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Junk Removal Blog

Lawrenceville Mattress Removal: Junk King Will Take Your Old Mattress Off Your Hands



Mattress Removal in Lawrenceville



5 Signs that It’s Time to Replace Your Old Mattress

We’ve all had those nights—the ones where we finally realize that the bed below us isn’t quite as comfortable as it used to be; we might have even thought about how much a new mattress might cost, despite the night reaching further and further into the early morning. These days there are thousands of options for new beds, some can even be delivered via the mail—pressed and rolled and packaged and on your doorstep in under two business days. Since there are so many available options for both the delivery and the affordable purchasing of mattresses, it is more important than ever for individuals to be able to tell when there are signs that it is time to replace their old mattresses. Here are the top five signs that Junk King believes are telltale signs that should point you towards a new purchase (and a removal). 

  • The age of your mattress: The age of your mattress is one of the biggest factors in deciding whether or not it is time for a new bed. According to Casper (a leading producer and seller of online mattresses and delivery), your mattress should generally be replaced at least every 7-10 years, although the material and treatment of the mattress play a role too.
  • Visual wear and tear beyond staining: Our mattresses take a beating every night, and the beating is even worse when we allow animals into the bed with us, sleep in our day or work clothes, or eat and engage in activities on the bed. If you’ve found that your mattress is starting to become threadbare in its most used areas, you should consider looking for a new mattress. Visual wear and tear is generally unimportant, but it can be a sign that the mattress is breaking down in certain areas, and once those areas are broken down enough—they lose their comfortableness.
  • Aches and pains and soreness: One of the biggest reasons that people end up getting a new mattress is because they are experiencing aches or pains after laying down for the night. Oftentimes, our bodies will adjust to any sort of new change, so it can also become ‘the normal’ for many people to experience these pains—especially when monetary needs are more pressing. However, if you are experiencing pains from having laid in bed, it’s a safe bet that you need a new mattress. 
  • You dread going to bed: Much like children putting up a fight to stay up past their bedtimes, adults may occasionally find themselves dreading bedtime too. Even worse, because adults have a full range of emotions, they might not even realize that they are experiencing dread. It could be seen as having anxiety overwork the next day, or it could be an increasing desire to avoid the bed or sleep altogether. Regardless of the feeling—if you are experiencing any negative emotion towards your bed, it could be time to try a new mattress.
  • Allergies and heat are expected every night: If you’ve ever suffered from allergies, you know that there are much better ways to spend your time. However, sometimes those allergens can come in from outside (carried in on our clothes or pets) and they can end up kicking our bodies into an allergy response. This can sometimes look like itchy eyes, a runny nose, or an overabundance of heat. If you believe that you’ve been suffering from allergies every night, but can’t seem to figure out why or where it is coming from, consider getting a new mattress; it will alleviate your allergies altogether, or remove it as a possible source, at the very least.

If you recognize any of the above topics as occurring in your bedroom, it’s time to start thinking about getting a new mattress; and when it comes time to have the new one delivered, call on your local mattress removal in Lawrenceville, GA, Junk King Gwinnett. As your best and closest option for everything junk and trash hauling, Junk King is also your best option for mattress disposal in Lawrenceville, GA. Simply give us a call or read on to learn more about mattresses and how Junk King deals with the most important of bedroom furniture. 



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Mattress Recycling: It’s Easy and Good For the Environment


Mattress Recycling



What happened to the last mattress you owned? Do you remember? Perhaps it was given to a charity or it was passed on to a family member; more than likely it was taken to the dump or removed during an annual family junk hauling expedition. This is the case for 81% of mattresses—as only about 19% of them are even attempted to be recycled. (This is because spring mattresses are notoriously difficult for recycling centers to process in their machines.) Additionally, there are those companies who claim to recycle mattresses for clients but are sometimes not being truthful. This is because it is simple for them to claim that they will recycle a mattress entrusted to them while dropping it off at the local landfill instead (who’s ever going to check that they followed through, after all). 

Luckily, for folks that live in northern Atlanta, Junk King can be trusted to follow through. Known as being North America’s greenest junk and removal service, Junk King has a company-wide commitment to recycling over 65% of everything that they haul. How could a mattress be recycled? It starts with the mattress being picked up and taken away by our teams of professional haulers, and after the mattress is hauled away, it is broken down into its most simplistic (and useful) parts. These parts are then shipped out to the relevant recycling centers, where they are processed into new items. For example, the foam, cotton, and fabric that a mattress needs can be separated from the larger item and recycled into a variety of new items; foam can be turned into carpet underlay, while cotton and fabrics can be recycled into new insulation. 

You may wonder though, how exactly is mattress recycling ‘easy’? It definitely sounds challenging to do, even for the businesses that are equipped to actually break down and recycle mattresses. The answer to this inquiry is that Junk King makes it easy—for the client, at least. As with all things Junk King, Junk King will collect your junk and trash (and mattress) and take career of all of the after-care that your junk might need. This is what makes recycling your old mattress one of the easiest things you can do—just give us a call and schedule a pick-up. When you choose to move with Junk King, removing your junk is as simple as 1, 2, 3—just point and the junk is gone.



full service junk removal



5 Ways to Recycle, Repurpose, or Reuse an Old Mattress


There are, of course, other avenues and options for you to consider if you do not want to call on Junk King to remove it for you. There are many varieties of revamping and reuse that can come from mattresses and their boxsprings, as long as you’re willing to go the extra mile for it. For example, old boxsprings make the perfect shape and size that a gardening bed might need; just throw it down and fill it with soil! Alternatively, continue reading to learn about five ways you can recycle, repurpose, or reuse an old mattress. 

  • Sell it: This may not seem like a real way to ‘recycle’ a mattress, but when you look at the details and results of the interaction, it’s clear that there is recycling happening. For example, by selling your old mattress, you are giving it to someone who needs it (or else they wouldn’t be buying it), and at the same time, you are also stopping the mattress from being sent out to the local landfill, or worse the closest ocean. Doing this can also make some of the money back that you would have otherwise spent on the cost of mattress disposal
  • Donate it to a shelter: Shelters of all types are commonly looking for mattresses—women’s, men’s, and even animal shelters can sometimes benefit from an old mattress or two. Just make sure to call ahead and double-check that they want one before loading it up.
  • Break it apart yourself: If you think you have the skill necessary, and at least some of the tools you might need, you can always break the mattress apart yourself. If your mattress has springs, they can be removed and fashioned into lawn decorations, while the foam can be inserted into a dog or cat bed. 
  • Contact the manufacturer: When in doubt, you can always contact the manufacturer of your mattress. They won’t accept the mattress itself (that’s a health hazard!) but they can point you in the right direction for how to best break down the mattress or companies around you who might be willing to take it from you. 
  • Drag it out back: If you have a backyard, you can always drag it outside. Mattresses make great resources for native animals, and can even provide a stimulating ‘toy’ for your own animals. Hide treats in the folds and sic your dogs on it, or drag it out to the far corner of the yard and see what sorts of animals make use of it over the summer. Just remember to be wary about nesting birds taking pieces of foam with them—we don’t want the foam traveling out of the area!

Alternatively, you can do yourself a favor and simply look for the best Lawrenceville mattress removal service—Junk King Gwinnett, of course. Junk King is your easiest solution to have your mattresses removed in Lawrenceville, GA; give us a call today to get a truck tomorrow!



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The Process of a Lawrenceville Mattress Pickup with Junk King


There are three different ways to have your old mattress picked up by Junk King. The first way is by contacting us and ordering a full-service pickup. During this, a team of professionally trained junk haulers will come to your residence—all you need to do is point and we’ll do the rest. Most of the time, clients who choose this option make the most out of the team being there while they can. This means that multiple items are usually hauled away, this is especially the case during biannual cleanouts and moving. Alternatively, you have the choice to order a self-service option. During this, you’ll receive a roll-away dumpster, called a Junk King MINI. You then have 3-7 days to fill it with all of your junk before a removal team comes to collect it and remove it for you. The Junk King MINIs are known for their large interior space (12 cubic yards worth!) while remaining compact enough to comfortably sit in a residential driveway. If neither of the above options fit your particular needs, your can also call on Junk King for a single pickup. Mattresses picked up in Lawrenceville, GA are typically picked up with multiple other items, but that doesn’t mean Junk King can’t pick up the single instance as well. 

There are three ways to get in contact with a Junk King representative, and four ways to get a quote for your job. Contact us today to get a truck or MINI delivered to your home tomorrow!

  • Call us at 706-247-7513 to speak with our highly rated customer service team. From there, ask to get a quote over the phone or schedule an in-person assessment of your junk. 
  • Test us pictures of your junk to 737-888-5865, and you’ll receive a quote over text.
  • Or, stay online and explore your options using our custom-made pricing calculator; further, book an order over $99 online and you can potentially save $20 off your order.



