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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Chico Scrap Metal Removal

When was the last time you visited a good old fashioned junk yard? Maybe never? Chances are if you never made an actual trip to a junk yard you probably have seen variations in many movies or TV shows. That’s because filmmakers like the looks of all that junk piled up in rusting heaps of metal. A junk yard is different from a landfill although you’ll often find these two businesses close to each other. A landfill is meant as a dumping ground for all of our garbage. The goal should be that the landfill trash is eventually covered over so as not to prove to be a hazard. There have been many successful landfill operations which actually restored the land to rolling pastures of green. On the other hand, the junk yard is where most cars go to die and that’s where they’ll stay until they are crushed down and sold for scrap.

Most junk yard operators will keep old cars around in case someone shows up for a replacement part, door or fender for their own car. At any given time you’ll also find local artists poking around the junk yard stacks for pieces of scrap metal that they can use in their new creations. And then there are those Hollywood folks who like to use those torn apart cars for the backdrops of some suspenseful scene. It often seems as though the junk yard population of cars never seems to be reduced; it just keeps growing and growing.

If you have some scrap metal to get rid of the junk yard would be where you would need to head. Most junk yards offer to buy scrap metal but there are many complications with this idea. First of all, the amount of scrap metal you would need to make a profit would be substantial. And by profit you would have to subtract what it would cost for gas and what it would cost to rent a truck. You’ll need plenty of gas because most of the junk yards in Chico are on the outskirts of the town. And you’ll need a rental truck because you’re not going to want to pile up your scrap metal in the back of the family SUV, even if it did fit!

All of this spins around to the idea of finding a better way. That better way can be found by hiring professional junk haulers from Junk King Gold Country to accomplish the task of scrap metal removal. They’ll have the truck and they’ll know right where to dump your junk. More importantly, they’ll be handling the pieces you want carted off the right way. This means you’re not going to run the risk of throwing out your back or cutting your hands. Neither one of those is a good thing. The professional junk haulers will also be able to cart off any other junk that’s not metal related. Just because they might be making a stop at a junk yard doesn’t mean they can’t drop your furniture or e-waste off at the proper recycling center. This is what professional service is all about. Don’t worry about not visiting a junk yard: you’re not missing anything!

Chico Yard Waste Removal

There are many Chico residents who have turned their backyards into their own private organic gardens. With a little effort they are able to convert even the smallest of plots into a viable patch of fresh veggies. But why stop there? Why not have your own chickens and fresh eggs? That’s just what folks around Chico wanted to do but there was one thing holding them back: The permit.

In order to house a couple of chickens in a backyard coop a homeowner would have to pay $1,500 for a permit. A renter would have to fork over $3,000 for the same permit. Naturally, this didn’t sit too well with the wannabe chicken farmers. Here is where democracy in action actually paid off. By organizing and gathering support, the pro-chicken forces got the Chico City Council to waive the permit fees. This might have been a foregone conclusion especially when one council member had to admit he had chickens in his backyard without a permit!

If you are thinking about backyard chickens they’re going to need a coop. The best option would be a structure that is completely enclosed with a wire fence. This will keep the cluckers safe during the night. Raising backyard chickens has become so popular that there are actually coop kits you can purchase for easy assembly. Once your chickens have a home, you’ll be treated to fresh eggs throughout the year. It’s also a great way to teach the kids about responsibility.

To make way for a coop, you might first have to clean out your backyard of all your yard waste. You can get that job done in a snap when you hire a team of professional junk haulers like Junk King Gold Country. These junk haulers will show up at your place with a truck big enough (and empty enough!) to haul off all your unwanted stuff both in the backyard and from your home. A chicken coop doesn’t really need a lot of room. Remove that old kiddie pool or busted picnic table and you’ve got all the space you need. If you want to give the chicks some dirt to scratch on, then pulling up some concrete and tossing that out shouldn’t be a problem especially when you’ve got the professional junk haulers like Junk King on your side.

Once that crew has done a complete sweep of your backyard they’ll be able to head indoors and help you clear out even more junk. If you’ve got old furniture, appliances and/or boxes of trash they can all go on the Junk King Gold Country truck. In the same afternoon you make way for your chickens, you can clean out your garage and closets. Just be aware that after your chicken coop is up and running, you could find yourself the most popular person on the block… especially around breakfast time!

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