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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Remove Dangerous Debris For Trick Or Treaters In Chico

Halloween is the one time of year when you’re allowed to make the outside of your house look as scary as possible. In fact, the spookier that better to attract trick or treaters. Of course, once the candy is gone and the clock strikes midnight, Halloween is officially over. Unlike Christmas when decorations can stick around for a several days, you might want to clear up the Halloween debris ASAP. This could be a perfect excuse for bringing in Junk King. These are the junk removal pros who can transform your home back from “haunted” to nice.


Obviously, you’re not going to throw out all your Halloween decorations, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have some debris around your yards that Junk King can help remove. Take a walk around your property and you’re sure to spot all kinds of things that can be hauled away. Items like grills, lawnmowers, scrap metal, lumber and even landscaping waste can all be loaded up in the Junk King truck. Unlike renting a dumpster where you have to do all the loading, with Junk King the two man crew is going to do all the heavy lifting.

Knowing you’ll have a team of workers at your disposal will make a huge impact on your final junk list. You no longer have to be concerned if something is too heavy or bulky. If you want it gone, then Junk King is going to take it away. Once the crew is finished removing the debris from your yards, they can set their sights on the inside of your home. Is it time to get rid of all the clutter in your garage? This is the perfect chance to get that chore completed!

Everything that is collected by Junk King will be sorted back at the depot. The crews will be pulling out any objects that could be repurposed. This means your old furniture, clothing and other household items could end up at a local charity. Your e-waste items could be dropped off at a certified recycling center. The same can be said for any paper, metal or plastic items. Junk King wants to keep as much stuff out of landfills as possible. That is just how they roll! When you’re ready to clean up from Halloween and get all your debris hauled away, Junk King will be ready for you!

Your Chico Home Isn’t Haunted, It Just Needs Junk Removal

Do you have a favorite ghost story you like to tell? Halloween is the perfect time of year to share those stories that have been passed down through the family. Maybe you’ve even witnessed something you can’t explain. Hopefully, you won’t have a ghost showing up in your house but that doesn’t mean your home isn’t scary. In fact, it could be “haunted” by a lot of clutter. All you have to do to “exorcise” that junk is to call Junk King


Since they began operations in Chico, Junk King has helped all kinds of folks and businesses remove tons of junk from their properties. The good word about Junk King is spreading:

“Your crew was professional, made it easy to get the job done right on site after given big me a bid. They introduced themselves by name and shook hands right off the bat. Stayed positive. The crew this morning was Sean and another young man who called ahead when they were coming. I asked for 10 of their cards and I am a realtor in both Chico and Paradise who will continue me back for return business & tell my office about your expediency. Thanks!” writes K.L. from Chico.

Yes, real estate agents are big fans of Junk King. They know when a property has been foreclosed on that there could be a huge amount of rubbish left behind. They need that fast cleanup and the crews working for Junk King are experts when it comes to foreclosures. Those are usually the jobs that require multiple teams and trucks. That won’t be a problem for Junk King.

“The guys showed up on time. Quoted a fair price and cleaned away all requested items in a very timely and efficient manner. They were friendly and polite and I will use the Junk King service again in a heartbeat! Great job & thank you!” writes T.J. from Paradise.

With your own two man moving crew doing all the work, you will literally only lift a finger to point to what you want removed. It doesn’t matter is something is really heavy or has to be taken apart, Junk King will make sure it leaves your home ASAP! There is nothing scary about junk removal when you hire Junk King from the start.


Convenient Junk Removal Services in Gold Country

Most of us live with the nasty habit of dumping everything we don’t use into the garage. As we get busy with life, we don’t realize how much we have dumped until there is no space left. If you are on the verge of that situation, waste no time and call Junk King. We have been trusted as a junk removal services Gold Country in California.

We are very different from other junk removal companies in our approach and delivery. This is probably the most important reason for our growing popularity. We understand time is of the essence, thus we have a turnaround time of two hours but we generally reach the location much earlier than that.

