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How Junk King Can Make the Life of a Stone Mountain Landlord Easier

Junk King Gwinnett


Being a landlord isn’t easy. Between property upkeep, contracts, utilities, tenants, and problematic neighbors, most landlords will take a windfall the moment it becomes possible. For those landlords in Gwinnett, the best possible help that landlords can find comes from Junk King. No matter the type of landlord or the junk you need to be removed, Junk King Gwinnett is here to help you with all of the physical aspects of your property. We can even assist you with cleaning out locations that have been thrashed for a variety of reasons, like poor tenants, storms, or lack of maintenance and upkeep. 


Landlords are Good for the Economy – Junk King Gwinnett is Good for it Too 


There are a lot of good reasons to become a landlord in today’s economy. Websites like Flex (an online bill payment option) are providing new insight into the world of property management and landlord statistics. They published an article called 21 Insightful Landlord Statistics 2020 just over a year ago, which gave their readers a great overall glance into the world of landlords and their costs, benefits, tribulations, and even a stat about how many landlords will change a lightbulb for their tenant. 


So, why is being a landlord good for the economy, and to what extent is it good? Landlords are normally characterized into two distinct types; those who will bend over backward to help their tenants, and those who will refuse to budge even an inch for anything and anyone. Flex’s article gives us a little insight into more about the landlord world. They write that “10.6 million Americans earn income from rental properties” and that “landlords have an average income of $97,000 a year.” Since over ten and a half million people are benefiting from being a landlord, it’s no wonder why there are landlords everywhere. The biggest cities can have hundreds of landlords within their limits, while there is one landlord group that controls over 100,000 different properties across the United States. 


All of this property, and all of this money, is clearly good for the economy. Yes, it is cycled back into the local economy of the city the landlord is based in, (meaning that they could own property in San Diego and live in Miami, so that rent money is most likely spent in Miami), however, the money is still being pushed back into the national banks too, helping with taxes, medical expenses, and national issues. The more landlords there are, the more they help to provide affordable living situations for everyone, making the housing market more competitive, and better for everyone in it. 


How do landlords help the local economy of their tenants directly? If there is one thing that landlords should be known for, it should be their willingness to go local for all of their needs. Junk King removal services are one of these local options that are well known in landlord discourse. We offer a variety of services for all sorts of situations, from landlords to tenants and everything in between. We also make (and keep) commitments in the local area, for example, for every haul that we make, at least 60% of the junk is recycled in some fashion. Another commitment that we make is that our clients pay for what they need—there’s no hidden stats or fees that impact your cleanup. Take a look at our pricing estimator to see what we can do for you; it was created custom just for us, and it’s a tool you’ll only see here. 


full service junk removal


Junk King Gwinnett Serves All Types of Landlords – Business and Residential Options


According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, specifically, Todd Richards, acting General Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research, in 2015 there were “nearly 48.5 million rental units in the United States, 43.9 million of which [were] occupied.” At first glance, those numbers seem to be the equivalent of air—how could we reasonably look at these numbers and understand their scale? —especially if these numbers are bigger, now that it is six years later? The best answer to this is to divide the whole numbers into smaller divisions. The Rental Housing Finance Survey (a subsection of the United States Census Bureau) recognizes two types of property/landlord ownership, summarized by Mr. Richards into the following:


“[There are] individual investors. About 22.7 million units in 16.7 million properties are owned by individual investors. Individual investors are more likely to own single-family and duplex rental homes. We often describe these investors as “mom and pop” landlords. [There are also] business entities. The remaining 25.8 million units are owned by businesses, primarily limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and limited liability partnerships. Businesses are more likely to own the multifamily rental inventory.”


Such monstrous numbers were huge back then, and these numbers have only increased with the calendar years. Individual landlords (also called private and residential landlords) are the first thought when anyone thinks about a stereotypical landlord. However, most businesses don’t actually own the buildings that they use, be this a family-run shop that creates custom products in machines or a high-top skyscraper accounting firm. 


No matter what type of landlord you are, Junk King has a service that can help you even with your most difficult removals. If you’re a residential landlord, you know that sometimes there’s just too much for you to do yourself on a property. Call on Junk King’s full-service removals, and get back to your day job faster and easier. Our full-service option truly means full, from a giant roll-away dumpster to a removal crew ready at your command, there’s a reason why we are rated #1 in North America. On the other hand, if you are a commercial landlord, you have likely dealt with the issues that can come with hiring removal companies. Do they have insurance? Will they take office furniture? What about foreclosures or storage facilities? Junk King’s business-to-business option takes all of those worries off of the table for you. (The answer is “yes” to all of those questions, by the way.)


Learn more about our dumpster rental services.


For Hauling Junk, Removals, or Property Damage, Junk King Gwinnett is Here


At some point, every landlord’s income property will suffer some physical damage. Whether caused by a tenant, extreme weather conditions, or some other unforeseen circumstance, property damage is practically unavoidable. 


Such sentiments are shared by Intempus Realty, a property management firm in the Bay Area, and realistically, we tend to agree with them. Property damage can come in a huge variety of forms, and it is noted as one of the biggest issues that landlords need to deal with, across both residential and commercial properties. The bad weather tends to be the cause of damage for most commercial properties, while a combination of weather and tenants are the biggest damage makers for residential landlords. 


Luckily, Junk King has a service for that too. You already know about the full-service and commercial options, but if you’re a residential landlord, and you’re confident that you can get everything done by yourself, we also have a self-service option. Our self-service is the best in the nation (and the world) because of the unique options that only we have. If you’ve ever seen a roll-away dumpster, a few things might have stood out to you; for instance, they are typically terrible colors, absolutely filthy, and enormous, often taking up all of the room on a residential street, or sometimes they’re parked on someone’s lawn to make up for that needed room. The Junk King roll-away dumpsters are the first of their kind, compact, clean, and the color of champions. 


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


All Landlords Need Help at Some Point – Call Junk King Gwinnett for Assistance Today


“For every 100 very low-income households, only 36 affordable rentals are available,” says The Zebra, an insurance policy assistance company. Landlords and the housing that they provide are indispensable for our national economy, and more importantly, they are necessary for the tenants that live and work in their rented spaces. They are a foothold in the United States lifestyle, and millions of people aspire to join their ranks every year. Property management is a serious commitment, and when done right, will make all the difference for the people who live on the property. Junk King can’t provide you with the right way to get to a landlord position—but we can guarantee that for any junk hauling or removal needs, we are at your service. 


There are four ways you can get in contact with us, pick your favorite, and start the process: 



  • Call us at 1-888-888-JUNK to speak with a human representative. 


  • Text us pictures at 1-737-888-5865 to get a quote.


  • Schedule an in-person estimate—these are the most solid options for quotes, and you get a little taste of our customer service too. 


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