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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Lawn Mower Disposal in Chico California

In lawn mowing circles, there is a never ending debate as to whether it is more efficient to mow in rows or spirals. This being the age of “too much free time” some math geeks and puzzle makers got together to put the debate to the test. Here’s what they came up with: “On a square 16-foot by 16-foot lawn, both the spiral and row techniques take a total of 30 turns; 14 left and 16 right for the rows, and 30 right turns for the spiral.

One could argue that to mow in rows, there are half as many turns—when you get to the end of a row you make two 90-degree turns, which you could also count as a single 180-degree turn. Still, the total number of angular degrees you turn is in either case is the same.” Now that the debate has been settled it’s time to spray on the sunscreen and get to mowing.

If you’ve got a big property then a rider mower is the best way to cut the grass. It’s also the most fun! As for the push-type of mower, you might want to consider tossing out the old gas guzzler for a rechargeable electric model. You can even go with the always eco-friendly rotary tumbler. That’s more pushing work for you but in turn you’ve be getting a great aerobic workout every time you cut the grass.

No matter which type of model you prefer you should really only have one lawn mower on your property. A second mower that is old, rusty and not working is nothing to be hanging onto. The same could be said for luggage that is busted, furniture that isn’t used or appliances that you’ve replaced. Add to that old the outdate computers, copiers and monitors and suddenly you’ve found yourself surrounded by junk. How did that happen? Relax. We’ve all got piles of stuff we should toss out but just don’t have the chance. Now Junk King Gold Country can ride to the rescue and give you the opportunity to turn your home into a complete junk free zone.

After you’ve given a Junk King supervisor the chance to estimate how much space your junk will take up on their truck, you can set up a pickup appointment. That supervisor needs to see your junk first because that’s how they’ll be charging you: by the amount of space your junk will take up on the truck. On the day of the removal, that’s the price you’ll be paying. No extras. The Junk King Gold Country crew will cart off all your stuff on the back of the truck they provide. You can help by piling everything in your driveway or you can leave it right where it is.

All the Junk King crew cares about is getting all of your clutter out! Call them today to find out how they can remove your old lawn mower and all the rest of your junk.

Hoarder Cleanup Help In Chico California

What kind of junk are you hanging onto? The answer to that question could determine whether or not you can be classified as an official hoarder. Someone with compulsive hoarding issues will keep things like junk mail, magazines and newspapers. They’ll also hand onto things they might think they’ll use for crafts. The problem is none of those periodicals every get read and none of those crafts ever get made. The same issue comes up around clothes that are never worn, sporting goods never used and even appliances that are broken but not disposed of.

There there is the concern of not using space in your home for its intended purpose. For instance, is there so much junk on your bed that you can’t even sleep on it anymore? Is your kitchen so cluttered that you can’t cook in there? Is the dining room table so full of stuff that you can fit a plate of food? When clutter gets this bad, you could start isolating yourself from your friends because you’re too embarrassed to have anyone come over.

This is especially hard on kids who want to have friends to come over to play or study with. Things go to the extreme when something breaks down but you don’t want a repairman to come over because of the clutter. Then there is the safety risk for fire or mold that is an issue. Add up all of those problems and you could be facing a serious hoarding situation. If you’re ready to make a break with all of that trash, then Junk King  Gold Country is standing by to lend a hand.

Junk King is the professional serviced used by home and business owners to help them keep their properties clear of clutter in Gold Country, CA. They also work on the extreme hoarding emergency calls that require cleaning out entire homes which have become overrun with trash. Hopefully, your place hasn’t become that desperate but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from working with Junk King. When you hire Junk King Gold Country they’ll provide you with a capable two-man moving crew and a truck big enough to hold all that you’re throwing out. It doesn’t matter where you’ve placed the junk, the JK crew will go to pick it up from the back of your home or inside your garage. Just tell them what you want taken away and they’ll handle the rest.

Once your junk is loaded up on the truck, you can rest assured that it will be properly disposed of at a recycling center or certified landfill. There’s no reason to live with junk when you’ve got Junk King just a phone call away.

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