, then you can probably load them up in the family SUV otherwise, it is an all day truck rental. Then there are the dumping fees to consider. Every landfill is going to cost you extra. Time is also a factor. It might not take long to load up your rental truck, but then you’ve got to drive it around to find the right dumpsite. Once you get there, you could be waiting for your turn to unload. Bottom line: you’ll be giving up most of your weekend.

With Junk King on the job, all of those factors are covered in a single low price. That price is based on how much space your junk is going to fill up on the back of the Junk King truck. This is all about volume and not weight. That will make a huge difference if you’re tossing out pieces of furniture or construction waste. Once you’ve been presented with that estimate, it is not going to change. You agree to the price, the junk gets loaded, you pay the fee and the job is over. Junk removal doesn’t have to complicated or costly. Let Junk King show you the way.

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