5 Dos and Don’ts of Recycling Old Bed Frames


Junk King Gwinnett


How to Throw Away a Bed and Become Organized



Humans are generally wired to become complacent; it is a way for our brains to reassure us that we are not in danger, and so we can become overly relaxed with certain aspects of our life. One of the biggest examples of this is our mattresses. Since our mattresses these days are meant to last between 7-10 years, we can quickly fall into the trap of thinking ‘well, I’ve had it this long, I’ll use it until I can’t.’ This sort of complacency is less destructive than, say complacency at work; however it is just as problematic and even mildly insidious. This is because when our mattresses start to affect us negatively, it is usually a slow process and so we don’t notice it until the negative effects are gone. Thankfully, there are now—more than ever before—many options available for you to have your mattress removed or destroyed. Additionally, a few of these options include recycling prospects like old bed recycling; this comes with a breaking-down process that ensures the most materials that can be recycled and reused, are. 

One such option available in Northern Atlanta is Junk King Gwinnett. The greenest junk removal service in Northern America, Junk King is your local solution for all things junk hauling. From mattress recycling and removal to estate cleanouts, to even providing teams of people and roll-away dumpsters—contact Junk King Gwinnett to get assistance for your junk hauling needs. When you choose to move with Junk King, junk removal is as simple as 1, 2, 3—just point and the junk is gone. 


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5 Dos and Don’ts of Recycling Old Bed Frames

Recycling Old Bed Frames
Old bed frames are some of the most prevalent junk that almost every residential homeowner needs to deal with at some point. Unfortunately, what can be done with old bed frames changes depending on the money the owner is willing to spend, as well as how much available room there is. Read on to learn about some of your best options for dealing with your old bed frame, as well as some of Junk King’s best suggestions for things to avoid when recycling your old bed frame. 

  • Do consider selling your old bed frame. If your old bed frame is reasonably new or in good condition, you might be able to sell it. Consider looking at what others are selling on sites like eBay, or another local website like Let Go, to get an idea of what bed frames and old furniture are being sold for as well as the condition that people most purchase used. Don’t attempt to resell your old bed frame if it is missing pieces or has broken parts. Most people won’t bother even looking at furniture unless it is in good condition, and lying about having all of the parts is bad form. Additionally, if there is mold or soiled parts of the bed frame, it’s best to not sell it as well. 
  • Do consider other uses for the bed frame beyond its original purposes. As long as your bed frame is in a relatively ’square’ form, you might be able to find additional uses for it. For example, a bed frame makes the perfect outline to follow in order to build a raised planter bed. Simply buy the right-sized wood (or cut it yourself) and align it within the frame to ensure that it is ‘square’ before filling it with soil and moving onto the next bed. Don’t attempt to insert the bed frame into roles that don’t really fit its basic abilities. For example, we do not suggest that you cut apart the frame and attempt to make a metal sculpture with it; the metal wasn’t built for it, so the results will not be what the artist envisioned originally. Also, because bed frames are made with exclusion methods, there can be a variety of metals used to make them, so exposing them to heat or moisture for extended periods of time is not recommended. 
  • Do consider giving your old bed frame away. This is a different technique of recycling your bed frame from the selling it option above. When you choose to give your bed frame away, you have a few options to consider. For example, you might be able to give it away but not sell it due to the condition of it. Consider calling the local shelters in the area and asking them if they are in need of any bed frames, most men’s shelters are consistently looking for items like these. Don’t choose to give it away by leaving it somewhere, even on your residential curb. In most cases, people will not come by to pick it up, but also it presents a hazard for the other people in the area. Children could find it interesting and pull it in the middle of the street for cars to run over, or emergency crews could find themselves dealing with a blockage in the road that could have been avoided. 
  • Do consider taking it to your local metal shop, scrap dealer, or artist. This is one of the best bed frame disposal methods because these sorts of businesses are commonly looking for scrap material, partially because they have the tools to be able to change the frame into something new, but also because being given free scrap is often considered a boon for them. (If you have a business or hobby that needs constant materials, you’d be excited about potentially free materials too!) Don’t show up unannounced with a bed frame in hand. Always call these places before you load everything up and start going. Not all metal workers will accept a bed frame (because not all of them are alike); calling beforehand and asking if they want it will save you labor and a day of hauling. 
  • Do choose to move with Junk King Gwinnett! Your easiest (and cheapest) option is to call on Junk King to remove your old bed frame. Apart from having the best rates available for junk hauling—and having three separate options for those junk hauling needs—Junk King also ensures that those parts of the bed frame that can be recycled, are. Recycling old bed frames requires that the frames themselves are broken down, their hardware removed, and their aspects stripped. This is sometimes too difficult for the average person to do, but also, there is little reason for the average person to undertake this process themselves—instead, they can simply call on Junk King to both remove the bed frame from the property and recycle it. Don’t make the mistake of calling the competition—they may overcharge a simple bed frame removal cost, or fail to actually complete the obligations that they claim to have. One such obligation is that of recycling the bed frame—it is easy for corrupt companies to easily just deliver the bed frame to the local landfill, rather than take the time necessary to break it down and send it to the qualified recycling center. 


full service junk removal


Call Junk King to Make it Easy

As mentioned above, there are three options available to the residential homeowner for their bed frames (and other junk). First, is the Junk King full-service option, which provides both a team of professional movers and a Junk King Big Red Truck that holds over 6 pickup truck beds worth of junk and trash. Second, is the self-service option, which gives the residential homeowner a Junk King MINI dumpster to fill over multiple days. The Junk King MINI dumpsters are compact enough to fit within a residential driveway, while also having enough interior space to hold multiple large appliances and junk. Lastly, and most rarely, there does exist the ability for Junk King to come and collect single items too—but most people find that their best experience and price involves removing multiple items at once. 

There are three ways to contact our crew at Junk King Gwinnett, which is part of a franchise group of Junk Kings that provides incomparable junk hauling solutions to all of the Northern Atlanta Metro area, including the surrounding territories. Contact us today, to get a truck tomorrow:

  • Call us at 706-247-7513 to speak with our world-class customer representatives. From there, speak with our highly trained estimators to receive a quote over the phone, or schedule an in-person assessment of your junk. (Your in-person assessment will be a concrete quote, and is always no obligation.) 
  • Text us pictures of your junk to 737-888-5865, and revive an estimate back over text as well. These texts are considered ball-park estimates since it can be difficult to judge the scale and weight of items via a picture.
  • Or, schedule your Junk King MINI dumpster or truck and team online; orders over $99 are even eligible for a $20 discount when booked. To get started with the best junk removal service available, simply explore your options using our pricing calculator and its convenient wizard.

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Office Furniture Removal: How it Can Save You Time and Money


Office furniture removal



What is Office Furniture Removal?


An office furniture removal is very similar to residential furniture removal in that both require the removal of furnishings to a new location, be it a recycling facility or a landfill. Where they differ, is on the scale of the job and on the specific furnishings themselves.


Most people would not consider the removal of a bed frame as part of normal office removal, any more than an industrial-sized filing cabinet might be considered a residential item for removal. Additionally, in terms of scale, the normal residential furniture removal can generally consider a few large-scale items and a dumpster or two—but offices often have more small pieces, like desks, chairs, or sofas.


furniture removal guide group 2


This means that the type of items being removed is not only different but also multifold in their occurrence usually. 


These and other aspects of offices often result in special attention from removal services like Junk King. These sorts of specializations can come in a variety of forms, all designed to assist the business owner with having the most efficient and eco-friendly experience with Junk King. For example, payment plans can be discussed, or we could send multiple crews to assist in finishing a job. 


Additionally, there are multiple reasons why you might consider hiring a professional removal company for something like office furniture removal. One such reason, which is a large percentage of our office furniture removals, is during a foreclosure; property managers looking to empty office buildings are also common in this area of the removal business.


Another reason in favor of hiring professionals is that the business owner can lose up to double the amount of pay-time and costs; this is because the owner pays twice, once for the normal day of work, and again for the additional day’s worth of production loss. It is important to remark as well, that hiring a professional removal service does not require a minimum amount of removals.


