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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Make Your Midsummer Cleaning Count With Help From Junk King

Have you ever been surprised by company and tossed a bunch of clutter into a closet just to hide it? Often when that happens the clutter stays in there because it is easier to keep it out of sight then bring it out again. Unfortunately, when you do that often enough you run out of room in that closet. The same can be said for the garage and spare rooms. Maybe it’s time for a deep midsummer cleaning. That sounds like a job for Junk King Chico.


The only reason to bring Junk King in on your midsummer cleaning is to get things taken out of the house for good. The list of things to get rid of is a long one when you involve Junk King. Start with your unwanted furniture. Just because you’ve got a love seat or futon in a room doesn’t mean you want to keep it there. It might be the only place in the house where it can fit. What about the furniture you’ve been eager to replace. You’ll certainly be motivated to get a new sofa in the family room when the old one has been cleared out. All of that can happen with the Junk King crew on the job but you don’t have to stop there.

What kinds of things do you have tucked away on closet shelf or under the bed. These are usually the spots where old electronics end up like desktop computers, DVD players or printers. This e-waste has to be disposed of in a responsible manner and that is exactly what Junk King is offering. They know where the certified recycling centers are that take in these kinds of items. They’re part of their regular drop off routes.

You midsummer cleaning work with Junk King can extend to the backyard, too. The Junk King crew can help with some serious yard clearing of all kinds of “structures” like swing sets, tree houses, playgrounds, trampolines and tool sheds.

Any kind of clearing that Junk King performs is going to have a positive impact on your living space. Put Junk King Chico to work with your midsummer cleaning today.

Enjoy Your Next Vacation With These Money Saving Hacks

There is still plenty of summer left to enjoy a nice vacation and there is nothing wrong with a spontaneous trip. Most people avoid those because they fear it will cost them more money. Here are some money saving hacks that can make your vacation affordable:


Book Flights in the Afternoon

Flight prices do change from week to week but they can also change throughout the day. Airlines know that most business travelers are making their travel arrangements in the morning. That’s why you should wait until the afternoon to book. Those flights might not drop off by hundreds of dollars but every little bit helps.

Look For Alternatives To Hotels

If you’re traveling alone or with one other adventurous person, then you might be able to step outside the “hotel arena” and find more affordable accommodations. You won’t get room service at a hostel but you can find a private room and shower. That will give you more money to spend on activities and special meals. If you’re staying longer in on area, then a rental by the owner like Airbnb might be a better alternative, too. Think of it this way: Do you want to spend hundreds of dollars for a room that you’re only going to be sleeping in?

Become a House Sitter

Wouldn’t it be great to stay in a nice house while you’re on vacation? You could do that and it might not cost you anything. There are websites dedicated to providing certified house sitters. Usually this means you’ll have to take care of pets, water plants and collect the mail. Small price to pay for free rooms. Of course, this would mean planning your vacation around someone else’s vacation. Registering and making yourself available doesn’t mean you have to commit to the gig. It’s just another option.

Avoid Roaming Charges

If you’re heading overseas, then you’ll want to check with your phone carried about roaming charges. You can use your phone but it will cost you extra. Instead, you might be amble to swap out your SIM card for a local one or get a special international calling package from your carrier.

One thing for sure is that you’ll want to put your own house in order before going on vacation. Nothing is worse than coming home from a relaxing trip to be surrounded by clutter. If you’ve been putting off getting rid of your rubbish, then it’s time to bring in Junk King Chico. One session with these professional junk haulers and you’ll have your entire home, yards, garage and closets clear of rubbish. You’ll enjoy your vacation knowing you’re coming back to a junk free home. Junk King Chico can make that happen.

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