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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Houston Yard Waste Removal

Many kids have fond memories of growing up in Houston and building a tree fort in their backyard. Typically these were hastily assembled structures using whatever scraps of wood could be found in the neighborhood. There might be an old door nailed together on a pallet from the grocery store and slapped together with the tarp over top. It might look shabby but it was the site of endless hours of summer fun. Of course, since we do everything big in Texas is no reason to expect anything less than from our backyard playhouses. Recently an oil company executive in Houston shelled out $50,000 to build a customized playhouse for their two-year-old daughter. This was no ordinary tree fort!
The playhouse was two stories and 170 square feet with vaulted ceilings and shrunken furnishings. There are hardwood floors, a fake fireplace and a kitchen with hot and cold running water. There’s also a freezer always stocked with juice boxes and Popsicles. Upstairs was a 32 inch flat screen TV and DVD player. Naturally this playhouse was air-conditioned. Although some may see this as extreme others like to think if you’ve got it flaunt it!
If you’ve got a backyard and you want to give your kids the experience of having their own tree fort or other kind of playhouse structure you might need to clear out some brush beforehand. If you go to do that then you’ll want to help of a professional crew of yard waste removal specialists like Junk King Houston. Yes were talking junk haulers and just like those junk haulers can take away your old furniture, mattresses or other unwanted items they can certainly load up their truck with sod, fallen tree limbs and other backyard waste.
If a tree fort is not on your redesign list maybe you’re thinking about putting in a new patio to make room for customized outdoor barbecue. This is going to mean tearing up that old patio which is going to mean piles of concrete chunks. Sound like another job for the yard waste removal team. Many Texans have their own pickup truck that can certainly handle a decent hauling job. The issue is how many trips are you going to have to make with all that backyard waste? Its one thing to spend your Saturday off digging up grass, chopping down trees or tearing up cement, but it’s another to have to start making several trips to local landfill. Would you even know where the landfill is that closest to your home? Chances are it could be way outside of town because nobody wants a landfill in their backyard. Now you’re adding several hours of back and forth trips when you could have it all accomplished with just one trip thanks to the junk haulers and their big truck.
As long as you’re hauling away your backyard trash why not haul away all your garage and basement trash why you’re at it? That same truck that’s full of dirt is the perfect spot for all that clutter stuffed in your closets run your bed. Once you backyard is clean then the sky is the limit. Whether its tree forts or patios enjoy your summer!

Houston Foreclosure Clean Out

A scan of national newspapers or the evening news shows will reveal that we’re a long way from getting out of the housing mess that started all the financial woes in this country. However, when you look closer to a city by city accounting there are some signs of improvement. For instance by all indications it appears that the Houston housing market is leveling out. Leveling out is a lot better than bottoming out. Yet with house prices stabilizing there are still many other homes that are in danger of slipping into foreclosure along with the thousands of homes that are already in foreclosure. Smart real estate investors will know that there is gold in those foreclosed homes.
A bank that owns the title to those foreclosed deeds considers it a toxic asset and that is something that they want removed from their books as quickly as possible. This is why so many investors are jumping into the foreclosed home market. They know they can make a quick purchase and potentially quicker sale for a profit. The big issue is getting the house ready for a sale.
If you’re thinking about getting into the foreclosed home market you may find yourself visiting many properties that are in an extreme state of distress. This could be due to the simple fact that the previous homeowners abandoned the property to let it sit without care. You know if you leave something alone long enough it’s going to start to deteriorate this is especially true for a house. Even letting the lawn go without mowing could quickly have you overrun with weeds. If plumbing is left unattended the pipes can seize up or crack and cause major flooding. Just the simple act of opening a window to let in some fresh air can mean a lot.
However, if there is a house that is been left alone to bake in the hot Houston sun is no telling what has been growing inside. If you should happen to step inside one of these properties don’t be dissuaded from the potential mess. You can get plenty of help with a professional foreclosure clean out crew.
A foreclosure cleanup crew like Junk King Houston will do all the dirty work of cleaning up all that dirt. While you’re preparing your own marketing materials and lineup potential buyers this cleanup crew can be pulling down dusty drapes, scooping up bags of garbage and giving the house a thorough top to bottom cleaning. At the very least they’ll be able to immediately any potential threat to your sale. This could still leave you with some dreary looking walls and floors but at least the bulk of the garbage can be removed.
There could be many improvements you can make the foreclosed home to increase its sales value but first you need to clean. If you know you’re going to paint it then it’s just a matter of clearing out the clutter without worrying about the floors for now. An experienced foreclosure cleanup crew will know just how to tackle project.
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