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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Best Way To Get Rid Of Rubbish Fast

There are a lot of people who have decorated their homes with what they refer to as “yard sale chic.” These would be items they found at various yard sales that they refinished. It is very true that you can make some great discoveries at yard sale not only for furniture but also fun tchotchkes. On the other side of that would be all the people who are attempting to sell their things at a yard sale. Their hope is to get rid of as much rubbish as they possibly can in a single afternoon. The moment you decide to sell something in your front lawn for a few dollars is deftly the moment it has been classified as rubbish; at least to you! The problem is that there is no guarantee you’ll get rid of all that rubbish or make any money that is worth the effort. If you’re serious about getting rid of rubbish fast then you only have to make one call to Junk King Chico.


The two-man moving crew assigned to your junk removal task will be up to the challenge of removing any heavy or bulky object from your. This is a team that is definitely problem solvers. If something has to be cut up or taking apart piece by piece to get it out the door, then that is exactly what the crew from Junk King Chico will do.

The other skill that these crews have is the ability to pull out any item they think could be recycled or donated. They can recognize the value in a piece of discarded furniture or box of clothing. They know exactly of the various charitable organizations are looking for. Those are the kinds of items that they will go out of their way to drop them off. That is a lot better than having your stuff dumped into a landfill. It is also service that’s not going to cost you any extra.

Junk King Chico’s pricing policy is all based upon truck space. How tightly the crew can pack in all your stuff will determine just how much you’ll be paying. If they can get it in to the least amount of space, then you’ll pay the lowest end of the price scale. That is exactly what they strive for with every job. Don’t waste your time with the yard sale. Instead, turn all your rubbish over to Junk King Chico. You’ll be glad you did!

Hire Clutter Removal Experts

No matter how hard you try, it seems like the clutter around your home always “wins.” Despite your best effort at tossing out junk mail an old magazines every day new ones arrive. No matter how many times you asked the family to pick up their stuff it always ends up coming back. Then there are those areas in your home like your closet and garage where the clutter has completely taken over. If you feel overrun by clutter, then  it is the perfect time to bring in the decluttering experts at Junk King Chico.


Junk King Chico provides all you need to get rid of the clutter from your home. They are going to set you up with a two-man moving crew and a big truck. All you have to do is decide what you want taken away. That is probably the most time-consuming aspect of this junk removal process. It certainly won’t take much time for the Junk King Chico crew to load up the truck with all your stuff. The goal is not to have that crew waiting while you sort through boxes and shelves. Just keep in mind that you don’t have to move anything around before the crew shows up. Just decide what you want to go and when they arrive, show them all those objects. They will take them right from the spot whether they are upstairs or out of the garage.

Weight is not a concern for the Junk King Chico crew. They’ll find a way to remove anything from your home no matter how heavy it is. Sometimes that might mean taking the object apart first. The crew will have their own tools to get that job done right!

Weight is also not an issue when it comes to pricing. That’s because Junk King Chico never charges by the pound. Their rates are based on volume. It all comes down to how tightly the crew can pack up the truck with all your stuff. The less room they take up the less you’ll pay. And if is one thing these crews know how to do its pack a truck up tightly! When you’re ready to finally get rid of all the clutter in your home Junk King Chico will be ready to get it done.

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