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Get Ready For the Holidays with Junk King Gwinnett Trash Removal

Holiday Junk


When you think about the holidays, does your mind go to Christmas? Fourth of July? The spooks and ghouls of Halloween? What about the hearts and chocolates of Valentine’s Day? Maybe what you think about is the food, or maybe it’s the family and friends that you’ve surrounded yourself with over the years. No matter what holiday is on your mind, and no matter what you have planned, turn to Junk King in Gwinnett to help you get ready for your next event, and the rest of them coming up. 


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Health and Holidays and Hauling with Junk King Gwinnett 


For us here in the US, there are really four holidays that come to mind when we speak or think about them; these are normally Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. These also happen to be the most family-oriented holidays in the year. Block parties and family get-togethers are abundant these days. We only need to look at the stores during these months to see the continuous infatuation that Americans have with these holidays. There are other days and weeks which could be considered as competition for these bigger holidays, but realistically, would you rather celebrate Independence Day or the Super Bowl each year? 


Holidays are some of the most looked forward to events during the year, even when those holidays aren’t one of the four big ones; Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers, New Year is a day of renewed dedications, even Columbus Day (or Indigenous People’s Day) has its own benefits. However, there is a side of the holidays that few people speak about, and so it had become an increasingly unspoken aspect of most of the holidays; your mental health can suffer during these days, regardless of if you are surrounded by family and friends, or not. 


Lifeworks is a massive counseling and life coaching center based out of Dallas, Texas. Their staff includes multiple psychologists and professional counselors. Here’s what they had to say about the holiday depression state during the winter:


The holiday season is an incredibly busy time of [the] year. Many people travel great distances to visit family. There is always something going on that people have to attend. While the holiday season is often a joyous time, it can weigh heavy on many people. In many cases, people don’t even recognize how the holidays impact their mental health. While the Holiday Blues are temporary, if you don’t acknowledge what is going on and take action, they can develop into mental health disorders well after the holidays have passed. 


What sort of mental disorders could you evolve from the holidays? Stress, anxiety, and depression are just some of the things that Lifeworks mentions in the same article. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) also had statistics from 2014 to share with regard to the average person and their mental state during holidays, saying:


  • 40% of the people studies thought their mental health symptoms were “worse” during the holidays. 
  • 68% of those people surveyed felt financially stressed. 
  • 66% felt increasingly lonely. 
  • 63% felt they were experiencing a high amount of pressure. 
  • And over half of them could not be with the loved ones they wanted to be with. 


These sorts of reported numbers and known issues about holidays (from around the year) should conjure the need for an answer to these problems. All holidays are meant to be enjoyed by everyone, so what does Junk King have to do with the holidays and speaking about mental illness? Junk King is rated as the #1 removal company for junk and trash—this rating was partially decided by our commitments that are made to (and kept to) our clients. We believe that we are here to help you and your family have the best experience possible, and part of that includes making sure that you’re okay too. Choose Junk King and get the best service possible when you need it—reduce your stress and anxiety by getting professional help with hauling and removals. 


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Call Junk King Gwinnett Now to Reduce Stress in the Future


Everyone has considered getting a removal company at some point in their life. A fraction of those people have actually done the research that goes into picking the right company for their goals. As far as holidays are concerned, the best thing that can be done in preparation for them is spending some time to pick the right removal company for your yearly house cleaning, or your biannual yard clean-up. 


It’s important in most aspects of life to be able to plan ahead. Doing this lowers stress and anxiety which comes with procrastination. There are multiple sources online which promote the best things you can do when the winter holidays are on their way, but what are you supposed to do when it’s January and you’re just heading into a year of holidays? The best thing you can do is actually put the holidays to the side (in your mind). This is because your main goal should be preparations for upcoming events and completing your monthly checklist of maintenance and cleaning around your home. By paying attention to these smaller deadlines, you can better prepare for and anticipate the holidays in the future months without stressing out about them. 


The real estate section inside of The New York Times has published multiple types of seasonal maintenance checklists; some involve your car before the winter comes, or your backyard before storm season blows in. However, they did also publish one article specifically meant for the home and the entire year of checkups that should be done. Here are some of their checkup suggestions and how we can help you accomplish them as you move through the year. 




The article is divided into inside and outside checkups—however, a lot of the checks can be done as you move around your home for spring cleaning. 


Outside: Regardless of if you have had a large number of winter storms or not, you’ll want to survey your yard for any sort of debris that may have been left unseen from the winter. Then give us a call and let us help you get rid of that yard debris. We can even remove things like lumber, fencing, shingles, windows, and more. 


Inside: We all know about the infamous spring-cleaning cycle—but this job can become harder to do if you take it on alone. This is especially true when you have large pieces of furniture to remove or left-over junk from the prior holidays. Give us a call and order our full-service option; you’ll get a crew to do the heavy lifting and removal for you—just point and we’ll do the rest. 




Outside: A lot of people go through and check their equipment in the summer. They also start installations at the beginning of the summer and at the end (it’s easier on the installer people, and we should always be kind to them). As you go through your yard and do your checks, consider if you are going to have things installed this year. If you are, then schedule our self-service MINI dumpsters to help. Construction debris is hard to deal with—cleaning up while you work is much easier than cleaning up afterward. 


Inside: The same advice can be made for the interior of your home; new installations and renovations cause a lot of mess; luckily, Junk King can help cut that mess down dramatically and make your home closer to finished faster. 




Outside: Fall is everyone’s favorite season (whether they admit it or not). What’s not our favorite, is cleaning up fallen leaves, checking our homes for any sort of damage that needs to be fixed before the winter comes, and storing up firewood. How can Junk King help in this time? We can help by doing what we specialize in: junk removal and decluttering. It’s important to take the time to remove that junk that’s been piling up since the spring—call us to help you. 


Inside: It always seems like appliances go out during the fall—that’s part of the reason why The New York Times really wants you to do updates and checkups on your appliances before the winter comes. For those appliances that end up being actually broken? Don’t worry, we can get rid of those too




Outside: The New York Times supposes only a few things with regard to the outside of your home during the winter, but that’s alright. As long as you’ve done the majority of your preparations earlier on in the year, you should be set for the winter—at least until something happens like a heavy storm. Then, of course, if that heavy storm does come and do some damage, give us a call to help you do the clean-up


Inside: As for inside your home during the winter, you’ve likely gotten that under control from your year of preparations (right?). Now should be the time when you relax and take stock of the past year—and maybe start preparing for your next year of preparations. 


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Junk King Gwinnett for Your Junk Hauling and Removal Plans


If you keep in mind when you should have things done like clean-ups, empty outs, or renovations, you’ll be set when it comes to the holidays. Junk King can help you prepare and clean up your home (or office) for any event that is happening in your life. Contact us today to speak with experts on what we can do for you; it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! 

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