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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Chico Summer Decluttering Tips

It’s summer in California. That means more grilling, more swimming and more fires. The grilling and swimming are certainly fun but the wildfires are not something anyone should have to face. Not only are fireworks off limits, but the fire department is also encouraging homeowners to clear the brush from around their property. Think of that as decluttering your backyard and that’s a job for Junk King.


Junk King are the professional junk haulers who built an entire business around helping homeowners and businesses declutter their property. When it comes to removing brush, technically the Junk King crews can’t do the actual cutting. However, once those shrubs have been cut and piled up, the Junk King crew can swoop in and have all the yard waste removed in a single trip.

It’s not just brush and dead branches that are a potential fire hazard but also other junk items. If you’ve got piles of lumber scraps, tires or even a dilapidated woodshed you should consider having that removed from Junk King as well. Anything that could be ignited with a spark should be looked at as potential hazard. If you don’t need it, then get it gone with the help of Junk King.

When the Junk King crew assigned to your project is finished with the yard cleanup, they can head inside to help with the home decluttering. This is an awesome opportunity to get all the rubbish hauled out of your garage, attic or closets. Think of this as delayed spring-cleaning. Since you’ll have a two-man crew working for you, there is no limit to what you can throw out. Don’t worry about pulling stuff off of shelves or dragging it out of the garage. When the Junk King crew shows up, just tell them what you want hauled away and they’ll take it from there.

After everything is loaded on the Junk King truck, you can get back to your day. The Junk King crew will be headed out to make sure all that stuff is disposed of the right way. That would be going green for Chico. Junk King prides itself on keeping the majority of what they collect out of a landfill. Even all that yard waste can be turned over to a recycling center and converted into mulch. Helping you with decluttering your home is Junk King’s mission. Are you ready to be junk free?

A Great Father’s Day Gift Junk Removal From Your Chico Home

Father’s Day falls on June 15th this year. It’s the one day when dad should get to take it easy. Breakfast in bed is a good start. You can follow up the pancakes with a marathon of dad’s favorite DVDs. Yes, this is the one day he should be totally in control of the remote. Then there is the traditional gift giving on Father’s Day. Usually you can break down Father’s Day gifts into two categories: grilling or wearing. For grilling, getting day some new BBQ tools or spices is a good way to go. As for wearing, here is where all those ties get handed out. If you really want to make sure the dad in your life has a great day, why not help him check off some of his “to do” list items? Start with a helping hand from Junk King. One call to this professional junk removal company and you can make sure dad has a clean garage.


Working dads save up all their household chores for the weekend. They might be able to squeeze in the occasional light bulb change Monday through Friday but for the big stuff like hauling out the junk from a garage or attic that is weekend work. Won’t it be nice to tell dad that Junk King handled those tasks. When you hire Junk King you’re actually hiring a two-man crew who will pick up whatever you’re throwing out. That means you can spare dad the risk of straining his back.

That same Junk King crew will be loading up all your rubbish on the back of their big moving truck. This mean dad doesn’t have to get his SUV scratched up. He won’t have to spend the time it takes to drop that junk off at the right landfill or recycling center. Junk King will be taking care of all of that.

If you know what has to be hauled away, then you can set up your junk removal appointment today. You’ll probably get that junk hauled off within 24 hours. That means you can surprise dad when he comes home. He’s going to enjoy not having to sacrifice his weekend for the clutter clean up. Make that call and put Junk King to work handling all your junk removal needs. It’s a great present for the dad in your life.

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