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Monthly Archives: January 2022

Bulk Waste Removal Made Easier with Junk King Professionals

Deciding what junk to throw away is often the easy part while getting rid of it becomes a puzzle. Local trash collectors no longer accept a variety of junk. They might restrict pickups on big appliances one or two days per year. The simplest turn-key solution to get rid of most types of bulk waste is to hire a company that specializes in junk removal.


Value of Removing Bulk Waste

Removing waste from your property can improve your quality of of life in a variety of ways. It will contribute to more flexibility and open space. From an environmental perspective, you’ll be taking useless items out of circulation unless they can be recycled or turned into something useful again. At the same time, there’s a growing need to slow down waste buildup in landfills.
EPA statistics show that the amount of solid waste collection in metric tons by municipal services has tripled since 1960. Nearly, a quarter of this waste is made of paper or paperboard. Over 20 percent of waste is food while plastics account for 12 percent of what municipal services collect. One of the biggest problems with landfill buildup is that food waste breaks down to produce methane, a harmful greenhouse gas.
Junk King provides a solution to the dilemma between personal waste reduction and landfill buildup. We work toward reducing waste sent to landfills by partnering with recyclers. Our goal is to make sure anything that can be recycled will be recycled. If an item is no longer useful, our creative team looks for ways to repurpose it. The process may involve taking the piece apart or using parts for other purposes.
If an unwanted item still functions properly and there’s demand for it, we might donate it to charity. So you create value for yourself and for Junk King when you decide on bulk waste removal. Getting rid of a substantial amount of junk lets you proceed with a set of goals that might not happen otherwise.

Why You Should Avoid the DIY Trap

Removing bulk junk waste on your own is very tedious work. You might find it overwhelming after looking into all the details about proper waste removal. Improper waste removal can lead to expensive fines. Tracking down all the appropriate recyclers can be very time-consuming. It’s even more challenging if you don’t already own a fleet of large trucks.
Most important, trying to do your own bulk waste removal can lead to accidents. Some people try to load up their SUVs or trucks to the point clutter blocks their rearview of traffic, which can be very dangerous when changing lanes. The safest solution is to let junk removal professionals handle your bulk waste removal project.

Junk King is Your Solution for Bulk Waste Removal

Junk King has been in the junk removal business since 2005. It began spreading throughout the United States and Canada through franchising. By 2011 it was named one of INC. Magazine’s ten most promising franchises. The company has since become the number one junk removal firm in North America.
A major key to our success has been accepting a wide range of junk and being able to handle bulk volume. We use large trucks and dumpsters that simplify bulk waste removal. Whether you need to clean out an entire home or just a small area, our experienced team is ready to help.

Making a Bulk Waste Eyesore Disappear

Waste takes many forms, although what’s useless to one person can be valuable to another. Usually once paper or plastic is unwrapped, people regard it as trash, even though it can still be recycled. While it’s a good idea to keep boxes and padding for expensive electronic products, many people think of opened boxes as old waste, clutter or an aesthetic eyesore.
Remember that what you think of as waste, we think of as useful for giving to charity or reusing in some way. So don’t worry about items going to waste. Just pick the items you personally don’t want to see in your environment anymore and we’ll figure out how to make them go to good use.
It’s a good idea for businesses and homeowners to periodically think about changing their scenery for the sake of upgrading to a fresh appearance. A business can gain more foot traffic if it creates better visual displays. Homeowners can create more uplifting atmospheres by replacing items that associate with old or bad memories.
Decluttering your property is a soothing solution that gives you greater peace of mind. When clutter builds up it can restrict walkways and create unsafe conditions. It can also reduce aesthetic value in a room. Items that add up to clutter may also associate with stress. Removing such items helps relieve stress.
You will be making the more economical choice by tapping into Junk King’s expertise rather than doing the whole project yourself. You can get an idea of what your junk removal cost will be with Junk King’s price estimator. When you are ready to do a bulk waste clean out, invite us to your site so we can develop an efficient bulk waste removal plan.


When you have a wide collection of items you need removed, let experienced hauling specialists make life easier for you. Contact us at Junk King today to plan your bulk waste removal. It will put you on a path to a sustainable future empowered by decluttering and more open space.

Did Renters Leave Behind a Mess? We Can Help!

Property turnover after a tenant moves out is always a lot of work. You’ll find yourself not only repairing damage but also cleaning up and getting rid of any personal property left behind. Preparing your property for a new tenant can be a time-consuming and expensive hassle. Sometimes you’ll find yourself dealing with abandoned rental property. Perhaps because you served the tenant with an eviction notice, and they left several items behind. It’s not unheard of for tenants to leave behind a mess even when they vacate voluntarily.