Said another way, if you have one item to remove, you can call us to come and collect it (but we suggest you get the most from your dollar and add some other stuff too!). 


full service junk removal


Best Practices for Office Furnishings Maintenance


Furniture Removal and Disposal


Office furnishings can differ widely across office buildings—or floors—but no matter what types of furnishings you have, you’ll still need to clean and maintain it, especially for the life-extending qualities it can encourage in an item. Consider these tips the next time you’re in the office: 


  • Clean wood with soap and water: all you need to clean wood is soap and water; always avoid cleaners on wood, since chemicals like ammonia can cause damage to certain woods. Additionally, make sure to wipe the wood in the same direction as the grain—not doing so can take years off of an item’s life. 
  • Clean, polish, and condition every six months: make sure to clean, polish, and condition everything that you can, every six months; this will keep your furniture nice for as long as possible while allowing you to look over it for any damage or issues. Consider sending out an email with all of the best tips for how to care for your office furniture.
  • Check all bolts and screws every six months: office furniture gets a lot of movement, especially in offices with multiple people at one desk; going through every piece of hardware, every six months, will help keep the furniture in its best possible state. To make this easier, consider taping a bag of the manual and any possible hardware of the furniture to the bottom or underside of the item. This way, your employees can also tighten any loose screws as needed. 
  • Keep the furniture covered or out of sunlight: the sun is the most powerful thing in our solar system, so much so, that anything which spends a long amount of time in it, burns; it only makes sense that your office furniture will too—keep it covered or out of the light. Additionally, if you find some furnishings with sun-damage already, it’s important to remove these items from the office. If they can be fixed, they should be, but if they cannot they should not return to the office. The reason for this is twofold: on the one hand, sun damaged furniture is not professional, while on the other hand, molds and bacteria can grow within the cracks. 
  • Avoid eating at your desk: desks and furnishings can last a very long time when nothing is spilled or falls on them. Additionally, if you choose to eat at your desk, ensuring that you clean the furniture sufficiently afterward, will go a long way in extending the life of the furniture. Make sure to check behind and under every item in the disaster area. 
  • Clean your office desk weekly: no matter how little time you spend at your desk, you’ll want to clean it at least once a week; this is for a variety of reasons, the least of which not being the accumulation of germs and dust over a seven day period. Also consider disinfecting at the end of each day, since viruses and sickness are ever-present in offices.
  • Keep all dirty items off of them: who doesn’t like a good office dog? Or to put their feet up during a break? Furniture sure doesn’t appreciate it; this is evident in the fact that the more wear and tear you place on the furniture, the more quickly it will break down. Keep the feet and the animals off to ensure long-lasting furnishes
  • Buy new or salvage every two years: no one likes to be stuck with a chair they don’t like—making sure that you give your employees the ability to change their chair every once in a while will ensure higher morale and a more appreciative work environment. (Also, avoid purchasing anything up-cycled like pallet couches. Many of these hold the potential for damaging effects in the forms of possible insects, possible toxic fumes, or possible breakage during use.) 
  • Consider hiring professionals: the nightly or weekly cleaning service most offices have is great, but they are only equipped to deal with small clean-ups. For anything larger, consider hiring a professional group to clean and condition your furnishings. The difference is like choosing to haul a refrigerator using your brother-in-law’s truck, or calling Junk King. As Harry Van Buren, owner of Junk King Gwinnett, Cobb, and North Atlanta says, “the heaviest thing you should have to lift is the telephone.” 




3 Steps to Make Your Next Move Easier with Professional Help from Junk King 


Junk King Trash Pick up



Even if you don’t plan on moving your business soon, it can never hurt to prepare for when the time comes. The first, and possibly most important step, is to call a professional removal team. This is essential to ensuring that your business has the easiest time possible during the transition; because only professional removers have the training and ability to quickly and efficiently empty entire areas and rooms.


Secondly, it is best to have a company-wide deep clean at least every six months. Doing this not only ensures that your office is clean, but italso allows you to remove any unnecessary clutter and junk that may have accumulated. (Give Junk King Gwinnett County a call every six months, and get assistance in this.)


Thirdly, make sure to utilize your ability to collect quotes and estimates before committing to a particular removal service; when doing this, make sure to factor in the amount of additional support or amenity the company also provides (if any). For example, the Junk King full-service option involves hauling away junk and trash in a truck that is 20% larger than the competitor at the same price. 




What You Need to Know Before Hiring Office Removals Services in Gwinnett 


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


Like all things in life, the more knowledge you have about something, the better informed you are—and being informed is crucial to making good choices. There are only a few things to know before you hire a removal service in Gwinnett, but knowing them makes a huge difference: 


  • Junk King is the greenest removal company in North America; with over 60% of every haul being recycled, reused, or donated. 
  • Junk King is rated as the number one removal service, with world-class customer representatives and professional removers. 
  • Junk King is one of the most productive options available for any and all office removals service


There are many ways to contact Junk King—pick your favorite and order assistance today. 


  • Call us at (888) 888 – JUNK (5865) to get a quote over the phone or to schedule an in-person estimate. 
  • Text us pictures of your junk at (737) 888 – JUNK, and receive a quote for your Ikea furniture removal
  • Or, go to our pricing calculator to get an estimate in minutes. 
  • For especially large or challenging hauls, please call our office at (888) 888 – JUNK. 



Appliance Removal in Gwinnett County



Appliance Removal


Do you need appliance removal right away? Click Here!


How old are your appliances? Most people tend not to think about their appliances or their age and condition until they stop working.


What happens after that? Many people would consider the death of an appliance to be an emergency (outside of the dishwasher, at least), so the first thought is usually about getting a replacement as soon as possible and how they can work around not having that appliance for a few days or weeks.


Once that new appliance is delivered and installed, what happens to the dead one? The installers won’t take it, the weekly trash servicer won’t take it, and unless you have a truck and some extra hands—you can’t take it to the dump (not to mention the hefty ‘removal’ fee even if you got it there). 


There is a better way. The next time one of your appliances dies, big or small, call on Junk King removal services to help. No matter what appliance you have, and no matter what condition or size, Junk King will help you get rid of it. You even have the option of calling Junk King just for the removal of a single item although we usually find that clients have more than just one. 


full service junk removal


Additionally, if you are a business owner you may eventually run into the same sort of problem—a downed and dead machine or equipment in the shop.  Most businesses (especially small ones) rely on old machines—due to them producing better products than the newer versions of the technology—which means that as those old machines break down it can become harder and harder to find the right tools and elements to continuously repair the equipment.


Eventually, chances are good that something will have to give and a new machine will need to be ordered after the death of the old one. Here, the business owner is put in the same position as the homeowner; how does one ‘get rid’ of a machine or equipment that doesn’t work? It can’t all go into a landfill, not when there may be hidden toxins in the metal or other elements. 


Luckily, for the homeowner and the business owner, there is Junk King Gwinnett. Just like Junk King will assist the homeowner in removing their dead appliances, Junk King will also assist in the removal of old machines and equipment from businesses too.


Our professional movers have the tools and the training to be able to break down large appliances and equipment quickly and safely, while our after-pick-up recycling processes ensure that all appliances and equipment that we haul away are correctly broken down into their most useful elements for future use. When you choose to move with Junk King Gwinnett, removing junk and trash is as easy as 1, 2, 3—just point and the junk is gone. 



What is a Removal and How can a Professional Removal Company Help?


Old Appliances


Generally speaking, removals consist of the physical movement of an item from one place to another—in other words, it is the movement of your junk to our trucks/dumpsters. After this, your junk is taken away, never to be seen again…Until it reaches our recycling hub for processing. Well, that’s Junk King’s version of removal anyway. 


One may ask then, what is the point of having a removal company when we can do it ourselves? The answer is that the average person only has so much utility—they are a single person, with limited space, limited money, limited experience, and most of all, other stress. So, when something like an appliance dies more stress is piled on top of their normal levels.


Appliance removal themselves are some of the fastest work that a professional removal company can handle—meanwhile trying to remove that same appliance by yourself can result in an entire day being wasted trying to sort everything out, it could even result in an injury from improper handling of the appliance.


Additionally, no matter what appliance is being removed, the average person is not going to have any ability to recycle the elements of the appliance. It’s not common knowledge to know how to drain the freon from a dead refrigerator, even though it is a requirement in order to have it taken by the landfills. Appliance recycling then, although it is a necessary part of removals in general, can only be really done by professional moving teams; it’s part of what makes them professionals. 


The benefits of choosing to move with a professional removal team don’t just stop at the death of appliances either. Many homeowners—even business owners—take advantage of professional removal teams for many reasons. Everything from home relocation to estate cleanouts are fair game for a removal team; and, while Junk King’s main interest is the collection and removal of junk from your property, furnishing relocation is a possible service that can be provided. 



Why Professional Appliance Removal is the Best Option for You


Professional services operate with you in mind—they have the best tricks and experience that you can ask for during removals. As mentioned before, there are many aspects to removals that the average person would have problems solving by themselves, not to mention the costs that can incur. The best option for moving appliances will always be to choose a professional team because they have the correct training and tools to be able to take care of every step of the removal and the recycling process.


Need Junk Removal Immediately? Book An Appointment Today!


Further, the appliance recycling elements of removals cannot be ignored because they are so important to the continued health and thriving of the local environment. Landfills know this too, which is why they do not accept appliances that haven’t been ‘drained’ of their toxins unless they have the facilities to do it themselves (for an additional fee). In this way, the best appliance removal service that you can ask for is Junk King Gwinnett.  



What You Should Know About Appliances and Their Disposal


Not all appliances need to be ‘drained’ and broken down to be recycled. Some appliances can be taken out to the curb and picked up by Waste Management or similar weekly trash service. However, these sorts of ‘lite appliances’ do not usually contain the problems that could arise from their larger versions.


