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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Chico Landscaping Cleanup

As you travel through life, what do you leave behind? That’s a question which was answered by 25 student-volunteers from Chico State University as they set out to spend the day cleaning up the remnants of Beer Can Beach after the big Labor Day holiday weekend. There was already a group of volunteers who camped out along the beach for cleanup duty but the Chico students returned last week. Sadly, they still have plenty to pick up which in and of itself is a big problem.

Fortunately, these students approached the cleanup with a good attitude. Many took to paddling upstream in kayaks to spot floaters. Anytime something was found, the call, “Trash!”  echoed off the shorelines. Even with their attitudes they couldn’t help but notice that literally thousands of people enjoyed this beach area for the weekend and yet only 20 showed up for the cleanup. Of course, if those thousands of beach goers had been more careful with their garbage then there wouldn’t be a need for the volunteers. Wishful thinking because it seems to be a part of human nature for some to toss their garbage wherever they want.

In our own homes we have that same right. We can pile up the junk until it hits the ceiling. If we want to turn our backyards into a storage area then so be it. The problem is that those kinds of “dumping projects” can have an impact not only on your property value but also the property value of your neighborhood. Even if you have no plan to sell your home, you want to insure that its value stays at a premium. Maybe it’s time for that landscaping cleanup project you’ve been putting off. You’ll be able to get that job done quickly and without any strain if you hire Junk King Gold Country.

Junk King is the Chico based business who specializes in all types of junk removal. Typically, the Junk King Gold Country crew will pickup bulky items like old furniture, unused kitchen appliances or a mattress. But they also do great work with a landscaping cleanup. Any of those junk items you have in your yard like rusted patio furniture, piles of dirt, parts from an old car or a child’s busted swing set can all be carted away on the back of a Junk King Gold Country truck. Perhaps one of the reasons why you never accomplished this clean up was the fact that you didn’t have the truck big enough to haul it all off. That won’t be a problem when you have Junk King working for you. Their truck can handle any amount of junk you want to get rid of. All you need to do is call Junk King Gold Country to get the ball rolling. They’ll take care of the rest and your property will sparkle!

Northern CA Debris Removal

What do wood scraps, animal manure and household garbage all have in common? Yes, they are trash but they are also being targeted to use as part of “clean energy” initiative in California. All of those materials would be burned and turned into energy. Think of it as creating “old school” energy. It’s all part of the state’s 2012 Bioenergy Action Plan that was just released. Right now the bioenergy sector of California employs around 5,000 people and funnels around $575 million into the state’s coffers. If this new plan goes through there could be 4,000 more jobs created which is good news.

Right now the Wheelabrator Shasta Power Plant in Northern California is burning garbage to make fuel. Specifically they are putting around 750 million tons of what they call “forest residue”  to create 49 megawatts of energy. Forest residue refers to all the scraps and debris left over from some of the region’s lumber yards. If all goes according to plan there will be an additional 66 biomass plants built to create up to 800 megawatts of energy every year. That is a mighty impressive use of debris. Could you put your debris to that kind of recycling purpose? If you hire Junk King Gold Country to get rid of it you just might.

Junk King is part of a national franchise of professional junk haulers who are well versed with the recycling business. In fact, a majority of the Junk King businesses are able to divert a large percentage what they collect away from local area landfills.The bottom line is that when Junk King makes a pickup of your unwanted debris their default position is “How much of this trash can be recycled?” To come up with the answer to that question, Junk King has made it their business to become familiar with all the recycling facilities in the area. It could mean a drop-off schedule with several destinations but that’s nothing you have to concern yourself with. Just know that with Junk King you’re junk will be properly disposed of.

As for what kind of junk a Junk King Gold Country will pick up? Pretty much anything that isn’t nailed down and you want taken away. They might even pull up the nailed down stuff if you ask them. Hiring Junk King means you now have the chance to finally get rid of any old furniture or mattresses you’re holding onto. You can also clean out your closets, garages, sheds and attics. Junk King will do all the work of lifting, climbing and stacking. All you need to do is sit back and wave good-bye to your debris.

For the best in Northern California Debris Removal, simply call 1-800 995 JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

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