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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Replace Your Water Consuming Appliances and Save Water in Gold Country

Dishwasher, washing machine and water heater. These are the three big culprits when it comes to your high water bill. Add in the shower use and toilet flushing and you’ve got the potential for a water bill that is through the roof. You can certainly cut back on your shower time and save a few flushes but when it comes to water consuming appliances, you’re stuck with those machines unless you opt to make the switch for energy efficient models. Switching your appliances over to Energy Star rated models can save up to 30% off your monthly DWP bill. That can translate into a lot of extra money in your wallet. Before those new machines are delivered, you’ll have to arrange for the pickup of your old appliances. That’s where Junk King comes into play.


Junk King are the professional junk haulers who be doing all the lifting and loaded for your appliance removal. They’ll be equipped with a moving dolly and the tools to unhook whatever appliance you’re getting rid of. You could even schedule your appliance removal on the same day as the delivery of your new models. Junk King is happy to work around your schedule.

What will happen to your old water consuming appliances? These aren’t the kind of things you want to put back into circulation. Instead, Junk King will make the attempt to have those items dropped off at a certified recycling center. This will keep them out of a landfill and that’s great for Gold Country’s environment.

On that same appliance pickup appointment, you can put the Junk King to work clearing out the rest of your unwanted items. It won’t be a problem for the crew to haul away stuff from your garage, closets or attic. This could be your chance to clear out the clutter that has been an eyesore for some time. Here’s good rule of thumb: if you can’t park your car in the garage because of all the junk, then it is definitely time to call Junk King!

If you shop around at other junk removal services, you’ll be sure to ask about pricing. If someone quotes you a price before seeing what you’re throwing out, you can count on that price changing. With Junk King you’ll get an accurate estimate based on the volume of your junk. That will be a price that is locked down. Don’t waste any more with water consuming appliances. Let Junk King remove them and the rest of your junk.

Chico Junk Pickup – Fall Cleanouts

With Halloween right around the corner, you might be asking, “How scary is your home?” Lots of folks intentionally turn their homes into haunted houses. This is accomplished by stringing orange lights, hanging ghosts from the trees and setting up a makeshift cemetery on the front lawn. Then there are those homes in the neighborhood that look haunted all year around. These are the places with overgrown weeds, junk in the driveway and a general state of disrepair. Hopefully, your home doesn’t look haunted but if it does, it might be time to bring in the pros from Junk King for a thorough fall cleanout.


Junk King are the junk pickup specialists who have helped a lot of Chico residents clear out the clutter in their homes. You might have spotted one of the Junk King trucks winding its way through your neighborhood. The Junk King crews are kept busy all during the week. If you call in the morning, you could snag one of those trucks to handle your junk pickup that same day. If a Saturday appointment works better for your schedule, then that’s when Junk King will roll up. They know how precious your time off is and it shouldn’t be taken up with junk removal.

The junk pickup job will last as long as it takes to load up what you’re getting rid of. That might be just a few pieces of old furniture or some bags of clothes. You could put the Junk King crew to work on more extensive junk pickup like taking apart a backyard swing set or clearing out yard waste. Whether it takes ten minutes or thirty, you’re not going to be charged any extra labor costs. You’ll only be paying a single fee based on how much space your junk will occupy on the back of the truck. Because the Junk King crews have a lot of stops to make, they’ll be sure to pack in your junk tight. That translates into a very affordable cost.

Once your stuff is loaded, the crew will sweep up the clean areas and be on their way. You can get back to your day but the Junk King crew still has a few hours of work ahead of them. Before they punch out, they’ll be sorting through all the collected junk to see what can be recycled or donated. That’s just how Junk King rolls. Make your junk pickup appointment today and get the fall season started off right with a clean house.

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