For example, let’s say that you have a decade-old vacuum and it is finally time for a new one. You may take the moment to search the internet for terms like ‘how to dispose of appliances’ whereupon you see that your local single-stream trash services will accept them for an additional processing fee. This is great news! All you need to do is call them and make them aware of your vacuum removal needs and pay the fee.


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


Then, just drag the vacuum down to the curb and it’s as good as gone. Additionally, although recycling appliances is a huge aspect of removals (at least for Junk King) if your appliance is reasonably destroyed or soiled, choosing to go with the weekly service will end up being your better cost—as long as there isn’t additional junk sitting around also waiting to be thrown out or recycled down. 



The Steps in the Process of Appliance Removal


When you do choose to move with a professional team, there are some very easy steps to make the appliance removal process as smooth as possible for everyone:


  1. Assess the problem: knowing why you are removing the refrigerator will be very helpful for our team. If it still works and you are only wanting to upgrade, our team can sell or donate it for you after it is picked up. Otherwise, if the appliance is not working, we’ll know that it will need to be recycled or processed for recycling. (Also we won’t have to be gentle with it, which is fun for everyone.) 
  2. Measure the removal path: it has likely been a few years since you bought the appliance and a lot can change in that time. Making sure that we have a cleared and reasonably clean path for us to remove the item will make sure that everyone is being safe and the removal is moving at its most efficient. 
  3. Turn off the water/empty the appliance: this step is the one most forgotten. It’s necessary to turn off the water running to any appliances which use it—if it is not turned off, you’ll be looking at some watershed. At the same time, please ensure that everything inside of the appliance is removed/drained. Foods rotting in a refrigerator isn’t any better than clothes rotting in murky soap water! 
  4. If you choose to move with Junk King: you’ll already know the two-hour window in which our big red truck or MINI dumpster will be pulling up—so while you wait for our call (15 minutes before we arrive), take a few moments to review your home and assess if there are any other last-minute items which need to be removed as well. If you’ve gone the MINI dumpster route you’ll have a few days to think it over, but that timeline is far shorter if you’ve chosen our full-service option. Taking the extra few minutes to look around for anything else that needs to go will greatly improve your experience (even with an additional fee). 



A Helpful Guide to Making Sure Your Move Goes Smoother with Expert Guidance


appliance removal


If you know that your appliances are getting older in age and they aren’t doing their job quite like they used to, keep in mind that there are professionals that can help. Use the above information in this article to make the best choice for you and your appliances. Rest assured that Junk King is there to assist you every step of the way (even if you forget to turn off the water, Dave). 


Junk King is known throughout North America as being the greenest removal company available—but our customer service, from our professional movers to our phone representatives, are world-class agents. It is our goal that you experience the smoothest removal possible, while also providing green solutions for junk. As Junk King Gwinnett owner Harry Van Buren says, ‘the heaviest thing you should have to lift is the telephone’. 


There are three ways you can contact Junk King Gwinnett, pick one today and get a truck tomorrow: (1) give us a call at (888) 888 – JUNK (5685) to speak with those highly-trained customer service representatives and ask to get a quote over the phone or schedule a no-obligation in-person assessment of your junk. (2) Text us pictures of your junk to (737) 888 – JUNK and receive an estimate back (over text). (3) Or, choose to stay online and explore your options further with our pricing estimator—orders that are placed online and are over $99 could also receive a $20 discount!


Ready To Book? Click & Save $20!



Junk Removal in Lawrenceville: The Complete Guide

Junk Removal Lawrenceville

Do you need junk removal right away? Click Here.


The Cost of Professional Junk Removal Services


Hiring a professional junk removal service can be nerve-wracking. Add in the additional aspects of costs, labor, or hidden fees, and it can be enough to cause you to give up considering it. Too many factors and not enough easy choices.


However, with junk removal Lawrenceville, your options are simple and your estimates are straightforward. Working with Junk King means that all you need to do is point, and the junk is gone. 


How does that translate into professional costs? Junk King’s pricing scale starts as the lowest in the business while providing world-class customer service, equipment, and teams for larger jobs, complying with the green movement, and all while providing larger dumpsters than the other guys. Junk King’s pricing can be thought about in two ways, each correlates to a service that Junk King provides. 


There is the self-service option. This gives you a Junk King MINI dumpster for three days at a time. These MINIs are 12-cubic yards, making them bigger than the standard 10-cubic yards. They are so small that they can fit comfortably in your driveway while being spacious enough to take multiple large appliances away.


The Junk King self-service also gives you multiple days to keep the dumpster, meaning that you have more time to clean things out and get organized before the roll-away leaves for our facility. These typically cost between $255 to $340, that’s around $75 less at starting point than other dumpster providers. 


On the other hand, choosing to work with Junk King’s full-service option provides you with multiple auxiliary amenities, should you want them (of course, you do!). The major difference between the self-service and the full-service option is that the full-version provides you with a Junk King truck that holds six regular pickup trucks worth of junk or garbage, while the MINI only holds four of those same truck loads.


Further, the full-service option comes with a team of professional removers for your job. All you need to do is point, and they’ll remove your junk, trash, and items for you. Giving a ballpark estimate can be difficult for these types of jobs, but generally, the cost will range from $600 to $650, depending on multiple factors like materials and truck availability. 


Need additional information? Learn more about our dumpster rental services.


No matter which service you lean towards, your best option will always be to explore Junk King’s custom-made pricing estimator. It uses the average cost of multiple past jobs to calculate a ballpark estimate for you. You can even choose to go the full-service route and select particular items to have removed by our highly trained removal professionals. 



What are Some of the Most Common Items You Can Get Rid of with a Junk Removal Service? 


self service dumpster rental services


If you’ve ever wondered if there where a ‘trash hauler near me’ that could pick up all of your junk—look no further. Unlike the weekly residential waste removers, Junk King specializes in large items, e-wastes, and otherwise difficult-to-remove stuff. For example, the removal of an old stove is one of the more common situations.


From yard wastes to construction debris, Junk King will take it all (except hazardous materials). Additionally, Junk King also specializes in large estate cleanouts, the removal of old or heavy equipment, the breaking down of structures, and the clearing of land ahead of construction services. We’ll even remove structures on your property, as long as they aren’t connected to your home or another building. 


Some of the most common items we take include furniture, e-waste like TVs or computers, yard waste and debris, foreclosure and property cleanouts, appliances, hot tubs, trash, mattresses, refrigerators, construction debris, and rubbish removal.


full service junk removal


E-waste, desks, TVs, hot tubs, mattresses, and refrigerators come in as some of the most common items that we pick up, although every job is unique. Google ‘trash pickup service near me’ to find out more about what makes Junk King so different from the other guys. 



How to Get a Dumpster Rental in Lawrenceville, and Why You Might Need One


There are a lot of reasons to get a dumpster roll-away rental. Some of those reasons could include helping your uncle clean out his hoarding shed (or even the removal of his shed entirely), or it could include cleaning up your home and yard after a particularly gnarly storm.


These sorts of events are the most often time people consider ordering a dumpster rental, however, there are dozens of other reasons to do so as well, including: biannual house cleaning, during any renovations or installations, property cleanouts, updating furniture or appliances, or just good old fashioned junk and garbage removal, to name a few. Some people even rent dumpsters specifically for their trash and waste, called ‘trash rental’ dumpsters.


To rent a dumpster is easier than ever before. There are multiple avenues to contacting us, including call, text, or over the internet for junk removal Lawrenceville:


  • Call us at (888) 888 – JUNK to speak with a world-class customer representative—from there, you can schedule an in-person assessment at your property, or you can request an over-the-phone estimate. 
  • Text us pictures of your stuff at (737) 888 – 5865 to receive a text estimate. 
  • Or, take a look at our custom pricing estimator to look at a variety of situations and estimates for your needs. 



How to Remove Junk from Your Home in Lawrenceville?


The best way to get junk removal from your home is by ordering a dumpster. We might be pressed to say that it’s a better idea to pass on the dumpster and instead take some trips to the local landfill, as that would make sense for saving money—it’s your car, your labor, your time, etc.


However, this is an all too common misconception about when to call for a dumpster. If you aren’t able to call on a dumpster before going to the landfill, when is the right time to call? Home cleanup is one of the best times to get a dumpster because of the auxiliary that it offers, whether that means more time to sort out the good stuff from the bad stuff, or some extra hands to help you with the home declutter process


Additionally, choosing to go with the dumpster rental option to remove your junk is far more beneficial overall instead of choosing to go to the landfill.


Consider what happens when going to the landfill and the costs that occur from it: gas, labor (maybe fast food for the helpful friends?), additional fees for disposal of certain items (small appliances?), no recycling (landfill after all), no e-wastes (so now you need to go to an e-waste recycler and spend more time and money).


In comparison, we could have done the Junk King self-service or full-service option. Both options are cheaper than the overall expenditure of going to the landfill (and the separate recycling centers). This is the best way to remove junk from your Lawrenceville home. 