You can call us to pick up junk of any kind. It could be household electrical items, aged furniture or old sanitary ware. We also provide junk removal services in Gold Country, California to businesses and construction sites.

We are extremely concerned about the nature and our environment as well. Thus, we ensure that all your junk is properly donated, disposed or recycled. We can be reached anytime by just a call or email.

Easy Junk Hauling Services in Gold Country

Are you not getting enough time to haul away the scrap accumulated in your house? Are they giving your sleepless nights? Are you looking for a reliable junk removal service provider? Stop worrying as junk hauling Gold Country, CALIFORNIA has been so easy before. You just need to get our number and give us a call. Junk King would be available at your doorstep within no time.

Everybody at Junk King is professional and courteous enough to listen to the problem at hand and once you utter the three words- take my junk, our people would clear away all the useless things in the most efficient way possible. We even get your place cleaned after us. Thus, you need not be concerned for any mess around your property.

Junk hauling Gold Country, CALIFORNIA is best done by Junk King and that too at a very competitive price. We can confidently say that you would probably not get a better service provider than us at the price we charge. If you are in urgent need to have a junk free house, we are just a phone call away.

Cheap Junk Removal Gold Country, CALIFORNIA

Can it ever be possible to get rid of all your junk in no time and that too by spending a negligible sum? Yes, it is absolutely possible when you hire Junk King as your service provider. We specialize in providing cheap junk removal in Gold Country, California. We have years of hands-on experience in clearing all the junk at home whether it is your kid’s play-swing to your old electronic units.

Whether you are renovating your house or shifting to a different place, we are always at your service.We offer the most competitive junk removal prices, while offering reliable, quick and efficient services.Little wonder, most of clients are happy to hire us again and again.

We keep our charges as reasonable as possible to ensure that more people are able to afford our services.People do not feel a pinch on their pocket when they hire us. We don’t have any hidden charges either.
Junk King is a professional service, where we understand the requirement first to tell you the exact price upfront. You can simply sit back and relax.

Capable Junk Haulers in Gold Country, CALIFORNIA

Every time you clear the backyard or clean up the basement, you are left with massive amounts of junk and trash piled up. If you don’t know how to dispose all that off, consider junk hauling services from Junk King. We are a team of skilled junk haulers in Gold Country, California.

With years of junk hauling experience in the area, we know how to collect the junk, where to throw it and is a tough job if you do not know the tips and tricks to carry it out. Moreover, it is always wise to leave certain things like junk cleaning to the experts since rummaging through scrap can get you injured and infected in the process.

A professional junk hauler would take all the necessary steps to ensure that no harm is caused to the property or him in the junk removal process. The management team at Junk King there has a policy in place to hire only experienced and skilled people to guarantee complete safety of everything and everybody involved.

Send an email or call Junk King a call, if you are looking for a reliable junk hauler in your area.

Offering Awesome Household Junk Removal in Gold Country, CALIFORNIA

If you are moving your home, there ought to be a lot of things that you would not want to take to your new place. You cannot leave them behind either since the new resident would certainly not be happy.One gets busy with the shifting process and doesn’t get the time to clean everything up. If you’re wondering what to do with all those items them as,worry no further. Household junk removal in Gold Country, California is just a phone call away.

We offer home junk removalservices in Gold Country where we hire trained technicians and junk removal experts to complete the task for you. With such a great team at your disposal household junk removal can be done in no time. At Junk King,wepick up all kinds of household junk whether you are shifting, renovating or clearing. No job is too big or too small for us. Thus, whether you have a big house with lots of accumulated debris or a small house will minimal trash, we will get it done accordingly. The only difference is that for smaller projects we send few people while a larger team comes to remove a bigger chunk.
As a residential junk removal service provider, we take pride in the fact that our charges are extremely affordable and quality of work is stellar.

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