The good news is, you can transform your junk-filled rental property into a show-able, livable state in no time. Junk King Property cleanout and furniture removal services are engineered to simplify the turnover process and reduce vacancy periods. We have the tools and experts to get the job done promptly and efficiently. You don’t have to miss out on months of rent as you clean out your rental units – not while we work in your neighborhood.
Book an appointment today and experience the joy and relief that comes from hiring the best junk haulers in the business.

Things You Need To Know About A Rental Property Cleanout

Before you decide to get rid of your tenant’s abandoned belongings, there are a few things you should know. Property managers are free to dispose of any trash left behind in a rental, including food, cleaning supplies, and items not worth any money other than personal documents. If a tenant left several pieces of broken furniture, you could just hire furniture removal services to get rid of it. However, dealing with abandoned personal items that have value is a whole other story.
Landlords can face serious penalties when they dispose of a tenant’s abandoned personal property that’s not obviously trash. To avoid any liabilities, it’s crucial to notify former tenants about the relinquished property and give them ample time to decide what to do before disposing of it. If you have a storage unit, Junk King can help move valuable items to the facility when performing a rental property cleanout. We also provide hassle-free storage unit cleanout services to save you time and effort.
Junk King provides after-lease cleanout services to help you get your property ready for renting. We work as an extension of your property management team to whip your rental units into shape. Our junk disposal mantra is that no job is too big or too small for us to handle. Whether you need to remove whole units full of trash and hoarded items or require furniture removal services, we can remove a single item or multiple truckloads. Let us take care of your property cleanout, so you don’t have to worry about it. After all, you have enough on your plate.

Rental Property Cleanout Services with Junk King

Junk King is not your average junk removal company! In addition to being fully licensed, bonded, and insured, it’s our goal to provide each of our clients with value for their money. For this reason, our property cleanout services can be tailored to your unique needs.
Some of the services we provide include:


    Eviction and Foreclosure Property Cleanouts

Trying to clean out after an eviction is hard work and can take weeks to do it on your own. Junk King’s eviction cleanout services can help you remove all the clutter, junk, and waste left behind by your former tenants. We also work with banks and real estate agencies to get foreclosed properties back in tip-top shape and ready for reselling.
Our job is to help reduce the time it takes to get your property ready for relisting. We understand that eviction and foreclosures are sensitive matters, That’s why we’ve trained our staff to handle these cleanouts with tact and respect.

  • Commercial Real Estate Property Cleanouts

Residential tenants aren’t the only ones who leave truckloads of trash behind when they vacate a property. Commercial tenants are also notorious for leaving their office spaces filled with old electronics, broken furniture, and other discarded junk.
Our commercial property cleanout services include e-waste and furniture removal. We haul just about anything, with the exception of hazardous waste, so you can rely on us to get rid of any computers, printers, furniture, and other office equipment. With Junk King, you can lease your space out faster and maximize occupancy rates.
After getting rid of the junk, our furniture removal crew will conduct a final sweep up so you can get to the repairs and get the property ready for your new tenants.

Simplify the Rental Cleanout Process with Junk King

Did your former tenants leave such a mess that you don’t even know where to start? That’s where we come in. We can get your property back in excellent condition in no time. Our licensed and insured team will show up on time to haul the trash off your property for disposal. We go the extra mile to ensure our team members are trained and experienced so they can haul away bulky and heavy items without damaging your property.
We work hard to save you time, money, and avert risk. Simply put, we make it our job to make your job easy! Here are some other advantages of working with Junk King for rental property cleanouts and furniture disposal.

  • Junk King Helps the Environment

At Junk King, sustainability is not just a business objective; it’s a way of life. We can safely remove, haul away and recycle a wide range of items from rental properties, including household furniture, appliances, electronics, and renovation debris. Most property management companies today have sustainability goals, and we can help you meet them.
Over the years, we have built an extensive network composed of donation centers, scrap metal dealerships, and recycling facilities that ensures landfill disposal is only a measure of the last result. Partner with us to make the environment a cleaner, safer place.


    Cost-Effective Junk Removal


We price our services based on volume. When we arrive on your property, just identify the junk you want to be hauled off, and we’ll provide you with an all-inclusive, on-site estimate. Doing so ensures you get value for your money each time. We provide same-day or next-day services and can have your rental property cleaned out in a matter of hours.
When you need assistance with furniture removal or rental property cleanout, Junk King is available to help. Make the cost-effective and time-saving choice when you need a rental property cleanout – we guarantee excellent service every time. Contact us for full-service rental property cleanouts or to schedule furniture removal services. Our friendly team members will get everything set up for you.

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