What’s the Process of Hiring a Dumpster Rental in Lawrenceville? 


Junk King Gwinnett


When thinking about how to hire a dumpster rental or who to hire for your rental—you should consider (1) the overall cost estimate for the rental, (2) what happens after the dumpster is taken away, and (3) if you’re going to be given the best possible experience for your time and money.


Such things can usually be found over the internet if you Google phrases like ‘best dumpster company near me’. Cost has been talked about extensively above, but what hasn’t been mentioned is what happens after the dumpster is taken from your home or property. 


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


In choosing to work with Junk King, you’re choosing to work with the greenest removal service in North America. We operate with the green movement in mind for all of our jobs. 60% of all the hauling we do is recycled back into the local community—and kept out of the landfills. 


Lastly, Junk King has also been recognized as having a world-class customer service experience. From the moment you call us and speak with our customer representatives to the removal crew taking that piano out of the garage, you are given our undivided attention. That’s the difference between Junk King and the other guys—our commitment to you, the work, the local economy, and the environment. 



Junk King Gwinnett – The Trusted Name in Home and Business Cleanouts for Decades


Junk King has been the most trusted name in junk removal for decades—homes and businesses around the county know us by name.


We have multiple trucks, a team of highly trained professional movers, and we’re serious about the commitments that we’ve made to the community. We’re even considered an essential business in the state of Georgia due to our services. 


Junk removal of any type can be tricky—cleanouts can be even harder—so before you start packing junk into your car or truck for the local landfill, give us a call and ask for a quote instead. We’ll save you time, money, and labor for every job. That’s what makes us the King of Junk removal, Lawrenceville, GA



Trash Pickup & Removal in Gwinnett County

Junk King Trash Pick up


No matter if you are a stay-at-home parent, a senior level executive, a small business owner, or just an average person—chances are, you’ll need some removal assistance at one point or another. Trash pickup and removal doesn’t need to be labor-intensive or overtly expensive, it just needs to get done, and get done quickly. Junk King, servicing Gwinnett County and the surrounding area, is your best solution for assistance in anything regarding removal, including trash, junk, and heavy lifting. At Junk King removal services, it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3—just point and it’s gone. 


Book a Touchless Appointment Today and Save $20!


Trash Facts and Trash Hauling with Junk King Gwinnett County 

Trash is the one factor that connects all humans across the globe, from the streets of New York to the tourist-ridden plains of Africa. It seems that this ever-present factor of our modern lives will, at some point, culminate in either a pile too large to handle individually (perhaps with a room filled to the ceiling with junk) or a situation too big to take care of alone (perhaps in the case of a renovation or a hoard). Cases like this are common in older neighborhoods and suburban areas, where there is space and privacy that allows for the accumulation of trash and junk. 


Of course, these types of situations have been largely attributed to cases of mental illness thanks to shows like Hoarders and Hoarders: Buried Alive. In real life though, it is not just people like hoarders who benefit from assistance from removal services like Junk King. In fact, most of the time removal services are called for non-hoard removals or for special roll-away dumpsters. Additionally, it’s now considered standard to order a roll-away dumpster for residential homes at least two times a year for the seasonal cleanings, while businesses often benefit from having roll-away dumpsters at their disposal permanently or every two months, depending on their production, goods, and wastes. 


full service junk removal


A byproduct of having trash be a part of everyone’s lives means that we have developed particular types of waste, all of which have special needs with regard to removals of those wastes. There are five types of wastes; these types include liquid waste, solid trash, organic waste, recyclable trash, and hazardous waste. 

  • Liquid wastes can come from a variety of sources, though they are mostly produced by residential homes, commercial businesses, and factories; natural rainwater is also considered a liquid waste, just a different type from something like leftover detergent from a factory. 
  • Solid trash is normally produced by residential and commercial locals. These include everything from plastics to paper, metals to glass. These are also not things that can be recycled or are difficult to reuse; consider broken plates or mirrors or newspapers. 
  • Organic waste is most commonly produced by residential homes. These involve anything that can be considered organic to begin with, so foods, gardening waste, or animal waste falls in this category.
  • Recyclable waste, then, are that solid trash that can be recycled or reused. This type of waste is attributable to all forms of residential, business, and factory producers. Most furniture and construction materials are considered recyclable wastes. 
  • Lastly, hazardous wastes are all wastes that can harm the environment or life in general. Wastes in this sense, refer to anything toxic, flammable, corrosive, or reactive. Batteries, paints, even electronic trash is considered hazardous by most standards. 


There are many ways to dispose of each of these wastes, including the stereotypical landfill, recycling, vermicomposting, incineration, or ocean disposals. Junk King is your best option for removing all solid trash, organic trash, or recyclables. Our experts are trained to remove trash efficiently, but they are also trained on how to site and remove pieces that can be recycled or reused before sending them to the landfill. Junk King is North America’s best and greenest junk removal service, committed to getting over 60% of recyclables in every dumpster load. That means, not only are you removing junk in the fastest way possible, you’re also helping lower the environmental impact at the same time. 


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


Trash Produced in One Year and How Junk King Gwinnett County Will Help


Junk Removal Gwinnett

People produce a lot of waste; for example, the average person throws out 72.99 pounds of plastic trash each year. Of those, only about 9% of these plastics are recycled by them that same year. Hundreds of pounds of other wastes are also made by every individual every year. Mainstream trash removal like the weekly garbage truck will end up taking most of these thousands of pounds straight to the local landfill. Further, these trash trucks are not equipped to be able to deal with anything larger, heavier, or anything fully recyclable (that’s why there has been a rise in recycle-only trash cans). So, if your furniture breaks, or if your home suffers through a disaster and it’s time to clean up—your first thought may be to break everything down and put it all in garbage bags. 


This doesn’t work for a variety of reasons, including the fact that those garbage bags are typically opened; whatever is in them can’t typically be processed by the machines, so they are removed and thrown away separately from the other garbage. That’s assuming that they get passed the garbage men on the truck in the first place. If they don’t get passed the garbage men, most people will then take a trip to the local landfill themselves; but, the local public access landfill costs money, and they don’t typically take things like appliances, furniture, or e-wastes.  


Ready To Book? Click & Save $20!


This is where Junk King comes in; there are two main services that can be utilized by the residential owner. The first service we offer is that of a MINI roll-away dumpster, this is also called our self-service option. We bring one of our beautiful red MINIs to your home, park it in your driveway (yes, the MINI really is that mini), and you keep it for three days minimum. Doing it like this means you’ll have more than enough time to get everything out, the space to get it all out, and the best part: all you have to do is pay and you’ll never see the trash again. 


In comparison, you could instead order our full-service option. For this, all you need to do is point, and the trash is gone. This service consists of a team of our expert junk haulers and a truck so that you can maximize the time our team is there—and get rid of those large or heavy pieces of furniture, appliances, or even mattresses and e-wastes. Picking this version means that you don’t have the multiple days that you would have with doing the self-service option, but instead, you would have multiple (strong) hands helping you get everything cleaned up. 


The great thing about Junk King is that no matter what service you pick—Junk King is committed to recycling 60% of all the loads we receive, so you can rest easy that everything that can be recycled, is being recycled. Further, since we also take e-wastes, you can feel secure in the knowledge that those toxins aren’t being distributed into the local environment. Further, no matter what service you choose, you only ever pay for the space that is taken up in the dumpster or truck; that means that if you order a MINI, but only use the back half of it, you only pay for that back half. This gives you the best price possible, every time.  


There are four ways to contact us; picking your favorite version today means that you can get your trash picked up and cleared out sooner and faster. (Perfect for right before the family events of the holidays.) 

  • Give us a call at (706) 350-6270 to speak with one of our world-class customer service representatives; from here, you can ask questions or be connected to an over-the-phone estimator to give you a ballpark estimate. Or, you can schedule a date and time for an estimator to physically go to you and give you an in-person, in-writing estimate. This will be the most concrete estimate that you can receive from us. 
  • You could also text pictures of your…trash to us at (737) 888-5865. We’ll answer with an estimate, and we’ll always text you back. 
  • Another available option is to utilize our online forms. You can ask questions, set up a drop-off, or request a number of other options using this option. 
  • Lastly, you can choose to utilize the Junk King pricing estimator; this estimator is only online, and it was custom-made just for Junk King. You can explore your options and pick what services are best for the load you want to remove. 


No matter what way you choose to contact us, you can be assured that you are getting the best price possible, while also getting the rated #1 customer service in North America. Contact us today to experience our superior value, service, and effort. 

5 Reasons You Might Need Junk Removal in Lawrenceville

Junk King Gwinnett

When it comes to junk removal many people don’t understand the reason why you’d want to hire a removal firm; this is a natural inclination if you’ve never worked with one before or aren’t sure about the services they can provide. After all, most people would rather do removal work themselves instead of paying for some people to move furniture and junk out to a truck. However, Junk King removal services are one of the top-rated removal options in North America—the reason for that comes from a trifecta of elite customer service reps, prompt and fantastic assistance, and from providing help to the community. It can be difficult to know exactly when the best time to call for help can be though; it doesn’t feel necessary to call a removal firm if you and your family can handle removing that piano. In cases like that, Junk King may not be your first thought. However, there are a lot of situations were calling on us, which means you get the services you need, without the problems that come from doing the removal yourself. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!




Save Yourself Time and Money by Working with Junk King Gwinnett


When you have a lot of junk to remove or big items to get rid of, you really only have three options: haul it yourself, put a dumpster down, or call a junk removal firm. It is a common misconception that you need a lot of junk in order to call for a removal service, and in fact, calling a removal service for any hauling needs is a great way to save you both time and money.


Consider this with the earlier piano example. Let’s say that you’ve spent a few hours wrangling the family and getting a truck ready to pick up the piano. Now, you’ve just got to get it into the truck, strap it down, drive it to the general waste site, unstrap it, push it off the bed of the truck, then return home—and now you owe everyone a favor too. Now compare this to what would have happened had Junk King been called instead: our team would show up, remove the piano by themselves, and drive away with it. Looking at it in black and white like this may be surprising, but that is the difference between working with professionals and trying to do removals by yourself. Of course, since Junk King has both a dumpster rental option and a junk removal option, you’ll need to assess which will best fit your needs—here is one article from Angi.com which speaks about how to choose which service you should get.


full service junk removal


Save Yourself from Potential and Preventable Injuries with Junk King Gwinnett


We’ve all heard the saying ‘lift with your legs, not your back,’ but how often do we actually pay attention to our form as we move heavy objects? Arguably, not enough. There are many ways in which a seemingly simple junk haul can turn into a nightmare—and one of the worst ways is when it causes a preventable injury to our families and friends.


Calling on Junk King removes this potential for injury, or it at least dramatically reduces the chances that someone will be hurt during the process. Preventable injuries are some of the most unfortunate occurrences in emergency rooms around the country, and our teams would rather do a job right and stay out of the hospital than do it wrong and end up there with a workplace injury. Our teams are trained with this in mind—and since they use the correct form to remove junk, they’re faster at it than the normal person too. This means that when you call us, you are saving money, time, resources, and preventing the possibility that someone you love gets hurt. Let the professionals do the hauling—you just point, and it’s gone.


Need Junk Removal Immediately? Book An Appointment Today!


Declutter and Clean with the Help of Junk King Gwinnett

It’s a common misconception that you require a lot of stuff to call on a removal firm. Realistically, any time you’re wanting to deep clean your home or declutter a space, you should give us a call. Junk King is known as being America’s top-most green removal company. What does that mean for your junk? Well, Junk King is heavily committed to taking steps to protect the local environment; at least 60% of all the material that we haul is taken out and recycled by our experts. In doing this, we can both protect the environment as well as give back to the community.


We even provide service options with this sort of clean-up in mind. Additionally, in choosing to work with Junk King, you have a self-service option available. Instead of scheduling a fleet of giant red dumpsters to be left outside your home, you have the option to order one of our more discrete dumpsters—the Junk King MINI. MINIs are small enough that they can fit in your driveway, so no more dirty looks from neighbors because the roll-away is blocking the street. Now they can judge you for that pink pool table you brought back with you from college.



Call Junk King Gwinnett Before, During, and After Your Home Renovations


Everybody wants to do home renovations—it’s part of the draw to owning your home. Most of the time renovations are completed either to set up the house to be sold for more money in the future, or in order to better accommodate the current occupants of the home. This paired with the increasingly popular home renovation shows on television makes for a constant environment of pressure for renovations. What those episodes often don’t show, are the rigorous clean-up processes that occur before, during, and after the building.


When it is time for your home to be renovated, make sure to call us before you start, during the process, and after you’re finished. Even if you choose to hire a renovation company, calling us during these times will greatly reduce the overall amount of work and clean-up time that goes into each project. You can even order different services for different points of your clean-up process. For example, order a self-service MINI at the beginning of the process, a full-service crew in the middle of the process, and a self-service at the end for all the smaller messes that have been left over. Additionally, in ordering a multi-day dumpster in the middle of the process, you will have the ability to enlist both the contractors and our Junk King crew to help remove the potentially large pieces of debris from your property; this is a much better option than just putting it all in the backyard or to the side.


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


Call Junk King Gwinnett After Any Disaster in Your Home


Often, when we think of junk removal services, the first thing that comes to mind are situations like hoarders or homes overflowing with junk and in dire need of assistance. However, removal services are also fantastic options when there has been an unexpected disaster in your home or around your property. Even things like weather storms are perfect times to call Junk King since we accept any sort of yard or storm debris that you might have accumulated. This also goes for pieces of your home, if they have been torn off during poor weather. As long as you are removing things that are not hazardous or cement/soil—we’ll take it all for you.


Disasters aren’t classified as just things like hurricanes or fires, they can include pipes bursting or even a car driving into your living room. In disasters like that, it is a race against time to save what you can at the moment; and often, this means that whatever is left over will be unsalvageable or potentially rotting from things like weather conditions or water damage. Situations like this are some of the best times to call on Junk King. Let us handle the clean-up, while you handle the more important parts of putting everything back together.


Ready To Book? Click & Save $20!


For Hauling, Removals, Clean Outs, and More—Call Junk King Gwinnett


There are four ways in which you can contact us, do so today and we’ll see you tomorrow.

  • Give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK and speak to an expertly trained customer representative, trained to answer all your questions. Or, schedule an in-person assessment and receive a concrete estimate for your removal needs.
  • Text us pictures at 1-737-888-5865; our team will text you back with your no-pressure estimate.
  • Follow the forms online and contact us to ask questions, cancel an appointment, or schedule a great time for us to drop off a MINI.
  • Or, choose Junk King’s favorite way of scheduling—use the custom-built pricing estimator to visualize the costs that your job would require. You can also schedule an appointment or a drop-off at the end of the wizard.


Get Ready For the Holidays with Junk King Gwinnett Trash Removal

Holiday Junk


When you think about the holidays, does your mind go to Christmas? Fourth of July? The spooks and ghouls of Halloween? What about the hearts and chocolates of Valentine’s Day? Maybe what you think about is the food, or maybe it’s the family and friends that you’ve surrounded yourself with over the years. No matter what holiday is on your mind, and no matter what you have planned, turn to Junk King in Gwinnett to help you get ready for your next event, and the rest of them coming up. 


full service junk removal


Health and Holidays and Hauling with Junk King Gwinnett 


For us here in the US, there are really four holidays that come to mind when we speak or think about them; these are normally Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. These also happen to be the most family-oriented holidays in the year. Block parties and family get-togethers are abundant these days. We only need to look at the stores during these months to see the continuous infatuation that Americans have with these holidays. There are other days and weeks which could be considered as competition for these bigger holidays, but realistically, would you rather celebrate Independence Day or the Super Bowl each year? 


Holidays are some of the most looked forward to events during the year, even when those holidays aren’t one of the four big ones; Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers, New Year is a day of renewed dedications, even Columbus Day (or Indigenous People’s Day) has its own benefits. However, there is a side of the holidays that few people speak about, and so it had become an increasingly unspoken aspect of most of the holidays; your mental health can suffer during these days, regardless of if you are surrounded by family and friends, or not. 


Lifeworks is a massive counseling and life coaching center based out of Dallas, Texas. Their staff includes multiple psychologists and professional counselors. Here’s what they had to say about the holiday depression state during the winter:


The holiday season is an incredibly busy time of [the] year. Many people travel great distances to visit family. There is always something going on that people have to attend. While the holiday season is often a joyous time, it can weigh heavy on many people. In many cases, people don’t even recognize how the holidays impact their mental health. While the Holiday Blues are temporary, if you don’t acknowledge what is going on and take action, they can develop into mental health disorders well after the holidays have passed. 


What sort of mental disorders could you evolve from the holidays? Stress, anxiety, and depression are just some of the things that Lifeworks mentions in the same article. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) also had statistics from 2014 to share with regard to the average person and their mental state during holidays, saying:


  • 40% of the people studies thought their mental health symptoms were “worse” during the holidays. 
  • 68% of those people surveyed felt financially stressed. 
  • 66% felt increasingly lonely. 
  • 63% felt they were experiencing a high amount of pressure. 
  • And over half of them could not be with the loved ones they wanted to be with. 


These sorts of reported numbers and known issues about holidays (from around the year) should conjure the need for an answer to these problems. All holidays are meant to be enjoyed by everyone, so what does Junk King have to do with the holidays and speaking about mental illness? Junk King is rated as the #1 removal company for junk and trash—this rating was partially decided by our commitments that are made to (and kept to) our clients. We believe that we are here to help you and your family have the best experience possible, and part of that includes making sure that you’re okay too. Choose Junk King and get the best service possible when you need it—reduce your stress and anxiety by getting professional help with hauling and removals. 


Need Junk Removal Immediately? Book An Appointment Today!


Call Junk King Gwinnett Now to Reduce Stress in the Future


Everyone has considered getting a removal company at some point in their life. A fraction of those people have actually done the research that goes into picking the right company for their goals. As far as holidays are concerned, the best thing that can be done in preparation for them is spending some time to pick the right removal company for your yearly house cleaning, or your biannual yard clean-up. 


It’s important in most aspects of life to be able to plan ahead. Doing this lowers stress and anxiety which comes with procrastination. There are multiple sources online which promote the best things you can do when the winter holidays are on their way, but what are you supposed to do when it’s January and you’re just heading into a year of holidays? The best thing you can do is actually put the holidays to the side (in your mind). This is because your main goal should be preparations for upcoming events and completing your monthly checklist of maintenance and cleaning around your home. By paying attention to these smaller deadlines, you can better prepare for and anticipate the holidays in the future months without stressing out about them. 


The real estate section inside of The New York Times has published multiple types of seasonal maintenance checklists; some involve your car before the winter comes, or your backyard before storm season blows in. However, they did also publish one article specifically meant for the home and the entire year of checkups that should be done. Here are some of their checkup suggestions and how we can help you accomplish them as you move through the year. 




The article is divided into inside and outside checkups—however, a lot of the checks can be done as you move around your home for spring cleaning. 


Outside: Regardless of if you have had a large number of winter storms or not, you’ll want to survey your yard for any sort of debris that may have been left unseen from the winter. Then give us a call and let us help you get rid of that yard debris. We can even remove things like lumber, fencing, shingles, windows, and more. 


Inside: We all know about the infamous spring-cleaning cycle—but this job can become harder to do if you take it on alone. This is especially true when you have large pieces of furniture to remove or left-over junk from the prior holidays. Give us a call and order our full-service option; you’ll get a crew to do the heavy lifting and removal for you—just point and we’ll do the rest. 




Outside: A lot of people go through and check their equipment in the summer. They also start installations at the beginning of the summer and at the end (it’s easier on the installer people, and we should always be kind to them). As you go through your yard and do your checks, consider if you are going to have things installed this year. If you are, then schedule our self-service MINI dumpsters to help. Construction debris is hard to deal with—cleaning up while you work is much easier than cleaning up afterward. 


Inside: The same advice can be made for the interior of your home; new installations and renovations cause a lot of mess; luckily, Junk King can help cut that mess down dramatically and make your home closer to finished faster. 




Outside: Fall is everyone’s favorite season (whether they admit it or not). What’s not our favorite, is cleaning up fallen leaves, checking our homes for any sort of damage that needs to be fixed before the winter comes, and storing up firewood. How can Junk King help in this time? We can help by doing what we specialize in: junk removal and decluttering. It’s important to take the time to remove that junk that’s been piling up since the spring—call us to help you. 


Inside: It always seems like appliances go out during the fall—that’s part of the reason why The New York Times really wants you to do updates and checkups on your appliances before the winter comes. For those appliances that end up being actually broken? Don’t worry, we can get rid of those too




Outside: The New York Times supposes only a few things with regard to the outside of your home during the winter, but that’s alright. As long as you’ve done the majority of your preparations earlier on in the year, you should be set for the winter—at least until something happens like a heavy storm. Then, of course, if that heavy storm does come and do some damage, give us a call to help you do the clean-up


Inside: As for inside your home during the winter, you’ve likely gotten that under control from your year of preparations (right?). Now should be the time when you relax and take stock of the past year—and maybe start preparing for your next year of preparations. 


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Junk King Gwinnett for Your Junk Hauling and Removal Plans


If you keep in mind when you should have things done like clean-ups, empty outs, or renovations, you’ll be set when it comes to the holidays. Junk King can help you prepare and clean up your home (or office) for any event that is happening in your life. Contact us today to speak with experts on what we can do for you; it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! 

  • Call us at 1-888-888-JUNK to speak with the best customer service team in the world. 
    • From here, you can ask for a quote from a specialist, or
    • You can schedule an appointment for one of our team members to come to you and give you an estimate on the spot. 
  • Take pictures of your trash/junk and text them to 1-737-888-5865. You’ll receive a text with your estimate (and we’ll always text you back). 
  • Or, go online—you can contact us through our form, or explore your options with our custom-made pricing calculator (and then book a service from that wizard too!). 


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How Junk King Can Make the Life of a Stone Mountain Landlord Easier

Junk King Gwinnett


Being a landlord isn’t easy. Between property upkeep, contracts, utilities, tenants, and problematic neighbors, most landlords will take a windfall the moment it becomes possible. For those landlords in Gwinnett, the best possible help that landlords can find comes from Junk King. No matter the type of landlord or the junk you need to be removed, Junk King Gwinnett is here to help you with all of the physical aspects of your property. We can even assist you with cleaning out locations that have been thrashed for a variety of reasons, like poor tenants, storms, or lack of maintenance and upkeep. 


Landlords are Good for the Economy – Junk King Gwinnett is Good for it Too 


There are a lot of good reasons to become a landlord in today’s economy. Websites like Flex (an online bill payment option) are providing new insight into the world of property management and landlord statistics. They published an article called 21 Insightful Landlord Statistics 2020 just over a year ago, which gave their readers a great overall glance into the world of landlords and their costs, benefits, tribulations, and even a stat about how many landlords will change a lightbulb for their tenant. 


So, why is being a landlord good for the economy, and to what extent is it good? Landlords are normally characterized into two distinct types; those who will bend over backward to help their tenants, and those who will refuse to budge even an inch for anything and anyone. Flex’s article gives us a little insight into more about the landlord world. They write that “10.6 million Americans earn income from rental properties” and that “landlords have an average income of $97,000 a year.” Since over ten and a half million people are benefiting from being a landlord, it’s no wonder why there are landlords everywhere. The biggest cities can have hundreds of landlords within their limits, while there is one landlord group that controls over 100,000 different properties across the United States. 


All of this property, and all of this money, is clearly good for the economy. Yes, it is cycled back into the local economy of the city the landlord is based in, (meaning that they could own property in San Diego and live in Miami, so that rent money is most likely spent in Miami), however, the money is still being pushed back into the national banks too, helping with taxes, medical expenses, and national issues. The more landlords there are, the more they help to provide affordable living situations for everyone, making the housing market more competitive, and better for everyone in it. 


How do landlords help the local economy of their tenants directly? If there is one thing that landlords should be known for, it should be their willingness to go local for all of their needs. Junk King removal services are one of these local options that are well known in landlord discourse. We offer a variety of services for all sorts of situations, from landlords to tenants and everything in between. We also make (and keep) commitments in the local area, for example, for every haul that we make, at least 60% of the junk is recycled in some fashion. Another commitment that we make is that our clients pay for what they need—there’s no hidden stats or fees that impact your cleanup. Take a look at our pricing estimator to see what we can do for you; it was created custom just for us, and it’s a tool you’ll only see here. 


full service junk removal


Junk King Gwinnett Serves All Types of Landlords – Business and Residential Options


According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, specifically, Todd Richards, acting General Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research, in 2015 there were “nearly 48.5 million rental units in the United States, 43.9 million of which [were] occupied.” At first glance, those numbers seem to be the equivalent of air—how could we reasonably look at these numbers and understand their scale? —especially if these numbers are bigger, now that it is six years later? The best answer to this is to divide the whole numbers into smaller divisions. The Rental Housing Finance Survey (a subsection of the United States Census Bureau) recognizes two types of property/landlord ownership, summarized by Mr. Richards into the following:


“[There are] individual investors. About 22.7 million units in 16.7 million properties are owned by individual investors. Individual investors are more likely to own single-family and duplex rental homes. We often describe these investors as “mom and pop” landlords. [There are also] business entities. The remaining 25.8 million units are owned by businesses, primarily limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and limited liability partnerships. Businesses are more likely to own the multifamily rental inventory.”


Such monstrous numbers were huge back then, and these numbers have only increased with the calendar years. Individual landlords (also called private and residential landlords) are the first thought when anyone thinks about a stereotypical landlord. However, most businesses don’t actually own the buildings that they use, be this a family-run shop that creates custom products in machines or a high-top skyscraper accounting firm. 


No matter what type of landlord you are, Junk King has a service that can help you even with your most difficult removals. If you’re a residential landlord, you know that sometimes there’s just too much for you to do yourself on a property. Call on Junk King’s full-service removals, and get back to your day job faster and easier. Our full-service option truly means full, from a giant roll-away dumpster to a removal crew ready at your command, there’s a reason why we are rated #1 in North America. On the other hand, if you are a commercial landlord, you have likely dealt with the issues that can come with hiring removal companies. Do they have insurance? Will they take office furniture? What about foreclosures or storage facilities? Junk King’s business-to-business option takes all of those worries off of the table for you. (The answer is “yes” to all of those questions, by the way.)


Learn more about our dumpster rental services.


For Hauling Junk, Removals, or Property Damage, Junk King Gwinnett is Here


At some point, every landlord’s income property will suffer some physical damage. Whether caused by a tenant, extreme weather conditions, or some other unforeseen circumstance, property damage is practically unavoidable. 


Such sentiments are shared by Intempus Realty, a property management firm in the Bay Area, and realistically, we tend to agree with them. Property damage can come in a huge variety of forms, and it is noted as one of the biggest issues that landlords need to deal with, across both residential and commercial properties. The bad weather tends to be the cause of damage for most commercial properties, while a combination of weather and tenants are the biggest damage makers for residential landlords. 


Luckily, Junk King has a service for that too. You already know about the full-service and commercial options, but if you’re a residential landlord, and you’re confident that you can get everything done by yourself, we also have a self-service option. Our self-service is the best in the nation (and the world) because of the unique options that only we have. If you’ve ever seen a roll-away dumpster, a few things might have stood out to you; for instance, they are typically terrible colors, absolutely filthy, and enormous, often taking up all of the room on a residential street, or sometimes they’re parked on someone’s lawn to make up for that needed room. The Junk King roll-away dumpsters are the first of their kind, compact, clean, and the color of champions. 


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All Landlords Need Help at Some Point – Call Junk King Gwinnett for Assistance Today


“For every 100 very low-income households, only 36 affordable rentals are available,” says The Zebra, an insurance policy assistance company. Landlords and the housing that they provide are indispensable for our national economy, and more importantly, they are necessary for the tenants that live and work in their rented spaces. They are a foothold in the United States lifestyle, and millions of people aspire to join their ranks every year. Property management is a serious commitment, and when done right, will make all the difference for the people who live on the property. Junk King can’t provide you with the right way to get to a landlord position—but we can guarantee that for any junk hauling or removal needs, we are at your service. 


There are four ways you can get in contact with us, pick your favorite, and start the process: 



  • Call us at 1-888-888-JUNK to speak with a human representative. 


  • Text us pictures at 1-737-888-5865 to get a quote.


  • Schedule an in-person estimate—these are the most solid options for quotes, and you get a little taste of our customer service too. 


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Prepare to move with Junk King Gwinnett

How Junk King Can Help Remove Junk When Packing to Move

Deciding to move is one of the most stressful choices that we can make. Unless we are accustomed to rapid change, it can easily be the hardest thing that many of us have ever done. This is especially true when the move is unexpected, or it is unavoidable. Junk King is rated as the nation’s #1 junk removal company because our services were created with the customer in mind; when you get ready to move, call us first, to help you take just the important things, to your new home.


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Removing Junk Before You Move? – Junk King Gwinnett is Your Answer

The reasons for moving are wide-ranging for all people. Usually, these include anything from family-related issues to employment opportunities, housing options, even college, health reasons, or natural disasters. In 2019, a study was done looking at 3 million moves that had occurred in 2018; 45% of those respondents (1,350,000 people) reported that they moved ‘unassisted’ by movers. This should not come as too much of a surprise, given the stereotypes surrounding hired movers. Things like broken lamps, shattered picture glass, busted furniture—it all plays into those stereotypes, which further parse the relationship between movers and normal people.


Moving is Stressful

One thing that the survey did not look at though, was the relation between movers and stressed homeowners. The stereotypes placed on professional movers are directly related to that 45% of respondents who chose to move by themselves, although the exact number is harder to identify. Homeowners don’t want their belongings busted up, and if they think that movers might damage things, they will go in alone. This is where it is important for the layperson to know the difference between professional movers and removal businesses like Junk King.


We Take That Stress Away with Your Junk

At first, the similarities may be overwhelming—strangers coming to your home to remove items, then taking them away to be seen again later, or not. The difference between Junk King and professional movers is that Junk King was created with service and assistance in mind. Should that 2019 study have asked about the percentage of people who used junk removal services in their moving plans, a good portion would probably have answered negatively; the reason for this would be partially due to unfamiliarity with removal services, and partially because of the movers’ stereotypes, lumping removal services into the same category.

2021’s moving trends are more significant than any year before. Between 14 to 23 million people will be moving to find more opportunities for work, and to find more space away from cities. If you are one of these millions of people moving soon, don’t take on all of the stress related to moving by yourself. Call on assistance from Junk King to help you.


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Tips to Help You Cope with the Move, From Junk King Gwinnett

Junk King was created with an emphasis on customer service and assistance. Apart from our extensive knowledge about item removal and recycling, we also know a little something about how to best cope with the stresses of moving and changes. All moving events will have both a mental and a physical element to think about, so we’ve curated a small list of helpful tips for both of those aspects. Our commitment to assisting you is a serious one—and the goal of these tips is to provide a little bit of that assistance to you directly.


Pace Yourself

First, let’s consider what we can do from a mental standpoint. Packing up is going to bring on a lot of change, and that will cause a lot of mental stressors. Psychology Today is one of the best online sources to find help when it comes to stress and regulating it—here are our favorite tips from their suggestions.

– Start the process early: If you know that you will need to be out of your current home by a certain date, start the entire process earlier than you think you need to. Doing this will let you take your time, which is a large factor in how you process the ‘loss’ of your home, but it will also let you think about what sort of help you will need along the way. If you know that you have a lot of junk you no longer want, or you know that there will be large items you do not want; take some of the stress off of yourself and give us a call for assistance in that junk removal.

– Leave your essentials until last: This may come as an obvious tip to some people, but it would depend on what you consider essential. Your most used clothes should stay until last, of course. Most used items should wait too. Additionally though—and often overlooked!—are those things that give you some stress relief. If you are a meditator and you require a setup to best do that, save that stuff for some of the last things to be packed. This way you can continue to find stress relief as your packing continues.


Do Not Overwork Your Body

Next, consider what you need to help your body through the moving process. Your mental attitude will likely change from day to day, but your body shouldn’t suffer because you did too much. Moving is one of the most physical events in everyone’s life, so make sure that you approach it in the right way.

– Don’t push yourself or your family to move faster: This goes hand in hand with the ‘start the process early’ tip above. Everyone will process the move in different ways, sometimes this includes a mild grieving process, characterized by disinterest, laziness, even an outright refusal to move (often from young teens). The worst thing that can happen is everyone coming down to the wire and then getting hurt because they are pressed for time. Give you and yourself the time and the ability to go at their own pace—it’s important.

– Make plans before you go: Moving is hard, but one of the most exciting things about it is that there are new experiences waiting for you. From new events and new opportunities to new friends and new places to explore—if you take the time to look around your future environment and make plans for when you move in, you’ll be excited about the future and that will add some motivation to your steps. Additionally, making plans also involves planning out some of your moving days. Save things like furniture days for early on in the weeks, when you aren’t yet tired. Also, consider the best time to call out a dumpster or a full removal team from us; if you plan it out, you can make the most out of the time we (or our dumpsters) are with you.


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Your Gwinnett Junk Removal Services; Junk King is The Best Removal Option for Movers

Movers of all types call on Junk King for removal help. Our options were created to offer the best sort of assistance that can be offered for junk removal. Many residential movers choose one of two options available to them: either self-service or full removal service. Both options come with huge benefits, and both are affordable aid for all households.

The self-service option provides homeowners with a roll-away dumpster for a series of days. Our roll-away dumpsters are miniatures, enabling them to fit snugly into any driveway. At the same time, they are large enough to take away your largest furniture and items. What makes our self-service even better? You only pay for what you use of the dumpster; you fill it up halfway and only pay for the half that you used. You can even keep it a few extra days (just let us know beforehand!).

The other option available for residential movers is the full-service removals. This consists of a team of people from Junk King arriving with a dumpster to your home—and then helping you fill it with anything and everything. Much like those professional movers discussed before, our team is there to help you through the process; and unlike them, we serve our customers with the utmost of care and diligence, even when removing junk from your home. Get the most out of our time with you by planning what should go with us and what can be removed later. This is the least stressful of the two options, but it doesn’t give you multiple days to think about what to get rid of.


Junk King Gwinnett Serves Commercial Customers, Too

Residentials aren’t the only people who can call on Junk King to get help with removals. Businesses are some of the biggest clients that we help. There is a lot that needs to be removed when moving offices, shops, commercial equipment, foreclosures, storage facilities, or just flat-out construction. Junk King is everyone’s one-stop shop for junk removal, and you can read more about our commercial junk removal, on our business-to-business removal page.


Turn to Junk King Gwinnett When Packing to Move to Your New Home

Contact us today to see what options are available for your special situation. We have four avenues to reach us, so pick your favorite and have all of your questions answered.

Call us at 1-888-888-JUNK to speak with a representative to get a quote; text us pictures of your junk to 737-888-5865 to receive a quote for your removal; call us and schedule an appointment for our assessors to come see your junk in person; or go online and play with our custom-created pricing estimator.


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